More English Names (UPD)

The Official UK Nintendo Magazine has posted a video revealing/confirming some English names!

  • Sky Arrow Bridge is now Skyarrow Bridge
  • Hodomoe City has been confirmed to be called Driftveil City (So far the map that we posted on what we think is the right order of the English city names is correct!)
  • Finally the luxury cruise liner, Royal Isshu, is now the Royal Unova (no surprise there…)

UPD: Here’s the actual video, for those who want to see it. Thanks to Pignite!


Something that I found interesting is that they changed the text for when it tells you the season. And personally I like the Japanese versions’s way of doing it wayyy more. :/
Ok. Back to my chemistry test.

Peace — ozymandis

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day guys. 🙂