Pokémon Smash! July 28 — FINISHED!


Staff Note: We’ve had a few share of our commenters pretending to be leakers. While we appreciate rumours, as they give us something to discuss, this practice has become very tiresome. The fact that many of those leakers were deliberately deceiving other commenters is something we do not support. With IAMTHELEAKER confessing their information was fictional, it’s the perfect proof that there are no real leakers who can post here without consequences. For now we, as a team, will be more stringent with leakers. Everyone should refrain from posting excessive amounts of ‘rumours’ outside of the JungleTalk posts. Keep in mind that we will ban someone if we feel they are crossing the line. Please know that those bans also include your normal account, so ‘leak’ at your own risk.

As normal we’re here to bring you this weeks episode of Pokémon Smash! This week we won’t be updating the post live, but there will be a stream and chat for our visitors to watch and take part in.

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Episode Write-up

The anime episode that aired in this weeks Smash was Luxray Vision. After the usual Smash features the hosts of the show took a look at some short footage of X & Y, with Team Flare and Professor Sycamore being the main focus. While the footage didn’t showcase anything new, we learned that the noise for progressing text in a conversation, and selecting option throughout the game will remain the same as previous games.

Next week is set to be the usual for Smash. With no huge details announced for the episode. There will however be a feature on The Pokémon Game Show.

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  1. First!

    But in all seriousness… So, we expecting anything worthwhile this week?

        1. Honestly, I’d be happy with even just that much, especially if they confirm any moves for any Generation VI Pokémon. Seriously, even if all we get is confirmation that, for instance, Helioptile learns ThunderShock.

  2. Corocoro is bound to leak something new, but if we’re lucky Smash will drop us some juicy savorier information that we all crave!

    1. I hope so too, I can’t wait until the 14/15th of August for new info to be leaked by CoroCoro.

  3. I hope we get more info on the new team as well as a trailer of new areas. I have seen enough new pokemon to satisfy until the game(starter evos aside) so I want some region info.

  4. Let’s see it this rumor crumbles next…

    “Alright well, I’m a bottom level NoA employee. I usually help with web design and updating the X and Y site. Its been really hectic translating X and Y in time for the 12th so security is almost non existent. I know close to nothing about the new games but here is what I’ve managed to learn.

    Flabebe has an ability to pick up a new flower when you run through a garden or flower patcher.
    The new way to evolve Inkay is called “Gyro-evolution”.
    Another Pokemon evolves through gyro-evolution by shaking the 3DS when it levels up past 36 (it goes from a staight line looking thing to a hectic wire looking thing).
    Gyro-evolution and a new game mechanic called Super Training will be revealed next week along with Litleo’s final evolution and a second evolution to Flabebe.
    There will be another Eeveelution name Drakeon. It’s Dragon-type and it evolves through a new item called the Scale Fragment. You can find these in cave and a man in a small area called Florian Town give you one.
    Some items now use a process called Infusion. The Scale Fragment and the Fairy Wing both use this method into Sylveon and Drakeon. Infusion acts just like using an item on a Pokemon but I guess there’s a fancy animation where the item breaks down into little glowing orbs and they go into the Pokemon.
    Super Training is a method of training that you do in an area like Safari Zone. Each pokemon in there has double their normal EV yield.
    Also, some retconned Fairy types are Mawile, Milotic, Chansey’s whole line, and all of Clefairy’s evlution line.

    That’s all the information I have for right now. I’ll see if I can get some more out of him later. Also Flabebe’s ability and Litleo’s evolution is what’s going to be shown on Pokemon Smash next week on the 27th. The site is scheduled to update on the 28th.”

    1. Well, we’ll see if this rumor holds any water. Personally, I’d kinda like to see Litleo’s final evolution, see if we’ll get that Fire/Poison manticore so many have been speculating and/or hoping for. I won’t lie, I’d love that to be Litleo’s final evolution, I love Poison-types.

      1. I’ll agree it’s unlikely, but we still can’t call fake unless we know for sure. It wouldn’t be the first time Smash was the first to reveal something. Remember when B2/W2 were revealed? I sure do.

          1. Yep, and Newtwo (though it had been unofficially leaked in the week leading up to it, but it was still first officially revealed on Smash).

        1. That’s a different situation though. They were hinting at a new game, new info at the very least, in the preview. We saw nothing last week about new info in the preview for this week.

      1. Of course it is! haha
        One of only two rumors according to Serebii, (aside from the pokebeach leak) that have not been proven false.

    2. flabebe is said to choose a flower when it’s born and keep it its entire life, so this cant be true.

        1. Quoted from Pokemonxy.com

          “Another newly discovered Fairy-type Pokémon, Flabébé clings to a flower early on, and then cares for it for its entire life. Because of this, Flabébé may be found holding flowers of different colors.”

          Well, there you have it.

          1. What exactly do you mean by that. It’s not like the official site is gonna post falsified information now is it?

          2. I am referring to the statement, “flabebe is said to choose a flower when it’s born,” not the statement of the official site. There is a disparity between the two statements. The site simply never says that the Flabebe chooses the flower when it’s born, rather it states that it cares for a flower early on. The poster is making too many inferences from the original statement from the Nintendo site.

          3. First of all, the official Pokemon X and Y website says, “Another newly discovered Fairy-type Pokémon, Flabébé clings to a flower early on, and then cares for it for its entire life. Because of this, Flabébé may be found holding flowers of different colors.”.
            This means that everytime you walk through a garden or flower patch it will pick up more flowers, what use will it have for those flowers if it “clings” and “cares for” the flower it currently has for “its entire life”. They would just take up space in the trainers bag.

    3. flabebe is said to choose a flower when its born and keep the same one its entire life, so this cant be true

      1. Most likely the case. Though, by “early on” how would a newly hatched Flabebe be holding a flower?

        Perhaps evoltuion is based on the connection with the flower. Like, happiness, except more affinity-based upon the flower. Which would allow the user to change flowers to bond with or some other mechanism similar to Burmy, where certain flowers are found in certain routes or terrains.

        For some reason, I think the evolution will fuse the flower and the Flabebe in some fashion, which would make the flower color stationary. Thus, becoming a Grass/Fairy type.

        1. How would a newly hatched Flabébé be holding a flower? We’ve been asking that same question in regard to Cubone and its skull helmet and bone club, Vullaby and its human skull diaper, Farfetch’d and its leek, and so on and so forth.

          1. Bone is organic material, which makes sense. The leek doesn’t make sense to me though. So I would question why a bird is born holding a vegetable. The same goes with the conkedurr family. I don’t like props unless their is some meaning behind them.

            The difference is that Flabebe’s flower is not uniform. Thus, this ability would serve as a good explanation, and the description that it cares for a flower early on doesn’t necessarily negate the rumor. Though it’s more than likely not true.

    4. I am thinking if anything we will see Orotto.
      Even though I WANT a Swirlix evo pronto!

      1. I’m surprised by how long it is taking them to reveal it. Did it take this long for Victini’s official revelation after its movie teaser trailer?

      1. no, i remember from the anime that you approached the stone to a pokemon and the pokemon reacted to the energy of the stone, but in the end the stone kept existing, but useless

  5. Stayed up last week and it was disappointing overall. Won’t be staying up again that’s for sure. (that probably means the starter evolutions will be revealed tonight. :p)

      1. Well getting to see the beach area, surfing and fishing was nice…..but it wasn’t really something I couldn’t have waited until the next day to see.

  6. The only thing we will get on X/Y this week is probably something to do with the pokemon from August’s CoroCoro.

    1. I think you might be mistaken. This is a Japanese show. GMT is 10:30 PM~11:30PM though

      1. I know it’s Japanese, I have seen clips from Pokemon Smash… but I wasn’t sure if there was a way to see footage from it while it’s being cast in Japanese… or would I have to wait until the day after to see what information is revealed?

        1. We will have a stream up before the show starts. Just come back in about an hour and it should be up.

          1. Okayy… where would I find the stream? As I extremely interested in what is going to be revealed

  7. I think that what will be shown most likely is the character customisation

  8. I want Flabebe’s evolution to be AMAZING. The world need another cute little Pokemon that turns into an epic monster/cutemon.

    1. I agree, but I can see its evolution being the Amoongus of this generation

      ( just not the Pokeball pokemon ) 😛 🙂

        1. I don’t get that, summer actually ends on september 21st.

    1. Depends on summertime rules, I guess… For me (Central European Summer Time) it’s airing 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

  9. I seriously doubt at this point that there would be a second Eeveelution. I feel with all the early eevee hype there would have been two reveals.

    1. I kind of wish that there was but I will not be hurt much if there is not one.

    2. Although its weird they haven’t announced one yet, I think there is going to be a dragon type eve elution because when they introduced dark type to nerf psychic, they also introduced espeon. They said that fairy is supposed to balance out the dragon type, but its odd they haven’t announced it yet. Then again there is supposed to be another mewtwo form that wasn’t even in the movie.

      1. Yeah! willy410 i’m totally with you on this… in the 1rst and 2nd generation gamefreak introduced 4: normal Eevee, jolteon, vaporeon and flareon … in the 3d generation we have two Eeveelution’s espeon psyquic and umbreon dark this (for me) made a great balance in the game and both evolve via friendship … in sinnoh and unova we have my favorite eevelution’s leafeon and glaceon… and totally it make another great balance for this games and both evolve by the same way… so… I totally believe that it will be one more Eeveelution on this generation maybe dragon or poison but definetly it will be one more to nerf the fairy silveon (:

    3. I agree I doubt there will be, but I would like there to be a new one just to counter Sylveon 🙂

      1. didn’t a more reliable source say there would be a poison eevee? (which would be so much cooler) and be closer to going with the elemental theme we have going. Poison beats fairy anyways acording to Smash.

        1. Yeah but all the eevee evolutions are types that were classified as special not physical. And dragonsthe last special type so if they did another one alot of people think it will be dragon type.

        2. how is the source that claimed there would be a Poison-type Eeveelution “more reliable?” as far as I can remember, absolutely none of the purported “leakers” have shown anything conclusive to prove that their leaks are accurate.

    4. I agree, same thing with the rumored second Mewtwo Forme. It would have been revealed by now if true.

      1. The source who mention the second forme has been correct about a bunch of things. And I’m not that surprised they haven’t revealed it yet, considering we’re still pretty much in the dark about the first one,

        1. I know the source is reputable, but why wouldn’t they have featured both Mewtwo Formes in the movie if they are both debuting in the games at the same time?

    5. I just want to see the new 649 sprites.
      Not that i dont want to see the new pokemon but who doesnt get excited to see their favorites back to life, but now in 3D :DDD

    6. from a rumor that still has not been proven false, it says that sylveon is the only eeveelution but still just a rumor

    7. I think there *might* be a new evolution of Eevee, but as to the type, I am not so sure.

      I think the reason it wasn’t focused on, is because Sylveon is a brand new type, and it was more the type focus, than the Pokémon.

    8. I think that if they don’t release another eeveelution, then the whole reason they only released one was to even out the number of eeveelutions.
      That’s just what I think.

  10. I doubt we will get anything important today! Maybe just a little bit of gameplay from the X and Y segment. Yet, I can’t wait for August! 🙂

  11. JST: 7:30A.M.~8:30A.M. BST: 11:30P.M.~12:30A.M. PST 3:30PM~4:30PM CST 5:30PM~6:30PM EST: 6:30P.M.~7:30P.M. AEST:8:30AM to 9:30PM BRT:7:30PM to 8:30 PM GMT:11:30PM~12:30AM

    you forgot MST ): That’s my timezone.

    1. Well, I can’t include all time zones possible… I put in all the major ones so even if you’re in a slightly different timezone you can calculate without much pain.Sorry!

      1. Just wanted to say thanks for including the time zone’s its a big help seems how I mix it up every now and then 🙂

      1. I don’t know… it is loading a few seconds… but nothing else… it’s like it’s giving up showing me this episode >.>

        1. So it won’t load? hmmm… you could use the stream that Hugo posted if you like, but the comments could be quite bad so watch out.

          1. Because replying to your own comment pretending to be someone else talking about how good it is destroys what credibility you ever had.

  12. At least we got some new X & Y gameplay :|. I liked Sycamore’s introduction though 😀

    1. yeah but it would have been nice to get more gameplay. I find that it is usually not worth watching since they never show much.

  13. They had a segment where the people went thought a door of the evolutions of both Snivy and Oshawott, they then showed Dunsparce and I genuinely thought they were gonna reveal an evo…they didn’t 🙁

    1. Hahah that was a ridiculously funny segment 😛 What was that stuff aswell flour ? 😛 🙂

      1. I think it was flour…although the only thing I ever understand on Smash are numbers…cause they’re…numbers

    1. Because we expected no noteworthy information, we’ve decided to write a summary after the show is over. Will be updated soon.

    1. This is very exciting, I can’t wait for them to “re-reveal” Grant and Clemont next!

  14. This is my virtual song to Team Flare:

    Team Flare, I want to thank you. Your team have not been revealed for more than a second of my life and yet, you broke the G.R.A.M.P cycle. You set fire to the rain with your awesomeness and you made fashion seem as though it was a secondary worry. Not only for that but for what you’ll do and the things you will steal. Oh, the money you will earn. Of course, you arne’t what you seem, says so the people yet, I don’t care because your team already set my heart on fire. If I ever break up with you, be sure to tell Taylor Swift: I wrote a song about you. For that I thank. LOLZ 😀

    PS: Sorry for the shade but, I couldn’t help it.

    1. Why are you here ? You should be out writing song for the greats ! Or at least spare us from the shit from the likes of Bieber. I believe in you Prince !

  15. What about “joke leaks”? I was preparing a “joke leak” (that no one reading would actually think it’s serious, the first sentence already shows it’s a joke) to post here, when I get the time to finish it, as a way to show that anyone can claim to be a leaker without any proof and post any ridiculous stuff.

    1. I already did one, but some of the staff is already familiar with me, so they knew it was a joke. I’d just be careful to be honest. Plus, all there “leaker” posts have gotten pretty out of hand, so it’s probably around that time to stop all together. Oh, and if Moving reads this, I swear, it wasn’t me. I did not just confess because I didn’t do it.

    2. I mopped the floor at Gamefreak once, so I can assure you that I am legit.

      Fifth gym leader is Catty Parry, whom uses a sword-fighting cat pokemon, Wussinboots. She has blue hair and will begin singing to her insecure fans every time she feels like she is being ignored granted that she can be “fairy” annoying (hint, hint). She wears a bra that shoots out fireworks, and claims to be the first singer to wear this sort of garment. Though the next gym leader, Ma’dawn’a, who specializes in dark types, claims she was the original leader to boast that bra. She is fairly old, but tries her best to conceal her age with wigs and stealing the youth of children from third world countries. To her dismay, another leader, Mrs. Lala, who specializes in pokemon from the new ‘little monster’ egg group, also wore a sparking cone bra. Though she was also covered in eggs and bacon meat dresses, which led to her poor eating habits, obesity, and thus, her loss of popularity. Therefore, Madawna just ends up ignoring her desperate cries for attention.

      Instead of pokemon musical, X and Y touts a new feature, “Women say the darnest things on talk shows”. You have a chance to squabble about random topics with four other women, featuring Goopy Moldturd and Hairy Sheppard.

      If you have any questions, just ask me. Also, I found a demo of the game in one of the trash bins at GF headquarters; thus, I can provide additional information about pretty much anything.

      1. oops, I forgot to mention another favorite feature of the game. Goldeen has a split evolution – Pauladeen.

        “Pauladeen is a large deep-fried fish smothered in mayonnaise and butter. It learns the new move Butter Lips which has a 90% chance of OHKO.”

        I am in awe of the amazing new designs that GF is coming up with.

        I drew this from memory, I am 90% sure with +/-95% uncertainty. Let me know what you think.

        1. Love the Pauladeen. xD
          That would so go on my team! I can’t believe all the hate she’s getting. Thanks to you, I’m going to do something to support her! *rushes to find B2 to nickname Seaking “Paula”*

          1. Find a shiny, they appear to be slathered in a golden buttery coat. The closest thing you can find, until X and Y is released.

    3. When everyone does that, it becomes very annoying, and that’s why you should refrain from doing that.

      1. But I had beenpreparing that joke for some time, and I was going to post it some days ago. The only thing that stopped me was that I didn’t have enough time to finish it.

        1. Save it for another time. There’s been too much in a short period of time that it hardly will be funny. 😉

    1. Going from the trends, don’t count on it. It was really, maybe like one and a half seconds worth of new footage you missed, so it’s not much.

      1. An area with glowing crystals? Guess we know where we’ll be taking our Magneton and Nosepass.

  16. Nothing new from smash this week neither :/ I’m totally believe that it is going to be another eevelution on this generation… I mean in kanto we had eeve, jolteon, flareon and vaporeon… in johto nothing new… In hoenn we had espeon and umbreon… both evolve via friendship and umbreon was made to nerf the psyquic espeon… In sinnoh we have this amazing eveelution’s leafeon and glaceon… beautifull and powerfull and they evolve via rocks (mass rock and ice rock) in unova same as johto nothing new… and with sylveon this new eevelution with this powerfull type… doesn’t seem to overpowered? So gamefreak always give us since hoeen two new eevelution’s and I think that this generation won’t be an exception… I believe that it is going to be a poison eevee to nerf silveon or maybe it will be a dragon eevee to make a balance with silveon… I really wan’t a powerfull dragon eevee sylveon looks great too but a dragon eevee would be AWESOME (:

    1. Actually, Espeon and Umbreon debuted in Johto, it was Hoenn and that had none. Just a minor error, but thought I’d point it out.

  17. Just gonna drop these off here.

    These are screenshots which we’re recently uploaded not long ago to Pokemonxy.jp. No idea why there so small, but you can make out a few things.

    Look at that water Pokemon battle ;D

    1. I love how people try to confirm a remake by Rocks! Also, wouldn’t GameFreak just do a R/S remake not Emerald! R/S make a pair so It would be more logical! But, it was funny!

      1. I know, they only remake the two games not the “sister game” since that is practically a remake. Still couldn’t it be hinting at something? *cough* 3rd Generation reference *cough* lol

    1. Hahaha that’s brilliant 😀 Imagine there was a pokemon like Mr. Krabs tho :p Like a corphish gone mad 😛

  18. I would rather have had Underwater battles than Sky Battles.. But I don’t know.. Sky Battles are a pretty cool addition as well. 🙂

    1. We may have the ability to Dive so, there is a possible for Underwater battles! (BTW if you don’t know Underwater Battles where present in R/S/E/B/W/B2/W2! You can acquire the Dive HM)

  19. I stopped reading at “Drakeon” IF (and this if a big if) they release another eeveelution and it turned out to be dragon type, trust me, they will name it something else besides “Drakeon”, if anytihng maybe “Scaleon”

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