Pokémon Gray – To 3DS or not to 3DS?

If you don’t get it from the picture, this post is my personal opinion, and don’t take these things as rumors or facts. That said, I’m sure you have a different view than I have, so I’d love to hear it in the comments.

It sure has popped up sometimes in the comments, and I have replied to some of it, but I’m writing this article to clarify my stance on it and to give you guys something to discuss. I’m trying to be as objective as I can, so I’m going to discuss both options, as they are both possible to occur. Here it comes!

Why I think Gray should be on the 3DS

Some people say that because Black & White are on the DS, the third version also should be on the DS. However, many didn’t see B&W coming to the DS in it’s late lifespan. So it wouldn’t surprise me if they do it different again. The DS is nearly dead now, with few games coming, and a price tag a little lower than its succesor. Not to mention the rampant piracy/hacking, which is still absent from the 3DS.

The 3DS may not be the ideal succesor, some even say it will fail. However, software has always been a determining factor to the succes of a console. Having a main Pokémon game, albeit not truly original, would certainly boost sales, and help the 3DS on its way to succes.

In the past, third versions have always been small remixes, adding some content and story, but retaining the looks and feel. By putting Gray on the 3DS, you can give the game something to set it apart from its little siblings: better graphics (and sound). Who would not want to see a more visually impressive Castelia City, with sharper lines and more varied texture packs. Not to speak of all the other beautiful places in Unova. And this time, you can get 3D battles à la Pokémon Stadium, a much requested feature.

If I had to chose between DS and 3DS, I’d certainly pick 3DS. But maybe it’s just because I already have one, and I would have to pay as much for either version.

Why I think Gray should be on the DS

The DS has a much larger install base. There are 150 million DS’s out there, and while many use a flashcard to play games, there are still a lot of people willing to pay for a new Pokémon game. There aren’t as many people with a 3DS, and some don’t even want to buy one, because of monetary or other reasons.

There is nothing wrong with the DS. The graphics may be a bit outdated, but it’s not all about having great looks. Gameplay is what truly counts, so it doesn’t matter if it is released on a weaker system, as the DS has nearly the same controls needed for Pokémon as the 3DS.

Some say the next generation should be the first main games on the 3DS, to set them apart from the previous generation. But one can argue that, while B&W where released on the same system as D&P, they still have altered and new things to make them unique.

Releasing Gray on the DS would be the last killer game for it, the one that says truly farewell to the DS (sorry Kirby!). And it keeps the fifth generation nicely on one system, as there has never been a true system split.

Le compromis

What if they release Pokémon Gray on both the DS and 3DS as seperate game cards? This seems to best option there, as it satisfies both parties, and nobody would get something they didn’t want. The Pokémon Company said they still want to support both systems, so is this what they meant?

They also said we’re getting some exciting news this year, and I’m hoping it is the announcement of Gray. Do you think they’re announcing it this year? On which platform(s) do you want to see it? Do you (dis)agree with my statements? Discuss it all below in the comments!

~ Dae

pokejungle’s note: We made a mistake on the article posted last night, my bad.  Embarrassing 😡  I green-lighted the piece, so don’t blame ozy!