Black 2 & White 2 Trailer + Japanese C-Gear


The official American site has updated with some nice goodies for BW2. Check out this nice trailer, but be warned as it contains major story spoilers! The site also confirms that Join Avenue will keep its name, as well as Memory Link. The Pokédex 3D Pro will come a bit later than expected and will miss out the launch of BW2. It releases November 8th on the American eShop.

And now for some treats for Japanese visitors. First, there’s a huge tournament for BW2 owners incoming, called The Beginning Cup. Like the normal Video Game Championships, this tournament is divided into Junior, Senior and Master divisions based on your age. Only Pokémon in the BW2 Unova Pokédex are allowed and like all the tournaments before this, Double Battles are the rule. Registration open up at August 20th and close down on August 23rd at midnight. The tournament starts August 24th and will run for two days.

To coincide with the tournament, everyone in Japan will be able to download the above cute C-Gear Skin, starting August 24th. It closes September 25th, giving you only a month to grab it. And for everyone with the password from the Daisuki Club (which has not yet been released to the outside world), you can download this Manaphy Doll on August 17th. We’ll provide you the password once it comes.

What does everyone think of the trailer? There was some stuff in it that I believe not everyone wanted to see, if you want to be light on story and locations like me. And does it bother you that you can only have one c-gear skin at the time, and that there are too much good choices? Discuss it all in the comments!