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Everybody loves a bargain, there isn’t a person in existence who doesn’t it would seem. This is made evident by the hundreds of thousands of millions of people across the world who flock out into retailing outlets each day, spending their hard-earned money on necessity and pleasure. The consumer market forces their value and promotion upon the public through the media, with easy and simple to understand deals and marketing gimmicks, using these as bait to lure their prey – the customer – into their stores in hopes of further spending on other products of higher cost. Many elements draw people into potential purchases as a consumers, whether it be habit, having used a particular product or brand name for an extended period of time. Innovation and the promise of superior results versus competitor products or maybe value, the greedy desire of having more for less.

So translate this into the Pokémon World, a world where Pokémon are the products in question, and their trainers are the consumers. Every trainer is out for a particular Pokémon, whether it’s for competitive purposes, and the need to capitalise upon certain battle statistics with the goal of victory in mind. Collective goals, driven by the love of a specific elemental typing or egg group for breeding purposes – or perhaps the need to catch rarer Pokémon, the Legendaries – Pokémon that are strong and give an impressive showmanship when in possession of a trainer. Perhaps trainers may even set their sights upon a particular Pokémon purely for its next stages of evolution, raising them and growing them to attain a strong and visually stunning stage 2 evolution-mon.

Pokémon X & Y is being released in October, bringing a whole new generation to the Pokémon franchise. The brand new region of Kalos is almost upon us with an all new cast of innovative and well thought out Pokémon. Over the past few months we have began to see video clips and art works of the brand new Pokémon we are soon going to be able to pursue, however we are still a long way away from seeing our brand new cast in totality.

In short, Pokémon are dangled in front of our eyes, all shapes and sizes, each appealing to various people, each will attain its own fan base of passionate trainers. With that said let’s look at what’s on offer this time around.. And discuss what potential evolutions we could see leading upon the new games release..

Pokémart is once again, open for business!

fletchling-talonflame-pokemartFletchling & Talonflame MY PREDICTION: BUY 1 GET 2 FREE! A short whole ago we were shown Fletchling, ‘The Tiny Robin’ Pokémon, at a height of 0.3m and a weight of 1.7kg, this Pokémon was the first ‘bird’ type Pokémon from the Kalos region revealed to us. Its typing being Normal/Flying – common for us to see a bird such as this early on in the game.

Shortly after, we were given a glimpse of Talonflame, ‘The Scorching Pokémon’, and the said evolution of Fletchling. At a height of 3’11” and a weight of 54lbs, this Pokémon seems to have a huge increase in size from its base stage. It’s typing also changes upon evolution to Fire/Flying.

I think there is another stage of evolution yet to be shown to us in this evolutionary line. I do not believe that Fletchling evolves directly into Talonflame, but that there is a middle staging of evolution before Talonflame.


gogoate-pokemartGogoat MY PREDICTION: BUY 1 GET 4 FREE! VIA FORME CHANGE Gogoat was one of the first Pokémon shown to us after the original unveiling of the starter Pokémon. Gogoat, ‘The Mount Pokémon’ is so large that it can transport people on its back and has an elemental typing of Grass.

I do not believe that Gogoat evolves, and believe that this Pokémon remains one on its own. However, I believe that this grass Pokémon is going to have 4 seasonal form changes – similar to that of Deerling and Sawsbuck in generation V – that will be activated as each season changes. Perhaps the leaf-like mane around its neck and back change colour in occurrence to the time of the year.



Helioptile MY PREDICTION: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Helioptile, ‘The Generator Pokémon’ was again one of the first Pokémon shown to us along side Gogoat. It has an Electric/Normal elemental typing and from what clips we’ve seen from the new anime, has a very nervous nature.

My prediction is that we will see one more stage of evolution from Helioptile, into something larger and more formidable. I also predict that its new evolution will alter it’s typing and it will become Electric/Ground – similar to that of Stunfisk in Generation V. The thought process I put behind this conclusion is mainly based upon the fact it resembles a lizard, and lizards general habitats are associated with rocky, ground type surroundings.



Noivern MY PREDICTION: OUT OF STOCK! By the above statement, I mean that I don’t think Noivern will have an evolution. I think this is a base stage Pokémon similar to that of Druddigon in generation V.

The ‘Soundwave Pokémon’ has a Flying/Dragon typing and at 187.4lbs is already quite large in terms of size. This Pokémon always reminds me of Gilgar and Gliscor, purely for its bat like appearance and purple colouring.



Clauncher & Skrelp MY PREDICTION: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! VIA TRADE! Clauncher, the ‘Water Gun Pokémon’ is a version exclusive of Pokémon X, and Skrelp, the ‘Mock Kelp Pokémon’ is version exclusive to Pokémon Y. I believe that these two Pokémon are the Kalos regions version of generation V’s Shelmet and Karrablast. Both Pokémon have water within their typing, and I foresee these evolving when traded between trainers.



Litleo MY PREDICTION: BUY 1 GET 2 FREE! Litleo, the ‘Lion Cub’ Pokémon is a Fire/Normal type Pokémon. Its reference to being a ‘lion cub’ would suggest it’s youth, combine that with the first line of its Pokédex entry – ‘It is a young, hot-blooded Pokémon that is always ready for battle.’ and I think this suggests that we will see Litleo grow and become more mature.

I predict that we will see two more evolutions of Litleo, eventually evolving into a strong, mature fully grown fire type Lion. This Pokémon always reminds me of the Shinx evolution line from generation 4, by which Shinx begins a cute Pokémon and eventually evolves into something more aggressive looking – this is what I see for Litleo also.



Flabébé MY PREDICTION: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Classified as the ‘Single Bloom Pokémon’, Flabébé is noted as being the smallest and lightest Pokémon to have ever existed. It’s a Fairy type Pokémon who is said to find a flower and then has to protect it its entire life.

Like with anything in nature, it grows and I predict that Flabébé will have another stage of evolution by which it’s flower grows into a tree or another form of vegetation. Fairies are woodland creatures and in folklore are said to live and hide amongst the trees.



Swirlix MY PREDICTION: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Lets take a look at another Fairy type Pokémon, Swirlex. The ‘Cotton Candy’ Pokémon is said to only eat sweets causing its body to be sweet and sticky like cotton candy.

I predict we will see one further stage of evolution for Swirlix, maybe into a hard candy, this could well be due to its sugar hardening as is seen in real life when cotton candy gets hard and brittle. Perhaps maybe into a candy cane?



Spritzee MY PREDICTION: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Another Fairy type Pokémon, Spritzee the ‘Perfume Pokémon’. This is entirely irrelevant to this article, but it has the Japanese name of Shushup, how awesome does that sound!… Just me?, okay moving on… (LOL)

It is said to ’emit a unique fragrance that causes anyone who smells it to fall under its spell.’, and looks similar to a parrot in my opinion.

Due to its classification of the ‘Perfume Pokémon’ I predict that it will have a single evolution that will see it evolve into a parrot with a large wingspan capable of causing great gusts of wind to carry its scent off across the land.

Spritzee is a personal favourite of mine, and is one I am definitely going to catch!

These predictions are entirely my own and are not factual, nor do they represent the views of the PokéJungle staff team. This article is written purely for discussion and speculation purposes and should not be taken as factual.

Having expressed my views on each of these new Pokémon and what potential evolutions I feel we could see, now it’s down to you guys – the customers! Do you agree with my theories? Do you have your own? What weird and wonderful creatures do you think these Pokémon could evolve into?..

Another day at Pokémart has ended and we want to hear from you!

As always, thank you for shopping at Pokémart !