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Ask PokéJungle: July/August 2013

We like to have a strong interaction with our readers here on PokéJungle, and although we do get involved in the discussions with you guys in the comments, we don’t always get the opportunity to hear from each of you directly. Last month we published the first Ask PokéJungle and it is safe to say it was a hit. We got hundreds of questions and we answered all those we could. So, after a little persuasion from the other staff, and the new Jungle Talk moniker…

We’re back! And we want questions from you guys. Questions about anything, this is your chance to get the answers to any questions you may have. We will do our best to answer as many as we can, assuming they’re suitable of course (if anyone asks anything that we perceive as unsuitable we will ignore and remove it).

If you have questions for a specific staff member make it known so that we can get them in to answer for you. So, yeah? Have at it! Questions about absolutely anything, Pokémon related or not, fire away! This is your chance to get to know a little more about us, the site or pretty much anything else!

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  1. so the recent jap e-shop trailer looked like their was an underwater battle i hope its true

    1. that confirms dive and underwater encounters have returned from gen 5 and gen 3 respectively

      1. what i want is complicated. while your collecting badges you deal with them a little, beat the boss and they say something like ‘this is not the last you will see of us’ then after you beat the E4 you get told that team flare is back and now that you are the champion you need to deal with them. and this time they are out to get the legendary to use against you cause you beat them earlier

        1. That sounds pretty good actually, would be a nice twist and I think a good way to keep both sides happy.

    1. Be the evil team. But have some sort of interesting twist. I’m hoping they’re cool!

    2. I want them to be more interesting than just Pokemon thieves.

      My favorite teams were both Magma and Aqua, because they had a genuinely interesting plot behind them, and the fact they had a real rivalry.

      Plus, they had a real plan to destroy the world pretty much. Rocket wasn’t nearly as diabolical, and team Galactic just seemed delusional.

  2. Do you think we will see any new types of transportation in the game such as a blimp, hot air balloon, or even submarine? Also, any guesses as to where the train will take us?

    1. I have a feeling we’ll fly to the moon before we have any of those modes of transportation. I think the train tracks will probably just be a little easy way to get across Kalos before you get fly.

    2. I’m doubting any new transportation. Perhaps some sort of odd boat.

      The train, I’m not sure. Maybe an area for the post game.

    3. The train won’t take you anywhere except when you revisit it in Pokémon X2 & Y2, where it takes you to some random island.

  3. Do you guys think that they reveal the starters second and final evolution at ounce in the upcoming coro coro?

  4. I’m asking every staff member out there, if there was a Pokemon named Daemazing, would you use it? Its ability is Heartbreaker, %30 chance of attracting the Pokemon on the field. Its signature move is Crooked Smile, one hit KO.

      1. Yes the one with the ability The Green Eye, power up its move when facing superior Pokemon(hint: Daemazing) and signature move Verbal Charge, special attack with %50 chance of confusion.

  5. (Every staff member) What’s it like being a Gym Leader? What is your favorite new Pokemon so far? Favorite feature of X & Y? :]

    1. Well, it’s pretty good. It’s nice to be recognised by name now. Not much else to say really!

      My favourite new Pokémon is probably a tie between Froakie and Noivern. With Skrelp being very close.

      Feature… Hmm… Probably just the improved style, I don’t really know 🙁

      1. Well the graphics are amazing compared to W2/B2. When I first saw Noivern I thought its ears were its eyes, lol.

    2. Tiring. I thought I would just be sitting on a couch typing translations. My favorite pokemon so far is Swirlix. Favorite feature is actually Pokemon Amie at this point.

    3. It’s not nice because Paul never got around to giving me Gym Leader status when he made me an administrator. :'(

      Clauncher by far. I’m pretty sure everyone on this site knows that by now, though. Hahahaha.

      Favorite feature? Well.. That’s a bit tough. I love the 3D battles though.

      1. D: Well he should give you Gym leader status! We should make a petition or poll! 😀 I love the graphics they are a vast improvement.

  6. Do you think that GameFreak will include a Dark-type gym? Do you think Talonflame is the final evolution? Do you think GameFreak gonna include massive information next month? Are we gonna get another type of battling in X and Y? What is true motive of Team Flare? Will X and Y confirm that there will be a RS remake?

    1. Possibly. I see no reason why they wouldn’t. But then I also don’t see the fuss of wanting one.

      Yes, I think.

      I think it’ll be a fairly big scoop. Massive is down to personal opinion I suppose!

      Yes, Sky Battles! Unless you mean another new one? If so I don’t know.

      I couldn’t possibly answer that!

      I have no idea. Once XY release we’re going to need more than RSE remakes, so we could see another region remade!

    2. No. Yes. No. No. To capture every Pokémon and turn them into anti-aging creams. No.

  7. I’ve now seen two fountains in Kalos dedicated to past-gen Pokemon. I think one of the coolest parts about Pokemon are the designers’ consideration of tons of different myths, stories, and real world occurrences in their design of the Pokemon world. With a focus on beauty in this game, do you think we’ll see a region that is just as dedicated to the past accomplishments of Pokemon (as art) as we’ve seen regions more focused on things like history and creation?

    1. I think that would be a good theme for the region. Perhaps a celebration of the existence of Pokémon and their natural beauty?

      1. Wow, that’s maybe why they are going to do Patato chips Pokemon. Maybe it’s going to be bullied for being ugly but then there will be a preacher saying all that matters is inner beauty. Pangoro is anti-bully, right?

        1. He gets pulled but once he evolves he becomes Pangoro Nutritionist as he evolves from a bag of crisps to an elegant Roast Dinner.

          1. You know, if Potato Chips mon and Sushi mon are real, man those in the Pokemon world are going to be pretty worried about what they eat. I mean imagine sitting down to see a fountain, and put your hand into a bag of ships you bought, only for it to jump out at you and attack you and leave. Man that would put a real heartburn on you lol.

          2. I know right ! Imagine its scorching hot, your out sunbathing and you hear the ice-cream van…… All of a sudden you hear the horrified screams of a young trainer ….. BAM you’ve just killed their Pokémon Vanilite 😛

          3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Vanilite’s ice body was acid so if any mon’s were to eat it, they instantly die lol. If so, then the kids are scream cause they are dying lol.

          4. No I don’t recall it being acid 😛
            “The snow on a Vanillite’s head can melt with heat or repeated touching, leaving it with a “bald” appearance of simply an ice creature. They become embarrassed if seen in this state. ”
            I don’t think its acid at all, simply Hard Ice 😛

        2. Oooo, what if it turns out that Xerneas is actually a very selfish, arrogant Pokemon and Yveltal is just misunderstood? Team Flare could also reflect the confusion of where beauty comes from.

    1. 4th. Although I have a lot of tiny reasons, I think it really boils down to the soundtrack of the game. Great tunes.

    2. I don’t have an overall favourite because I like each one for different reasons. I like 4th gen a lot though!

    3. Asking which gen is my favorite is like asking what’s my favorite type of ice-cream. It mostly depends on my mood of the day. Ask again tomorrow.

    4. ..Man, that one’s a hard one.

      Second, third, fourth, fifth.. Sixth already.

      Never really could get into Kanto though.

  8. I’d like to know what each of you guys think the ‘biggest scoop of the century’ they promised to reveal in the next Corocoro issue will be. Also, did you watch the video in which Dookieshed claims to have got to know some insider information? What do you think about it?

    1. Not much to say on this. I’ll possibly see about contacting Dookieshed. See of we can get anything else from him for you guys 🙂

      1. It would be awesome! He is very funny. And what about your guesses for the next Corocoro issue? I had trouble with my internet connection and Disqus but it was me who posted this ask orz

        1. Guesses for Corocoro… uh… more Pokémon, some characters. Perhaps a little on Team Flare. A couple of locations perhaps.

  9. I have a slightly personal question but id be so grateful if you answered me 🙂 Id really like to know more about the staff here at Pokejungle. So my question for you’s are,
    1) Apart from Pokémon what other video games do you all like ?
    2) What ( if any ) are your favourite sports ?
    3) In your spare time what do you like to do to pass time ?
    4) If you weren’t working here on this site would you see yourself working on another site ( Pokémon releated or not ) ?
    Thanks for your time, and thank you for continually giving myself and other’s, great articles to read on this site, and creating a fun community 🙂

    1. 1) I love Borderlands 2 at the moment and have completed Saints Row: The Third, but I do also love Animal Crossing and the Sims too 🙂
      2) I don’t really like playing any sports but I can watch football and rugby on TV and enjoy it.
      3) I like to listen to music, go to gigs, play games and look after all my pets in my spare time.
      4) I can’t imagine writing for anyone else than PNJ 😉
      And no, thank you! We wouldn’t be where we are today without our loyal visitors!

      1. 1) Im currently still Hooked on New Leaf myself aswell as Pikmin 3 😉
        2) Football as in soccer ? Or football as in NFL ? I imagine Football as soccer. Seems how you like Rugby I assume u mean soccer 😉 ? 😀
        3) Im a big fan of music myself, but I don’t play.
        No Thank you for replying.

        1. Well I am from England so football as in soccer and rugby as in…rugby? xD I don’t know what else to call it haha!
          I used to play the drums but not anymore, I just enjoy the atmosphere of concerts and seeing my fave bands live :D!

          1. Woo! 😀 Well I’ve seen a lot of rock/emo/metal bands and my favourites are between Enter Shikari and A Day To Remember, especially live (seen over 100 bands live xD), but I am also really into dance/dubstep too 🙂

          2. Wow that’s a lot, all ive ever seen live were Tenatious D, Metallica and Blink 182 🙂

          3. Big names though! Most famous person I’ve seen live is probably Katy Perry or Jessie J aha 😛

    2. 1)Monster Hunter, Mario Kart, CoD(Don’t judge me)
      2)Swimming is my favorite “playing” sport. In terms of watching, any sport is entertaining to me really. Golf even.
      3)Go play Wifi battles
      4)Probably not, miracle that a site would pick me up

      No, thank YOU!

      1. 1) I like all of them I like variety also 🙂 So no judgements 😛
        2) I myself am a swimmer, and have done for the last 16 years 🙂
        3) Wifi battles are good aswell but I haven’t played competitively in a few weeks now 🙁
        I wont let you win a thank you war, So thank you ! 😀

    3. 1) I like a fair few video games, basically anything you can get on PlayStation I will play. That said, I don’t play sports games or COD. Have been playing The Last of Us lately, and I love it!

      2) I don’t really play or watch any sports. I think someone asked before, and I said that I used to play hockey back in school.

      3) In my spare time… I play games, cook food, research random things online, draw… And of course talk to the rest of the staff

      4) Well, possibly… We’ll see what the future holds, ahem 😉

      1. 1) The Last of Us is amazing alright 🙂
        2) Cool
        3) I enjoy cooking aswell I studied it for 3 years.
        4) Ohhh Secretive aren’t we 😉
        Thanks for the response 😀

        1. Man I need to get The Last of Us, but I need to save for the rest of the year, Zelda, X and Y, PS4, ghaaa!

          1. Its fantastic, Do you have a ps3 ? My names Simkenno on that aswell if you want to add me 🙂 I know there tons of great games on the horizon 😀

          2. Yeah, I have a PS3, and soon to be a PS4, my PSN name is also cyberworrier94 as well, you can add me and maybe we can do some multiplayer of Uncharted 3, seeing I have yet to get The Last of Us.

          3. Deadly is your Ps3 a Pal console ? If so Ill send you some free codes for the last of Us I got in work 😉 🙂

          4. No, its a US PS3, so I don’t think it would work :/ But its ok, I’ll get the game on my own one day lol

          5. Ah ok it was just a theme for the game and a sights and sound package anyways haha 😛 🙂

    4. 1) Puzzle games. Lots of obscure puzzles games. Portal, Antichamber, Kairo, that sort of stuff. Oh, and Zelda. I like dem Zelda.
      2) I don’t have any favourite sports
      3) Spare time? What spare time?
      4) Probably yes, but nothing Pokémon related

      1. 1) Cool I love puzzles aswell but I can be pretty useless at them sometimes.
        2) Ah ok
        3) Haha you kidder 😛
        4) Hahah no cheating on our Pokémon lol 😀
        Thanks for the reply 😀

      2. If you like Zelda, are you planing to get the Wind Waker HD release, or A Link Between Worlds?

          1. Except the Wii U. Wind Waker is like the only interesting title that has yet to come out this year and it’s a port of an old game 🙁

          2. I’m guessing you are not getting Super Mario 3D World, Batman Arkham Origins, or Sonic Lost Worlds. Bummer seeing those were hot list titles. Also I hope the rumors are true that Wind Waker HD will be 49.99!

          3. Not sure if I’m getting 3D World. Don’t care for the rest. And I don’t really care too much for the price if it is a game I really want. I get ripped off on things like clothes too, so I’ll just have to play along, I guess.

          4. I’m looking forward to 3D world, I wanna see how the format change from a side scroller to a third person 3D world will play out on a home console.

          5. Those who disregard the Wii U are missing out. Im loving it so far, but I cant deny its not doing too well. Its only moved 160,000 units since the end of April. That’s pretty Bad, but once Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Sonic and the Zelda’s are out it’ll pick up the pace dramatically 🙂

          6. Yeah, my wallet will consume itself like a blackhole because of how much money I will spend next year for U games.

          7. Do you want to exchange friendships 😛 My names Simkenno on the Wii U ? Add me 🙂 😀

          8. Ill check it now 2 secs 🙂 I tried to add you there on the Wii U but I couldn’t. Im following you now so if you can try add me I dunno whats wrong :/

          9. Looks like I might be off, my Wii U gamepad won’t turn on but its charging, so maybe in an hour or so lol

          10. I was not aware you had a Wii U ? Would you like to exchange friendships lol 😛 My names Simkenno on it 🙂 Add me 🙂 😀

          11. okey dokey. I’ll tell you when I’ve actually sent you one. It probably won’t be today.

          12. Same 🙂 But my eyes are on the new smash bros game more than Mario kart 😛 😀

          13. I am too, I almost died of excitement when I saw that Megaman was in the Smash Bros game. During E3 I was doing that a lot.

    5. 1) The Battlefield Series, and Animal Crossing, that’s about it.
      2) Used to be a a championship swimmer in my state, naturally swimming.
      3) Photography, mainly macro photography of insects. Also hiking.
      4) I’ve helped out at different Nerf-related and some Battlefield-related sites.

      1. 1) Im current hooked on New Leaf myself.
        2) That’s crazy Im a championship swimmer myself, I have 6 medals and 2 trophies 🙂
        3) I don’t know much about camera’s sadly, but I love Hiking.
        4) You sure love Battlefield 😉 🙂
        Thanks for the reply 😀

      2. You know, you sound pretty cool, Mechanos! By the way, you and simkenno so need to have a swim-off to see who the ultimate amphibian on PokéJungle is!

    6. 1) Many Nintendo Series
      2) I play Tennis and Soccer; Those are my 2 favorites.
      3) Exercise, Play Sports, or Play a Game
      4) Well, I would highly be on Serebii.net

      1. 1) I love them aswell 😀
        2) Nice I love them aswell.
        3) You and me both haha 🙂
        4) Same haha 😛
        Thanks for replying 😀
        ps Whats your 3ds friend code ? 🙂

          1. Cool let me know 😀 I checked out your videos on Youtube 🙂 I like your Platinum team so far 😀

    7. 1.my favorite types of games are action/adventure, like legend of zelda, or free drive games like burnin rubber
      2. I’m a football and baseball junky!
      3. I’m usually hangin out with friends or playin old gc games or playing football
      4. I’d definitely be on Serebii

      1. 1) I love Zelda also 🙂
        2) I don’t see a lot of baseball here im from, But I played it for 3 months last year in Boston 🙂
        3) You and me both lol 😉
        4) Im a big fan of Serebii aswell 🙂
        Thanks for replying 🙂

    8. 1) Uncharted series, Assassin’s Creed saga, Monster Hunter 3, Any Soccer and Racing game (god I want The Crew now), anything Tom Clancey, Sly Cooper series, Ratchet and Clank series, and Jak and Daxter series. Honorable mentions are Crash, and Zelda.
      2) I was nearing my varsity days in Soccer, but had to leave it due to issue regarding my foot.
      3)Play video games, watch movies, hang out with my girlfriend, and cook.
      4)Not really. I’d prefer to work on my real career 😉

      1. 1) I love most of those games 🙂 Never played Jak and Daxter though 😛
        2) Nice one you must be good 🙂
        3) My ex – Gf loved all those stuff, Damn I should call her 😉 lol
        4) Haha where do you work ? 🙂
        Thanks for replying 🙂

        1. I don’t work currently, since I’m going to college for medical engineering. And I wouldn’t say I’m that good in soccer, just above average as my coach puts it. And yeah my GF is awesome, she goes everywhere, she even went to this years San Diego Comic Con.

          1. Nice 🙂 Well your being modest about soccer I can tell 😉 Wow im jealous I want to go ! 😛 😀

          2. Get the HD Collection of Jak and Daxter, its around 20 on PS3, but avoid the Vita version, its does no justice to the instant classics.

          3. Yeah Ill have to get on it, Ive heard great things. 😀 The Vita however I have seen it in work and I must say I wasn’t impressed haha 😛

    9. 1) Naruto sippuden ultimate ninja storm 3 the best game I’ve ever seen before, I like to play MapleStory <33
      2) I dont like sport :l soo
      3)I learn english everyday, esperanto too, mmmm watch tv, I love to read all the stuff here is like my newspaper when I'm up 😀
      4)I don't don't work in sites but I could Id work here 😀

      1. 1) TONS of my friends love that game, Ive never played it 😛 🙂
        2) Lol 😛
        3) What nationality are you 🙂 Your English is good 🙂
        4) Hahah we all want to work here 😉
        Thanks for replying 🙂

    10. 1)I play a bit of Mario, Zelda, Team Fortress 2 (It’s more comical compared to the more serious games like COD and Animal Crossing.
      2)I used to like Football(the real football, none of that NFL shit) but since I started playing games more often I just stopped going outside.
      3)I actually have a youtube channel and I mainly record Pokemon videos or try to improve my graphics if I’m not doing designing stuff for others.
      4)I would actually like to have my own site, but I probably wouldn’t do so well.

    11. 1) Monter Hunter, Mario Kart, ResiEvil, Digimon,
      2) I’m quite embarrassed to say I have little to do with sports these days.
      3) I study Classic Japanese and obscure words/Kanji.
      4) Probably. I play quite a lot of card games, I’d probably be doing something for one of those sites.

      1. 1) Nice games, I only ever had 1 Digimon game, on GB when if you didn’t look after them or something they digivolved into Poo ?? :/
        2) Don’t be embarrassed many people don’t 🙂
        3) Wow !
        4) Cool 😀
        Thanks for replying 🙂

  10. I’d like to know what each of you guys think the ‘biggest scoop of the
    century’ they promised to reveal in the next Corocoro issue will be.
    Also, did you watch the video in which Dookieshed claims to have got to
    know some insider information? What do you think about it?

    1. Its likely that GameFreak will include another Eevee evolution but from what Dookieshed said about the Chips pokemon, I have no clue. I believe that the next Corocoro issue gonna be something special. Think about, X and Y comes out in october and we need some more info about the Kalos region alone. So I know for a fact we are gonna get alot of info next month

  11. This is a pretty simple one but there are those of us who returning to pokemon after a break(for me several years)and are disappointed that we missed out on some of the event pokemon like arceus(sorry but he’s the definition of badass)my question is do u(every staff member)think that we’ll see the rerelease of event pokemon from prior generations in the gen 6 era?

    1. I think Arceus will definitely get another chance. Jirachi is pretty common of course, Manaphy seems like it could come at any moment too.

    2. Judging by the fact we’re getting a shiny Palkia/Giratina/Dialga event soon, I’m sure we’ll always have the chance to get older gen events.

  12. Ohhh so this is Jungle Talks NLque was telling me to post stuff into, OK so who here wants rumors which I do find a bit false myself?

    1. That’s not actually this post. It’s an older one. If you find them false they likely are. So not much use in posting them!

      1. Can I please post it anyway just out of shear spite and to be like Joker, and see the world burn?

          1. To the one who downvoted me, do you know I’m short on cash? It costs quite a lot to be able to work for this site, you know. 🙁

  13. What do you guys think of the Kalos region alone? What do yall like to see in X and Y aside from battling and all the other things we already seen?

    1. I think the pokemon website I frequent the most is actually bulba(gasp) because they have Japanese and English names of everything, and that helps with translation. Not many others besides that, occasionally serebii and beach, not much else. Oh, I do like going around reading peoples comp teams on their blogs though.

    2. I generally use twitter for news, and Bulbapedia for information. I suppose I visit the usual sites though.

  14. The three past-gen Pokemon that have been retconned to gain Fairy type each have a different relationship with gender ratios. Two of those are pretty unique. Seeing that objects possess gender in the French language, do you believe the addition of Fairy-type is meant to amplify some sort of gender-difference focus in X and Y?

    1. I suppose there’s some sort of possibility there. Although I’m not overly sure it would definitely happen, seems like there’d need to be a companion to it.

  15. Name 1 pokemon from each generation you WANT to have an evolution. Except the common Farfetch’ed, Dunsparce, Mawile and Sableye.

      1. Rapidash (Fire/Fairy unicorn anyone?), Unown, Pulsle and Minum, Cherim, and Siglyph.

        1. You chose 2 from generation 3 !! DUN DUN DUNNNN :p
          If I could choose they’d be
          Golduck, Noctowl, Mightyena, Cherrim, and Stunfisk.

          1. Well you have to admit, Gen 3 has a good handful of mons that need either en evolution or something to make them worthy.

          2. Definatly I agree 100% Id love Spinda, Pulsle and Minum, Tropius all to evolve 😛 😀

          3. This is so true! Personally my choices would be: Cloyster, Lanturn, Masquerain, Rotom and Basculin.

      2. nice but doubt gloduck as it has 500BST but its possible because of scyther and porygon2..

      1. urm, two of those are from gen 3 AND stat-wise ursaring and darminatan are fully evolved lol but whatever 😛

      1. dude i said 1 from each gen and you gave 3 from gen 4 LOL plus drapion is fully evolved

        1. Sorry, long day.

          Drapion isn’t, he only evolves from Skorupi. He could still have an evolution.

          1. i hope you do know because a pokemon is not a three stage evo that does not mean it aint fully evolved. you may as well say gyarados, arcanine, starmie and volcarona should evolve etc. you get my point

          2. They could still get evolutions, it’s not unheard of.

            Magnezone, Mamoswine, Gallade, Porygon Z, Dusknoir, Froslass, Electivire, Magmortar. All of those were of “fully evolved” pokemon, by your definition.

          3. i’ll repeat, not EVERY pokemon needs to be in a 3 stage line. 2 stages are fine too. and you did not get my definition of fully evolved AT ALL. magneton, kirlia, piloswine, dusclops and snorunt are all pokemon that weren’t fully evolved to begin with, with lower stats than 500. in this case the highest with magnetons 465. you may as well tell me spinda or banette are fully evolved pokemon, they clearly aren’t. pokemon that are arguable are electabuzz, magmar, porygon2 and scyther but perhaps as they’re fan faves.

            you won’t be seeing evolutions of pokemon with stats of 500 and up like drapion, if anything skorupi should get a pre-evo but that’s pointless

          4. I’m okay with two stage lines, nothing against them.

            I’m not big on stats whatsoever, all of my list is simply because I would enjoy seeing an evolved design of the Pokemon. I just never felt like Drapion’s design looked finished, and I would enjoy seeing him turn into a more developed and mature design.

            I can understand your point and agree with the 500 and up stat thing, but I just was basing my decisions on the designs I would like to see expanded on.

    1. Muk (for some reason), Heracross, Kecleon, Carnivine and for Unova I’m not too sure. Maybe Druddigon like Mechanos.

    2. Gen 1: Persian
      Gen 2: Qwilfish (I liek Qwilfishz)
      Gen 3: Spinda
      Gen 4: Pachirisu
      Gen 5: Basculin

  16. Will the starters evolutions be revealed in the next issue of Corocoro? Are they cool? Is the day/night cycle back in the game? Is it going to have an influence on pokemon encounters? Is Mountain Kalos reachable before the pokemon league? How many new Pokemon? Which old pokemon, new pre-evolution or evolution are we going to see? Which Gym leaders? Is Oorotto Grass/Ghost? What is the biggest scoop of the century? Is the game as epic as we expect? Will something be disappointing?

    1. Second evo’s, maybe. Yes. Already confirmed I believe. Probably. Yes. 115. Medicham evo. No idea. Rock/Ghost, sudowoodo evo. No idea. Don’t expect too much. Maybe.

        1. They showed some dark battling footage outside. I guess that counts as night time.

    2. 1/ No idea, probably not.
      2/ I hope so.
      3/ Yep 🙂
      4/ Hopefully.
      5/ If only we knew…
      6/ Not sure, hoping for over 100.
      7/ Don’t know, hopefully not too many pre-evos as I don’t like them.
      8/ Not sure, not bothered about types I just want them to be interesting.
      9/ Not sure, but looks likely.
      10/ Don’t know, maybe the super training rumour.
      11/ Hope so.
      12/ Who knows, it’s down to opinion.

      P.S. We’re a fansite, we don’t have access to the games and all their secrets unfortunately.

  17. What do you guys think about all the transportation we have in X&Y, there’s a s***load lolol

    Just in case you didn’t know
    – We can run, bike, skate, ride Pokemon, surf, fly, and might even be able to call taxis or ride the train.

  18. Do you guys want Looker to have a brother that looks like the 11th Doctor? Or do you guys want Looker to have a partner that’s like Inspector Gadget? Go go gadget Pokeball!

    1. Don’t even know how that guy looks like. I want an inventor that looks like a real engineer (spoilers: quite boring and plain looking).

    2. Hmm, as much as I like the 11th Doctor, I don’t see it happening. Nor do I particularly want it 😛

    1. I do like the Colosseum and XD series, but a remake on the 3DS would not fit me. I want to play pokemon on a big screen.

      1. i think they abondoned those when battle revolution flopped due to xd and colo

    2. Hmm, I’d rather have a sequel that improves on some things seeing as I didn’t like them very much.

        1. Would you guys buy a Lego Pokemon game, like a remake of Red or Blue on the Wii U in Lego form and have all the humor of Lego in it?

    3. I liked XD a lot, honestly. So I would be interested in a remake on the 3ds, but at the same time, I don’t really have money to spend on too many spinoffs, so I might just end up passing on it altogether.

  19. So, I have to know, what are your thoughts on the PS4 and Xbox One details, Are anyone of you guys getting it at launch? If so, what launch titles, and what games stood out the most to you at its press events?

    1. I’m a big Battlefield fan, which means I’m pretty much buying an Xbox one at launch specifically to play Battlefield 4.

      Sure, people can complain about it, but it gets Battlefield DLC a month before the other systems, and that’s all that really matters to me.

        1. I really don’t care about console wars or anything of the sort, man. I’m happy to fight about the 3DS being a good console, but outside of that I couldn’t really care less about gaming consoles.

          Pokemon’s awesome enough that I’ll always buy Nintendo products just for Pokemon though.

      1. There wasn’t confirmation that they’ll get it a month before? Plus a month is long to wait, might as well get the PS4 because it’s consumer friendly 😛

        1. They had done a similar deal with the PS3 for BF3, this time they swapped it to the Xbox one.

          1. But did they say a month? I know EA has a deal with M$, but they’ve only announced Fifa Ultimate Team at the moment. I guess if they follow other trends like COD and Skyrim then it’ll be a month, but it could be just a week like it was for the PS3.

    2. Nope, nope, nope. Rule #1 for buying consoles: wait until the game you want comes out. You’ll always get screwed over something, no matter what.

    3. PS4 at launch definitely. I’m a big gamer and own all consoles, so I’m not a fan boy. But I do prefer the PlayStation brand (prefer Nintendo’s handhelds though). I will get the Xbox One eventually, but mainly for exclusives so I’m in no rush. Not sure on the launch games yet, but at the moment I like the look of Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4.

  20. If you were making a team up from each generation using Pokemon solely from that generation what would they be?

    Mines would be:

    Gen 1: Charizard, Dragonite, Nidoqueen, Starmie, Gengar and Exeggutor.
    Gen 2: Crobat, Kingdra, Umbreon, Forretress, Donphan and Houndoom.
    Gen 3: Swampert, Breloom, Glalie, Metagross, Manectric and Salemence.
    Gen 4: Gastrodon, Roserade, Magnezone, Togekiss, Gliscor and Gallade.
    Gen 5: Samurott, Excadrill, Leavanny, Scrafty, Archeops and Galvantula.

    1. Gen 1: Blastoise, Arcanine, Alakazam, Exeggutor, Machamp, Electrode
      Gen 2: Feraligatr, Arcanine, Machamp, Electabuzz, Yanmega, Alakazam
      Gen 3: Swampert, Camerupt, Machamp, Salemence, Aggron, Electrode
      Gen 4 (D): Empoleon, Rapidash, Roserade, Alakazam, Staraptor, Lucario/Heracross
      Gen 4 (Pt): Empoleon, Houndoom, Roserade, Alakazam, Staraptor, Lucario/Heracross
      Gen 5 (W): Emboar, Braviary, Galvantula, Carracosta, Krookodile, Cofagrigus/Ferrothorn
      Gen 5 (W2): Samurott, Arcanine, Magnezone, Heracross, Braviary, Flygon

      (My Teams aren’t final)

    2. Staff is supposed to answer, but I can’t help give my own teams ^_^

      Gen 1: Charizard, Venusaur, Pidgeot, Jolteon, Lapras, Dragonite.

      Gen 2: Feraligatr, Espeon, Ampharos, Scizor, Kingdra, Politoed.

      Gen 3: Sceptile, Flygon, Milotic, Masquerain, Minun, Metagross.

      Gen 4: Empoleon, Rampardos, Leafeon, Weavile, Electivire, Garchomp.

      Gen 5: Serperior, Scrafty, Excadrill, Archeops, Dewott, Haxorus.

      Gen 6: Chespin, Chespin, Chespin, Chespin, Chespin, Chespin

      1. Mets, Im sorry but your Gen 6 team Is Over Powered.
        Its going to be banished to OU, Due to its awesomeness 😉 haha

          1. Ill have no choice but to ask ever so kindly, for an egg to have my own Chespin ? ** Gives Puppy Dog Eyes **

          2. Wait to we see what it evolves into. Grass/Dark! Froakie evolution should be Water/Fighting! BRICK BREAK EVERYTHING.

      2. Haha your gen 3 team is intriguing? Can i ask why Minun (strange but interesting choice) ? And lol at gen 6… personally im a Froakie enthusiast but i generally fangasm over all water types lol

        1. I love Minun 🙂 It’s my favorite of the electric mice haha.

          What’s your favorite water type?

          1. O_O oh sweet lord dont do this to me…. em impossible to choose so ill give you my fav from each gen.
            Gen 1: Starmie
            Gen 2: Kingdra
            Gen 3: Swampert
            Gen 4: Floatzel
            Gen 5: Seismitoad

            and at the moment im loving Clauncher in gen 6.

          2. Lol, sorry for making you narrow it down xP

            Some awesome Water Pokemon right there 😀

          3. Indeed! But my all time fav Water team is Kingdra, Ludicolo, Starmie, Politoad, Swampert and Gyarados. Such fangasming 😛

    3. Gen 1: Charizard, Vaporeon, Gengar, Alakazam, Machamp and Pidgeot
      Gen 2: Typholsion, Espeon, Kingdra, Scizor, Tyranitar and Crobat
      Gen 3: Blaziken, Breloom, Flygon, Milotic, Manetric and Exploud
      Gen 4: Weavile, Infernape, Togekiss, Roserade, Staraptor and Electivire
      Gen 5: Darmatian, Leavanny, Excadrill, Chandelure, Conkeldurr and Eelektross

    4. Gen1: Charizard, Gengar, Alakazam, Lapras, Jolteon, Hitmonlee.
      Gen2: Typhlosion, Houndoom, Crobat, Umbreon, Espeon, Qwilfish.
      Gen3: Swampart, Gardevoir, Agron, Flygon, Metagross, Milotic
      Gen4: Empoleon, Gastrodon, Spiritomb, Hipowdon, Weavile, Lucario.
      Gen5: Emboar, Conkeldurr, Krookodile, Accelgor, Volcarona, Caracosta

      1. Nice! Love your Gen 1, 2 and 3 teams a lot. Especially your Gen 2 team 😀

    1. Pokemon Snap 2!! It needs to happen 😀 oh and a shout out for Pokemon Kart? Would love to ride through Cerulean City or traverse the disortation world. :DDD

      1. That is one of the most ingenious ideas I’ve heard in a while. Take note, Nintendo.

    2. Definatly Stadium 3. Id love a Snap 2, but if Stadium 3 was done correctly with a plethora of mini games, and brand new 3d Models and Move animations for the Wii U were created, Dare I say it would become my favourite games ever 🙂

    3. Actually Forget them what everyone wants is Pokémon Channel 2 !!!! Bring it on !!!! ………………. Lol Jk. I cant actually say that without feeling dirty 😛 🙂

    4. Stadium 3, as I feel this would really help Nintendo move some more Wii U units. Definitely more than Rumble U will…

        1. No, 4D refers to Dreams. If you turn on the system and go to sleep you can play games in your dreams. 🙂

          1. Oh! I thought you were talking about “Real 4D”. But that will be weird and fun. It will be awesome playing pokemon in your dreams, in 1st person.

    1. R/S before D/P lol but yeah i would love to see Hoenn redone- its is my favourite region and i think the underwater areas would look amazing! I still think the generally unimportant inclusion of underwater access in B/W was potentially a test to see how it could look.

    2. Probably R/S before D/P, might take place in Gens 7 & 8, unless R/S remakes take part of the 6th gen for whatever reason.

  21. If there was a possibly Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness or Pokemon Colosseum could get a 100% Remake (Updated Moves, Graphics, More Pokemon Added, New Areas, ETC.) Which game will you want to receive it? Also, would you want it for 3DS or Wii U?

    1. Well since XD is a sequel to Colosseum if they were gonna remake them id rather they did Colosseum first. Personally i loved the games but would love to see a 3rd game with the same style of adventure but with more gyms and pokemon available. And i think they could work on either console.

    2. Id like either TBH 🙂 I think I prefer Colosseum but that might be just to childhood nostalgia compared to XD. I did enjoy both however, But catching the Legendary beasts off the Ciphers was awesome. Not to mention I thaught the boss fights at the end of the game ( not naming for spoilers but you know 😉 lol ) was a lot harder in Colosseum than XD, Were all you did was have to catch the shadow Pokémon 😛 🙂

    3. I haven’t played either since they were released, so it’s hard to remember which one was better >_< I'd just say remake both, or the first one. Wii U would be great because of the graphics and the fact we already have the main games on the 3DS.

  22. Mmmm. Is it possible when you get news about new official Pokemon, to not show their pictures on the main title page and list it as spoilers??

    Edit: This question is applicable to any pokejungle staff member.

    1. It sounds a little odd saying this, but we’ll see what we can do. Sadly it’s awkward for us to have imagery without depicting anything from the news we get, and we can’t have no imagery as it breaks the continuity of the site.

      We will definitely list things as spoilers, and try our best to help you avoid having things spoiled for you 🙂

      1. I get what you mean, the pictures attract readers and commenters.

        Thank you for the effort ^_^ really appreciate it 🙂

        Oh and will you be posting news (if any) comes out for the Pokemon X and Y 3Ds XL in other countries? 🙂

        1. It’s no problem! I understand exactly what it’s like trying to avoid spoilers. 🙂

          Yes, definitely. I’m really hoping they’re announced for other countries (especially the UK) as I’d like one myself.

          1. I’m glad you understand ^-^

            I’m hoping for a 3Ds XL (Pokemon X & Y) release in the US

            I already have a 3Ds XL, but if the special X and Y edition becomes national. Would it be possible to trade in a 3Ds for another and still keep all the downloaded games, or transfer them to another 3Ds XL???

          2. You can transfer most things between 3DS systems, but I believe you may run into trouble with a few things (can’t remember for certain). Your best bet would be to buy the new 3DS and then sell the old one after transferring.

  23. Do you guys really think Mewtwo is getting a second form? Also, if you read the summaries, what’s your opinions on the Mewtwo VS Genesect movie?

    1. Hmm. That’s tough. Well I would say it will be cool for it to have 2 forms. One for X and 1 for Y! Yet, they would have showed it’s second for in the Genesect Movie! Also, it was good! Yet, I hated how Ash doesn’t remember Mewtwo!

    2. Possibly, I don’t see why it would need two though. One if more than enough!

      As for the movie, it seems like it was something about nothing. Not much said about why the new Mewtwo exists.

    3. I doubt it because the other form has had so much coverage. It would be a bit weird if there was another form and it didn’t get any.

      I don’t actually know much about the movie, but I’ll watch it somewhen 🙂

  24. Quick Question: Do you think Mewtwo is a Male or Female? In the first movie its voice as Male! But in the Genesect Movie its voice was more Female! What gender do you think it is? (I think it is still Male)

    1. Was it voiced by that guy who voiced Yami Yugi ?? And Yes I think male.

    2. Don’t ask too many seperated questions and everyone keep in mind this is mostly a staff Q&A. 😉

  25. What is your favourite part of a Pokemon game in terms of when you are playing through the story? Personally I enjoy the section usually between the 3rd, 4th and 5th gyms where you still have Pokemon left to evolve but your team is just starting to take shape!

    1. My favorite part is usually when the evil team becomes a huge situation, not when you get the mascot legendary, but when they take over a whole town and you have to go and defeat the semi leader of the evil team. That’s the best I can do to describe it, but that part is always the most fun part for me!

    2. Tough one that. Possibly when you’re earning your 7/8 Gym Badges and you start to feel a sense of completion.

      Just saw someone down vote your comment whilst typing this. How ridiculous.

    3. I usually enjoy around the 8th gym, where your teams took place and most pokemon should have evolved 🙂

    4. I like it in gyms 1-3 because my early team looks cute and small and then gyms 6-8 become exciting. Mostly because my Pokemon team becomes menacing and awesome.

    5. I have 3 favorite parts. 1 is the beginning, that feeling of getting your starter and beginning to map out your team. 2 is like you said that middle bit when everything starts to fall into place… i love going and seeking the rarer TM’s that you couldnt get til you have surf or rock climb etc and 3 is personally anywhere that has beautiful music (im looking at you Route 216- soooo pretty).

    6. I like the time between the 2nd and 3rd gym battle when there is a new gen since this is when you get the feel for your first few pokes and how your team is starting to progress. Choosing the starter is always my favorite part though.

    7. Not really sure, I suppose it depends on what’s happening with the story and how interesting the place is that you’re currently in. The middle is always a safe bet, as like you said you still have exciting things to come, but you’ve also gotten past the tedious early levels (though I love the opening segments as it feels so magical the first time). The end is always epic, but after the credits it’s quite depressing, so I guess the middle (4-6) is probably the best.

    8. I really enjoy the part where most of your Team are fully evolved.

    9. I love level grinding!!!! I pretend i’m there with my Pokemon working hard to achieve the same goal!! (it sounds silly but I get so enthralled in these games…) The best is just before the league….. climbing the mountain pushing my Pokemon to their peek in preparation for the Elite Four in hopes of becoming the new champ!!!!

      =’] the glory…..

      (I wish that after beating the champ you get to have your own room in the league! Withe the option of sparing with the Elite Four members when they call you. every once in a while you get a call saying that a challenger has arrived and you have to defend your title(I would die with joy)

    10. The moments before you take on the evil team’s leader and the moments before you take on the Elite Four are the most exciting for me, because I’ve almost completely formed my team and am ready to finish what I started. The weight on my shoulders in both situations – the fate of the world and the conclusion of your journey, respectively – make me really feel like I am the hero!

  26. Do you guys wanna see a colloseum/XD sequal? Maybe with Miror B. as the evil team leader? I’ve wanted this for a long time, but I wanna see what you guys think!

    1. Hmm. Yes, Gale of Darkness was the squeal to Colosseum! I want to see a Gale of Darkness sequel for the 3DS! Mostly after a Hoenn Remake.

      1. I think it would be better on the wii u (even though I don’t have near enough money to buy one), but I agree that they NEED to make a hoenn remake!

    2. I do want a 3D Pokémon adventure on a home console, but not necessarily a sequel. I didn’t like the shadow Pokémon as it restricted what you could catch and you had to go through the effort of unlocking their hearts. They were good games though overall.

      1. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was that eevee was your starter with no choice (not that I don’t like eevee) and that there were barely no wild pokemon (besides the eating spots)

  27. My question is: What is your starter going to be? The side question is: Of all the Pokemon revealed, were there any you saw that you just had to put on your team?

    For me, I am going with Chespin (One of the few awesome Grass Starters in my opinion) and I just have to have Inkay/Malamar.

      1. I usually always pick the Water type starter, and I honestly love Froakie, but for some explainable reason, I am going with Chespin. Not many people are going for Froakie, surprisingly. I am glad to see that people pick him though.

          1. I tell you Afarr our conversations have me literally scrambling to my computer these days to see if you replied 😀

          2. Awesome! Same. You always come up with good comments and contradictions to mine! You really keep me on top of my game!

          3. Hahha at first I thaught you were scolding me there 😛 I was like awww no 🙁 Haha Thanks were the foils of each other 😀

          4. Sorry if I made you think that. XD. It wasn’t my intention! Just asking will you get X or Y? (I will personal be getting Y around Christmas with Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros., Legend of Zelda: a Link Between Worlds, and if it comes out by then Fantasy Life)

          5. Ill be picking up both 🙂 My first playthrough will be with X. That’s the one that gets the main attention from me 🙂 After Ive completed the story and post game, and Ive played it for a while, until I get the restart urge 😉 You know that one everyone does haha. Ill begin my Journey through Y 🙂 Ill end up grabbing a ps4 from work at Christmas and Sonic for the Wii U 🙂

          6. Oooh. I need to buy a Wii U soon! There is a lot of good games for it! I want to see a Gale of Darkness Remake (Almost like Wind Waker HD) come to the system!

          7. Froakie definitely has me wondering what it will evolve into. One thing that someone mentioned that i thought was interesting, is that Froakie has its hand up to its ears/ eyes (kinda hard to tell) as if it was listening for rain or a storm. The bubbles on its body tend to look like clouds, and another interesting fact is that it can jump several stories high. It kinda has me thing it will turn into a Water/Flying type, but like I said, it keeps me wondering.

          8. I think Water/Fighting or Water/Electric! The “Foam” might turn into clouds! I mostly think the starters will go like this! Grass/Dark | Fire/Psychic | Water/Fighting!

          9. That is understandable, and I wouldn’t be disappointed if they turned out that way.

          10. I dislike how people think Fennekin will become Fire/Fighting, just because of “Glow Punch”! The move might become Fairy, Psychic or Fire to me. It doesn’t say Fighting. Also, Fennekin had PAWS. It can’t “punch”.

    1. Froakie for my starter, and once I say Helioptile. It was an electric connection. Forgive the pun.

    2. At the moment it’s Fennekin, but it depends on the final evos. My must have Pokémon is definitely Pangoro. I’ve always wanted a proper Panda Pokémon and I’ve always imagined one being a fighting type. So getting one was great, but it was made better because Pangoro looks like Batman without his cowl on. I’m also very interested to see how Litleo evolves, as I’ve always wanted a Lion Pokémon.

    1. A monotype run through of the game? If so, nope. I was considering it, but never got round to it. I was going to go for Ground, which would have proven slightly difficult.

      How about yourself?

      1. I’ve done quite a few actually! They are as follows:
        Ground (HG) – Sandslash, Gliscor, Rhyperior and Steelix
        Ground (W) – Golurk, Stunfisk, Excadrill and Sesmitoad
        Fighting (Pt) – Lucario, Machamp, Gallade and Heracross
        Fighting (HG) – Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, Poliwrath
        Bug (W2) – Leavanny, Scolipede, Crustle, Escavalier, Galvantula and Volcarona
        Grass (E) – Sceptile, Breloom, Shiftry and Ludicolo
        Grass (SS) – Meganium, Exeggutor, Parasect, Victrebell and Vileplume

  28. Would anyone want Pokemon to change from the Grass, Water, and Fire to Dark, Psychic, and Fighting? Why and why not?

      1. This is my exact reason I wouldn’t like this. It would just be a bit unfair 😛

        1. You have a point. Grass, Water, and Fire can still damage each other. Yet, I would really love to that combination for Gen 7.

          1. True I remember back before generation 4, It was actually confirmed by Serebii that the starters for Gen 4 would be Dark, Psychic and Fighting. I was like OMG !…… Look how that turned out hahah 😛 🙂 But I couldn’t help but feel bad, that I was losing my Fire / Water / Grass 😛 🙂

          2. Yea! It has grown on me! The type combination is great! Yet, I want to see more animals come to it! BTW, do you have a skype?

          3. I do but I rarely use it in fact I don’t know the password, but the names Simkenno on it anyways if you want to add moi 😉

    1. I like Grass/Water/Fire because it adds some fascinating design choices– Dark/Psychic/Fighting all have generalized designs to show off their typing.

      Compare Umbreon/Espeon to Leafeon/Vaporeon– it’s a little hard to show psychic and dark physically on the design of the Pokemon.

  29. Have you ever done a Nuzlocke? Do you watch any Youtubers’ Nuzlocke/Wedlocke series?

    1. From that comment, it seems you watch Marriland’s videos. Awesome, I watch his videos.

    2. No. Not going to be rude, but Nuzlockes (and the other forms of it) are over done. There played too much on Youtube.

    3. I haven’t. I started one a month or so back, but I couldn’t save as I hadn’t properly deleted my HG save. I don’t really watch any YouTubers religiously, I watch a few from time to time.

    4. I think it’s a bit too much for me, since I’d get too attached to the Pokemon and end up throwing my DS across the room when my starter dies.

  30. I have a few questions…
    1) How is PJ doing? Havent heard from him in a while.
    2) Where the heck did Ozy go? Is he still staff? I miss him….
    3) If all the staff got into a huge brawl, who would come out victorious?
    4) Is Chicolombia awesome or what?

    1. 1) I’m sure you’ll hear from him in here soon. He’s just busy with school and work I believe.
      2) He was absorbed into a black hole and sent to oblivion. (He’s also been busy with school, but I do believe he said he will be back soon).
      3) What determines victory here? There could be multiple winners 😉
      4) N-yeah 😛

    2. 1/ He was busy finishing his finals, but will be back here soon 🙂
      2/ No idea, he’s probably avoiding moving.
      3/ I would have to say me as I have the power of all staff members combined + a power rangers mecha suit.
      4/ You asked some good questions, so I guess you’re pretty cool 😛

      1. I don’t blame Ozy for avoiding Moving. He can be a bit… “needy” at times… Kinda like a clingy girlfriend. 😛

    3. Probably going to be similar answers as the others, but that third one is irresistible.
      1) PJ’s gonna be around.
      2)No idea.
      3)PJ, because PJ would come into the brawl and every single one of us in the staff would probably throw our hands in the air because he’d fire us otherwise.
      4) I’d say so!

      1. Haha! Your response to question 3… XD Yeah, if you landed a punch on him, you’d probably be fired! XD

  31. I got Some ?s: From Gens 1-6 What are the Starter Pokemon are base on?,What are the Starter Pokemon remind you of? and What are the stats the new Starter Pokemon have?

    1. Bulbasaur appears to be based on a Dicynodonts (a mammal-like reptile).
      Charmander is kinda like a salamander.
      Squirtle is a turtle (rhyming ftw)
      Chikorita is kinda based on a Sauropod but looks like a pear lol.
      Cyndaquil is kinda like an enchidna.
      Totodile is a baby crocodile 😛
      Treecko is a gecko.
      Torchic is a baby chicken lol
      Mudkip is based on a mudskipper.
      Turtwig is based on a snapping turtle if it had a leaf on its head 😛
      Chimchar is a tiny chimpanzee.
      Piplup is simply a penguin.
      Snivy is a sort of vine snake.. not really sure which species suits it best..
      Tepig is a little piglet 😀
      Oshawott is a sea otter.
      Chespin… em its a chestnut with a face and spikes ?
      Fennekin is easily a fennec fox also known as a desert fox.
      Froakie is a frog with a cloud around its neck.

      In terms of stats i think chespin will be defensive, fennekin will have good special attack and froakie will be your super fast physical sweeper.

    1. How about a game called ,Pokémon Shadow ( think of a better name I cant 😛 ), A continuation to Pokémon Colloseum and XD, For the 3ds, Back in Orre for one last Showdown 🙂 😉

          1. Yea! I really do want the system! BTW What skin tone will you choose for X & Y? I will go with the Tan Trainer. I wish you can choose your Eye Color! I have Green Eyes and Curly Hair (Light Black)! I will make him look really close to me! What about u?

    2. I think they might try and do something new again. I’m going to throw it out there and say it’ll be R/S remakes but the plot will be a continuation of X/Y. So for example you beat Team Flare, so they run off to cause havoc in Hoenn instead. So you don’t get the R/S plot, but you get the region.

      1. Personally I wouldn’t Like that, theres huge potential for them to extend the plot of the Ruby Sapphire Emerald stoyline, with The Weather trio.

      2. I wouldn’t enjoy that! I either want a Hoenn sequel or remake. But, I would love for X & Y to have a good post game!

    3. I agree with Sammy on them probably trying new things, but I’d like a Pokemon Z.

      I just want the storyline to be new, like what Emerald did. Emerald completely changed the plot of R/S in a natural way that combined the two, while Platinum was kinda just a recreation of the plot.

      That said, I’d be happy if it was even more different than Emerald’s change in storyline.

    4. Really like Sammy’s idea as well, and it would be quite a twist for that to happen. However, I would also like a Pokemon Z to come into place. It not only fits the pattern, but it would be nice to see the Main Series to go back to the way it was in Gens 1-4: a pair of games and a third version. I wouldn’t be too upset with an X2 and Y2, but fusions again? Doesn’t really fit. A fresh storyline instead of a sequel is better in my opinion, but we’ll see what Nintendo decides. They have surprised as a lot- with Black 2 and White 2 instead of Gray/Grey or R/S/E remakes, and now Gen 6 with X/Y 2/3 years after Gen 5 debuted, instead of R/S/E remakes. Only time can tell…

  32. I’d much rather the player characters were used. An anime series similar to the BW2 promotional videos would have been awesome.

    1. Sorry. Can you remove that comment. I thought I removed it. But I know about the “Guest” Problem when you try to remove it!

  33. What Shiny Pokemon have you managed to obtain (if any lol) over the years? (Excluding event distributed ones like the legendary beasts)

    1. I have a shiny Victreebel, Machoke, Crobat, Darmanitan, Raticate, and Fearow.
      My first ever shiny was a Smoochum, from the mystery egg you receive in Pokémon Crystal.
      None of my shinies were found using the shiny finder that was introduced 🙂

    2. My first shiny was a ledyba in SS but my first encounter with a shiny was a mightyena just off fortree city in ruby but i thought my game glitched and turned it off +_+ (if only id known)

      1. You poor, poor soul… I feel your pain. I accidentally knocked out a shiny zubat because I got a critical hit. I couldn’t live with myself for a week

      2. Once in HG I saw a shiny ponyta, and my crobat used poison fang, and it got the ponyta’s health right into the red, but it got poisoned and it fainted… It was depressing 🙁

    3. I caught a green Golbat on Pokémon Yellow before I ever knew what a shiny was. I thought it was a glitch lol. I also missed a yellow Marill in the Safari Zone in Diamond which annoyed the hell out of me. I think most of my shinies have come from trades or events.

      1. Not trying to be the bad guy here, but Yellow didn’t have shiny pokemon… are you thinking of Gold or Crystal?

      2. Pokemon Yellow?? Lol 😛

        D’oh! Safari Zone shiny encounters have gotta SUCK so much!

    4. i had a shiny linoone in ruby and i ran into a shiny poochyena in emerald before i was able to get any pokeballs i was so mad

      1. Cool! I caught a Shiny Zigzagoon when I was replaying Sapphire a while back. And I would’ve been mad too had that happened to me!

      2. I always try to avoid the patch of grass before I have my Pokeballs (lol) so I don’t run into a shiny that I can’t catch. It’s worked so far.

    5. Wild shinies I’ve gotten would be Poliwag and Basculine. I’ve also encountered a shiny Tentacruel but I failed to capture it, and I’ve actually seen a shiny Dusclops in the Battle Frontier(That Seviper place where you can’t catch any pokemon).

      1. Water shinies 😀 And damn, I didn’t even know it was possible for trainers to have Shiny Pokemon in the Battle Frontier! That’s just not fair lol.

          1. I’d be pretty jealous/frustrated if I encountered a trainer in Battle Frontier with a shiny lol. I’d want it!

      2. My first naturally caught shiny was as Wingul and i still have the good ol Pelliper

    6. Shiny toxicroak(My baby.), a shiny magikarp(evolved it into a shiny gyarados, naturally!), I believe a shiny Trapinch as well.

      Oh, and a shiny lileep. There’s a funny story to it, though. It was my first shiny, and since I got it from a fossil, I thought it was just a gender difference. See, I had a male lileep which wasn’t shiny, but then I got a female lileep, which was my shiny one. For like two years I kept it without thinking a thing, but then I got into online Pokemon communities and the like, and realized that it was a shiny.

      Needless to say, this was all the way back in 2003 before the internet was a big thing.

      1. Hahaha, that is funny, what was your reaction when you finally found out your Lileep was shiny??

        1. I was just like, holy crap, that can’t be right! Funny thing is, even when I knew about shiny Pokemon, I just never got around to checking Lileep’s shiny until I stumbled upon it one day.

          I had to turn on my game, find it, and then sit there for a while wondering why I never realized it.

          1. Lol, almost like “I’ve had this shiny Pokemon all this time, and I never even realized it! *Facepalm*” hahaha.

    7. In 11 years I found one wild Shiny (aside from the raging Gyarados). Fortunately I caught that Zubat and have kept it ’til this very day. I hope, when the time comes, I can bring it with me to the Kalos region to continue our adventures together.

      1. That’s nice 🙂 Sounds like me with my Sceptile. Really hope we can import our old Pokemon. You’ll be able to continue your journey with that Shiny 😀 And I’ll be able to continue my journey with my first Pokemon.

    8. I caught a shiny sudowoodo. I forget what happened to it I think a forgot to save lol. I regret that decision of not saving.

  34. Another question–if we get a ruby and sapphire remake, do you think we’ll get the pokewalker back? Or maybe keep the pokemon-amie, or maybe even a new method of “bonding” with your pokemon?

    1. this is what I was going to post, me myself like the pokewalker idea and would love in in more games
      up vote for making this topic

      1. Haha I’ll up vote for your up vote lol! But I also was a big fan of the pokewalker and I was bummed when they got rid of it

        1. I kind of wish that they would also bring back the out of pokeball/walk behind for the remakes and implement it for other main game entries. I like to interact with my pokes more not less. I know that I am going to love Ami for X and Y.

          1. Id like that, BUT they should include the option to turn it off for those that didn’t like it 🙂

    2. I imagine they would forget them, and introduce a newer up-to-date version of contests, with better graphics and all that jazz 🙂

      1. I forgot about those contests! Those actually needed strategy, and that’s why I spent so much time doing them! I thoroughly enjoyed those

        1. Yeah I enjoyed how each move was divided by power and type eg cute smart etc, Id like them to update the secret base idea aswell 😀

      2. they need to do contests I was mad the black and white did not have them. I also like the white treehollow very much too.

    3. I would think they would keep what R/S/E had which were contests and secret bases. They may throw in something new post elite 4 too.

    4. It’d be cool if they added onto the berry farming that was so big in R/S/E. I remember searching for rare berries all the time, especially to evolve Feebas, that was pretty awesome. That was a nice bonding method, in a way.

      There’s so many small features like secret bases and the little quests for the Regi trio that make me love R/S/E so much. I had like 500 hours of playtime individually on both Sapphire and Emerald, much longer than I think most of the other pokemon games I’ve played.

      Hopefully, they’d add in all the little features and more.

    1. Hahaha, thanks man!

      I should probably have bothered PJ about it more, but he’s had plenty to be concerned about and I haven’t brought it up very often since it seems a little trivial.

      That said, the poll sure says a lot, haha!

        1. Hahaha, awesome, thank ya! 😀

          I’ll be sure to save it and use it elsewhere, though I don’t believe I’ll be able to use it on the site– brilliant though!

  35. If you had a choice of having 3 regions in one game which would they be?
    kanto, hoenn and sinnoh

      1. I was going to choose Kalos but since I like the other three from experience I chose them so I would say Kalos does count

    1. Sinnoh, Hoenn and Unova. Not very fond of Kanto or Johto, because the storyline is kinda boring whereas Sinnoh is really intense with Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, Unova brought a whole new twist to the Pokemon universe with sequels and fusions and Hoenn is just boss as it is with its MUDKIPZ and its amazing storyline. Still waiting for those darn 3rd gen remakes…

    2. I’d say Hoenn, Sinnoh and Kalos
      Assuming that the Kalos region will get pokemon contests, than you could have a game where you could travel 3 regions, fighting the gyms and elite 4 and doing contests all in one.. kinda like anime-wise.

  36. would any of you want them to add things to breeding? Like more egg moves and special things that you only be able to get with breeding. I like to breed and really think that they could do more with it.

    1. I do like breeding, it’s a mechanic which adds great variety and individuality. However, getting egg moves can be a pain, and it can also be tedious when you’re preparing a competitive team. So I would like something which makes it simpler/quicker to hatch a Pokémon.

      1. like an incubator you could hold you to like 3 eggs at once it still takes the same number of steps but it would stay in your key items and would not take up you pokemon slots

        1. That would be interesting. I would think that that would be something that would be cool if the combined it with the pokewalker. That would let you send over 3-5 eggs and have to walk to hatch them. though I’m sure they would never do that.

    2. I’ve always wanted a bit more innovative mechanics beyond that of breed a female pokemon within the same egg group and it will hatch the same species as the female. Though, egg moves were a nice addition. Rather, they should make a breeding compatibility list for some combinations, let’s say we have a rapidash/ponyta + any electric type = Blitzle. Or, Lopunny + Clefairy = Audino. Just to name a couple combinations. It might also be exciting to make combinations that have a mystery product, let’s say, we breed a rattata with a mareep, the product could be a Pichu, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, or an Emolga, each combo with a 20% chance.

      1. I think that this idea is very good something that would be fun to play around with, I like mystery combo thing so much I am going to put it on my wishlist

    3. It’d be interesting if they added more to it. I’ve rarely been too bothered to breed unless there was an egg Pokemon that I couldn’t get otherwise.

      So I’d be pretty happy if they innovated it more and added more mechanics.

  37. I has a question!
    How do you treat your Pokemon in any handheld game?
    Do you care for them deeply?
    do you just replace Pokemon as you go? or Level them stronger
    If they faint after a long battle do you tell them they did well?

    and lastly do you treat them as Pixies in a game or like a living creature?

    1. I’ve always cared the most about my starter, which I regard as a companion. I try my best to keep my starter at their prime. That’s only on the first playthrough, though– if a new game comes out and I move all my Pokemon off, I’ll reset and do a new playthrough where I might use a Pokemon other than my starter as my main.

      I’ve tried to regard them as more than just a game at times, since it does add a lot to the feel of the game. I remember as a child I would think the world of my Pokemon and would act like they’re almost my pets. Sadly, however, I can’t keep that mentality as a grown person.

    2. I treat them like my friends. (N would be proud)
      I care for them, I give them Vitamins, etc.
      No, I always keep the same Pokemon they’re my friends.
      Living creatures!

    3. I treat them like my best pals, my life friends and the ones that will always be there for me in times of need when I am traveling through misc. regions.
      I definitely grow a bond with my Pokemon as the story progresses and as they level up, and they are really like part of my real family. Yes, it gets that deep.
      I usually never replace Pokemon because I grow too strong of a bond with the team I have already made. As I go, I acquire more new Pokemon, but getting rid of Pokemon is something I rarely do. I always level them stronger, like my level 83 Emboar from my Pokemon Black Solo Run.
      I always tell my Pokemon they did well no matter what, because we are friends for life. One mistake, bad luck or anything along those lines is forgiven, because no Pokemon is perfect.
      I treat my Pokemon like my virtual family, pixies is too harsh in my case. We battle, play and fight long and hard throughout the games. Pokemon is my life, not just some little creatures on a screen in a game. I love my Pokemon.

  38. 1) Chespin, Froakie, or Fennekin?
    2) Xerneas or Yveltal?
    3) Do you like the New Mewtwo Form?
    4) Do you like Sylveon?
    5) Thoughts on the Fairy-Type?
    6) Clauncher or Skrelp?
    7) Swirlix or Spritzee

    Sorry for all the questions 🙂

    1. 1)Froakie
      3)it’s ok
      4)once again, it’s ok
      5)Azumarill is the only pokemon that seems good at this point, but I think the rest will also serve as a good counter

    2. 1)I’m not decided as much until I see their evolutions, but probably Froakie. Fennekin could still surprise me if it gets a good evolution though.
      3)I think it looks pretty cool, but I’d like to see the other rumored form.
      4)Sylveon look cool as well, but I doubt I’ll use it.
      5)I wasn’t sure about it at first, but now I think it has a natural place in the metagame. I’m excited to see what new inspirations they could use for the type too.
      6)Man, this is the easiest question I’ve been asked in my life. Clauncher is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Actually, Clauncher beats sliced bread.
      7)Spritzee- sure looks cool if it’s a flamingo.

      Nah, don’t worry about it! Good questions.

    3. 1) So far, Fennekin, but a final evolution from Froakie or Chespin could surprise me and would lead me to change my mind.
      2) Both. Can’t decide between Life or Destruction, and their designs are above amazing. Their moves and move names, along with the animation is unbelievable. However, I am truly fond of Xerneas, and I will be getting X, but nonetheless I love them both.
      3) I am so-so on the Mewtwo form, but if they made another one that would be nice as well. Its design is really well-made, but I need to see more of it in order to finalize my opinion on it overall.
      4) Sylveon is okay in my opinion, and I definitely will be using it. It’s name and design fits the Eeveelution line, but its type does not. I am really disappointed in this as I thought we would get a Flying-type Eeveelution to match up the type chart. However, with Sylveon, we can expect a Dragon-type Eeveelution later to balance with Sylveon and maybe a Flying-type Eeveelution as well to balance with Jolteon. But that all could change when the Fairy type’s full weakness/resistance chart is revealed.
      5) Not fond of it to be honest, was expecting Light/Sound-types, but this will do for now. Seeing how Fairy is super-effective against Dragon, that will be huge in battling now, so my team definitely will consist of Fairies. I am adjusting to the Fairy-type, and I will use it to my advantage against Dragon-types in the game. FAIRIES FTW!!!
      6) Clauncher all the way. Skrelp is too similar to Seadra/Kingdra, but at the same time Clauncher is similar to Krabby/Kingler. Anyways, I think Clauncher will be way better to use since it might after all gain Water/Electric. And since I’m getting X, that fits perfectly.
      7) Swirlix! I think it is nice to have more food-related Pokemon, seeing as I had Vanilite/Vanilish/Vanilluxe on my team in BW. Again, this fits as I am getting Pokemon X, and I really love its design and the fact that it is a Fairy-type. It is one of the more cute Pokemon in Gen 6, but I hope it doesn’t have an evolution and turn into a vicious thing (like in a picture leaked on 4chan with fake Spritzee and Swirlix evolutions, that Swirlix dog looked SUPER ugly) and I won’t use it.

      Sorry for the long answers, but I just like to share my thoughts! And sorry for any misspelled words, I type REALLY fast. 😀

    4. 1. CHESPIN!
      2. Yveltal.
      3. It seems interesting. We need more information on it though. What I really want to see is that move it used in the E shop trailer.
      4. Yes.
      5. It introduces new strategies into the games.
      6. Clauncher
      7. SWIRLIX. IT’S SO FLUFFY!! lol

    5. 1.) Fennekin
      2.) Yveltal
      3.) It’s ok. I wouldn’t use it; I would only get it for pokedex purposes.
      4.) Yes. I love all the Eeveelutions.
      5.) I am all for the Fairy-type. I love the balance it creates and I am admiring all these new Fairy-types.
      6.) Skrelp
      7.) Spritzee

    6. 1) Froakie
      2) Xerneas
      3) Yes, although I prefer the original
      4) I do and I don’t. It’s awkward to explain
      5) I think it’s pretty cool. hoping it gives something interesting for us to play around with
      6) Skrelp, all the way
      7) Swirlix. I actually like Swirlix quite a lot, it’s not the type of Pokémon I usually like

    7. 1) Froakie 🙂
      2) Xerneas
      3) Yes
      4) Yes ( want a 2nd tho 😉 )
      5) I like it 🙂
      7) Swirlix

    8. 1.Fennekin or Chespin
      5.I like the fact that there’s a new type and that its good on dragon types, but I was expecting light type

    9. 1) Froakie
      2) Yveltal
      3) Yes.
      4) Yes.
      5) It need to happened! It will effect the wifi-battling.
      6) Clauncher
      7) Spritzee

      2. Yveltal is my favorite of the two. I want to wait to see more of them though
      3. I think it’s cool they are bringing back mewtwo into the games but the form is a bit lame
      4. Flesh bows are gross (hoping for dragon or poison in the august leak)
      5. ABOUT TIME. But I would prefer the name light.
      6. If Skrelp follows Horsea’s example and evolves into a Poison/Dragon, him all the way.
      7. Plague Doctor mask all the way!!

    11. 1) Froakie

      2) Yveltal

      3) Its growing on me

      4) It’s a very cute Eevee-lution (doesn’t beat Vaporeon)

      5) Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!

      6) Skrelp

      7) Spritzee is my favorite fairy pokemon so far!!! The eyes draw me in.

      No Worries!!!! 🙂

          1. I made you a newer second version of your avatar. 😀
            (Credit to TheAngryAron on DeviantArt for the Inkay picture)

          2. Hey, Jordin!
            Think you can make me an avatar with this pic?
            I’d like it to say Claus in any of these Mewtwo colors.
            If ya can and if it looks nice, add some kind of Psychic effect?

          3. Here you go 😀 You choose which looks better (With the drop shadow that separates the text from the picture more or without it)

          4. I actually like the first one you made me the best.
            I like that the human didn’t blend in with the purple background.

            You think you could make me one with Claus a lil’ bit smaller and in a different font? A font that’s sophisticated and/or fierce. I dunno, Lol. Something Mewtwo-like.
            Hope it’s not a bother! D:

          5. I also made a 3rd version because I felt like the person/Mewtwo in the avatar was a bit to light.

          6. I’ve always really liked your avatar, though I have no clue where it’s from. I’ll miss it when you change it.

    1. So your Birthday is next Thursday 😀 What’s cool is CoroCoro will leak a couple days after, so almost like a Birthday present haha ^_^ My Birthday is November 17th.

        1. Almost makes me concerned that Red has joined Team Rocket! Wow, would that be a plot twist or what?

  39. Does anyone know what time the official sites update? Is it at midnight(of __timezone)?

    I’m hoping we get the tree’s English name today or tomorrow.

    1. Maybe when it’s August 1 in all of America or when they finish updating the pictures, etc.

    2. Imagine if “Oorotto” had an evolution…
      Yeah, same here. Here’s to hoping it’s Grass/Ghost!

        1. I think grass/ghost over grass/dark because there are already lots of grass/dark types, and chespin will likely be grass/dark too, and there has never been a grass/ghost type

    1. When I saw this comment I jumped a little and my heart skipped a beat (I don’t know why LOL) Gru could make a cameo in the game 😀

    2. This makes me think we should bring back Dome Ace Tucker as a Fairy-type specialist.

  40. If you guys were actually gym leaders in a canon Pokemon universe, how would your gym be and what Pokemon would you use?

    Mine would be fire type gym. My team would be: Infernape, Charizard, Chandelure, Houndoom and Ninetales.

    1. Dragon type gym.
      I would use Noivern, Dragonite, Hydreigon, Haxorus, and a Kingdra with Draco meteor (I am the eighth gym leader) :p My gym would have a puzzle where you have to move tiles to make up a picture of a Dragon type Pokemon sliding the pieces up, down, left, right.

    2. Though my favorite type is Grass, I would be a Psychic-type Leader, I think. My Gym would likely be like the sixth, and I think I would use Slowking, Swoobat, Alakazam, and Gardevoir. I’d use Deoxys, but the League won’t let me, sadly.

    3. Probably Ground Type. Not sure what Gym I’d be in a region, but probably one near the end, perhaps 7th or 8th? For appearance I think having an outside Gym would be cool, with huge shifting parts of the earth moving around, creating and destroying new platforms. Basically the most awesome Gym ever.

      Pokémon… Quagsire, Golurk, Gligar/Gliscor, and maybe an Excadrill. Not going for 6, because I’m cool like that.

    4. Water Type Gym….probably 8th gym.
      Team: Kingdra, Swampert, Ludicolo, Politoad, Starmie and Gyarados.
      My Gym would have 2 battle options…. a battle over water with platforms for land based pokemon and water for the aquatic types OR a full on undewrwater battle in a large tank for those challengers brave enough to come at me with a full team of water pokemon.

    5. I would be a Fire-type Gym leader as well. I would use Charizard, Blaziken, Infernape, Emboar and Swampert and Blastoise to screw them over. I would of course, be the 8th gym leader and my puzzle would be similar to the one in Cilan, Chili and Cress’s gym, but revamped.

      Now a question for you all- What and who would you be if you were part of the Elite 4? Me- Lance: Dragon-type master. I would use his team but with the addition of Noivern.

          1. Yep other than water my other favorite type is Psychic my favorite psychic pokemon is Gardevoir

    6. Dark Type. My gym would be scary as it can be, completly dark, with spotlight only on me and the contestant.

      Team would be; Darkrai, Zoroark, Scrafty, Bisharp and last but not leat Hydreigon. Unbeatable!

  41. so did anyone notice that we still haven’t got any Ice Rock Ground Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y ???
    i mean i don’t care about Rock or Ground but Ice is my favorite type come on we need some Ice Pokemon

  42. “Fennekin used glow punch”
    GAME FREAK WHY?!?!??!

    1. Damn I down voted my own comment XD I wanted to see who down voted it
      Nvm fixed


    1. I guess Full Metal Alchemist. Really the only Anime that I’ve watched seriously besides Pokemon and Dragon Ball though.

  43. I don’t know if I should spoil myself this generation. What date do you guys think I should g offline to avoid spoilers?

    1. Around August 10-12. There will be a large CoroCoro leak of information. So, stay offline around that point, if you don’t want to see the info!

  44. Did you realize that Xerneas and Yveltal have two signature moves? Also, did you. Like Reshiram and Zekrom having two signature moves.
    Also, do you want to battle underwater again in X and Y like we did in Gen 3

    1. Your Wrong. Currently the each have one signature attack, being Oblivion Wing (Yveltal) and Geomancy (Xerneas). It was cool for Reshiram and Zekrom to have two signature attacks. One when you first encounter them and the other when you get them to Lv. 100. Also, Underwater battles will be returning.

  45. I have a question: Do you training all the pokemon you have in your bag or you just trainig one pokemon?

  46. In a Poke apocalyptic world where the world is ruled by Pocket Monster forcing everyone to worship their deities, what pokemon would you have as a rebel to fight for justice against the tyranny and iron plate (hurr hurr) of Arceus?

      1. You know Xerneas is life, Yveltal is death. But here the deery is death and the birdy is life.

          1. That’s what I’m talking about they don’t want Death references.

            The thing is it has death in its name in other languages.

  47. Do you think that in Pokemon X and Y, your house, town and other places would be decorated for the holidays?

    1. Possibly? Although the holidays aren’t celebrated internationally, so I don’t see it happening.

  48. I got some more ?s somewhere around 100:

    1.What form will Fennekin look like once it evolves?
    2.What form will Chespin look like once it evolves?
    3.What form will Froakie look like once it evolves?
    4.Will Fennekin be a Fire/Psychic-type,a Fire/Fairy-type,a Fire/Ghost-type or a Fire/Fighting-type the same old type back in gen 5?
    5.Will Chespin be a Grass/Dark-type,a Grass/Rock-type,a Grass/Fighting-type or a Grass/Steel-type?
    6.Will Froakie be a Water/Fighting-type,a Water/Flying-type,a Water/Dark-type or a Water/Electric-type?
    7.How many new Pokemon in Gen6 in total with Gen1-Gen5?
    8.What type is Oorotto?
    9.I wonder if Triple Battles and Rotation Battles will be in X and Y?
    10.From Gens 1-6 What are the Regions base on?
    11.From Gens 1-6 What are the Legendary Pokemon are base on?
    12.From Gens 1-5 What are the Gym Leaders are base on?
    13.What form will Litleo look like once it evolves?
    14.What form will Flabébé look like once it evolves?
    15.What form will Clauncher look like once it evolves?
    16.What form will Helioptile look like once it evolves?
    17.What form will Talonflame look like once it evolves?
    18.What form will Swirlix look like once it evolves?
    19.What form will Spritzee look like once it evolves?
    20.What form will Skrelp look like once it evolves?
    21.What form will Honedge look like once it evolves?
    22.What Ability will Fennekin have?
    23.What Ability will Chespin have?
    24.What Ability will Froakie have?
    25.What Ability will Sylveon have?
    26.What Ability will Pancham have?
    27.What Ability will Fletchling have?
    28.What Ability will Talonflame have?
    29.What Ability will Gogoat have?
    30.What Ability will Helioptile have?
    31.What Ability will Scatterbug have?
    32.What Ability will Spewpa have?
    33.What Ability will Vivillon have?
    34.What Ability will Noivern have?
    35.What Ability will Clauncher have?
    36.What Ability will Skrelp have?
    37.What Ability will Litleo have?
    38.What Ability will Flabébé have?
    39.What Ability will Oorotto have?
    40.What Ability will Awakened Mewtwo have?
    41.What is your favorite Fire-type Pokemon?
    42.What is your favorite Grass-type Pokemon?
    43.What is your favorite Water-type Pokemon?
    44.What is your favorite Fairy-type Pokemon?
    45.What is your favorite Fighting-type Pokemon?
    46.What is your favorite Dragon-type Pokemon?
    47.What is your favorite Ice-type Pokemon?
    48.What is your favorite Electric-type Pokemon?
    49.What is your favorite Steel-type Pokemon?
    50.What is your favorite Poison-type Pokemon?
    51.What is your favorite Bug-type Pokemon?
    52.What is your favorite Dark-type Pokemon?
    53.What is your favorite Ghost-type Pokemon?
    54.What is your favorite Rock-type Pokemon?
    55.What is your favorite Ground-type Pokemon?
    56.What is your favorite Psychic-type Pokemon?
    57.What is your favorite Flying-type Pokemon?
    58.What is your favorite Normal-type Pokemon?
    59.From Gens 1-6 What are the Evil Teams base on?
    60.From Gens 1-6 What is the Pokédex base on?
    61.In the Super Smash Bros Series theres: Pikachu,Jigglypuff,Pichu,Mewtwo,Lucario and Pokémon Trainer So which Pokemon characters will make the cut in the new Super Smash Bros game?
    62.What is your favorite Gym Leader in Gen1?
    63.What is your favorite Gym Leader in Gen2?
    64.What is your favorite Gym Leader in Gen3?
    65.What is your favorite Gym Leader in Gen4?
    66.What is your favorite Gym Leader in Gen5?
    67.What is your favorite 3D Pokemon Game?
    68.What is your favorite Pokeball?
    69.What is your favorite Pokemon Music?
    70.What is your favorite Pokemon Episode?
    71.What is your favorite Pokemon Manga?
    72.What is your favorite Pikachu Short?
    73.From Gens 1-5 What are the fully evolved Starter Pokemon are base on?
    74.When the next Pokemon Smash starts?
    75.When the next CoroCoro scan starts?
    76.From Gens 1-5 What are the Elite Four Leaders are base on?
    77.How many Gender Professors From Gen1-Gen6?
    78.How many TMs in X and Y?
    79.Will the unlimited TMs will be in X and Y just like in Black2 And White2?
    80.Will there be a Day Care Centre in X and Y?
    81.Will there be New PokéBalls?
    82.Will there be New Fossils?
    83.Will there be New Key Items?
    84.Will there be New Miscellaneous Items?
    85.Will there be New Vitamins?
    86.Will there be New Evolutionary Items?
    87.Will there be New Hold Items?
    88.Will there be New Battle Effect Items?
    89.Will there be New Recovery Items?
    90.What New Gym Leaders we will see?
    91.What New Elite Four Leaders we will see?
    92.What New Legendary Trio we will see?
    93.What New Fossil Pokemon we will see?
    94.What New Attacks we will see?
    95.What New Abilities we will see?
    96.What New Champion we will face?
    97.What New Battle Types we will see?
    98.What New Evolution Methods we will see?
    99.What New Missions we will see?
    100.What New Stuff we will see in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y?

    1. This might sound rude, but why the hell did you ask 100 questions??
      Is anyone gonna actually answer all this? It’s a flood. ._.

        1. Sadly I’m not a mariner.

          I’ll work my way through these later. Or at least get some of them.

    2. 1) We don’t know yet.

      2) We don’t know yet.

      3) We don’t know yet.

      4) We don’t know for sure yet, rumor said Fire/Psychic.

      5) We don’t know for sure yet, rumor said Grass/Dark.

      6) We don’t know for sure yet, rumor said Water/Fighting.

      7) We don’t know yet. Over 700 for sure in total.

      8) We don’t know yet.

      9) They probably will be.

      10) – Kanto is based on the Kantō region of Japan with the western part of the game map taking inspiration from eastern Chūbu.
      – Johto is geographically similar to Kansai and western Chubu combined.
      – Hoenn is based on the southernmost parts of Japan—Kyūshū and surrounding islands.
      – Sinnoh is based on the northernmost major island of Japan, Hokkaido.
      – Unova is based on my hometown, New York City, but also parts of eastern New Jersey.
      – Kalos was inspired by France.

      11) Too many to go through, click on the legendaries and read about them: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_National_Pok%C3%A9dex_number

      12) People.

      13) We don’t know yet. Probably a Manticore.

      14) We don’t know yet.

      15) We don’t know yet.

      16) We don’t know yet.

      17) We don’t know yet.

      18) We don’t know yet.

      19) We don’t know yet.

      20) We don’t know yet.

      21) We don’t know yet.

      22) Blaze.

      23) Overgrow.

      24) Torrent.

      25) We don’t know yet.

      26) We don’t know yet.

      27) We don’t know yet.

      28) We don’t know yet.

      29) We don’t know yet.

      30) We don’t know yet.

      31) We don’t know yet.

      32) We don’t know yet.

      33) We don’t know yet.

      34) We don’t know yet.

      35) We don’t know yet.

      36) We don’t know yet.

      37) We don’t know yet.

      38) We don’t know yet.

      39) We don’t know yet.

      40) We don’t know yet.

      41) Charizard.

      42) Sceptile and Chespin.

      43) Milotic.

      44) Undecided, not a full list.

      45) Scrafty.

      46) Flygon.

      47) Articuno.

      48) Minun.

      49) Metagross.

      50) Venusaur.

      51) Scizor.

      52) Weavile.

      53) Sableye.

      54) Cradily.

      55) Flygon.

      56) Mew.

      57) Pidgeot.

      58) Slaking.

      59) Gen 1: The Mafia
      Gen 2: The Mafia
      Gen 3: Environmentalists.
      Gen 4: Nutcases.
      Gen 5: PETA
      Gen 6: ???

      60) Animals, Objects, and Imagination.

      61) We don’t know yet. Pikachu for sure.

      62) Giovanni.

      63) Jasmine.

      64) Norman.

      65) Volkner.

      66) Elesa.

      67) X and Y.

      68) Premier Ball.

      69) Pokemon R/S/E Gym Leader Battle theme. The original, not the garbage B2/W2 remix.

      70) Don’t have one.

      71) Never read it.

      72) Hmm, probably the first one.

      73) Too many to list. Click on the Starter Pokemon and read about them: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_National_Pok%C3%A9dex_number

      74) Saturday night for me.

      75) CoroCoro should leak around August 10th.

      76) People.

      77) Oak is male. Elm is male. Birch is male. Rowan is male. Juniper is female. Sycamore is male. 5 males, 1 female.

      78) We don’t know yet.

      79) We don’t know yet. Hopefully!

      80) We don’t know yet. Probably.

      81) We don’t know yet. I assume so.

      82) We don’t know yet. Most likely.

      83) We don’t know what they are, but that’s a given.

      84) We don’t know yet.

      85) We don’t know yet.

      86) We don’t know yet.

      87) We don’t know yet.

      88) We don’t know yet.

      89) We don’t know yet.

      90) As of now, we know of Viola, Clemont, and Grant. Others are yet to be known.

      91) We don’t know yet.

      92) We don’t know yet.

      93) We don’t know yet.

      94) So far we know of: http://www.serebii.net/xy/attacks.shtml

      95) So far we know of: http://www.serebii.net/xy/abilities.shtml

      96) We don’t know yet.

      97) Sky Battles and Horde Battles.

      98) We don’t know yet. Pancham and Inkay are said to have new unique evolutions. Rumor said Pancham evolves when another Dark type is in your party. Inkay evolves by holding your 3DS upside-down.

      99) We don’t know yet.

      100) Find out for yourself and be amazed on October 12th! 😀

  49. Wich was your very first pokemon? What is your favorite type(s)? What other(s) game series do you like? Anybody is welcome to answer 😀

    1. My very first Pokemon was Treecko <3
      My favorite type is Grass.
      I enjoy Mario games, the Super Smash Bros series, Halo, and I love Banjo Kazooie/Banjo Tooie. How I wish Nintendo could buy the Banjo Kazooie IP 🙁

    2. Mine was a Squirtle (During FireRed & LeafGreen). Hmm, I haven’t really decided on that! But I really like Steel, Water, Dragon, and Fire. A lot of other Nintendo series!

    3. Squirtle on blue version which I quickly deposited into the PC box for a caterpie 😛 I like bug types as well as dark. Pokémon pretty much consumes my gaming life 😛

    4. In the games, it would be Torchic. But I kind of hate how broken Blaziken is now. I prefer Infernape to Blaziken just because he’s too OP.

    1. An all new pokemon spin-off would be ok…but, come on Game Freak…could you please make something like this?


      1. I know that game. But it will be like a Street Fighter (or Smash Bros.) rip-off. Even thought it will be cool, it can’t happened.

      1. I agree with that, but I just thought I would get your guys’ opinions on this so I know whether to expect a new form or not no matter what Pokebeach’s source says. Thank you for your reply.

    1. I know that I’m not staff, but I just wanted to say that maybe if there is another form yet to be revealed maybe it would be more masculine and be available in Y. The one already revealed is more feminine (It even has a womans voice) so it could be available in X. (Male-XY Female-XX)

      1. It’s a good idea, yet it sounds very “odd”. I think Mewtwo is “Genderless”. I also, still think it is male. Yet, I would like to see something like this, but then that means that there a 2 Mewtwo’s. It will be kind of gross, knowing that Mewtwo can change genders.

        1. Woohoo! Pokemon promoting Transgendering.

          It’s a huge step up from Unova’s interracial marriage. Isn’t it?

    2. I am completely against another Mewtwo form. If you all don’t remember, the original Mewtwo was masculine and was a male, whereas this new form is feminine and a female (judging from the movie.) However, if you don’t count the old Mewtwo as masculine because its not really a new form, since the feminine version (the new form) is based off it, then the next Mewtwo form will look more similar to Mew and will probably be masculine (credit to Pokebeach’s source.)

  50. What are your opinions on pokemon design comparison so far between gen 5 and gen 6? Is it better, worse, or the same?

  51. From the official Pokémon twitter: “Based on your personality, which Pokémon do you think you would have the strongest bond with and why?”. For me, Snorlax. Eat/sleep all day.

    1. Salamence, it’s my favorite pokemon not because is a dragon, but for becoming their dreams true 🙂

    2. Weavile is active at night, quick, agile, deceptive. It scratches its foes and is the being of pure AWESOMENESS! Which can also be used to describe me. >:)

    1. August 3rd for us, August 4th for Japan. Nothing new is set to be featured on X/Y, but there will be a segment on the Pokemon Game Show (thanks to Pokejungle for this information given to us when the last Smash aired).

    1. Absol for me I remember my first time seeing it was when my friend said he would trade me a random pokemon and he gave me absol. I didn’t have a clue what it was but I loved it.

    2. Farfetch’d, Magmar, and Parasect right now, but I’m hoping I can add Malamar to that list. ^_^

    3. Ninetales and Houndoom. Possibly Litleo’s evolution if it turns into a Manticore.

    4. Steelix. Jaw dropped when Jasmine sent that beast out on me. I also love Scizor, Charmander, Electrivire and Sharpedo

    5. Mawile for me, plus it’s a steel type which is my favorite type of all time. I’m just hoping it gets an evolution so I can finally use it!

  52. This isn’t really a question, just more of a statement –

    but i am so happy that there is people out there that dislikes anything sport related. I hated sports all my life, never really played them or cared for them, and seen enough minutes of it on TV to grow bored and dislike it. I legit thought I was the only male on planet earth that shys away from anything sport related.

    You guys won over a dedicated reader.

    1. I don’t understand what you mean…you think that for playing videogames we hate sports? If that’s the case, that’s definitely not true, i’ll always be a gamer, and also i LOVE going to the gym, practice sports (like football and wrestling) care about my health and be in a good shape…they are different things, there’s no need to “stir”

      1. Same here man, I love working out and playing sports. Especially those weekend basketball games with the guys.

        Sure there is less time for games, but I am still competitive in the gaming world.

      1. Mets? They haven’t been good in forever. Just like my Detroit Lions :). Do you have a favorite NFL team?

        1. Hahaha, yeah, Mets stink, but I love ’em 😀 They’ve been such a joke, the “TC” in my name actually stands for “The Crappy.” But I figure if they ever get good again, and hopefully that’s soon, I can just say it stands for “The Champion” 😉

          And I do indeed! Pittsburgh Steelers, Steel Curtain 😀
          It was a shame the Lions couldn’t get to the playoffs again last season after finally making it in 2011, hope they get there this season 🙂

          1. Awesome. Yeah the Steelers always are pretty good. I think the Lions have a good shot but they have a habit of disappointing me every year lol

          2. Hahaha, just like my Mets ;P

            As I like to say…”Hope for the best! But expect the worst.” Let’s go Mets! Or in this case, Lions!

    2. I disagree. Sports are fantastic. Stoked that NFL pre-season starts next week. Probably as excited for football to start as I am for pokemon X and Y. I guess if you never grew up playing sports it would kind of be hard to enjoy. To each of their own though 🙂

    3. It’s not that I dislike sports, it’s just more that I have no interest in it. I don’t find it fun watching it on TV, and now I don’t particularly find it fun playing them. I have better things to be doing.

      1. Thank you! On topic though, do people think we may realistically see Orotto revealed today?

          1. I’ve changed it to NightSlash as that is my favourite move in the Pokemon universe, while Dark is also my favourite type, plus it is heavily utilised by my favourite Pokemon, Weavile!

            I changed it just now but it isn’t showing up yet

          2. Funny thing is I already made it and I posted it LOL.
            Btw, I am working on yours now 🙂

          3. Yeah, I saw. Nice work on it. 🙂
            I’m always ready to post pics for avatars. >:]

          4. Oooh~! Can’t wait to see!

            I wanted to post these three pics and see if NightSlash might like them for an avatar and maybe you could spruce them up with your skills, but you already had the job done.
            They’re still some cool-ass pics, though!

          5. I don’t think you can edit pictures in or out unless they’re from links. I drag pics from the web onto my desktop and then upload them by clicking on the little image icon down below, west-side of the Post button.

          6. I think I should’ve waited but I thought he would’ve logged out. That picture is awesome. You could be my assistant lol. 😀

          7. Hey, where exactly did you try changing your name?
            Did you try under Profile or under Account?

            Under Account you’ll find My Account, which changes your username. Your username is what you sign in with.
            Under Profile you’ll find Information. That’s where you’ll see Full Name. This is where you’ll wanna put your new name.
            It’ll change instantly. You’ve just gotta refresh.

    1. As a present I made you this (Those lines on the side are supposed to be Night Slashes) 😀 Happy Birthday..again lol.

        1. I made this one which is from the picture Claus found. 😀 You choose which you want to use 🙂

    2. Hey, happy birthday Leaker (NightSlash)! Hope you have a great birthday and that we will be getting some news soon as a birthday present for you and well, for all of us too! 😀

    3. A little late, but you can have the news that I have an ingrowing hair on my face. Happy? 😉

        1. That it is. Both in the UK you see. Wasn’t sure if you’d posted in yesterday or early today.

          I’m glad you’re happy that I have an ingrown hair!

  53. I don’t know if you guys already know this, but I was playing in the Dream World today, which i haven’t done in forever, in the hunt for a Shroomish. Well, I went there and it said it sold all of my berries because I haven’t been there in forever. But in exchange I got like 5000 Dream points. It was awesome! Now I have 10,000 and can search for a Drought Vulpix, Anticipation Eevee, or a Magic Guard Abra. Check your guy’s out. You maybe can hunt for some more Pokemon.

      1. not sure found it on a Pokemon x and y tumblr….. However I do know that its a promotion for the new 3ds colors coming out for the holidays.

        1. Omg really????!!!!!!!!!! Well I will research and look into that stuff on Sunday, when I get the chance.

          Disqus isnt working for me

      1. They want to be the first ones to get the ad out so when the games come out, people will come to this store more because they are advertising so early whereas other stores haven’t even started to do this. Maybe more pre-orders from this store will happen due to this advertisement? Hmm…

    1. Which Route 1 are we talking? Regardless, I could do both. 😉

      I can also play the Kanto Route 1 theme on Otamatone.

      1. I feel silly now, all this time I thought Ogrotto was going to be the next Mythical Pokémon to be featured in a movie (thus its being revealed after this year’s movie). I somehow doubt that’s the case, though, if it’s found in Horde Encounters… Hey, who knows, maybe my Farfetch’d idea idea about Flabébé evolving into this Pokémon could turn out to be true, yet!

        1. Lol. That would be stretch. Crossing my fingers for Grass/ghost. Eye within the tree could be a spirit 🙂

    1. It’s saying that if you download any combination of x and y (x and y, x and x, etc.), or if you download x/y and buy x/y (as the cartridge), you won’t be able to connect to the other game. You need 2 3ds’s and any combination of x and y to connect with another game (i’m not 100% sure on this, but im pretty sure this was implied)

    2. No, it’s saying that the download size of the game will be 1.7GB. The other part says that you will be unable to connect the downloaded version of X and Y together in the same 3ds. In other words, if you download both games onto the same system, you won’t be able to connect them together and perform activities such as trades, battles, etc.
      Source : Spanish Speaker 😉

  54. Are you guys planning to download pokemon x and y digitaly or get the cartridge personally i want to download it i dont want anyone taking my game

    1. I’m getting the download version so I can get it the second it comes out at the Eshop. 😀

    2. If I can get one of the XY Special Edition 3DS it’ll be download. With the other version physical.

      If I can’t get it both versions will be physical.

    3. Always have a physical copy (like I have to have a paperback book)…it’s more satisfying looking at the collection of games I have

  55. Pokemon Contests, Pokemon Musicals or Pokewood, which would you choose in x and y?

    1. I was thinking about that not to long ago 😉

      But I’m guessing fairy will be super effective against spiritomb and sableye 🙂 but hopefully there will be another duo type Pokemon with no weaknesses.

    2. Yes, Sableye and Spiritomb will both be weak against Fairy.

      Leaving the only Pokemon without a weakness, Eelektross. Electric type with levitate.

  56. did you realize that when mewtwo changed form in the latest trailer a DNA symbol similar to the symbol on the Japanese logo of the games was shown??

    1. Yes sir!
      That was interesting and cool! But it’s odd they didn’t keep the DNA sign on the other game logos, such as the US box art for X and Y.

      1. they always do that, the Japanese logo is always different from the other logos. anyway it looks like chromosomes and DNA will be the main theme of the game, maybe the new mewtwo will replace the role of a third legendary??

        1. Well usually from the history of past Pokemon legendary trios, they make new ideas. Ex: Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Arceus (ruler of all three)
          But you may be close in the sense that Mewtwo may play a big role in X and Y

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