Pokémon Smash! July 28 — FINISHED!


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As normal we’re here to bring you this weeks episode of Pokémon Smash! This week we won’t be updating the post live, but there will be a stream and chat for our visitors to watch and take part in.

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Episode Write-up

The anime episode that aired in this weeks Smash was Luxray Vision. After the usual Smash features the hosts of the show took a look at some short footage of X & Y, with Team Flare and Professor Sycamore being the main focus. While the footage didn’t showcase anything new, we learned that the noise for progressing text in a conversation, and selecting option throughout the game will remain the same as previous games.

Next week is set to be the usual for Smash. With no huge details announced for the episode. There will however be a feature on The Pokémon Game Show.

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