US Crowned Beast Event Starts Today!

Just as a Reminder, starting today (January 3rd) until January 9th you can go to your local Game Stop to download a shiny Raikou! This Raikou , when transferred to Pokemon Black or White unlocks the Zoroark event,who is impossible to catch “normally” in the game. It’s also lvl. 30, has a Classic Ribbon, is in a Cherish Ball and knows Extreme Speed and Weather Ball. The latter being a move which it can’t normally learn! So, grab it while you can!

For those who’ve never downloaded an event Pokemon from Game Stop here’s what to do:

  • Go to your local Game Stop and select “Mystery Gift” in the menu screen
  • Select “Receive Gift “, Select “via Wireless”
  • Watch as your shiny Raikou is being downloaded
  • Go to any Pokemart and a deliveryman will give it to you free of charge! (Remember to have an empty slot in your party)

Once again, this Game Stop event is in America ONLY, sorry international readers. 🙁 I think it’s stupid too, I promise we’ll do a giveaway soon for those readers who can’t get the crowned beasts!

Happy downloading! —ozymandis

P.S. Raikou’s my favorite of the trio. :3 Any other Raikou lovers out there?

PPS- One of our forum members has some crown beasts and celebis he’s giving away.  Get one before they’re gone?  (Yes, they’re legit and for the English games)

  1. Raikou is also my fave! I have a concern though, I’ve never accessed anything wirelessly with my DS nor battled online with it (1st gen DS, yeah lol), do I have to do something special before trying to download Raikou?

    1. Besides getting the Mystery Gift in the game I mean by the way (which I’ve already done in my Diamons and HG games). And by 1st gen DS, I mean the cluncky one LOL

      Thanks in advance 🙂

        1. I was able too, it was supper easy, exactly how Ozy said and it was super fast, and OMG I was not made fun off or looked at weird Hahahaha!!!

          Plus I pre-ordered pokemon White, maybe will do Black too at a later time, depending on what goodies they might give out this time around 🙂

    1. Yay!
      I thought it was strange that only USA would get it, when generally USA and Canada are grouped together.
      Thank you very much for the confirmation!

  2. I also like Raikou the most, but badly enough I live in the Netherlands (will be better if march 4 turns out to be true) But we don’t even have gamestops.

      1. im also from the Netherlands and i realy love Raikou. its one of the best electric pokemons ever, after Zekrom 😛

        but in the netherlanders you can only get does speciale pokmeon in amusement parks on pokemons days :S

        1. not true. You can also get them by Wi-Fi :S It’s 2 years ago when they last did that on Pokémon Day. A friend of my downloaded a Darkrai at PD… His name was Jeremy.

          1. 2 years ago ?

            last year there was a pokemon day in Walibi World?
            sorry but i dont know any Jeremy sorry

  3. Now I can go to Gamestop and be like “Oh, I’m not buying anything, I’m just downloading a Pokemon” xD

    1. I just walk in, download the Pokemon, and walk back out.

      I’m sure they’re like “wtf”, but I don’t care. 😛

      In other news:
      Raikou is my favorite Pokemon. 😀

      1. My local Gamestop is in a mall. I can sit right next to the store to download. 😀 I need to get there, at some point, to do so.

  4. I currently have a Jirachi waiting in the PokeMart in Diamond and Mew in HG. If I were to get thr Raikou, would there be an option in the pokemart like, Raikou or Mew? Or wouldn’t I be able to get it..

      1. I don’t know what sets I want to get them… and I wanna make there they have good IV’s.

  5. I already got the event Raikou off of somone on Serebii. Looks like I’ll be getting Zoroark then, as the island I live on in the UK can only get events if they are hosted on Wi-Fi. No shops here run the downloads 😛

  6. The event is offered in Canada. However, I don’t know if it’s the case outside of Quebec, but here, there are almost no GameStops, we mostly have EB Games that, despite being owned by GameStop, doesn’t seem to offer the event. I live in Laval, the third biggest city in Quebec, and there isn’t a single GameStop in the entire city. Not only that, but the event only works for the English versions of the games, so for all the people in Quebec who bought the French version, there is no way they can get this event at all.

  7. raikou is my fav of the trio as well but suicune is my fav when it comes to looks when they are shiny

  8. I wish they could be given away through wifi. I don’t want to go to a Gamestop 3 times this month.

    1. Uhmm, sorry to say it, but did you read the text? “This Raikou , when transferred to Pokemon Black or White unlocks the Zoroark event,who is impossible to catch “normally” in the game.”

    2. Ahahah Yes, yes they are. 😛
      Although it makes me sad that you didn’t read the post throughly. 🙁


  10. omg pokejungle it seems we have the same taste in legendary pokemon 😀 but i stll dont like grass types im a water type fan!

    1. I hope you know ozy posted this right?!?! With you on water types though!!! 🙂 Daikenki FTW

      1. hurtfull!!!! i like some grass types but i like water types more they kick grass types ass!!!!! ex. blastoise vs venasaur, blizzard and goodbye 😀

  11. Eh, not a fan of Raikou. I think I’ll probably get Entei or Suicune, if any. My mom isn’t so hot on the idea of going to a store to download some extra thing for a game I play too much. XD;

    1. Correction: one of my friends told me he was going today and offered to take my game for the download. :3

  12. My Gamestop didn’t have it yet they told me to come back tomorrow as they said they would have it for sure by then.

  13. Hey PokeJungle staff

    Will you make a post when news of an Australian/UK legendary trio giveaway is announced???

  14. Do all the Raikou come with the same nature??? I want to know before I pick them up at the Pokemart so I can save my game before and decide ahead of time which natures I want.

    1. Yes all Raikou will have Rash nature all Entei will have Adamant and all Suicune will have Relaxed.

  15. Well, I didn’t used to have a favorite (didn’t know them too well as my first games were Ruby/Sapphire and I never got HGSS), but now Raikou is my favorite (not sure about in actual gameplay though) because of WEATHER BALL! Who cares how good it is on it? Weather Ball is cool (I really like Castform).

  16. I wonder if someone kind enough will get the SLB and trade them over to me so I can clone, then return them. I’m not in the US yet 🙁 And Celebi also.

  17. Didn’t expect this to be site endorsed, haha, thanks Ozymandis 😀

    However, as he misjudged, They’ll never be gone, I can get infinite amounts, and yes, they are legit. 😛

  18. Im curious do you have to pay to get raikou? im getting it for my little brother and just wanted to know? i dont really know about gamestop events.

    1. Nope just go in with a DS and choose the Mystery Gift option in the Pokemon game. Don’t have to talk with Gamestop employees at all, but they can help you if you need it :]

  19. A little unrelated, is Zoroark’s type is treated as the Illusion pokemon’s in an in-game battle?

    1. Nope. Zorua and Zoroark only illuse the other Pokémon’s name and appearance. :3

      1. well, I meant would the trainer go for fire attacks if it was disguised as a caterpie for example

        1. Well, I would assume so; there’s no way for the opponent to know if it’s a Zorua/Zoroark unless their Pokémon has trace or something, or they dispel the Illusion.

          …Besides, it would just be silly to have a Lv.25 Caterpie. ♥

  20. I got it! My friend and I parked outside, downloaded and left XD the gamstop employees were probably confused.

    Raikou is cool but I’m REALLY excited for Entei… fire type<3

  21. Getting mine tomorrow…
    I like suicune the most because i like both leopards and wolves amd because crystal was the first game i ever owned (i played red as six year old but i borrowed the game from a store where you like pay a membership to borrow video games)
    I dont like gamestop all that much because its such a ps3/xbox based store and me, having been faithful to nintendo quite dislike that. Gameplay > graphics…. Innovation>upgrade
    On another note, i actually really hate both legendary trios from b/w…. They dont look mystic or legendary
    The johto beasts had a really good background plot, and they were so mysterious and mystic
    Kanto, hoenn and sinnoh trios arent my favourites either, but all of them better than
    unovas trio

  22. Got my Raikou. And have a reason for him. Actually, I got two. Go me. Suicune and Entei to go.

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