Focus On: Bug-Type

Ah bugs.  The pokemon we often encounter early in our adventures and rarely take with us to the Elite 4.  Black and White was extremely kind to this type though as it added more bug pokemon than any previous generation and some with stats near or over a base total of 500, making them much better for battle than some of the bugs we’ve seen.  In HeartGold it pained me not to take Ariados along on my team, but I couldn’t justify it with only 390 stat points.  I think that anyone who appreciates the bug type will find something to fit their team this time around though.  Here we go!  Hit the spoiler to read more!


First in the dex we have #540 Kurumiru, #541 Kurumayu, and #542 Hahakomori.  Prior to the Japanese release, Kurumiru was one of the first bug pokemon revealed (along with Denchura) and it was instant LOVE for me.  Grass and Bug are two of my favorite types and this line ties both the essences together extremely well.  The first time I saw Hahakomori I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t a caterpillar to butterfly/moth progression like we’ve had numerous times in the past and the originality was much appreciated.  In some ways I think the final evolution’s stance is a bit awkward, but nonetheless I’m still a big fan.  Kurumayu is a pretty cute (but emo) mid-stage pupa pokemon and doesn’t stand out much, but at the same time doesn’t have a silly design.  I’m going to have to think hard about whether or not to add kurumiru onto my team though because of the long list of weaknesses this line has.  Unfortunately you have TWO double weaknesses to watch out for… both Fire and Flying.  Additional weaknesses are poison, bug, rock, and ice making it a VERY poor pokemon strategically.   Hahakomori’s base stat total is a decent 490, but with its average def/sp def it might be too risky to use in battle.  It does have some handy resistances though, including a double resistance to both grass and ground.  Depending on the situation this could prove useful.  Its speed and attack stats are its best qualities and if you can get it set up with chlorophyll/sunny day and solar beam you could put some serious hurt on a few types.  The lack of U-Turn in its movepool however hurts it since you can’t outrun an opponent and switch out to escape a possible 4X attack.

Next we have an interesting caterpillar -> pupa -> centipede line that also forgos the butterfly stereotype (or any sort of natural progression): #543 Fushide, #544 Hoiiga, #545 Pendra.  This line is an interesting bug/poison line, but I end up being really turned off by the last evolution, Pendra.  I would’ve suffered through another moth type pokemon if it would’ve done justice to the two preceding stages.  Compared to other caterpillar pokemon, Fushide marks a nice change by being a little bit heftier than its featherweight brethren.  It also has a fairly cute moving animation and the half-closed yellow eyes are oddly endearing to me.  The second stage design is also pretty nice by my standards and vaguely reminds me of shelgon.  Pendra though… ugh.  It may be one of the only bug pokemon I actively dislike…  I played a small amount of the Japanese Black version and found that Fushide was surprisingly resilient for a bug pokemon.  My success in the electric gym was directly related to how well it took hits but was also able to dish out some damage as well.  The poison subtype gives this line some good resistances (including double resistances to grass and fighting) while not having too many weaknesses (fire, rock, psychic, flying).  It also doesn’t suffer from having any double weaknesses like kurumiru’s line.  Competitively we’re looking at a base stat total of 475 with a lacking sp atk, sp def, but pretty decent stats elsewhere.  I was surprised to see speed as its strongest stat (112) based on its hulking appearance.  Apparently this bug can crawl fast though.

Covering these two as bug types… feels wrong.  GameFreak has violated me by taking an OBVIOUS rock/water type and throwing it in my face as… bug/rock.  Regardless, I present you with #557 Ishizumai and #558 Iwaparesu.  This line is another that makes me feel “awww” at the unevolved form, but “ARGH WTF” after it evolves.  In other words… I’m not a huge fan of the sedimentary rock on top of iwaparesu.  Other than that I don’t have a lot to say about the designs.  They look very pokemon-ish and fit in well with the other crab/lobster-ish pokemon such as kingler and crawdaunt, well, besides the type.  As a past hermit crab owner I am glad to see that GF at least made an effort to introduce a new sort of animal into the series.  Iwaparesu really benefits from its typing in my opinion as you get a steel/rock/water weakness combo that isn’t too bad.  Water is what you’re going to have to watch out for, but otherwise rock and steel are under represented in the offense department.  As with pendra, iwaparesu has a base stat total of 475 and only really lacks speed.  Its poor sp atk shouldn’t be too hard to work with when many rock attacks are physical and you have X-Scissor.  If you want to try to use the decent defenses to buy time and rock polish yourself up for battle that’s another option you have.  I don’t know how it will fair competitively, but it isn’t too bad of a pokemon to have on your team in the game.

The first time I saw #588 Kaburumo and #589 Shubarugo I found it hard to believe they were in the same family.  You can see kaburumo’s body in its evolution but otherwise the armor makes it look much more like a chobomaki evolution (which makes sense because you have to trade with one in order for kaburumo to evolve).  I find kaburumo’s design to be rather plain and too similar to other bugs before it (including ledyba, illumise/volbeat, and kricketot).  Shubarugo on the other hand is quite an interesting design and offers a completely unique design.  Count me as a fan.  In fact catching bugs as a child would’ve been much more fun if some of them wore suits of armor and had jousting poles at the end of their legs.  As much as I like it though, I don’t know how it will fair in battle.  The only weakness is fire, but it is certainly a liability because of its double effectiveness.  Shubarugo’s terrible speed also guarantees that it will be moving last unless it happens upon an even slower pokemon.  Luckily, to offset the speed deficit, it has great defenses and can stand a few blows, which it will have to considering it’ll be moving last.  Hopefully strategists out there will do this unique design justice by coming up with some fantastic battle plans.

When I saw #595 Bachuru and #596 Denchura I thought ‘PLEASE HAVE USABLE STATS’.  I related the pain of leaving ariados in my PC and I have never stopped wanting a spider I could USE in battle.  Denchura looks even better than ariados and I doubt even the biggest bug hater could turn a blind eye on bachuru’s fuzzy wuzzy cuteness.  The yellow/blue color scheme would probably not be my first choice if I were the art designer, but it still pulls off its look with the grace that only a denchura could manage.  It’s also worth pointing out that if you look at the official art for denchura it is really more of a dark purple than the sprite’s blue.  The base stat of 472 does me proud and I really believe there’s a place for this little guy on my team.  Its defenses really aren’t the best (60 for both), BUT with a 108 in speed and a similarly impressive 97 sp atk you can definitely get the jump on your opponent and hopefully do some serious damage (and hopefully paralyze it).  Its unique typing also lends itself to great weakness coverage as denchura comes out with only two weaknesses: fire and rock.  Not too shabby at all.  I’m not sure about the rest of you, but it was a little surprising to me that the first bug/electric type we have is actually not a firefly.  No complaints from me though! EDIT: Ai pointed out that its ability, compoundeyes, raises the accuracy of ‘thunder’ to a likely-to-hit 91%.  Nice!

Here we have the bug that loses its great suit of armor during evolution: #616 Chobomaki and its evolution #617 Agirudaa.  This is an interesting line to be sure and a completely unique one.  The shell of chobomaki is definitely cute (and a little shellder-ish), but the odd thing is it doesn’t have the bug/steel combination.  Instead this is a pure bug line through and through (in fact the only pure bug line in Isshu).  Agirudaa strikes me as a very weird and somewhat awkward design.  On one hand it is a pretty kickass ninja-looking bug, but on the other hand… how is it standing up?!  Seriously.  It ends in a stump essentially.  Its arms are similarly conic and seem like they’d be pretty useless in battle.  It seems to be the opposite of shubarago however though as its speed is lightning fast (145), but lacks the defensive powers of its “counterpart”.  Agirudaa’s base stat total is a respectable 495 and, besides its great speed, its attack stat really shines through at an impressive 100.  An HP stat of 80 isn’t too bad either.  The only downside I see is that bug is only offensively strong against 3 types, but weak against 6 types.  That means Agirudaa’s STAB moves will potentially be at a disadvantage in twice as many matches than not.  Otherwise this is another speedy bug!

#632 Aianto is the only unevolving non-legendary bug of this generation and the only ant-based pokemon of any generation.  Being the huuuuuuge Transformers: Beast Wars fan that I was when I was a kid I always think of Inferno when I see this pokemon.  The steel subtyping only backs up that image.  Design-wise there isn’t much to say, it is simply a steel ant.  This could be seen by some as cool and by others a metal coat over a real animal.  With the same bug/steel typing as shubarago we also have to look at which one is better.  Aianto’s base stats are slightly lower with only 484 total, but this is yet another fast bug.  Like Hahakomori I only wish that it could learn U-Turn to take advantage of the decent speed and attack, but also flee the field in a pinch.  Its special defense is undeniably weak with only 48 points.  That means that any fire attack (no STAB needed) will probably take it out.  I feel that ‘dig’ could be its redeeming move however as it hits fire types’ weakness and takes advantage of Aianto’s great physical attacking strength.  In the end though this little guy could be considered a glass cannon with its weakness and downright lousy special defense.

Here are our last two non-legendary bug pokemon #636 Meraruba and #637 Ulgamoth.  I love this line.  I love the furry coat it has, I love the incorporation of sun-like spikes/wings, and I love that we now have a bug/fire line.  Not to mention that when meraruba evolves (ugh, lv59) it takes on a “I’m a bug, but I will kick your ass” type expression.  The real question though is whether or not keeping the caterpillar on your team is going to be worth the late evolution.  To me, yes, it is worth it.  Ulgamoth has a base stat total of 550 with excellent speed, special defense, and special attack.  HP is average, but attack/defense is a respective 60/65 which may disappoint some.   It has 5 resistances which is certainly beneficial, but a double weakness to rock which you’ll have to watch out for.  The biggest threat there could be rockslide, stone edge or a few other rock type moves.  Overall though this is a super strong bug type that hopefully changes some opinions out there that bugs are a “weak” type and not worth a second glance.  Normally we see these high base stat totals and late evolutions only in dragon lines.

To end the article we have the FIRST… EVER… LEGENDARY BUG: #649 Genesect.  And, wow, it is effing weird.  I mean really?  It looks like sableye got its hands on a metal coat and a back-mounted plasma cannon.  I guess you could say I’m not the biggest fan of the design, but legendaries really aren’t my “thing”.  They’re fun for the challenge of catching them (this guy’s an event pokemon though), but I don’t use them on my team and they just collect dust in my PC box.  This guy will be no exception, even though its got an impressive base stat of of 600 meaning there are no real gaps in stat coverage.  Good offense, good defense, good speed.  Pretty standard event legendary.  Since it is bug/steel though you’re going to still have to watch out for fire attacks.  If you’re playing in the Uber-tier this could prove problematic because of Reshiram’s STAB.  In the end I suppose I could be a little less harsh on the design and say it’s nice that bugs are getting the recognition they’ve always deserved, albeit a few generations late.[/spoiler]

Thanks for reading, thanks for waiting.  Hope you liked it :3

<3 pokejungle

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  1. I must say, I really enjoyed this article. I thought you wrote it VERY well and you had basically all of the same opinions as me. I’ve seen these Pokemon (except for Meraruba, Ulgamoth, and Genesect) SOOOOO many times in the game that I developed really strong opinions about them, so it was nice to read this and hear someone else’s. 🙂

    Oh and first! (Yayyy I’ve always wanted to say that)

  2. A good article all in all, though I hate it when someone says a Pokémon does or doesn’t look “Pokémon-ish”.
    I have no problems with what you’ve said, though I disagree with you about Kurumayu and Pendoraa. I love both of them, Kurumayu is simply adorable :3

  3. Second ~!

    Ozy was right this is a sexysexyawesome one 😉

    BTW: Am I the only one who thinks of Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender when I see Megaruba?

  4. “Aianto is the only unevolving non-legendary of this generation”


    LOL there is Buffalon and that fire anteater and all that.

    Also, Penderaa and Iwaperasu kick mega ass, I can’t believe a self-respecting bug lover can’t see the beauty in these guys. 😀 I LOVE ‘EM

          1. Right. That practice doesn’t have to be put online though. I’m sure if you want more NL articles, idk, write to him or something or leave a message on his member page and ask for more.

            I’m not until he’s had awhile to work on it offline.

  5. Urugamosu (or Ulgamoth (or Mothra)) is my favourite pokémon! And I’m not just talking about gen V, but about ALL Pokémon games! He’s just so great in every way! He’s strong without being broken, his design isn’t overdone nor plain, he’s colourful without being an eye sore, he’s fluffy without looking weak! I love that pokémon so much! 😀

    I also really love Denchura! And I think his sprite’s colour scheme is perfect! ;D

    And Pendra and Iwaparesu are pretty awesome too IMO!

    Gen V has the best bugs of any gen! And that makes me happy! 😀

      1. That’s cool, It’s a very uncommon name but for some reason people say they respect me because of it. Probably cause were all awesome, lol.

  6. Someone PLEASE enlighten me as to how the heck shubarugo moves? I mean, it has a single spike on its butt.

    Here’s how I picture it: “Shubarugo, use X scissor!”
    * Shubarugo fell down, Shubarugo is crying because it was designed handicapped.

  7. Shubarugo’s speed is a blessing on trick room teams. And, from experience, he’s awesome competitively… that is all.

    1. Yeah I try not to make too much of a big deal beyond stats because I don’t know much about competitive battles ala Smogon or anything 😡 At least he can be used though :3 That is good news indeed~

      1. The only disappointing issue about him is that there are only like 3 effective sets you can use with him. He doesn’t have the movepool to pull off anything else, and Reversal and Rock Smash are all he’s got to defeat opponent steel types, most notably, Heatran, his bane.

    2. Oh, and if you want to add this to your Denchura portion of your article, it’s also notable that he gets the ability, Compoundeyes, which ups the accuracy of his moves… most specifically Thunder to 91% chance of hit which is just simply amazing.

  8. Ok article. I don’t really see why it took so long to write it up though…and I have to disagree with you on some of the designs. Genesect looks really cool, especially with his purple coloring and glowing orangish-eyes. Pendra might not look “pretty ” or “beautiful” but to me it looks pretty badass. The bug/fire line is actually sorta ugly to me. It has an ugly color pattern and doesn’t fit my expectations for a bug/fire type. And Iwaperasu isn’t that bad! Sure it could’ve been designed it better. And Aianto is just plain boring.

    1. It only took about an hour to write, the part that takes more time is actually getting myself to sit down and do it :p

    1. Same here xD That’s what I told my friends the first time I saw it xP but it’s a great line nonetheless^^ I still use the big one ;P

  9. i have to disagree about the pendra thing because to me it looks like one of those worms that roll up when you touch them (see the middle evolution). The logic behind the speed stat could be that it like rolls up and then goes extremely fast woooo

    1. Actually Pendora is what can be called a centaurpede so he has the speed of a horse while being badass strong… or something ((xP)) like a centipede =D

  10. kirumiru line: i am sorry pj, but this line fails to me because i was going to put this poke in grey team, but when b/w was released and i looked on serebii, it only has normal, grass, bug and aerial ace, sorry,-1
    pendorra line: last gen, we got yanmega and drapion, gen before that, we got armaldo, this gen we got pendora, good moveset, including a rock move and DDDDIIIIIGGGG, big centipede, paleontologically good=+1
    iwap line: this line isn’t fail pj, it is equal to slowbro, because look at the moves, good and that equals slowbro’s good moves, if you add parasect, all 3 are a good wtf team, besides iwap can learn EARTHQUAKE= +2
    shuba line: i am sorry, but if this line came against a gallade, they will fail, not learning dig: fail, not learning stone edge: fail, not learning aerial ace: fail, but the biggest fail belongs to the fact the person using this poke has 80% fail pokemon, sorry but this poke fails=-3
    denchi: this spider looks SWEET, zapping flying types out of sky: win, learning dig: win, being equal to ariados: win, being in the same place as shib line and ninja star line: win. i am absolutley excited about this line, that it is 1 of my fav poke from this gen.= +10
    chobo line: as a ninja fan, i was expecting aerial ace and dig, nada, i am sorry, but this line is way inferior to the shedija line, sorry but its a fail=-3
    ainto: WTF, this line is based on 1 of the most smartest animals of all time: ants, learning dig, as pj said, good move, learning a rock type move good and finally another rivallry since zan and sev=+3
    ulgamoth line: so there is two ways to get final evolution, egg and capture 1, man, meraruba learns a move at level 100,WTF, so this line can learn solarbeam, so that gets rid of its primary weakness except flying, which it gets rid of by learning thunder. oh by the way, it looks like MOTHRA, man this poke is good
    ps. pj, get nl back on and tell every body to stop impersonating simon cowell when commenting on him
    pps. good review, but when you do grass one, study ozy’s articles, because we both want stats and fun

    1. You like to dig, huh? And it is not “Dennis” it is “Perish” and it is not Genesects theme at all! It´s Gechisu´s! (Ps: Why do you have to post this here? Go to the forums instead!)

    2. A few things- Dig on Denchura is useless as it has an abysmal attack stat. The only thing Denchura can really do is use Thunder effectively.

      Shubarugo does get aerial ace… I can understand Stone Edge, but why would you expect him to get dig? Also, how would it fail up against your Gallade unless it knows fire punch? Gallade’s defenses aren’t so stellar and because of it’s part psychic typing, the strongest STABed Megahorn in the game will rip it to pieces.

      Chobamaki line doesn’t need to have certain moves to make it a ninja. It would be a bigger fail if it DID get aerial ace and dig as it’s a special attacker.

      And why do you like Aerial Ace and Dig so much. Aerial ace is useless besides its ability to not miss, and Dig gets you raped if they use earthquake, which pretty much every pokemon a gym leader, elite four member, N, or Geechisu has just so conveniently knows.

  11. I’ve got to say, this is worth the wait… I don’t bother about your evaluations about these monsters, they’re YOUR opinion after all. Fantastic job as always pj!
    And again, I’ve got to say that bugs are this Generations’ winners. Shubarugo for the win! Denchura, for the epic win!
    Ulgamoth, nah. I just don’t have all night to train pseudo-legendary-like mons.
    And Genesect, the Arceus-wannabe, super-like! I really enjoyed switching plates for arceus and now I got cassettes to use. And techno-buster’s kinda catchy.

  12. I’ve got to say, this is worth the wait… I don’t bother your evaluations about these monsters, they’re YOUR opinion after all. Fantastic job as always pj!
    And again, I’ve got to say that bugs are this Generations’ winners. Shubarugo for the win! Denchura, for the epic win!
    Ulgamoth, nah. I just don’t have all night to train pseudo-legendary-like mons.
    And Genesect, the Arceus-wannabe, super-like! I really enjoyed switching plates for arceus and now I got cassettes to use. And techno-buster’s kinda catchy.

  13. Could Genesect also maybe be considered a fossil legendary sort of, since it is based from a fossil pokemon that’s been enhanced and altered with tech.


    Love the focus on Bugs are some of my fave pokemon.

  14. Genesect is awesome. It reminds me one of those giant robot anime. I enjoy watching giant robot anime. Who wouldn’t like robots beating each other up with laser beams and whatnot? Its just cool, so I’ll have to disagree with you on “effing weird” part. Though, that’s just my opinion.

    And Kurumiya…reminds me of…a Komori Kiri, a character from a manga/anime called Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. That stuff is awesome. I think I’ll get a female one, call it Kiri and never let it evolve.

    1. Hikikomori :3
      I thought of Zetusubou Sensei immediately too :p and Kurumayu became one of my favourites

  15. Honestly, I think as time goes on, this site’s going to lose a huge amount of its fanbase. Already numbers are decreasing and with the staff not updating the main page as often as they did before, energy and excitement is just extremely low here right now.

    Idk. Maybe I’m wrong.

    1. I don’t think that’s completely true. Some people came here for pre-release info because PJ was SOOO amazing with keeping everyone constantly updated, and they always did it really quickly, most of the tim before other sites. However, if they are really true fans of PJ, then they will stay with the website anyway, even though they aren’t constantly being updated. As long as PJ has those dedicated members, I think that’s all that matters.

    2. We’re starting to roll out original content now instead of just news to pick up the pace :3 Otherwise I just keep the site up because it is a labor of love for me. If only a few people will enjoy then I’m doing it for them 😀

  16. Some nice bugs this gen. I love Dentula and its prevo is the cutest thing ever. Genesect is pretty cool, and Kaburumo is likeable. It’s evolution though… not so much. I don’t like the knight-bug. Chobomaki being pure Bug really bothers me, too. I think it should evolve Bug/Steel -> Pure Bug, the opposite of Kaburumo’s line, since Kaburumo gains armor and Chobomaki loses armor. Bug/Steel would make a lot more sense. I love the big rock cube on Iwapress, and the whole Pendora line is awesome.

  17. Really good review, I love PJ’s style of writing. Bug is my favorite type this generation, which is saying a lot because I never even liked them before. Denchura and Ulgamoth have a reserved spot on my team.

  18. whats the story with genosect, i heard it was created by team plasma scientists. wierd and i hate how Denchura moves it creeps me out……..

    1. Genosect was a prehistoric pokémon that has been revived by Team Plasma and wanted it to become more powerful by using their technology. It’s like how Mewtwo came to be except Genosect is not a clone but what they both have in common is they’re involved with an evil organization.

  19. Sorry but if you count all these Centiepede pokemons, scorpion pokemons or spider pokemons as a bug type then you should count crabs as bug type too. It’s just pointless to mention it in your article.

    IT’S SIMPLE BIOLOGY! There’s nothing wrong.


  20. I actually really like how Pendora’s sprite, its a pretty bad-ass looking pokemon. But then again, I don’t like sucking other guy’s off and swallowing their man juice, so I can see where you’re coming from PJ.

  21. Pendora height’s 2.5 m and weight’s 200 Kg
    It’s freakin huge! And one of my fav bug designs of this generation.

    1. i hate bug types though my fav. is scissor, steel and bug types are awesome because it helps bug with major deffense only problem its being overused, especially on that steel ant horrible!

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