March CoroCoro News UPD

I hate to waste a post on this since there’s such a good discussion going on on our last post, but Corocoro scans have leaked and they revealed a new Japan Wifi Event to download Zoroark (which we already knew)! As a reminder; it’ll go from February 15th to March 14th, and what makes this Zoroark so special is that it knows the special move Bark Out.  Also confirmed the ‘Victini and the White Hero Reshiram’ version of the next pokemon movie, but no further information.  At the theater you will be able to download the Victini with V-Generate that we’ve covered before.

Yep. I know, I know, basically a waste of a post. Atleast there’s less than a month left before the English BW release! 🙂

peace — ozymandis

P.S. Everybody’s heard Lady Gaga’s new single and saw her peformance at the Grammy’s right? NO? WATCH IT NOW! I’ve been having gagagasms all week. ><