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Anyway, here’s the new question: What’s your favorite part of being a Pokémon fan? Why are you a fan? What’s so special about Pokémon that you like it so much? Do you tell people around you that you are a fan? I can go on and on, but you get the picture. Please write a bit about it, as one sentence is spam, and I do not approve spam comments.

Like all posts before, discussion is in the comments below. Oh, and do you guys want some opinions/speculations about Gray like the (3)DS article? Please say so!



  1. The best thing about being a fan…. hmmm… several things
    1. Learning ALL of the names of new Pokemon and the feeling of epicness when you van recite them perfectly
    2.Seeing the designs of Pokemon then discussing them will fellow Poke fans
    3.The feeling of excitement when going into the grass for the first time and defeating the Pokemon with you level 5 starter
    4.Sooooo many more but I’ll let other people talk about them =P

  2. Seriously, I never, ever thought I’d be this big of a Pokemon fan when the games came out here in 1995. Being a fan is AWESOME. Meeting other fans at the in-store events, movies, on the boards, etc. And basically all of the things in the above comment. That’s what I love about being a fan.

  3. Hmm..this is something to think about! There’s a lot of things I love about being a Pokemon fan. It’s apart of my child hood..and I guess you can say apart of me..as cheesy as that sounds. I love all the little inside jokes us Pokemon fans have, and I love being able to play the game with people, being able to talk to them about it. It’s just a lot of fun! If people bring up Pokemon I’ll tell them I still play it..have all the main games for it, it doesn’t bother me if people know. :9 I just remember watching the first episode when it aired..I wasn’t really..I guess you can say “excited” when watching it. But that end part with Ash and Pikachu..it hooked me in.. It showed great emotion and made me want to watch their journey. I got hooked into it, then I got the games, the cards, went to see the movie in Theaters. So many great memories…and a lot more to come! I always have my mom asking me why I’m still into Pokemon. It’s always hard for me to explain it to her. It’s something I grew up with, and love…I wasn’t one to just stop playing it because I got too “old” for it. I play the games, I watch the anime..because I love it. The feeling of starting your first journey with your new partner. When a new Gen makes it way around and sitting here for hours getting all the new info, that fresh..exciting feeling when you beat the Elite 4. Completing your journey, then training harder…<3 I wish I could say a lot more..but finding the right words is pretty hard. lol.

  4. I think the best thing about being a fan is meeting other fans. I met my two best friends with one little question: “Do you like Pokémon?” We fangirl over our favorite ‘mons, predict what we’ll see in future games, and share awesome fanart/fancomics with each other. (like Black Adventures, currently my favorite Pokémon webcomic) The three of us spent a summer practically living at the local café because it had wifi! XD Even though we all go to different colleges now, we still chat about Pokémon and plan to meet up when our winter breaks overlap.

    In short, my favorite thing about being a Pokémon fan is the friends I’ve made by being a fan! 🙂

  5. The best part about being a fan, for me, is just being able to be a part of a “fandom” on the whole. Pokemon in particular is a pretty cool fandom to be a part of, because there’s a lot to discuss, and fun and interesting discussions to have. “What do you think this meant in this game?” “What are your opinions on this movie versus that movie?” “Which remakes do you want to see?” “What’s your favorite generation?” It goes on like that, so I’ll spare you. Plus, I’ve played these games since I was a kid with a dirty cartridge of Gold Version and a crappy GameBoy Color my mom confiscated from one of her students and then gave to me. It’s sort of an integral part of my childhood, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I like this series moreso than any other series I’ve played. So my favorite part of being a fan is… being a fan? Dang, now that I’m looking this paragraph over, it doesn’t really make much sense…

  6. Being the biggest fan of my friends back home, I thought I wouldnt find anyone who shared the same passion for pokemon in college. Little did I know, my three closest friends here are just as big of fans as me! We all agreed im like the encyclopedia of pokemon for the group (Mainly because Im the only strategic battler and i know alot about stats) but other than that, we tumble poke-pics and share random jokes about it ALL THE TIME. Its great meeting people who share that same love for something, especially something like Pokemon! ^3^

  7. 1-it has been with me since i was a child, so it has been part of my childhood, and always will be in my heart
    2-i love seeing all the new designs. no matter if they are leaked or what other people say, i like to see the results of the hard work of the designers
    3-the feeling you have when you find a new pokemon the first time… it’s incredible. and the first time you fight versus a legendary one… and then i think “i’m actually in front of a legendary pokemon”… it’s wonderful

    well, i don’t know anything more, that’s all, xD

  8. The best part of being a Pokemon fan? Playing the games,of course. It’s also fun to go to conventions and meet others who share my interest. I do not tell anyone (except con-geeks and close friends) that I enjoy Pokemon. I’m sorry, it’s just too embarrassing. Another thing I like is seeing the new Pokemon that come out every few years. I love all of the designs. I also like to design fakemon. that is why I am proud to call my self a Pokemon fan.

  9. I am a Pokemon fan because the games are a lot easier for me to play than other video games. Some games are action-oriented and require good reflexes, which I totally fail at. Pokemon is more laid-back and strategic as I plan out what I want to do without feeling stressed out and nerve-wracked. It’s a pretty chill game for me.

    In addition, I love Pokemon for the origins of the creatures themselves. I learn a bunch about animals, plants, and Japanese and non-Japanese stories and ideas by looking up the origins of Pokemon. And in real life, I go out into fields and other nature-based areas to explore and look for little animals to catch and then release – no battling involved. I find all sorts of cool animals (frogs, caterpillars, spiders, lizards, centipedes, snails, snakes, etc.) and am endlessly fascinated with studying them and watching them roam their environment, just like Satoshi Tajiri does. These are pretty amazing experiences and I recommend doing so to other Pokemon Fans out there – just don’t make the animals you find battle each other 🙂

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