Gray To Be Announced at Jump Festa?

You guys still now when we reported that rumour that The Pokémon Company was attending Jump Festa 2011? Now we have confirmation, and they also told they will do a surprise announcement!

Of course, it can be something lame, like a new movie that everybody knew that it was coming or a new spin-off, but I bet you’re all hoping that it is a new main game, most likely Gray/Grey. Especially since TPC hasn’t attended Jump Festa before this one. Keep your eyes out on December 17th/18th, as that will be the date Jump Festa runs.

So, what do you think it is? I wouldn’t be 100% sure that it is Gray, but it is possible. Do you agree with me? Discuss it all in the comments!


  1. didn’t they say they would announe/release info about pokemon next spring?
    If they do have info next month hopefully it will either be grey/gray or Keldeo… (to early for r/s remakes me-thinks) =P

  2. I don’t want Gray quite yet, it feels too soon. :/ I know that BW have been out for a while now, but I still feel like it’s way too soon to be playing a game in Unova again…

    I’d rather see RSEmakes, or a new MD game, or SOMETHING that isn’t in Unova.

    1. Know that it takes a few months to come over from Japan, so when it hits, BW are already 1,5 years out.

      1. I still feel like I don’t want to play another Unova game for a long while, I’m still not bored with BW yet! Which is a good thing, it means the games are good, but I don’t think I want to buy the third version when I’m still busy with the first two.

  3. It would make sense. After all, remember that investors’ meeting where they said a new game would be out in spring?

    If it isn’t Gray/Grey, I’m hoping for PMD3. 😀

  4. I’m not gonna get my hopes up for Gray just never know with Pokemon. x) My guess would be releasing information on a Pokemon one of those Pokemon that haven’t been revealed yet.

  5. I suspect, if it is a new main series game, it’ll be R/S remakes rather than Gray Version, and here’s my reasoning:
    Do you remember the hype that led up to Black and White? You probably do, it wasn’t that long ago now. But it was huge, wasn’t it? This was a WHOLE NEW REGION with ALL-NEW POKEMON. More new Pokemon than ever before, too! And there were great graphical improvements, all that stuff, but most importantly, they hyped up the story. The story was huge. The plot, the characters, Team Plasma, N, Ghetsis, the legendary dragons, all of that was HUGELY hyped. And it paid off, in the end. Now… imagine the hype they’d use for Gray. For the ultimate combination of the two Unova legends. For the grand finale of the Unova story. Can you IMAGINE the hype and excitement they’ll rile up for that?! It’ll be incredible! And I suspect that they’ll want to release R/S remakes before they do Gray, because otherwise, R/S will seem less exciting. That’s just my reasoning, though.

    1. Sorry but according to the timeline of months, Black and White was released in an earlier month than Ruby and Sapphire- September versus November.
      Okay let’s see if it’s time for another Pokemon Ranger game.
      Pokemon Ranger- 2006
      Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia- 2008
      Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs- 2010
      Pokemon Ranger 4- 2012
      Yup we just might get a Ranger game first.

  6. I hope they announce real life Pokemon, akin to Reggie at the LA Auto Show. In other words, nothing that I care about. #immenen

  7. I hope they announce real life Pokemon, akin to Reggie at the LA Auto Show. In other words, nothing that I care about. #imminent

  8. idk it’s The Pokemon Company, they don’t really make main series games so maybe we could be seeing a Colosseum 3DS remake or BW PBR type game for Wii or 3DS.

  9. If this turns out to be a main series game, I’ll be very pleased if it’s RS remakes. But I’m OK with Gray too.

    However, if it’s not…
    I wish it’d be PMD Gen V. Gen V has no WORTHWHILE side game at the moment.

  10. I really see no point in releasing Grey/Gray yet. I’m desperately hoping for RSE remakes or PMD 3. That would honestly make me so happy, either one. 🙂

  11. Usually I’d be all for a new game, I don’t know why but Pokemon died for me recently, but I’m sure it’ll all spark up soon enough. I think It just got buried in my Skyward Sword hype 😛 I say either Gray or a new Mystery Dungeon. I want another trip to the Unova region or a trip to a Mystery Dungeon universe. If it’s R/S remakes I’d be super surprised, I think I can wait a bit longer for them though, Gray comes first IMO.

  12. well, there is a spanish website that talked (not long ago, maybe half an hour) about some rumours that are going through the internet. it seems that the new games will be Mystery Dungeons games… and well, there are more details
    of course, those are rumours, so don’t believe them… yet


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