US Shiny Dialga, Palkia & Giratina Event

The Shiny Sinnoh Trio event announced for the UK recently will now be coming to the United States. Players will be able to receive a Shiny Dialga, Palkia and Giratina across several days at GameStop stores across the country.

Details are as such:

Shiny Dialga will be available from August 19 – September 8 2013

Shiny Palkia can be downloaded from September 9 – September 29 2013

Shiny Giratina will be available to download on September 30 until October 20th 2013.

Further details of the event and the Pokémon should be available soon.

Who’s off to download these Pokémon when they’re available? Which Pokémon would you like to see released as events in the future?

  1. Finally. U. S. gets some event love! To bad you have to go to GameStop though; I remember what a hassle it was getting the legendary beasts. -.- But knowing me, I’m going to end up getting them anyway.

    I hope we get an event Arceus because the one I have is from GTS, and I’m not sure if it’s legit or not. :/

    1. Yeah I need a legit arceus too : and victini since I surprisingly missed that event -__-

      1. I might actually have an extra Victini. If I do, I’d be glad to trade it to you. I’ll have to check though; my memory seems to hate me.

    2. I have gotten legit event Pokemon from Pokecheck. I.E. The movie Arceus needed for the event at the Ruins of Alph and it worked, the shiny beasts also were legit and worked for the Zoroark event.

    3. Great to see that I’m not the only one who’d like them to bring back arceus.

    4. You missed the PGL Arceus giveaway? That’s unfortunate, most of us didn’t even really want another Arceus. Good news is, I’m sure you can find one for trade fairly easily because of that event.

    1. I agree. But, honestly, this is awesome too. And an event for a shiny level 1 beldum wouldn’t hurt either…or ralts..but that’s just me haha

  2. You guys I had a dream that the Kalos region will have at least 130 pokemon. Coliseum battles will be introduced in X and Y. And some of the stuff IAMTHELEAKER said is accurate. I think he wasn’t lying to us. We will have a bunch XY info in the next Corocoro scans. This is not a rumor just a dream I had.

    1. “I think he wasn’t lying to us.”

      He confessed himself that whatever he said was fake, albeit good ones.

  3. The only Pokemon I have to get to complete the National Dex is Manaphy and Mew, so those kind f events would be much appreciated.

      1. I could try to get Manaphy through Pokemon Ranger, but I believe that was an event in that game.

        1. In the original Ranger game the Manaphy event is unlocked via password, so you can still access it if you get a copy. And as Charlie mentioned, Mew is available via Ranch as long as you can purchase WiiWare titles. With that said, I would try and purchase it soon before they stop selling them!

          1. Well, i do already have Ranger, but I wouldn’t know if you would enter the code after beating the game or not.

          2. It doesn’t make a difference. Just check out the Ranger guide on your favorite site and look for the Manaphy Mission section; enjoy having one less empty slot!

    1. Manphy can still be gotten but u have to buy a new copy of pokemon ranger and mew can be gotten on my pokemon ranch

  4. I have enough of the 3 Pokemon, but shiny ones would be nice to have, especially Giratina. Now what if we had a Primal Dialga event?

  5. Cool! Getting the Sinnoh Legendaries! Yet it would have been better if they gave us the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn starters over time!

  6. At this rate they need to introduce secondary shinies to help cope the fact that shinies aren’t rare anymore. Which was kinda the point of shinies.

    1. This is why they should incorporate alternate versions such as Primal Dialga and Shadow Lugia.

    2. I’d say shinies are still fairly rare. Even with the charm and the Masuda method, its not like shinies throw themselves at you every other step or hatch every other egg. As a shiny hunter, I still get plenty of long hunts even with the aid of those two things. I dunno, I like that they give us shinies/easier ways to get them every now and then.

      Unless you mean not rare due to trading, in which case, no pokemon will ever really be rare due to cloning/hacking/people who amass them for trade.

      1. This is a thread about a free giveaway of shinies, so I was talking about all those shiny events. They really devalue the shiny in question. Like having a shiny Garyados after HGSS came out.

        1. Aaaah. Sorry for being a dumbo thar. Really running on low sleep lately.

          Anyways, I suppose I’m indifferent to devalueing via events. Of course, I don’t trade my shinies either.

          One thing I just thought of though… Of all the things to make an event for, why not shiny Reshiram and Zekrom? (and maybe Victini) After all, those aren’t available at all in any way….

    3. i kinda felt the same way for a long time, i tthat hink that is one of the reasons i started distant myself from pokemon i have white but never played it, reason cause i wanted them to do something a little more unique make pokemon look different a little, they were on the right track with gender differences but it wasnt enough to be noticable, i wanted them to make another shiny colors like for example in the show when ash went to orange league he saw different butterfree that was more tropical, i been wanting to see something like that happen ever since ruby and sapphire as the hoenn region is said to be more of tropical region if i recall, i thought they atleast answer some of my call when they introduce the pikachu colored pichu and spikey eared pichu but the pikachu colored wasnt really special just shiny like any shiny pichu and although spikey ear pichu is special you cant even trade it over which is another reason why i stop playing, it just sitting there while all other pokemon can be transfer over, did gamefreak ever explain why they did this? or did anyone ask? we should aslo ask them for more shiney colors 1 or 2 more should do it just a little rariety to spice things up =).

      1. The Spikey-eared Pichu is unsafe to bring to the future of Black and White as it has already traveled through time so far as it is.

        1. yea i know about that but that doesnt really explan much, just make it seem like they wanted to do more with it but didnt, and if thats the case celebi should be unsafe as it travels through time all the time(see what i did there lol)

          1. I guess Celebi is OK because that’s its thing. The real explanation is probably that GAME FREAK just didn’t want to have to program that into every main series game from now on. I think they should have kept it from then on, though, as a new staple. It’s a time traveler, it could appear in other Generations!

    4. I really think Shiny Pokemon should have their Stats rearranged in some fashion to account for more diversity (Much like Hidden Abilities). And most importantly, for them to have a little more scope that just “being rare.”

  7. Ill be getting all 3 since im in usa for now!
    So 3 shinny to kalos already 🙂

  8. does this sound familiar to anyone? Getting a shiny trio of pokemon before a new game came out? This is exactly what happened when black/white came out. We were able to get the beast trio and then those pokemon ended up being part of a story in black and white. So maybe it’ll be some connection with x/y when you transfer them over….oh and i wonder if the three orbs you randomly get in black and white have anything to do with this..

    1. wow i didn’t think of that you’re right
      better get these shiny Pokemon then

    2. This would also imply that they have fixed or found a way to transfer Pokémon from 5th gen to 6th. That would be something I look forward to since I have been breeding some starters to send to my games.

  9. Free avatars for everyone!! :DD If you want your name on it just ask =]
    I hope I remember to get them because when there was the shiny beasts event I missed them all, lol.

    1. Is there any chance you could do me some of these? I have some certain Pokemon I’d like if it’s possible?

        1. It’s quite a long list so forgive me on that part.

          -Rayquaza (Shiny)
          -Deoxys (Attack Forme)

          As I said it’s a long list, but you don’t have to do them all, I just had an idea on what I could use them for so I’d appreciate it if they could all be done, but I don’t want to waste your time with them, so feel free to do as many as you feel like. I appreciate it a lot Jordin 🙂

          1. I will try to do them all but please remember that it would take a pretty long time (I’d say an hour, maybe less, maybe more) since it’s a pretty long list) Do you want them to say something? (Ex: ETX, Elite, Xeos, etc.)

          2. I haven’t joined yet. I might..but sure I could make you one. Is it something urgent that you need it soon? I am still working on Xeos’ list.

          3. Honestly man, I really appreciate the time you spent doing this, and I agree, you should make a thread on the forums, I’m sure everyone would appreciate these.

            Is there any chance you can explain how to do the backgrounds?

          4. A magician never reveals his secrets 😉
            Just make it your own style. I experimented with a lot of different styles and this is the one that I liked the most.

          5. I just wanted to say, you are obviously a very generous person giving your time like this for everyone. People like you make it worth getting out of bed for 😛 🙂

    2. Is it possible if you could do a froakie avatar ^_^? With the letter “G”??

      Please and thank you :)!!

          1. Hi there!
            Sorry to bother you if your not doing this anymore but could you make an avatar with Gallade?
            Also the name lol

  10. Arceus!!!!! It’s worth noting that they do tend to rerelease the legendaries at least 1X a generation.but seriously please bring back Arceus! It’s the creator pokemon!

  11. I was thinking last night about how I wanted this to come to America, but then I thought and decided that this being exclusive to them was a good way to say “sorry” to the UK for all of the events they’ve missed out on over the years. However, I’m not too terribly disappointed by this announcement, to say the least! I plan to get all three. I would like to think these will unlock something in X & Y, but since they aren’t available in Japan that theory is kind of blown out of the water. Well, that and the fact that no cross-Generation events have been announced so far, which makes it seem unlikely that they will happen. I’m sure the difficulties of bridging the DS games and 3DS games is to thank for this, but I’m confident they’ll figure out how to overcome that in time for release.

  12. Ugh this is unfair, UK&Ireland used to get all instore events at the same time. But now Game stores have all closed in Ireland so I miss out on this event 🙁

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