NEW Pokémon: Oorotto Images Surface![UPD1]

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Images of the mysterious Oorotto (オーロット, possibly meaning “oak rot” or “large rot”) have finally materialized! The images come from the trailer that was shown during the movie, except now it’s been posted to the Japanese 3DS eShop, and now the trailer has been uploaded by the Japanese Official channel, seen above! What do you think?

We’ll list off things we found:

  • Fennekin Uses a punching move called Glow (or Grow) Punch
  • Froakie using what looks like a new move(maybe Parting Shot?)
  • Clauncher and Flabébé fighting underwater!
  • Bike is present
  • The mysterious Mewtwo form change uses a really cool move!


Who had the most realistic drawing of it, PokeBeach (where second screenshot is from I believe) or Serebii??

<3 PJ

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    1. ErhMaGerd?!
      Did someone finally have the balls to go to the theater and capture this image?!
      Yes, thank you for you noble sacrifice. Though it might’ve been illegal,
      people were counting on you. N would be proud(?).

        1. Ohh. No illegal activities? Pffft.
          Takes a lil’ of the excitement out of it.

          But, yaaay~! New Pokémon! (sorta…)

          1. Well I guess you could pretend it’s illegal. Play some crime scene music. Put on some cool shades. :p

          2. Oooh~!
            Maybe someone illegally put up the vid on the Japanese Eshop?
            We might still have a martyr. >:D

    1. It’s more of the tree deteriorating away than a mouth.
      Cuz, ya know, Ghost-type.

      1. So does it have one or two eyes? I see two that are just close together. I may be wrong though. :/

          1. Oh, thank gawd!
            I wasn’t too happy on it having one eyes.
            That’s Duskull territory.

            EDIT: I still think it might just have ONE eye.
            Gotta wait for that Sugi-art. D:

  1. Seeing it finally ingame makes it so much better! I was a bit worried but I really do like the design c:

  2. I am glad we finally got to see it shown. I am calling it now, it shall be Grass/Ghost.

        1. We need some more variations of Ghost types. Although the ones I want have already happened. The type I want to see more of is the Electric type Pokemon. We don’t have much variation outside of Rotom.

          1. I’d love to see different Electric combinations:


            We need more of all of these.

          2. Id also like them to make another water / Electric evolution while there at it 😛 😀 1 Line is not enough ha 😛 😀

          3. Electric/Poison? Oh. My. God. The same for Electric/Fighting, Electric/Ice, and Electric/Psychic.

          4. I want to see elemental fairies (i.e. Water/Fairy (excluding Marill), Fire/Fairy, Grass/Fairy, Ice/Fairy, Dark/Fairy, Electric/Fairy, etc.)

    1. Are you sure? It just says that the commercial will probably be available later today for the Internet, as this is a e-shop only video atm

    2. Looks like the japanese people also tend to complain a lot. They compare Orotto with Dragon Quest, Sudowoodo and Cherrymon 😛

  3. The nose is a bit…odd. If that is a nose. Sketches were accurate though! Will wait for official art before judgement is made 🙂

  4. I am so glad we finally get to see this! 😀 At least we are supposedly getting a new trailer later today!

  5. Serebii VS. Pokebeach! Pokebeach is the top one, Serebii is the bottom one. Who will win? I vote Pokebeach since it has colors and more details.

    1. I say the one in the top because the other one lacks the branches coming off the arms. Which one is Serebii’s?

      1. I was just gonna reply with “which is which,” but then I realized that both pics look the same, so it didn’t matter. But, then I noticed the twigs, so, I’d say the top pic wins. Plus, it’s got color~!

  6. Straight from PokéBeach:

    To reiterate what things were seen in this new trailer (some of which is old now):

    • There is a blue car parked in Lumiose City.

    • The player is seen riding a bike.

    • There is a quick shot of a water fountain with two Horsea statues shooting out water at a Clamperl statue in the middle.

    • The player walks up a staircase to a train station – we can see train tracks
    behind him, which go over a bridge.

    • Skrelp is battled on the beach over a puddle of water with the ocean and a mountain in the background.

    • Mewtwo, in its new forme, uses some sort of attack that shoots white light up,
    then hits Xerneas with the lights, which then turn into small rainbow-colored shapes.

    • Charizard uses Fire Blast against Flygon in a Sky Battle.

    1. I want to add on that Fennekin uses a weird punching move. I have a JP 3DS and I’m checking other details.

          1. I am, like, seriously crying right now. I can’t have my Fennekin turn out to be Fire/Fighting!

          2. It doesn’t even really look psychic to be honest. Kinda like Dynamic Punch almost. EDIT: Uploading pic now

        1. I still love Fennekin, but Please for the god no! Unless its some boss Psychic move that is a Gen 6 Zen headbut, I’ll cry in my sleep.

    2. I can’t wait to see the bike. I hope it looks more believable than it has in previous Gens. They just don’t really look like bikes to me. Hopefully with 3D, they can correct this. 🙂

        1. Wait, it looks like the move used by NewMew doesn’t contain anything rainbow-ish, just that its move was cut and then Xerneas was shown using Geomancy.

    1. Same thing Misty said regarding Surskit. (I don’t watch the anime, so I don’t know if she’s actually said anything) :p

      1. She didn’t. But Misty never said that she’s afraid of bugs in the games (Or did she?)

  7. So um, PokeJungle, you going to post the pics of the trailer as well. Like the Nike, and fountain? Just asking so we can converse over what they look like too. And I wonder when the US will get this trailer O.O

          1. Now don’t mind if I ask please, but was this move being used on Orotto, or some random unsuspecting Pokemon from the wild?

          2. Litleo. I’ll tell you that I didn’t hear the super effective sound effect. Also, Fennekin is Lv.14 when it knows this. FC Mewtwo was also using a really crazy move too.

          3. Hmm interesting, so meaning its not a fighting type move. Maybe a Fairy type move? Fennekin, the Fire/Fairy starter O.O

          4. Sweet jesus, thats good to know. Well it doesn’t hold good for Fennekin, if it has a holster of Physical moves, then how can its Psychic typing go into play, dynamic type change?

          5. Well, don’t forget that we KNOW Fennekin can learn Psychic Attacks. I forget when, but during some demonstration, it was shown to use Psychic itself. Not to mention the earliest stuff showed what looked like Psywave. Just because it kinda looks like he’s getting fire punch, for some reason, is no reason for us to lose hope! Besides, plenty of more special oriented Pokemon get the odd random physical move. Take Magmar for instance, it tends to get Fire Punch, Elec Punch, but it’s clearly a more special oriented Pokemon.

          6. After hearing the clear video from the official Pokemon YT, I think my ears are going bad, but I feel as if I heard the super effective noise. But IDK :/ NLque says he didn’t, proving I need to see a doctor.

  8. Anyone else get the feeling they’re might be some kind of haunted location in Kalos? Like a castle or something.
    First a Haunted Sword, then a haunted Tree looking pokemon, what’s next?
    I really do hope they’re will be a handful/Pinch more themed along the same design.

      1. Well, if I remember correctly, there are a lot of haunted places in France so it’s highly possible that they might do a haunted castle or something like that. And I agree, Banette is over due for an evolution.

  9. Fennekin could use its Psychic powers to create a glowing arm for glow punch! (I am so desperate right now!)

      1. i’m really assuming the glow punch move’s type is a fighting type. given the sound effect after the move was landed sounds like a “super effective” if you listen to it closely. and we know that litleo is part normal, but i could be wrong. i don’t mean to burst your bubble, cause i myself am hoping that fennekin will be fire/psychic that learns some fight type moves. not a fire/fight starter again haha -_-

      2. Well just because it was a fist icon doesn’t mean it’s a fighting type attack. Thunder punch wasn’t fighting, it was electric. Ice punch was ice. Fire punch was fire. So I’m assuming this attack is either fairy type or psychic type. But let’s not forget guys that a lot of pokemon can learn moves that aren’t their type, like how a bunch of non water pokemon can learn surf. If this is a fighting type attack, that doesn’t mean fennekin will evolve into a fighting type pokemon.

    1. So, I guess that new Mewtwo move was only half shown.
      The rest of it was actually Xerneas’ Geomancy.
      PokéBeach got it confused since, at the time,
      we didn’t know of Geomancy, yet.

      Fennekin used Glow Punch! Psychic-type? 😀 …Fighting-type? D:
      I wonder what Froakie was blabbin’ about to Skrelp?

      1. Even if it’s a Physical Psychic move, I was really hoping for it to be Special-oriented. Fennekin’s final evo is my only hope to redeem the long-lost dream of a Fire/Psychic Ninetales.

  10. Fennekin is our only hope to break the fire/fighting curse and Gamefreak goes on and shows us a punching move T.T

    1. Yeah, because no Psychic type in the history of history has ever been able to learn a punching move, right? OH, WAIT, THEY TOTALLY CAN. Just to name a few… Abra, Medicham, Hypno, Grumpig, Alakazam, need I continue?

      1. i know lol i was just noting that because of all the psychic moves they could have chosen to ensure or hint at its psychic typing, gamefreak chooses a very ambiguous punching move x) they’re trolling us 😛 (hopefully)

        1. But they HAVE. Fennekin has been seen using Psychic moves in the past, even the first video with it showed it using a psychic move. Serebii confirms it has been seen using Psychic at one time even. And, on the other side of it, VERY few Fighting types have been able to use Psychic, and certainly none by Level up. We just need to wait and see what Glow Punch is, official updates should come relatively soon.

          1. true! A psychic punching move would be nice 🙂 adding it to the list of elemental punches!

          2. I also like that we encounter Litleo in the grass at level 5, meaning we may see hi early on. If thats the case, he’s a definite member on my team.

          3. Just one of those things when we get starved for some good News on Pokemon, heh. Honestly, I’m surprised someone hasn’t called out that the apparent Underwater battle should mean Gen 3 Remakes due to those being the only other games that have under water encounters/battles. *and I’m not saying it.*

    2. Fennekin might have the Kong-fu Fighting Curse, or KFC for short.
      There might be a way to stop the curse from emerging this gen…
      We must sacrifice… a legend.

  11. Did anyone else notice that the Clauncher vs. Flabebe battle was UNDERWATER?! Dive confirmed?

    1. I really hope so with Dive. It’s been a while since there was REAL use for it. Sure the underwater temple thing in BW was fine but…could’ve been more..

  12. So um, anyone notice how there was a battle that looked to be underwater, along with Litleo being found at level 5. Also one more little detail was Froakie talking to Skrelp and it being shocked. It doesn’t look like an attack, maybe something with Pokemon Amie’s effects?

      1. If it is, I like it. Added in with those awesome animations for Fire Blast, and other moves. But the whole idea of a underwater battle threw me off, we might have a Hoenn moment here T-T

    1. It’s called Glow Punch. You’ll notice that Fennekin has no arms to actually punch so it can’t be part fighting, unless it evolves into it. I’m thinking a Psychic type punch.

      1. Why doesn’t anyone else think that Fennekin will be a Fairy (“Glow”). Fire/Fairy, Grass/Steel and Water/Fighting is a good circle.

        1. I was thinking the same thing about Fire/Fairy. I’m hoping for that if not Fire/Psychic.

  13. Hey mods, if you’re interested, here’s something (RUMORS!!1!):

    I think it goes without saying that DookieShed wouldn’t lie about stuff, like certain people coughiamtheleaker.

    1. Thanks! But yeah we saw it in the daely snack too. We’ll talk it over with the staff.

      1. Hmm strange, I have a friend who told me the same info with some what she called beta info, but I blew it off thinking it was all crap. Maybe I should reconsider.

    2. i follow DookieShed’s channel on Youtube and i don’t think he’ll lie to us
      Because he’s awesome and everyone should check his other videos on his channel DookieShed

  14. That move that Mewtwo used, if you pause it when it shows its full body you can see a strand of DNA above its head like the one on the Holocaster as seen in the official artwork for the protagonists. Clue that the awakened form is a genetic mutation?

    1. Well, the game logos themselves have DNA symbols on them. So it’s pretty clear that DNA will play a huge role in the game. Someone on /vp/ mentioned about the W and Z legendaries.

      W – Birth, X – Life, Y – Death and Z – Afterlife. Farfetch’d? Maybe.

      1. But Yveltal is the Destruction Pokémon, not Death Pokémon. So, shouldn’t it be W – Creation, X – Life, Y – Destruction, Z – Death? And then, what role would O have? I can’t see them not making a legendary master.

    1. Don’t forget the beginning of that move where it looks like he’s…
      cracking out of a shell(?).

          1. Call it a long shot, but it might be the Letter Y. If and I mean “If” there really is two formes of Mewtwo, then maybe the corresponding letter for that forme would appear like that before it attacks. Seeing as there is a DNA strand for a brief moment in that attack, it’s a possibility.

          2. I actually think that’s an X, just because of the angle and it looks like it has more than 3 points. Maybe X Blast and Y Blast? LOL

      1. The breaking out of the shell: Maybe the attack lowers the users defense by 1, while obviously inflicting damage (probably a lot) on the opponent.

    1. That’s actually interesting because it could confirm that Dive is back 😛 It also looks a lot like the undersea area in Pokemon The Move 3: Spell of the Unown.

        1. the underwater battle was the best part for me in that movie, fell in love with kingdra

          1. I love that movie, and I’m still amazed people I know say it was the worst movie. In IMO the worst was Keladeo’s movie. But that’s just me.

          2. no, you’re right lol. I saw that movie and it felt like it went by quick. It was disappointing

          3. aww yiss that Kingdra… It was stronger than the usual Kingdra because of the spell

  15. So we now have Underwater battles?

    Ah, Gen 3, when finding a Relicanth while using dive wasn’t more than enough of a joy.~

  16. So nobody even thought of the possibility that Fennekin used Assist offscreen? *sigh*

    1. Hey, everyone! I found him! I found our savior!
      This guy~! You’re smart!

      Assist is very much so a possibility.
      Game Freak is most likely trollin’ us with a Fighting-type looking move.
      They know they were wrong for THREE Fire/Fighting-type starters in a row…

      1. I agree, Assist is a possibility, as is having a new psychic type move that deals physical damage 🙂 Its not time to panic yet……….. I hope lol 😛 🙂 😀

      2. Although I agree that Assist is a possibility, nobody said that Glow Punch is a Fighting-type move… the elemental punches aren’t Fighting-type, and not all Pokemon that learn punching moves are Fighting. Although, I agree that GameFreak is trolling by showing Fennekin using a physical move.

        1. What I meant was a move that looks like a Fighting-type. Not that it really is a Fighting-type move, since we’re not sure yet.

          1. the glow punch was super effective against littleo who is normal/fire. listen to the sound. so it’s either fighting type move or ground/water move….

        2. if its glow punch maybe its a contact-making elemental move of psychic type? thats happened a few times before (grass knot)

      1. When it used the attack on Litleo, which is part Normal Type, The “It’s Super Effective.” Sound effect played.

          1. I know where the animation is. I don’t hear any sound effects similar to the super effective sound.EDIT: I hear it.

          2. Because it’s a new sound effect.

            If you go to the part where Charizard uses Fire Blast on Flygon, you can hear the sound effect which is used for Not very effective. Listen to that.

          3. To me it sounds like the normal effectiveness sound. The SE sound sounds more high pitched.

          4. Just saying it was really hard to hear. There is nothing that Pokemon put out there that clearly tells us the “Not very Effective”, or “Super Effective” noise. BTW all the “sound” you had in your video sounds like it might be part of the attack! I recommend waiting for the CoroCoro this upcoming August if they might tell us the type!

        1. a bunch of non fighting type pkmn can learn fighting type moves this is the same has fennekin using psychic. just cause it uses a move does not mean it’s that type

          1. When a move is super effective, it makes a different sound effect right? That sound effect was played when it used it on Litleo, meaning it’s a Fighting type move.

          2. I have some really good headphones on.
            Glow Punch did normal damage on Litleo.
            I’m 100% positive on that.

          3. not to mention, we still don’t really know what Fairy can actually do. We don’t know for certain if Fire will resist it or not, or even for certain what else is weak to it. In the event if it even is super effective.

        2. Wait. Do we know the super-effective sound effect for X and Y yet? I know they change it because all the music in the game will be more orchestrated! Also, the move might be Fairy! We really don’t know yet, Fairy might be super-effective to Fire. Its to early to make your info final! It’s better at this stage to use words similar to “guess” or “think”! Yet, the fighting type possibly is still there! Also, just because a Pokemon uses a fighting move doesn’t make it fighting.

  17. of course gamefreak would have fennekin use a punching move in the trailer, because they like to troll us fans

  18. That definitely wasn’t parting shot that was used by Froakie (unless they changed the animation). Parting Shot doesn’t have the speech bubble with ellipses and causes the status down animation.

    1. Is the picture of Pancham using it the only thing that I can compare it too? The animation really looked like a parting shot, but I’ll change it for now.

      1. Ah sorry I forgot to link the video showing the parting shot animation.

        But yeah I agree at first glance Parting Shot does come to mind.

          1. Not Nasty Plot, since the camera needn’t move and the opposing Pokemon needn’t do the “got attacked” animation, which it obviously did. It’s possibly something similar to Torment.

  19. Glow Punch huh? odd that a quadruped can learn a punching move i don’t believe any other quadruped pkmn can learn a punching move

    1. you know it expected for oorotto to look some what like that drawing a while back not a perfect mach

          1. I don’t know. I see it as a standalone, but for now, we will just have to wait and see.

          2. chances are they will, unless it is revealed with its english name before the next corocoro like honedge was.

      1. Yeah man, it is well done. I never thought of having oorotto in my team until I saw your drawing, good job =D

      1. I am hoping for a grass/ghost. We have not had one of those, but grass/dark is also likely

    1. i could definatly see this happening.
      as from the trailers and all the info we got on the new Fairy type, its gotten a connecton with mythical creatures and a slight connection with magic?
      So it could be highly possible that Fairy pokemon would be perfectly capeble of learning psychic (like fennekin has used in one of the trailers).

      but then again, that’s my opinion.

  20. Okay, so this is what I meant when I said it’s the Super effective sound effect. I made a video and uploaded it to my channel with the 3 damage sound effects and then the one from Glow Punch. Listen with headphones.

      1. Well you believe what you want to believe, I know what I heard I’m sure we will see that Glow Punch is a Fighting type move soon enough.

        1. so what if it’s fighting move a bunch of non fighting type pkmn can learn fighting type moves. this is
          the same situation has fennekin using psychic. just cause it uses a move does not
          mean it’s that type

    1. Sounds like normal to me as well. Since we still don’t know what fairy is officially weak/strong across the board it would be hard to tell. My bet is that it is a fire or psy. move.

  21. Do…not…let Fennekin be another Fire/Fighting Starter.
    That will not be cool.

    Glow Punch MUST be some type of physical Psychic move, right? Right? RIGHT?!?

    1. Glow can be related to the sun or the light of a fire. Possible it’s a lower-level Fire punch… Possibly even a fairy move, based on the glow of the moon.

  22. Well… I doubt that means Fennekin is going to be Fire/Fighting. After all, some other Pokemon can learn elemental punches, such as Alakazam and Electivire, and they aren’t fighting types. I am sure the new move will be a physical Fire punch.

    1. Fire Punch IS Physical. Also it wasn’t “Not Very Effective” against Litleo.

      1. I don’t think GF will give a starter Fairy because that would make more people love/hate that starter. Maybe next Gen.

        1. Fairy is the new big thing for X&Y. So it really doesn’t matter who likes it or not. Xerneas is Fairy.

      2. I think it will be a psychic type because in the first trailer they showed it using psychic and I don’t think they would just randomly do that. They even did it for the other starters, they all used a move that was in their type and then used another move that wasn’t.

      3. It could anythings a possibility. But If the Pokebeach rumors are anything to go by, which have been mostly correct so far, Fennekin will be Fire / Psychic.

  23. the fist move fennekin used was called glow punch?
    so maybe its a new psychic move ? theres fire punch thats pure fire, ice bunch thats pure ice, thunderpunch thats pure electric, and suckerpunch which is dark, so psychic’s turn for a punch move 🙂

    1. Sucker Punch isn’t really a punching attack, it’s more of a surprise attack. The ability Iron Fist further proves this by not giving it a boost but nonetheless i agree with you that psychic should have a punch move that has the same effects as Psyshock 🙂

  24. What if Fennikin is fighting type again ;( ( considering it knows glow or grow punch)
    this will be the 4th time in a row that the fire type is fire/fighting!!!

  25. Im glad that the trailer was released, If I take anything from it its that im now 100% glad im choosing Froakie as my starter. Sky Battles really do look awesome and That Oorotto looks like an absolute beast.

  26. Orotto looks good but I’d be extremely disappointed if Fennekin was Fire/Fighting.
    Also, just wondering whether your guys opinion of my “leaks” would have chnaged if I’d kept them going until underwater battles were shown seeing as I said Dive was back?

    1. I think fennekin used assist or something. I really hope that dive is coming back fully not like in black and white and I would have definitely believed your rumours more.

    2. I wouldn’t have believed any of your rumors no matter what you said. They were ridiculous and unrealistic, and I’m amazed so many people bought into them. Personally, I’m not even sure why you’re showing your face around here, or why you haven’t been scorned off the site; you put up a dramatic “pay attention to me” marathon of comments for nearly a month and then played it all off by saying “oh, it was a test,” which, by the way, is an extremely common excuse for people seeking attention by lying on the internet when they get caught in the act.

      1. I personally loved his rumours, the were very imaginative and I hope he does stay around !!

        1. The rumors were fine, it was his haughty “I have leaks and am therefore the most important person on this site” attitude that got to me, the way he constantly talked down to people.

  27. The pokebeach version I saw looks spot on. The only thing it’s hard to tell if it has one or two eyes…

  28. Looks awesome !! Now I very much doubt Fennekin will be part fighting type, it knows psychic. Plus pokebeach rumors also said that it will be Fire/Psychic, so I’m not going to worry about it.
    Oorotto looks bad ass !! wonder what its English name will be :3

  29. I’m gonna go and assume Fennekin knows Assist and it was using it.
    Game Freak is trollin’ us. They know our fears…
    Maybe Fennekin will evolve into a Fire/Psychic-type Pokémon
    who’s fluent in Fairy-type moves?

  30. A punch does not have to be Fighting type. We know Shadow Punch is a ghost attack. Glow Punch, sounds like glow, you know, sparkling, shiny, glittering, sliding over the rainbow, bathing in unicorn blood. It sounds fairy.

    I do not think it is going to be fairy type though. Its animation looks either fire or fighting.

    What an unstable comment it turned out to be.

  31. Amazing! Yet, many people are now saying Fennekin is a fighting type because of “Glow Punch”. “Glow Punch” sounds like a Fairy, Psychic, or Fire type attack, not really fighting but only time will tell on the info!

        1. on another site i read somebody say it had to be fighting because of how much damage it did to litleo, but the litleo was a level 5…it isn’t too hard to take out a lvl 5 with a lvl 14

          1. Yea! I still think that it is Fairy, Psychic, or Fire type attack! But Nintendo + GameFreak know fans do not want to see a Fire/Fighting type! So, I doubt that it will evolve into one!

    1. Wooper can learn Ice Punch. Probopass can learn Ice Punch and Fire Punch. Just saying.

  32. Do we know anything about Kravarech? It is said to be listed in French page as Skrelp’s name and changed into actual one: Venalgue. Old news, but I don’t think it’s mentioned here?

    So there’s a chance that Skrelp may evolve into Kraken. I have always been wondering why that thing has a squid head. Will my question find an answer?

    1. It’s not much to speculate on at the moment. There might be a new Pokemon whose French name is Kravarech, but whether that thing is related to Skrelp, whether it looks like a kraken, or whether it even exists at all or is just a typo someone made, all remains unknown. There’s not much to go on.

        1. it’s still not much to go on. it’s possible that “Kravarech” was an early name for Venalgue and it was just changed at some point.

          1. Yes, possibilities. I love speculations and I love them even more when they have some kind of official origin.

  33. Not going to be rude to anyone, but I’m tired of seeing Fennekin is Fire/Fighting. Just because it used “Glow Punch” doesn’t make it fighting. We don’t even know the type of “Glow Punch” it might be Fire, Fairy, Psychic, or even Fighting. Just remember this “Just because a Pokemon uses a attack that is not there type, doesn’t make it that typing” for example my Magmortar can use “Brick Break” but its a Pure Fire Type. Also, Fennekin doesn’t have “hands” (it has paws) how could it punch. So, this move might be Special Attack. Just putting my info out there. (Remember this is pure opinion!)

    1. Glow Punch isn’t a FIghting-type move. It didn’t inflict super effective damage on Litleo.

  34. Still I doubt which starter to choose.. but Litleo and Oorotto are for sure in my team! 😀

    1. Well, Froakie could be a great member in your team if you really want those pokemon 🙂

  35. I hope this generation that a punching move is made for poison types and call it poison punch? Or toxic punch 😀

    And I’m excited for underwater battles, especially to see how it would look underwater :)!!

      1. Ahh that is very true! Thank you for pointing that out ^_^!

        Well I guess we just need a rock punch, ground punch (could hit Pokemon with levitate) and a fairy punch

  36. If you stop at 00:47, you can see that Mewtwo is battling in one of the wi-fi battles and that the move has a DNA symbol that then levitates above Mewtwo’s head.

  37. We’re probably gonna know orotto’s English name tomorrow since we learned honedges name a day after it was revealed in France

  38. PEOPLE. So i was on YouTube the other day and i saw a Pokemon XD review and then i got hit with a wave of nostalgia. So i decided to look up Miror B’s music (it was my favorite from the game) and i was reading one of the comments and i was like WHAT. What if Miror B was the boss of Team Flare?? How cool would that be? In the XD game, Miror B stated that he would like to create his own team, Team Miror. I highly doubt it would happen but it would be cool nonetheless if it happened! Just something to put out there ~

    P.S. I’m loving Orotto! And to the Fennekin Fire/Fighting debate, I say it either used Assist or its a Psychic-punch.

    1. That would be cool, I love that game so much!! What if the B stood for Beauty :O

      1. Woah… i didn’t think about that! Miror B is the picture of Beauty in the Colossuem games with his giant afro and slick dance moves :p lol

    2. Miror B uses Grass types primarily. Team Flare, on the other hand, use Fire types.

      1. Maybe that be the trick, we go in battling thinking he’ll use fire Pokemon, then BAM all grass Pokemon and my poor Froakie faints D;

      2. That is true, with Ludicolo being his main Pokemon but it would be a nice twist when you battle him to catch you off guard. But hey, it’s just a cool thing to think about

    1. Imagine a horde of Wailord while diving.
      From Pokedex entry:

      “They jump as a pack to herd their prey.”

  39. Well it looks as though we can actually get on that train shown on the map. I wonder where it will take us? (Hoenn!!) hahaha just kidding.

  40. Did Froakie use Torment? Maybe it is a hint it will be Water/Dark, just like the very first rumours thought. (It would become Water/Dark and be a Ninja)

    1. I think that’s the closest guess I heard to what froakie’s move is. I personally thought it was swagger, but torment makes more sense. Either way, I’m choosing that speedy water type, ninja or not (assassin froakie evo would be so cool though). This is the first time in 5 generations that I actually want the water starter and not fire/grass.

    1. Yes, I was on Serebii and they had a Comparison of Litleo being hit, and another one of Haxorus being Hit by Sylveon. And they sounded pretty damn close. So it will be Rock/Fighting/Ground/Water, and Water is super unlikely. So it will be Rock, Fighting, or Ground. Unless of course Fairy is Super-Effective against either of them, then it will be Fairy 100%.

  41. Of all of the 600+ moves to showcase, they had to choose one with a punching animation for fennekin. They couldn’t just show ember, or flamethrower! I don’t think this is a coincidence. Somewhere in an office a gamefreak employee is sitting back on his chair with that troll-face.

  42. SOOOoooo um I’m going to say this, my friend went to Comic Con and is claiming to know info from some Nintendo Rep (moment i heard that, I called bs too)-o- I want to say BS, but I am also bored and want to make everyone go nuts (want to see the world burn bwahaha), soooo who wants some details that are maybe beta stuff, IDK? I still think it was bs.

          1. Nah, its just I take things like this with a grain of salt now a days, ya know with that IAMTHELEAKER and stuff. But yeah I posted that info, she has one more detail about Sylveon but its nothing really new and ground breaking so meh.

      1. I hope sushimon isn’t real -o- But want to spill those beans, I got her text messages and crud from, just remember, I think its false as well, but who knows.

      2. Aww screw it, here’s the crap she got from San Diego Comic Con:
        -The rep said they “heard” all the complements and complaints for BW and B2W2, and made an effort to satisfy all needs in X and Y.
        -I’m starting to feel a vibe here, but seeing Charizard was in the recent trailers and anime, idk. But we got 4 rivals now, 2 get those starters. The rep said the others are a surprise. She guesses we may see the Kanto starters in game, but I think its false as she’s just putting a reliable rumor with hers, but idk.
        -At first I was going to say BS for this, but now it happened: Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina will be given out and will unlock stuff in X and Y like the beasts did in BW. I guess they really like it.
        Well there, go nuts. I’ll sit here and enjoy the view.
        -Edit-Oh also she did claim for Sushi-mon thing, which was also why I called bs.

          1. Comic Con? It was held July 18th to the 21st. Any reason? You are not going to hunt me down are you -o-

          2. Well you talked about the shiny Sinnoh legendary stuff, and that as you said did come true as this “nintendo rep” predicted

          3. Good point. Well mate, all I can say is this, take it with a grain of salt, cause I’ll stick with my gut and say its false.

          4. NP, want that Sylveon crud, she nagging me to post it -_- I hope she understands I’m putting mt rep on the line here too.

          5. well here goes: She said that when she asked about Sylveon, the rep mention it was like given more love seeing it was for Fairy type, the new type at the time. She also mentions we will see a few more surprises for the starters, and a new evolution method. After that she left and saw the rep talking to some dude, and from then on he ignored her when she asked him for help on the Wii U demos. I get a feel of BS from it but I want to say its true, but mostly b/c she’s my girlfriend and you always trust someone in a relationship n all. But I got my doubts. Let’s see what turns up mate 😉 I’ll be here if ya need me.

          6. I don’t know what you exactly mean about the Sylveon part. What are you referring to?

          7. She referred to I guess a new evolution method for it, and she feels its not the only eeveelution in the manner the lady told her that details.

          8. Ah, well if Sushi-mon is real, it better be one of these 2 things imo:
            1. It’d better be water/Ghost type, cause there is no way we can have a dead fish pokemon!
            oe 2. We need a Nuclear type!

          9. Anyways, I’ll be here, lol she and I made a bet that if its true, I gotta make her dinner. So I’m actually hoping for it to be false lol. Well hope you have a nice day sir!

      3. Mind I ask why the tumbnail pic for this video shows the guy looking a bit, for lack of a better term, constipated?

      4. So:
        A bag of chips and a sushi-mon and a new Eeveelution? The food Pokemon- NO. The Eeveelution I’m okay with, but… REALLY?

  43. Is it just me or does that bike look really small and compressed?

    Also why is it that moves that “make contact” don’t make contact (ie clauncher’s crabhammer)?

  44. Wasn’t there a tweet a few months by Hirobyte that Fennekin will not be Fire/Fighting?

    1. Jesus fuck, these people need to stop trying to be funny with all these stupid leaks…

  45. What if Glow Punch is a Psychic or Fairy-type move that deals Fighting damage?

  46. Ok guys…this is from a spanish site, they say that they asked the “leaker” to draw some new pokemon, but he refused…i had read everything, so i’ll make my best to translate it, the interesting thing about this, is that besides those rumours, they show 3 images never seen before, one of the pss and the other two from a cinematic scene of a new legendary pokemon…but first, here are the rumours:

    *Mawile gets the Steel/Fairy type, and an evolution, so is Sableye
    *As said before, the starters final evolutions are: Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic and Water/Fighting
    *The game’s story line is “quite good”. Characters will be back like Cynthia (who’s visiting her family in Coastal Kalos) and Proffesor Oak.
    *The game will last for more than 40 hours, and there’s lots of stuff after beating the elite four, even more than Gold and Silver
    *Mewtwo’s new form have a protagonism after beating the elite four , with a scientific from kanto who is involve
    *Orotto is the Shady Root Pokemon. The female version have a smile more “macabre” and its branches are sharper
    *One of the new fossils is a Diplodocus
    *There’s a new shark pokemon
    *When you arrive to Lumiose city, the character customization is introduced for you.
    *Team flare’s goal of making money is a lie, it changes during the game
    *There’s a new important character (kind like N). He’s a lone traveler.
    *Sklerp evolves into a bigger and skinner horse sea, it occasionally blows purple bubbles when he’s innactive, like Sklerp
    *When you enter the hall of fame, there’s a cinematic scene with your pokemon standing by the side of the character in 3d, with confetti and screams from the crowd
    *Litleo evolves into smothing like a manticore
    *The Carnac Stones in the game are home of a legendary pokemon
    *The fairy pokemon shown so far are “a lie” making us belive that they are cute. Actually there’s one that is as intimidating as Giratina origin form.
    *There will no much type changes as people think, there are a few.
    *This time, Game Freak made contact with various magazines to decide how many pokemon of each type will be introduced. There will be “great” Steel and Fire pokemon.
    *There’s a pikachu-like pokemon, a wolf cub
    *Meowstick and espurr are totally real
    *we will know if everything is real on august 12, when the official page get an uptdate.

    The images:

    What do you think?

    Here’s the source:

    1. I don’t know if the info is true, but those pictures certainly look believable to me (the pss one not the supposed legendary.)

    2. The first image is badly edited and the second two could be from anywhere. The rumors themselves are unremarkable, just as fake-sounding as usual with a mix of original ideas and popular fan speculation. Nothing exciting.

      1. Well…those are just rumours after all…i translated it just in case you want to read some rumours xD

        1. They’re not very interesting rumors though :/ I’m tired of the same rumors being used over and over. It’s always
          *Sableye/Mawile/Sableye and Mawile get evolutions
          *Litleo evolves into a manticore
          *The plot is good
          *Old characters come back
          *Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, Water/Fighting
          *Celebi/Togepi/Mawile/whatever will become Fairy-type
          If anything interesting comes along let me know. I like speculating, but this set of recycled rumors is starting to get boring

          1. Yeah, i agree…also, having cynthia ONCE MORE? xD, there’s a lot of other characters that can make a return.

    3. Fake, two of the Orotto’s shown the the trailer were female and showed no difference.

  47. Glow punch is probably just a move that is like a materialization of energy (a special attack) hitting for physical damage. Like Psyshock or something except my guess is it’s fairy type.

  48. Has anybody noticed that Fennekin charged up before striking with Glow Punch? Usually Fighting type punches just strike.

  49. This is what I can analyze so far on Mewtwo’s new attack:
    -First the sphere that encases Mewtwo is broken down into bits.
    -Black aura pours out which then reveal Mewtwo who is surrounded by rings of dark aura.
    -White Amaterasu-like flames start to pour out of thin air while Mewtwo charges some-sort of beam which has a DNA symbol in the center of the white flames.

    Hope this becomes Mewtwo’s second signature move. 😀

    1. Yes because Mewtwo certainly needs to be even more powerful than he already is. Just for kicks gamefreak will probably give it an exclusive item that doubles its attack, speed and special attack. I can totally see game freak doing this.

      1. I wouldn’t want Game Freak to do that. 😀
        See, Mewtwo is already very powerful and I could see it getting small stat bonuses, but not double the power. It would make Mewtwo’s new form have a stat of well over 1000 which would be over-doing it. We have enough powerful Pokemon for this Generation: Xerneas, Yveltal, pseudo-legendary, legendary trio, and legendary duo. Seeing as every gen had those.

        PS: If Xerneas and Yveltal used their signature move combined with their abilities, then both legendaries can do basically take out every Psychic and Dragon type Pokemon who are not immune to them. Resistance x2 doesn’t matter here since their abilities would cover that and it would still be x1 stronger plus the STAB and their ability which I think would be around 3/4 or 2/4. 😀

        1. I would rather have gamefreak leave the legendaries alone and give flareon a physical fire move with a BP greater than 90. New additions are great, newtwo’s move looks cool don’t get me wrong, but they need to fix these problems first.

  50. The trailer looks awesome. I’m loving the animations, sounds, and the new underwater battle scene. It seems that we have already seen the mammalian Pokemon that appears on the very routes of our journey: Litleo- unless they introduce a real rodent Pokemon. I really like the animations too. From what I analyzed, it seems that Fennekin charges Glow Punch before striking which contradicts what most punching moves do. I’m also loving Orotto, he/she looks like a Grass/Ghost type to me in terms of design although I was hoping for some kind of pumpkin Pokemon. I have so many things to look forward to when Pokemon X and Y come out. 😀

  51. OMG I SAW AN UNDERWATER BATTLE SCENE!! The one with Flabebe and Clauncher!! DIVE IS BACK SO HAPPY!!

  52. i swear fennekin betr not b a fightn type there were evidence that it mite b a psychic type n now this stupid fist move stop messn wit us game freak

  53. Did anybody remember that Hirobyte tweeted that Fennekin will not be Fire/Fighting? Do you guys?

      1. That’s my thought as well; based on the color of the emblem anyway. I just haven’t seen anyone being it up.

  54. Hmmmm I think Oorotto will be a stand alone (much like Honedge might be), maybe a grass/ghost
    And as for ‘Glow Punch’ anyone think that it maybe a dual type attack? Personally, I think it’s a psychic or fairy type attack but we’ll find out soon enough

  55. Fennekin using Glow Punch could have come from it using Assist or Metronome first.
    But, then again, Whooper can use Ice Punch. I guess… with its tail?

  56. It will definitely be a Grass/Ghost pokemon.

    Shiftry, and presumably Chespin’s final evo are ready handling the Grass/Dark duo.

    Grass/Ghost hasn’t been done yet, and it has the same striped patterns that the ghost pokemon Dusknoir has.

  57. Thats true but what if oorotto could be a form change of dusknoir like a possessed dead tree

  58. Glow Punch will most likely either be a physical Fairy or Psychic type attack. Similar to Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch. And it could’ve been used through Assist

    1. Psychic maybe but not Fairy. Fairy Wind against Litleo sounded like it was Not Very Effective so…

  59. Alright, everyone’s thinking it, I’m just saying it; how much longer till we get an English version of this demo on the e-shop?

  60. glow punch was super effective against littleo if i heard correctly…
    also i think oorroto will be a standalone.

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