NEW Pokémon: Oorotto Images Surface![UPD1]

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Images of the mysterious Oorotto (オーロット, possibly meaning “oak rot” or “large rot”) have finally materialized! The images come from the trailer that was shown during the movie, except now it’s been posted to the Japanese 3DS eShop, and now the trailer has been uploaded by the Japanese Official channel, seen above! What do you think?

We’ll list off things we found:

  • Fennekin Uses a punching move called Glow (or Grow) Punch
  • Froakie using what looks like a new move(maybe Parting Shot?)
  • Clauncher and Flabébé fighting underwater!
  • Bike is present
  • The mysterious Mewtwo form change uses a really cool move!


Who had the most realistic drawing of it, PokeBeach (where second screenshot is from I believe) or Serebii??

<3 PJ

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