Pokémon Gray – To 3DS or not to 3DS?

If you don’t get it from the picture, this post is my personal opinion, and don’t take these things as rumors or facts. That said, I’m sure you have a different view than I have, so I’d love to hear it in the comments.

It sure has popped up sometimes in the comments, and I have replied to some of it, but I’m writing this article to clarify my stance on it and to give you guys something to discuss. I’m trying to be as objective as I can, so I’m going to discuss both options, as they are both possible to occur. Here it comes!

Why I think Gray should be on the 3DS

Some people say that because Black & White are on the DS, the third version also should be on the DS. However, many didn’t see B&W coming to the DS in it’s late lifespan. So it wouldn’t surprise me if they do it different again. The DS is nearly dead now, with few games coming, and a price tag a little lower than its succesor. Not to mention the rampant piracy/hacking, which is still absent from the 3DS.

The 3DS may not be the ideal succesor, some even say it will fail. However, software has always been a determining factor to the succes of a console. Having a main Pokémon game, albeit not truly original, would certainly boost sales, and help the 3DS on its way to succes.

In the past, third versions have always been small remixes, adding some content and story, but retaining the looks and feel. By putting Gray on the 3DS, you can give the game something to set it apart from its little siblings: better graphics (and sound). Who would not want to see a more visually impressive Castelia City, with sharper lines and more varied texture packs. Not to speak of all the other beautiful places in Unova. And this time, you can get 3D battles à la Pokémon Stadium, a much requested feature.

If I had to chose between DS and 3DS, I’d certainly pick 3DS. But maybe it’s just because I already have one, and I would have to pay as much for either version.

Why I think Gray should be on the DS

The DS has a much larger install base. There are 150 million DS’s out there, and while many use a flashcard to play games, there are still a lot of people willing to pay for a new Pokémon game. There aren’t as many people with a 3DS, and some don’t even want to buy one, because of monetary or other reasons.

There is nothing wrong with the DS. The graphics may be a bit outdated, but it’s not all about having great looks. Gameplay is what truly counts, so it doesn’t matter if it is released on a weaker system, as the DS has nearly the same controls needed for Pokémon as the 3DS.

Some say the next generation should be the first main games on the 3DS, to set them apart from the previous generation. But one can argue that, while B&W where released on the same system as D&P, they still have altered and new things to make them unique.

Releasing Gray on the DS would be the last killer game for it, the one that says truly farewell to the DS (sorry Kirby!). And it keeps the fifth generation nicely on one system, as there has never been a true system split.

Le compromis

What if they release Pokémon Gray on both the DS and 3DS as seperate game cards? This seems to best option there, as it satisfies both parties, and nobody would get something they didn’t want. The Pokémon Company said they still want to support both systems, so is this what they meant?

They also said we’re getting some exciting news this year, and I’m hoping it is the announcement of Gray. Do you think they’re announcing it this year? On which platform(s) do you want to see it? Do you (dis)agree with my statements? Discuss it all below in the comments!

~ Dae

pokejungle’s note: We made a mistake on the article posted last night, my bad.  Embarrassing 😡  I green-lighted the piece, so don’t blame ozy!


  1. There is a precedent for it, at least. Gold and Silver were, through and through, Game Boy games, while Crystal was a Game Boy color Game.

    Sure, Gold and Silver were designed with the GBC in mind, what with how they have coor, but they are, technically, a Game Boy Game.

  2. I think it would be a smart move with lagging 3DS sales to place a new, actual pokemon game on the 3DS. 3DS has a built in pedometer to bring back the pokewalker like function, and looking at the 3DS pokedex, I can see huge potential there. Since it is the 3rd in an existing series of B&W, I think they have more room to play and explore and risk. i would like to see it.

  3. I think it should be in 3D, i love patterns and I don’t want this new generation new console pattern to fail.

    Gen 1-Game Boy
    Gen 2-Started with Game Boy, continued with Game Boy Color
    Gen 3-Game Boy Advanced
    Gen 4-Nintendo DS
    Gen 5-Started with Nintendo DS,probably continue with Nintendo 3DS

    And the third game really needs a big improvement from other two and it could be smoothly made by actual 3D effect.

    1. Err, no. The first generation’s red and blue was on gameboy followed by pokemon yellow on gb colour. The entire second generation was on colour too!

  4. I agree that they should make the game for both systems because the 3DS isn’t doing that well in sales, so Pokemon Gray would probably generate more sales of 3DS games and increase revenues. But they should also do it on the DS because not many people have a 3DS, and the game on the DS would probably sell more than the 3DS.

  5. I’m all for Grey coming out for both the DS and 3DS. There’s a lot of opportunities for an amazing game experience if they put the third game on the 3DS, but at the same time, there’s wayyyyy more people that have DS’ than 3DS’. If they put it just on one console one party gets mad. (just like dae mentioned) If they put it just on the 3DS for promotion reasons it’d suck so much. Yes, quite alot of hardcore Pokenerds would buy the 3DS just to play the game, but that leaves the millions of people that don’t have one out of luck. But, at the same time the 3DS, at this point, has almost no games on it, and releasing Grey for only the 3DS would be possibly the best way to get rid of that problem. That being said, if they put it out just for the DS I actually don’t think there would be much of a problem as probably most Pokemon gamers have a DS, but by the time it’ll be released by the time the DS is be dead. I do think having Grey as a final curtain call for the console we’ve all come to love would be amazing, but I’m still all for a release on the DS and 3DS. Kinda like what they did for the first Mystery Dungeon. 🙂
    But this game would make the 3DS game selection soooo much better! UGHHHH. MY MIND HURTS FROM THINKING.

  6. i sincerely hope it’s not on the 3ds. i’m not going to say any examples of what would happen if it is on one or the other, but i know i won’t be getting a 3ds at least until they fix a lot of things about it (if at all), and that could take years. nintendo is really making some major blunders with its new systems. lol

      1. battery capacity, lack of decent original games, way more expensive than a ds, the 3d isn’t really a “wow” factor unless you keep it still and don’t move your head yet i think of it as a handheld system so i’m sure most people hold it when they play, companies are just going to 3d-ify their past games and the market will be flooded with barely-changed remakes, a lot of future games will more than likely suck but get made anyway because they can say “it’s got lots of 3d!” (kind of like some movies lately…), the headaches you’ll be paying money for, and since the screens are 2 different sizes, i’m guessing that there won’t be a lot of games that rely on seeing both screens at once like the mario and luigi games for example.

        1. you asked. lol
          also, this doesn’t mean i’d be done with pokemon or nintendo or whatever. when they fix at least some of the problems like they did with the ds lite, i’m more than likely to hop right back on. lol

        2. Well, if you read a bit more of it, you’ll see it’s not as bad as you think.
          Battery capacity is indeed a sucky thing, but it’s not that bad, you only need to recharge much more.
          Have you read about the price-cut? The 3DS in the states costs 170$, 20$ more than a DSi costs.
          And you think the only thing better is the stereoscopic 3D, but honestly, nobody gives a **** about that. The real deal are better graphics, more memory and a better cpu, which means better Artificial Intelligence and better sound. Couple that with a gyroscope, a somewhat decent ‘analog stick’ and an increase of easy-of-use in the menu, due to the way the hardware handles the software.
          Just don’t worry about the 3D effect, that fad is winding down, but that doesn’t mean all the potential of the system is lost. Games always take time to develop, and I’m sure next year we’ll see some great new Intellectual Property, above all the staples we’re already getting.

        3. So, the 3DS lacks games (as the DS did at this point in its life), and so rather than combat that and put a Pokémon main game on it, you want them to ignore it? LOGICERROR

          Battery capacity isn’t as bad as the internet says.

          As for price, that has since been rectified and has acted as a rebirth of the console, with it selling craploads since the price cut. Incidentally, it’s not a DS with 3D features, it’s the next iteration of Nintendo’s handhelds, like the DS was to the GBA, the GBA was to the GBC, the GameCube was to the Nintendo 64 etc.

          1. Finally some sense. All of the 3DS doomsday theories are getting on my nerves.
            Anybody who looks back at previous patterns should be able to see this, and yet we seem to live in a gaming age full of mainly young yet ironically cynical gamers easily brainwashed by too much bad press.

        1. Well, I haven’t found a $1 app that gives the same gameplay as a full-priced game.
          It’s even impossible, as engineers and the like aren’t cheap, and you’d have to sell over 50 million $1 apps to get a break-even.

  7. I would think that it would come out for the DS, but hold special features specifically for the 3DS, to kind of give a use for both handhelds.

    On speculation of the upcoming announcement, maybe it could be a pokemon stadium game to include gen V pokemon. Just my thoughts.

    1. I also thought of that one, but some technical problems hold it back.
      3DS games need higher res textures, which requires a larger capacity and a faster bandwith, and I don’t know if you can make a cartridge that supports both DS and 3DS.

  8. I prefer the DS, but of course, they should make it for both systems. Everyone would be happy…

  9. I think they should make it for both the DS and 3DS, but make the 3DS version significantly better(like graphics wise) as an incentive for people to buy a 3DS while also keeping the the DS owners content. Plus more sales all around

  10. I think they should make Gray for the DS because I won’t have enough money for a 3DS (even with the price cut) for a very, very long time. #brokecollegestudent

  11. Making it on both would be a good idea. Doesn’t much matter to me personally, but I think it would be smart.

  12. First of all, I’m going to admit that I’m probably one of the biggest supporters of the “Gray will be on the DS” theory. In my mind, there’s no chance that Gray will be 3DS exclusive. Maybe it’ll be “le compromis” but there’s ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE that it’s going to be for the 3DS only. Sure, sales for it are lagging, but people don’t seem to understand (maybe because of the similar names) that these are different generations of consoles. Nintendo seems to be using the Pokemon franchise, its second most profitable franchise of all time (next to Mario, natch), to stretch out the DS’s lifespan. And that’s a smart move. It would be a ridiculously poor decision for Nintendo to suddenly shove all of their games and support behind the 3DS alone and totally ignore the DS all of a sudden. Maybe the game will be for both systems, but not for the 3DS by itself. That’s just not going to happen, no matter how poorly the 3DS does in sales. I’ve made this comparison before, but it’s like Emerald coming out on the DS. That’d be a bad idea, because then Ruby and Sapphire wouldn’t be directly compatible with it. This is exactly the same situation. Gray (or Grey) has to be on the DS. MAYBE it will be on the 3DS, too.

    1. Well, the DS is nearly dead, and Nintendo have already abandoned the ship. Every person who would buy Gray already has a DS, so you can’t boost DS sales with it.
      However, the DS and 3DS both use wireless communication, and it’s not that difficult for a 3DS game to go in a DS compatibility mode. Emerald on DS would certainly be stupid, as the DS doesn’t have a GBA port, and nobody used that wireless adapter anyway.

    2. Wouldn’t making such a major release a 3DS exclusive be the perfect incentive to get people to buy the 3DS?
      Also, may I just ask. Are you a 3DS owner?

  13. I doubt releasing Grey on the 3DS is a smart move. The 3DS does not sell well and it would be a huge middle finger to those who bought Black and/or White. Content-wise and connectivity wise.

    Ultimately I doubt there even will be a Grey version. By the time it would have been released, the DS would be long gone and the 3DS still wouldn’t be a smart move. So focusing on Gen 6 would be smarter for a main game on the 3DS.

    1. it has been only one year since gen 5 appeared and you want gen 6 now? that’s crazy
      it’s true: 3DS’s sales are a bit low (they are increasing now), and that’s why they should announce pokemon gray for 3DS: if they want to increase 3DS’s sales, they must develop new and famous software for it and announcing a new main pokemon game will make people to buy the handheld and the game
      my opinion: maybe they should develop this game for 3DS, DS is nearly death, maybe it will last some months, but they should focus on 3DS if they want it to success (like they are doing with all the new games that are coming)… maybe the games that Pokemon Company will announce for DS this year will be the last pokemon games for DS… it’s hard, but we can’t delay inevitable things, i think the time to say goodbye to DS it’s near

    2. Sounds like wishful thinking from someone hesitant to invest in a 3DS to me.
      Come christmas I believe the 3DS will be doing a lot better (due to the games available by then and also the buying season) you should prepare yourself now for the shock! 😉

  14. it kinda makes no sense for them to put it on the ds. if nintendo wants to increase sales with the their next gen handheld, putting a major property on their older hardware seams like a bad choice.

    that said if anything i see them pulling a gold and silver, with the game being a ds game, with special 3ds features.

    me personally im game either way, long as the game has as much extra stuff going for it as platinum did to diamond and pearl.

  15. My personal opinion: it should be stuck on the 3DS.

    Yes, this’ll suck for those of you that don’t have one yet, but it would honestly be the smartest move to make at this point. Makes 3DS sales even better (if the holiday season doesn’t pan out like they hope), releases another game on a system dying for some good software, and, more importantly, gives GameFreak the chance to not only use the new system capabilities to improve upon B/W (say what you will in favor of the DS, but the textures are bad, sprites being stretched/shrunk is ugly, and the models could use some refining) but also get familiar with the 3DS’s hardware so that the next Pokemon game can be an even greater step up from B/W.

    Battery life shouldn’t be too much of an issue, because honestly that problem is a bit overblown (I’ve never played my 3DS to the point where the battery died). And for me personally (I can’t speak for other people though) the 3D doesn’t usual give me a headache. The only times I’ve gotten anything resembling a headache from it would be when I was really tired or when I had been playing the system for a very long time, when it is generally recommended you take breaks from playing games (3D or otherwise) anyways. But that’s from my own experience, and you may feel different, but I’m just saying a lot of the flak that Nintendo has been getting recently is being blown way out of proportion by the internet.

  16. For me it would be reminiscent of Yellow if they put it on an updated console. To be honest though, I think there is little doubt that Gray will be on the 3DS. The 3DS needs killer games, Nintendo can’t afford a 4 year wait for a main Pokémon game. (This not including Ruby/Saph remakes which are also very likely).

  17. Funny how i mentioned to pokejungle on facebook while back asking is there going to be a third version (because i know it might happen) but pokejungle said no there won’t be, now he’s suggesting there might be? ironic. (remember back in winter when the major snow storms was happening and i mentioned about keyrum causing them and asking about a third version to black and white, yeah hopefully that rings a bell). I personally think it should stick with dsi and 3ds only cause the regular ds is out because dsi has more memory and graphics better functionality.

    1. by the way though, i like your site. this, serebii, and pokebeach are the main three sites i like to check back on now and then. lol

  18. the ds is on its death bed whispering its final words of wisdom into the 3ds’ ears. by the the time we should expect gray the 3ds will be about a year and a half old. at its current price anyone who doesn’t have one then either doesnt want one or is trying to get one. if you want to live in the past fine but dont expect developers to stay with you.

  19. Since DS games can play on the 3DS but 3DS games cannot play on the DS, they should put “Gray” on the DS. Making it for the DS will allow the owners of the DS, DS lite, DSi, DSI XL, and the 3DS to play it, increasing the sales of the game. However, putting it on the 3DS would only allow that small number of people who own a 3DS to play it. Even though some people may be influenced to buy a 3DS just to play Pokemon Gray, the number of sales of the game would most likely be less due to it only being on one system. The sales of the 3DS would not greatly increase from this either, imo. With the total number of people owning any variation of the DS being 143 million higher than the people owning a 3DS, Nintendo and Game Freak’s best option would be to put Pokemon Gray on the DS.

    1. It’s not the best option for Nintendo, it’s the best option for you. All these comments are subjective, people make comments by which console they have.

    2. It’s npt about being able to play it on your 3DS, it’s about taking advantage of the 3DS’ capabilities.

  20. it does make business sense actually. they’re obviously not abandoning the ds just yet. there are still an overwhelming majority of ds players who haven’t upgraded even from the ds lite, so they’d be stupid to put all their eggs in the 3ds basket so quick. eventually they will once the next version comes out, again, like the ds lite did. but like what i said before, this is all just my opinion, but i should also admit that my opinions are based on actually researching these things, so take it as you will. lol

    anyway, as far as the actual topic goes, i think they’ll wait for gen 6 to hop to the 3ds. maybe even the gen 3 remakes. it’d take a hell of a lot of work (and therefore time) to completely remake a new pokemon system in 3d and for them to figure out what aspects to deepen visually and how to implement the 3d. but once it’s all said and done, i’m sure that they won’t let us down! pokemon just seems to get better and better!

    1. The only thing they have to do is write a new engine, create some new assets/textured and it’s finished. They don’t need to develop new pokemon/region, and only need to modify the story a little. They can then use the engine partly for gen 6.
      And Gamefreak are professional developers, they have powerful software to easily modify the 3D, they are not one guy developing in a basement with a typewriter.

  21. sales of the 3ds surged in japan after the price cut, if what i heard was correct, also by the time this game would arrive in japan, several major properties will have been released, mario 3d land, star fox 64 3d, mario cart, possibly even animal crossing, and even a tales game. who knows what would be released out of japan by the time this game finally made it outside of japan.

    basically by the time the game is released, sales could have gone up. at which point releasing a major game for a handheld that is pre the current one would just seem to be a bad call.

  22. I doubt they will release it on the 3DS for the simple reason that it would be switching consoles. I’m not saying that they didn’t do it in the past but this is different. When you release a game of a series for the first time on a console you want it to use the full capacity of the console which means 3D and better of everything. This way they would be changing the entire game’s look and that’s not that good. It would be much better to have a new start with the new console. So Gen 6 or ruby/saphire remakes will be on the 3DS but not Grey. Also why would they make it on both. That would be a waste of time and money. The people with the game on the 3DS would need 3DS and maybe the view of the game cube games and not top view and the people with the DS game would have better graphics. Do you think Game Freak or whatever else that is producing the game would actually do this. That would delay the game release by another year or so. And we all know that that’s not going to be a good impression on those new fans and that we aren’t going to be happy about that.

    1. Dp you even know what you just said? It makes no sense at all.
      Gray on 3DS would keep the same view, only with better graphics and maybe new battlescenes. Gamefreak has several teams working on several projects, so the engine for Gray could easily be modified for the 6th gen.

  23. Well if Pokemon Grey/Gray was on the DS, it would surely be one of the last games for the DS.
    3DS Pokemon games wuold mean the end of one era and the start of an epic 3D pokemon era.
    However, even though the 3DS price has dropped… people are still hesitant to buying it. Also, 3DS game cost £40 (in the Uk) while DS games are released at around £30-£35 (the bigger the game, the higher the price)
    3 game 5th gen game could essentially make or break sales dependidn on which console it is released on

  24. The 3DS looks like it was made for a Pokémon game. The pedometer that can work like the pokéwalker, the StreetPass that works like the C-Gear and the SpotPass that would work much better with the Global Link than what we currently have to put up with.

    And the 3DS is this month’s best-selling console, so don’t talk of it like it is some sort of PSP Go…

  25. It will be for 3DS. But i totally disagree with using 3D pokemon in the games. That would ruin the main games. They should just stick with moving sprites.

  26. I will not buy a handheld over $150. I will not buy a handheld game over $35.

    With that said, if Gray comes out on the 3DS – which I would support – I will not buy it. Hell, it’d probably be the end of me playing pokemon.

      1. It was $150 when I bought it. I’m not paying console-price for something that fits in my pocket – or is supposed to.
        And I’m certainly not going to be paying $40 for an optional feature – the 3D effect.

        1. Oh no, I have set 150 in my mind and 20 dollars above that completely convinces me not to buy.
          And, uhm, you think Grey on the DS will be given away free? Or are you a pirate? If so, I think the main reason you don’t buy a 3DS is because it isn’t hacked yet, as you are not the person to ever give money for a game.

  27. Gray/Grey will be on the 3DS for sure,since it will be released next year,so by that time the 3DS sales had already been up(if PS VIta doesn’t interfere an inch) by games such as Kid Icarus,Mario Kart 7,More Mario and some 3rd party games(and maybe Zelda too) so its gonna be on a 3DS,if its still going to the DS, that will be a downside as many would be buying the DS version since many already have one.

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