Daely Snack: Have shinies lost their purpose?

Shinies. The elusive differently coloured Pokémon that were so rare that most people thought they were hoaxes/glitches/hacks. Yet, with the internet becoming more and more widespread, soon everyone knew about them. With a 1 in 8000 chance of finding them, they were truly sought after by collectors who had to put considerable effort into getting … Read more

Daely snack: To be spoiled or not to be spoiled

XY is creeping in closer and closer. Less than three months remain until we can get our hands on the game! Game news also becomes more and more plentiful nearing launch. And that’s what this article is all about: being spoiled by too many news. Some people like to read every tiny detail they can … Read more

Daely Snack: XY & 3DS

Another Smash, another disappointment. Well, not for me at least, I learned to keep my expectations in check. Just all be patient, new info will likely come around the time of E3, which is around next week Tuesday. In the mean time, enjoy this article by me about XY being released on the 3DS. Enjoy! … Read more

Daely Snack: Why I was wrong

Daely Snack is a new series in which I comment on things happening in the Pokémon Fandom. Because the big newsbomb dropped, this seems like the perfect opportunity to begin the series with. Keep an eye on the site for future installments. Anyone remember this? It was a lead to the heavily speculated third version, and … Read more