The Official UK Nintendo Magazine has posted a video revealing/confirming some English names!

  • Sky Arrow Bridge is now Skyarrow Bridge
  • Hodomoe City has been confirmed to be called Driftveil City (So far the map that we posted on what we think is the right order of the English city names is correct!)
  • Finally the luxury cruise liner, Royal Isshu, is now the Royal Unova (no surprise there…)

UPD: Here’s the actual video, for those who want to see it. Thanks to Pignite!


Something that I found interesting is that they changed the text for when it tells you the season. And personally I like the Japanese versions’s way of doing it wayyy more. :/
Ok. Back to my chemistry test.

Peace — ozymandis

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day guys. 🙂

  1. Not surprised at this. Thanks for posting anyways. 😛

    Happy Valentine’s day to everybody. <333 :-*

  2. Skyarrow Bridge? Really? I can forgive them for Dragonspiral Tower, since that at least makes a little sense, but Skyarrow bridge just looks sloppy. Ah well, the rest of the English names are good anyways, so I should shut up and not complain. 😛

      1. White all the way. Zekrom is so awesome. ^_^ Although I’d like to play Black version as well, when I get the chance.

    1. They have a limited number of characters to use… I had predicted it would be Skyarrow Bridge or SkyArrow Bridge, there’s no room for the last character (the space between Sky and Arrow)

  3. “-Sky Arrow Bridge is now Skyarrow Bridge”
    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Such a huge change! I don’t know if I can go on!!!! D:

  4. Sky Arrow Bridge is now Skyarrow Bridge…LMFAO redundant change is redundant.

    Side note: your tags are always epic lol

  5. Yeah, I hate how they changed the text for the seasons too, in Japan, or as they call this strange utopia, “Isshu”, we have the kanji for summer, then the word “summer”, here, we just have the word summer, they could have at least changed tha kanji to a flower for spring, a sun for summmer, a leaf for autumn, and a snowflake for winter, but NO, because here in “Unova”, kanji is EVIL, eviler than Team Plasma is, so, we just have the word “summer” because we Unovans are not as creative as Isshunians.

    Not trying to be rude or anything, but this is probably the dumbest thing I have seen from a Pokemon game translation, second only to Voltorb Flip…..

    1. Dude. We all know that Japan is rotten to the core, thanks to 4kids. Riceballs are evil. Sandwiches are good. God bless 4kids! (I hope a Tyranitar rips their balls off, while an Aggron dances on them.) 😀

    2. I agree, it’s not very creative. They could have jazzed up the text or something. Looks like some crap from PowerPoint.

    3. I really believed they would give us some kind of icons for the seasons… they ended up going with the name of the season and nothing else… kinda disappointing.

  6. i was on flipnote studios today(hav not been on it for months),and saw a black and white comic flip,and it wasnt bad,it was good.

    i just felt like sharing:)

  7. I just read that Looker says in BW that N was seen in a distant land with a Dragon Pokémon…


    1. I’m calling it, N flew to Hoenn to summon Rayquaza and form a mini team Plasma type organization (in the sense that they’re against Pokemon being used by humans) so that he could stop Team Magma and Team Aqua from forcing Kyogre and Groudon to mess up all the weather. 😛

  8. I think the reason they make two words into one is because the limit of a place name is two words. So they have to jam two words into one. Remember RageCandyBar?

  9. Ok, Lady Gaga called Madonna as queen and said that she received lovely message from her about single. Somehow i think all these Express Yourself – Born this way thing is just a put-up job by them, so both gained popularity.

      1. Oh, and you can already forget about it. It only has AI play, sorry, no real online like I first thought 🙁

  10. How do you pronounce Unova… I have been pronouncing Un-Ova but the guy in the ad prnounces it You-Nova… WHICH IS CORRECT??????

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