Meloetta C-Gear Skin

A new C-Gear skin has been announced for both the original Black & White and BW2. It features the recently revealed Meloetta and will be available on July 14th.

It being available for the BW1 makes me think this is a global release. However, it only appears on the Japanese site and seeing as Meloetta is only promoted in Japan with the release of BW2 as of now, I believe it is Japan-only for now. We’ll give you an update once we have more information. It should be coming to other regions anyway, but we may have to wait a bit.

What do you think of this skin? Still not getting tired of all these Global Link downloadables? We’re preparing some juicy Focus-on’s for BW2, which will release very soon. In the meantime, you can, as always, comment below.