*By “new” I mean “event exclusive” Pokemon that were never “officially” revealed.  Sick of quotation marks yet?

Keldio is widely regarded as being one of the stars in the next Movie.  The other one is a toss up.  I never follow the movies (last one I watched was… Pokemon 2000?) so it isn’t huge news in my eyes.

Or maybe they’re just teasing us with some already officially known pokemon.  Maybe it’ll be Drowzee and Hyno (that’s my vote)?  Feel free to cast your guess in the comment section.

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ps- Thanks to TopHat for keeping us informed.

    1. if its unlikely to be new forms, then wat else can it be?:) it cant be new pokemon cuz weve seen all:)

  1. lol cbb to colour the Meowth one in. Im not fussed about the movies really :/ they all got abit boring after the Lucario one. That Manaphy one was terrible!

  2. Ehrm, Keldeo is (in my opinion) unlikely to show up in this movie.
    Look how they did in the last generation:
    Lucario movie (Counterpart: Zoroark movie)
    Manaphy movie (Counterpart: Victini movie)
    Darkrai movie (Counterpart: Keldeo movie)
    Shaymin movie (Counterpart: Meloetta movie)
    Arceus movie: (Counterpart: Genosect movie)
    Sounds possible, hmm?

    The Keldeo movie´s title is possibly going to be something like:
    Keldeo and the Bright/Light Enemy/Villiain: Reshiram
    Or it could be about the three musketeers…
    But then, what about Reshiram?…
    Maybe both…
    Maybe neither…
    Maybe even the Raijin trio…

    When Pokemon *insert grey here* version is out in Japan, it´s time for the Meloetta movie to premiere in the theaters.
    Which, according to its counterpart, is going to feature Kyurem…
    I wonder how that will work out… (XD)

    And the generation will be coming to an end when the last movie, witch will feature Genosect and maybe even Team Plasma according to Genosect pokedex data, premiere on the theathers in Japan…
    Or wait…
    I lied…
    Of course the remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire version has to come out first…
    It is time for the 6:th generation!! :D!!
    GO!! GO!! GO!!

        1. i expect the ruby and sapphire remakes to be called:
          pokemon:terra ruby version
          pokemon:marine sapphire version

          well,i may be right,or wrong,but i think thats what the will be called

          if im right,i get credit,cause i made the names,but i hope im right

          figured i would share cause we were talking about the R/S remakes :C)

          1. You don’t get credit for thinking what the names for remakes that haven’t even been confirmed, and to which hundreds also guess this to be the name.

    1. There is one movie per season.

      First Generation
      The First Movie is for the Indigo League.
      Pokemon 2000 was for the Orange Islands Saga.
      Second Generation
      Spell of the Unknown was for Johto Journeys.
      Celebi, Voice of the Forest was for Johto Champions.
      Pokemon Heroes was for Master Quest.
      Third Generation
      Jirachi Wishmaker was for Advanced.
      Destiny Deoxys was for Advanced Challenge.
      Lucario and the Mystery of Mew was for Advanced Battle.
      Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea was for Battle Frontier.
      Fourth Generation
      Rise of Darkrai was for Diamond and Pearl.
      Giratina and the Sky Warrior was for Battle Dimension.
      Arceus and the Jewel of Life was for Galactic Battles.
      Zoroark, Master of Illusions is for Sinnoh League Victors.
      Fifth Generation.
      Victini and the Black Hero is the movie for the first Best Wishes season, which means that it started this generations movies. Four movies per generation since Gen 3 makes me think there will be four movies this generation, meaning one for each event legendary, including Victini.
      However, for them to make a movie involving ALL the Legendaries this generation, they might put Keldeo in Victini and the Black Hero. However, my bet is on Victini and the Black Hero featuring Victini and Zekrom, then the next two would be The Musketeers/Meloetta and Reshiram, and finally Kyurem and Genesect. I don’t know what they’ll do about the Kami Trio, considering the lake trio wasn’t featured in a movie, it’s possible they won’t be either.

      1. I just realised that it won’t allow for a bridge movie if they keep Genesect til the fourth movie.
        In that case, Keldeo should probably show up in Victini’s movie, which would also give them an even spacing for the events.

  3. Maybe it’s Zekrom.. you know.. “Black Hero”? Keldeo has no black parts at all.. And the closest legendary which is black is (obviously) Zekrom.. But I don’t really get the names.. why should they “censor” a part of the movie name if the Pokemon which stars in them is already officially revealed? Even so, I have barely any clue besides those above..

  4. Has anyone actually looked at the charm/keychain things? They go Victini, Ash, Iris, Iris, Dento, Meowth!!! So the two question mark ones could possibly be additional Pokemon for Team Rocket!

    1. allow me to correct myself because apparently some people think you have to be precise.
      i will go out on a limb and agree with the people who say it will be a new form.

      1. I agree with Marshmallow -_- PZ we’ve known since August that there won’t be any new evolutions for old Pokemon!

  5. i bet u its nooo legendary they havnt reaveled yet…… and why is pokemon white so popular i like black way more… reshiram rules!

    1. dang right black is better!!!reshiram definetly rules!!!

      i chose black over white for my japanise purchese

      1. i Applaud u my freind let those zekrommies perish with our blue flame of power(sorry i get over excited about pokemonalways:D)

    2. I couldn’t decide… so I bought both… In Japanese… On the first day… I have no life. However, I think I like Black better as well.

    1. IF Zuruggu comes out of the egg. it will be the first dark pokemon that Ash & Co had ever since… the beginning :O .
      ill think Zuruggu is the new pokemon from James. and the 2 ? are kokomori and the new pokemon from Ash?

  6. We won’t see a new Forme ’til the next movie.
    Just like Rise of Darkrai- it’s the beginning of a gen.
    So yes just like Giratina and the Sky Warrior (which had the ONLY ‘new’ pokemon for Sinnoh (notice I didn’t say Unova)), that’s when newish is possible. I hope they bring back actual new pokemon cameos other than the end of the saga like Zorua and Zoroark.

  7. It will not be both Zekrom and Reshiram. Anyone remember Zoroarks movies first trailer that showed Lugia and Ho-Oh who were never in the movie.. It’s most likely Keldio and Zekrom.

    1. i know right how did they go from ho-oh and lugia to zorua and zoroark, and i was really looking foward to see ho-oh in a moviee i wouldlike to know alot more about it

      1. Rayner the trailer with Ho-oh vs. Lugia was just a teaser trailer every one of the movies has a teaser and its usually to promote a new game such as how HeartGold and SoulSilver was being revealed in America, but was already released in Japan when the teaser trailer was first shown!

        1. A bad teaser, to be clear. A teaser should show only small bits of the movie without introducing the plot. Not showing something totally irrelevant.

  8. Couldn’t it just be Reshiram and Zekrom?
    Or Pokemon that the main characters catch that they don’t want to leak out yet?
    I don’t think they’ll be revealing any Maboroshi Pokemon other than Victini until next year.
    Also I doubt Kareido will be in this movie since its story fits in with the other 3 fighting Lengendaries (they save and raise it) of which there is no sign of in this movie (yet anyway).

    My sis wants the Zuruggu

    1. Well Darkrai had nothing to do with DIalga or Palkia and Giratina and Regigigas had nothing to do with Shaymin. Suicune had nothing to do with Celebi. They do this all the time in Pokemon movies

      1. They’ve never revealed more than one Maboroshi Pokemon in a single movie before. It’s always been 0 or 1. The reason they increase how many there are every generation is to give a longer lifespan to the yearly movie releases and game distributions.
        It’s not impossible that they’ll bring Keldio into the mix, but if they do it’ll be a first time they’ve premiered two Maboroshi Pokemon in one movie.

      2. True that u know i always guesse wrong when it comes to legendary pokemon featured in movies……. u know they show the pokemo in order ( Manaphy darkrai,shaymin,Arceus) i guess its a pattern

  9. Hey guys. Lately i have had the passion to work for the pokemon company in Japan or at Nintendo as being a level designer. Im in my first year in highschool and have plenty of time to chose electives for the next 3 years. Any suggestions from others in or past highschool like what classes to take that could help? (I am going to take japanesse classes over the summer) Then i will visit PJ!! LOL

    1. Graphic Design and hella art classes is probably your best choices. 🙂

      I’M SEEING PJ FIRST! >:(

      1. Lets have a competition. Whoever sees PJ first wins something. IDK what though. (BTW, I got tickets to Japan for saturday) LOL I won!!! 🙂 JK JK…… sadly….. 🙁
        Thx for the suggestions too.

    2. I think to only thing of importance to them is if you went to university. Nobody cares what you did before that, as high school is a lot simpler than university. I don’t know if Nintendo Jp. easily accepts foreigners, though.

  10. This is a bit off topic but I just reserve black version and got Raiku it has a rash nature and is quick tempered.

  11. Nintendo has announced the battery life of the 3DS: 3-8 hours. That’s not really great and actually a big dissappointement.
    Now I have to choose between early-adopting or saving my money and buying the revision. Pokémon games normally come out after it, so it’s not a really big deal. Thoughts?

  12. Keldio and Genosect. I also think the Lock Capsule has something to do with this. But then again, remember Pichu. I’m hoping for a Porygon-Z still.

  13. Its not gonna be anything new. I doubt it because we just started a new generation. I bet one is that unicorn and the other is a new form. But who knows nintendo could suprise us and start the 6th generation early.

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