March CoroCoro News UPD

I hate to waste a post on this since there’s such a good discussion going on on our last post, but Corocoro scans have leaked and they revealed a new Japan Wifi Event to download Zoroark (which we already knew)! As a reminder; it’ll go from February 15th to March 14th, and what makes this Zoroark so special is that it knows the special move Bark Out.  Also confirmed the ‘Victini and the White Hero Reshiram’ version of the next pokemon movie, but no further information.  At the theater you will be able to download the Victini with V-Generate that we’ve covered before.

Yep. I know, I know, basically a waste of a post. Atleast there’s less than a month left before the English BW release! 🙂

peace — ozymandis

P.S. Everybody’s heard Lady Gaga’s new single and saw her peformance at the Grammy’s right? NO? WATCH IT NOW! I’ve been having gagagasms all week. ><

  1. Also my wondercard fucked up and came up as ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► instead of ‘The Legendary Trio of Johto’ or whatever. That was odd

  2. Wait, a Zorua w/ Bark Out Wi-Fi event at the same time as the Zoroark? I don’t know Japanese, but looking at the scan, isn’t it just saying that the Zoroark downloaded from the event taking place during those dates will be able to pass the move down to a baby? Hence why the Zorua is level 1, the screen where it’s obtained in the hatching scene (Mystery Gift has a different background) and why a picture of the daycare is shown with Zoroark and Ditto.

      1. Yay *puts on smart hat*

        I was hatching eggs on White all last night, so it wasn’t hard to recognise the hatching sequence xD (In fact, I was hatching Zorua night before last).

  3. Meh. Normally I went to school today by train. However someone jumped before it. Result: all trains canceled.

    But where’s the Entei mentioning?

    1. was it 54 school girls? lol

      if you haven’t seen suicide club, it’s a great movie… and the sequel/side story/explanation is even better.

    2. That’s awful D:

      I just got my shiny Entei! I’m so glad that they decided to distribute the beasts via wi-fi.

  4. I really want to use Victini for my team but I

    I keep hearing that Black and white don’t take place at the same time.
    I’m going out on a limb here but, perhaps Black and White take place in different time continuums One that was caused by Giratina in Platinum version. Similar to The legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Which some timeline theorist suggest both are of different timelines. The Split Timeline theory is said to be caused by The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time’s ending.
    Since this is a pokemon site I don’t want to stress that any further. I just thought that could be an option.

  5. Lady Gaga is owned by Cynthia’s hotness and awesomeness! *equips her flame shield and flame sword* D:<

    Anyways, you guys heard about the hacked Spiritomb? I loled.

  6. Lady Gaga was amazing at the Grammy’s! And I’ve been listening to Born This Way all weekend. It’s almost #1 on my top 25 most played songs already.

    1. Man, I was there when that one happened. I have to admit, it was actually kinda funny to see the Nintendo store people so riled up XD

  7. Lady Gaga’s performance was great and the song itself. I’ve been walking around the home singing “Express Yourself,hey hey hey hey!!” all day. So the song is catchy.

  8. Lady gaga is a fame whore, who is used by the industry to make tons of money using her image and producing songs to the max. I had respect for her, until she released “The fame monster”, which is made up of all songs she took out of her first album -.- which is not only cheap, but completely immoral and something an artist shouldnt do. Also, not that i have anything against naked women, but her videos….. Awful… Her lyrics are uninspiring and lacking depth…. I could go on for millions of hours about this, but i guess my time is better spent listening to some rock and metal \,,,/
    Seriously…. The music industry is being factorized, fordism has come to rape us all, capitalism and greed are destroying our society and sadly i am not exaggerating when saying that listening to lady gaga contributes to it 🙁

    1. lol, metal is some kid who took wood shop through high school and probably dropped out, screaming and mashing imaginary chords. Rock, well, brought Nickleback into play. That’s a loss for everybody. Yeah, there are opinions strife everywhere, dude. I argue since that Gaga uses enough different instrumentations that she is virtually an orchestra, a dancer, an artist with her costumes, and a singer in one… Yes, she does abuse the industry, but it works, and she’s well known, right?

      1. Metal musicians are probably the most skilled guitarists, most skilled bassists and most skilled drummers…. they are very good at music theory, and that alone is probably harder than most subjects at school. Metal musicians are often stereotyped as high school dropouts, but i don’t get it. Metal has no influence on your scholar performance whatsoever. Nickelback, well, isn’t the rock i’m talking about. The rock i’m talking about is Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and new artists like Cage the Elephant, Billy Talent, Green Day etc.
        Lady Gaga’s instrumentations are not played by herself. They are played by a computer -.-. Anyone can make music using software instruments…. in fact, i just made an 8-bit pokemon theme just using my keyboard recently.

        Now i know my first post is a bit biist, but i actually have nothing against any style of music, just because i prefer metal and rock. I just think that mainstream music is all the same. if you listened to katy perry you wouldn’t be able to distinguish it from Lady Gaga, nor would you be able to distinguish it from Justin Bieber. When there are thousands of bands out there that are great, they just don’t fit into today’s definition of ”normal” anymore, and therefore have no chance of getting signed at a big record company.

        Oh and about the new song, I think its horrible. Plain Horrible. (I liked paparazzi and pokerface)
        so much for my opinion.
        i suggest you get your facts straight on metal cuz i’m gonna be the guy getting into the college you wanted to get into, being that ”metalhead oh noez highschool dropout”

        1. Ok, you don’t like Lady Gaga. We get it.

          But don’t say she doesn’t have talent or that she’s being “used” by the industry, because you seriously have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

          Also, not all metal rock bands are good. In fact, very few are.

          1. -.- i’m not even saying i don’t like her music….
            neither am i saying that all metal or rock bands are good
            and neither am i saying she doesn’t have talent
            but yes she is being used by the industry
            and i seriously do know what i am talking about
            because those guys are making incredible money off of her, while overproducing her to the max, and basically factorizing music
            i’d like mainstream to have more diversity

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