Klink C-Gear up for Download

Want the above C-Gear in your English Pokémon Black/White game? It’ll be available starting later today through the Pokémon Global Link with the password KLINKCGEAR2012! We highly recommend you go check it out 🙂 IMPORTANT: This is your last chance to get these two skins: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Crustle C-Gear = CRUSTLECGEAR2012! Pokémon World Championship = WCSCGEAR2012 [/list] Please also take note that you may … Read more

World Championship C-Gear Out In Japan + Beginning Cup

The World Championship C-Gear, which has been released in the US and the EU but we apparently did no post about is now available in Japan. Just go grab it at the Global Link. It runs as of today until September 25th, which is only one month. If you haven’t got this one already for your … Read more

Dae asks: Favorite C-Gear Skin

To coincide with the abundant release of C-Gear skins, I’m curious to ask which skins you use and which one is your favorite. Do you keep the same all the time, or do you rotate them periodically? And do you find it hard to choose which one to use? Tell us about it in the … Read more

Crustle C-Gear Skin Goes International

A bit late, but I’ve been super busy yesterday and some key team members are on vacation or have other important things on their minds. That said, you can download this nice C-Gear skin as of yesterday, with the password CRUSTLECGEAR2012, and if you live in the precious Deutschland it is CASTELLITHCGEAR2012 for you. It runs … Read more

Black 2 & White 2 Trailer + Japanese C-Gear

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15w0AslyWHA The official American site has updated with some nice goodies for BW2. Check out this nice trailer, but be warned as it contains major story spoilers! The site also confirms that Join Avenue will keep its name, as well as Memory Link. The Pokédex 3D Pro will come a bit later than expected and … Read more

Meloetta C-Gear Skin

A new C-Gear skin has been announced for both the original Black & White and BW2. It features the recently revealed Meloetta and will be available on July 14th. It being available for the BW1 makes me think this is a global release. However, it only appears on the Japanese site and seeing as Meloetta is … Read more