PokéMania PokéJungle Edition

The latest episode of Pokémon Smash showcased PokéMania, a sort of Pokémon trivia game involving cards, and put their own little twist to make things interesting. We’ve decided to make our own little trivia quiz. Although we don’t have any crazy Japanese game show-twists like Smash did, we think it’ll pass some time.

Questions will be based on the battling aspect of Pokémon. The answers will be in a separate spoiler box. I would love to hear your answers, opinions, or even questions/quizzes of your own 🙂

Note: All questions are based on 5th generation mechanics unless otherwise stated.

1. Which one of these moves is not powered up by the ability Iron Fist?
A. Ice punch
B. Hammer Arm
C. Close Combat
D. Sky Uppercut

2. A Life Orb Latios faints after taking recoil from defeating Dialga. No more Pokémon are left on both sides. If this is a Wi-Fi battle, which side wins?

3. Name one Special attack increased priority move.

4. Which one of these moves can Arcanine not use?
A. Dragon Pulse
B. Charm
C. Close Combat
D. Earthquake

5. Name all Pokémon with the ability Prankster.

6. What move does Larvesta learn at Lv.100?

7. Arrange these moves based on highest priority to lowest.(Some may have same priority)
A. Helping Hand
B. Follow Me/Rage Powder
C. Protect/Detect
D. Feint
E. Mach Punch
F. Extremespeed

8. List three moves that can target an ally or opponent from any position on the field in Triple battles.

9. True or false? Rotational battles count status ailments whether you’re in the front or not.

10. Name 3 natures that don’t affect the stats of a Pokémon.

11. True or false? Sucker Punch works even if the opponent is asleep or frozen, as long as the target chose a move that would normally work with sucker punch.

12. Name this Pokémon from its base stat: HP:91 Attack:129 Defense:90 Special Atk.:72 Special Def.:90 Speed:108

13. True or false? Perish Song can penetrate through both Substitute and Protect/Detect.

14. Name 3 moves that are Special attacks yet make contact with the opponent.

15. What move has the highest potential power in one turn?

Answers are in the spoiler below!

[spoiler]1. C. Close Combat

2. Latios

3. Vacuum Wave

4. D. Earthquake

Note: Charm is a special move exclusive to a Growlithe obtainable in Gale of Darkness

5. Purrloin, Liepard, Riolu, Murkrow, Tornedus, Thundurus, Whimsicott, Cottonee, Sableye, Volbeat, Illumise

6. Flare Blitz

7. A. Helping Hand, C.Protect/Detect, B.Follow Me/Rage Powder, D.Feint and F.Extremespeed, E.Mach Punch

8. All Flying type attacks with power, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Water Pulse, Heal Pulse, Dragon Pulse

9. False

10. Bashful, Docile, Hardy, Quirky, Serious

11. True

12. Terrakion

13. True

14. Wring Out, Grass Knot, Petal Dance, Trump Card (and Final Gambit)

15. Stored Power or Rollout/Ice Ball

Note: Stored Power can theoretically have a max power of 860. Rollout/Ice Ball can theoretically have 960, coupled with defense curl. Both would be acceptable in this case.


So, how did you do? here’s your results:

0~5 right: Pokémon novice

6~10 right: Average trainer

11~14 right: Ace trainer

15 right: Pokémon master