US Shiny Dialga, Palkia & Giratina Event

The Shiny Sinnoh Trio event announced for the UK recently will now be coming to the United States. Players will be able to receive a Shiny Dialga, Palkia and Giratina across several days at GameStop stores across the country.

Details are as such:

Shiny Dialga will be available from August 19 – September 8 2013

Shiny Palkia can be downloaded from September 9 – September 29 2013

Shiny Giratina will be available to download on September 30 until October 20th 2013.

Further details of the event and the Pokémon should be available soon.

Who’s off to download these Pokémon when they’re available? Which Pokémon would you like to see released as events in the future?