US Crowned Beast Event Starts Today!

Just as a Reminder, starting today (January 3rd) until January 9th you can go to your local Game Stop to download a shiny Raikou! This Raikou , when transferred to Pokemon Black or White unlocks the Zoroark event,who is impossible to catch “normally” in the game. It’s also lvl. 30, has a Classic Ribbon, is in a Cherish Ball and knows Extreme Speed and Weather Ball. The latter being a move which it can’t normally learn! So, grab it while you can!

For those who’ve never downloaded an event Pokemon from Game Stop here’s what to do:

  • Go to your local Game Stop and select “Mystery Gift” in the menu screen
  • Select “Receive Gift “, Select “via Wireless”
  • Watch as your shiny Raikou is being downloaded
  • Go to any Pokemart and a deliveryman will give it to you free of charge! (Remember to have an empty slot in your party)

Once again, this Game Stop event is in America ONLY, sorry international readers. 🙁 I think it’s stupid too, I promise we’ll do a giveaway soon for those readers who can’t get the crowned beasts!

Happy downloading! —ozymandis

P.S. Raikou’s my favorite of the trio. :3 Any other Raikou lovers out there?

PPS- One of our forum members has some crown beasts and celebis he’s giving away.  Get one before they’re gone?  (Yes, they’re legit and for the English games)