Daely snack: To be spoiled or not to be spoiled

XY is creeping in closer and closer. Less than three months remain until we can get our hands on the game! Game news also becomes more and more plentiful nearing launch. And that’s what this article is all about: being spoiled by too many news.

Some people like to read every tiny detail they can find, absorbing it into their brains and planning strategies long before the game is even out. Others completely avoid important news bits and wait until the game gets released, to find their mind explode when they discover new things. I will discuss some short arguments for and against spoiling, but it’s actually up to you to discuss it in the comments. I’ll be there too to give my detailed opinion why I am against spoiling. But let us start first with for.


Most fans like to know everything they can about the game they like, and that’s normal. When a games takes almost a year to come out, the wait can seem like a long time. All the news that comes out during that period can feed new discussions and build hype for the game. It already lets you lay down some general strategy for playing, so you don’t get all too disappointed when that cute little firy fox of you evolves into a boxing hyena.

It also makes you more knowledgable about mechanics in the game that may be hard to figure out on your own, like new type match-ups, the strength of some moves and the types of defending Pokémon. This eases the gameplay a bit, as you’ll be a bit more familiar with the gameplay and story.


Spoilers are called spoilers for a reason. People against believe that knowing too much about a game spoils the first time experience, and I have to agree. Part of the appeal of playing a game for the first time are the discoveries that can be made. It provides incentive for exploration and makes encountering a Pokémon never seen before in the tall grass exciting again. You can only play the game once for the first time, so you can always restart the game and look up different things on the internet to replay it how you want.

Launch spoilers

Finally, Pokémon X&Y will launch globally on the same day. This means the Japanese won’t get it months in advance and makes it easier to avoid spoilers. Will you try to steer away from the big spoilers around launch period? Or will you be checking all the fan sites you can to see what other players are discovering? I’m curious to hear what you will do!

I purposefully tried to avoid fleshing out the opinions because that’s why you guys are here for. I want to hear your uninfluenced take on it, so get commenting in one, two, three,.. go!