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Nothing confirmed, but some French sources are claiming Black and White will be released on March 4th in Europe.  That’d be quite a surprise considering it’s two days ahead of the American release.

Nintendo will announce the date on January 10th so we’ll get the final say then.

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ps- Thanks LP for the heads up.

  1. We already knew this from the TPCi calendar. Both March 4th and March 6th were marked, and March 6th turned out to be the American release. And European releases are always on a friday.

    1. The 4th could have been or could be a launch party in the US though. It was an American mailing…

      1. I thought it was send all over the world?
        The TCG isn’t popular overhere, however, and it was only send to judges and organisers. Maybe that’s why there are no reports about it.

      2. Doesn’t it say Nintendo International on the bottom of the calender though? Which means it relates to more than one country…..more than just the USA

  2. I am probably very wrong, but doesnt the 3ds come out sometime in march? Maybe that is the 4th.

    1. TPCi has nothing to do with the release of new hardware. There is no reason for Nintendo to give that sort of information to a company that has not even announced games for it.
      I expect the 3DS coming mid-March, though.

    1. The Pokémon Company International is an affiliate of Nintendo. They market and license the Pokémon games outside Japan. They also organise the TCG.

  3. I was thinking this would be a possibility since it was marked on the calender. I don’t see why some people are so intent on rubbishing this. It’s on the official calender alongside another release date….course that doesn’t mean it will be the europeon release….but it at leasts offers some sort of credibility to the possibility. Even if nothing has been officially confirmed. It’s not some random theory.

  4. I was thinking, one reason for Europe getting the game on the 4th before America might be because they can’t afford to push the European release date back a week or two as it would conflict with the 3DS release.

    That might explain the unusual circumstances.

    1. Can’t it just be that for once the EU get a game sooner than you is that so difficult to understand?

      1. i dont feel its difficult to understand.maybe the EU get it early,just to be cool,and show it has some choice in the matter of new pokemon games,but i live in florida,so this does not effect me,BUT i have pokemon black from japan,and iv got like over 500 hours of game play on it.i hope all pokemon fans will like going to get white when it comes out.

        now,does anyone have a extra moon stone on their black or white version?i want to evolve my new munna.and yes,i found every moon stone in the game,so plz dont ask if i going to effort train this munna,and need the moon stone to evolve it,so if anyone has an extra one,let me know 🙂

  5. I highly doubt they will get the game before US. (Haha, us as in the US, and “us Americans”) Anyways, yeah. Unacceptable.


    1. :I you dont wanna know how impatient i was with the long wait with diamond and pearl. It was two months later than the US i believe… HGSS was better, two or three weeks. But still a horror DX
      If this turns out to be true :I you have a 2 day wait.

  6. Or March 4th could simply be the US premiere of Best Wishes. The new season of anime that airs along with the new games has been airing on the Friday before the games’ release.

    March 4th (Friday)- Best Wishes
    March 6th (Sunday)- Black and White

    1. If it did premiere then it would be March the 5th since it is Saturday and that is when we always get new episodes for Pokemon in the US.

      1. Yes, that is when we get new episodes throughout the season, but when the anime PREMIERES, it premieres on a Friday. I’d show you the info, but you can do the research for yourself.

  7. I absolutely hope that the games won’t be released on March 4th (sorry European gamers) ’cause I’ll have to learn for my A levels that week and write them from 15th to 21st … You’ll write “bad luck”, right?

  8. I really really hope that EU gets it on 4th March ^^
    first time we get something before our ‘BIG brothers’ hey fellow EU people ;D
    btw i’m from the UK. ^^

  9. sorry but america is always “playing” the big one. always want to have big things and have everything before others.
    and now A RUMOR is going arond that the games will be released 2 days earlier in an ohter continent. and everyone going crazy!!

    you know the americans just act in the same way as in 1950 with the radio programma about aliens that landed on earth….. they just hear or read something and they become crazy, running around and shoot themselfs.

    you know.. im not talking about every american! only the ones who thinks they are die hard americans!

    sorry….. I apologize because I was so rude. but please let someone else be the first one. america is not the only country in the world.

    1. It is rude to say such things. I hope you know America doesn’t always get things earlier. Most games are nowadays easier to release worldwide at the same time. The only issue with the European games are the translation to German, French, Spanish and Italian. I think it is now better organised than ten years ago.
      And calling everyone a stereotypic American and a patriot and what not only qualifies you as such an European.
      It’s not “America is better” or “Europe is better” but more of “America is different from Europe”.

  10. Hi guys….My boyfriend works in GameStop here in Ireland and i asked him if he had heard of any release dates yet, he had heard from his boss (the manager that because of some merge or something between US and European Pokemon branches….the release dates would be the same weekend rather than being a month apart as they usually would be. So I guess March 4th is likely to be the European release! As far as I know there’s no written rule saying the US gets to release them before Europe…. This could be exciting to get a game before the US for once! 😀

  11. .Me again….I literally just realised i will be in France in March…on this date! :O Now i want it to be true even more!!! But seeing as they are going to be released the same weekend I guess they could be released the exact same day and the 4th could be something different, like an event poke for GenIV….we shall see…

  12. They are just doing this so the Europeans don’t kill themselves having to wait a month after we Americans get it.

  13. According to the communication policy of The Pokemon Company for Black and White, it seems that Europeans and americans will get the game at the same time.
    Indeed, websites of each country are updated always at the same time and same release dates won’t be surprising.

    1. I don’t think we can possibly get the games at the same time, since there are certain days which new games are released on. I think they’re different in America and Europe (Europe is a Friday)

      1. So if Nintendo/Game Freak are trying for a simultaneous USA/Europe release. This would be the closest they would be able to get to that.

  14. They may even consider it to actually be a simultaneous release rather than “europe is getting it before the USA”

    Two days is probably considered minor.

  15. wow ive been trying to learn french for the longest and yeah hey i think best wishes will premier that day……. wow this coming from a dominican guy in new jersey:D

  16. I wonder about Australia and New Zealand then, we normally get it around the same time as EU, but NintAus are still in charge here, right?
    I think we get our releases on Thursdays.

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