Last Day For Raikou! + ozy vision (WiFi UPD)

Just a small reminder/waste of a post that today is the last day to get a shiny Raikou from Game Stop via Mystery Gift! So, If you love Raikou as much as I do and feel that you have an empty hole in your heart that can only be filled by one, hurry on down to Game Stop now! 🙂

Just a word: My nearest Game Stop said that it was until the 9th (which is tomorrow) but when I went back there with my friend to get a game yesterday they said that today would be the last day that they will be doing the download. So, I’m not sure if this applies to everyone or not, but for me, it’s the last day. And actually, a friend of mine who lives in Oregon said that his local GS is doing this download until the 10th because the store was closed due to snow. So, I guess it really depends where you live and what the situation is? This whole download is so confusing. :S

And just soooo this isn’t a total waste of a post I decided to look back at the past year of Pokemon. Buttt not really, it actually became a sappy post about how much I love you guys. Read if you dare.


So, I don’t know about you guys, but this past year was probably THE biggest year when it came to anticipation and the best. And Pokemon really got me through my life, which until just recently I hated. But I’ll get into more that later. Anyways, like seriously, I stayed up SUPER late almost every night after Pokemon Black and White was released. And that’s the reason this year was so good in Pokemon, it was those long nights waiting for the smallest, tinniest bit of news to leak. Even rumors made me all fan boy giddy, and made me dream and daydream about playing BW. Frankly, I’m kinda surprised that I got any homework or schoolwork done. Especially during the release week. But let’s begin from the start. To be completely honest, 2010 marked the 3rd or 4th year where I totally disregarded Pokemon. I hadn’t said the word or even touched my DS since back in 2006 when DP was released, and to some people’s surprise, I didn’t even know that HGSS even existed until months after it came out in English! It probably all began back when PJ was having some school troubles and needed to shut down PJN, but one day (the day I needed to pack for my move to Singapore) I found my old DS lite with Pokemon Pearl still in the cartridge, untouched since ’06. So being the ADD kid that I am I got totally distracted and decided to play my game for a bit. And what do you know? I got hooked once again. Next thing you know I was going through that drawer looking for more of my old games and such and I came across an old notebook which I used to basically write down any info that leaked about DP back in the day, and to make my dream team, and other nerdy stuff. But on the last page I wrote was just one sentence, dead center on the paper. “Remember PJN” Now here’s the lame part. Well the not nerdy lame part. I forgot what PJN stood for. I tried so hard to remember but I just couldn’t remember the website that I visited daily and was too chicken to comment on. Then I remembered, Google. God bless the Internetz. I Googled the mystery letters and found it. Pokejungle. My old home. It still had the same beautiful Leafeon layout that I remembered when I last visited and that last sad, very sad, post PJ posted to say that he needed to close down the site for a bit. But then I realized something was different. The spam comments had been deleted, and there was a new post, that was dated only a few days before. It was a simple post, only telling any readers that still lurked the sight that PJ had gotten HG (Or was it SS…I’m pretty sure it was HG. :P) anyways, that right there totally turned around my life and made it even nerdier than my OCD’s with Glee, Bleach, DRRR!! and other random manga and Japanese stuff. Next thing you know I searched and searched until the next day about HG and SS and called my less nerdy, but not as attractive, friend at like 8am (I woke him up in the process) just to tell him that he needed to drive me downtown so I could get SS at Game Stop and if he did I’d treat him to some burgers. Well, for the next few weeks I spent my nights like I did back in primary school, staying up in my bed all night playing Pokemon with the glaring DS screen the only thing that I could see. And it was then that I believe my love for Pokemon rekindled, and it was that that brought me back to this wonderful community and site. 🙂 So thanks alot PJN, you made me go from nerdy, to nerdy-er. Ahaha

But with all serious-ness this site, and the community really means alot to me. For those who don’t know, this year was probably the saddest worst year of my life. I found out I was moving away from everything I knew, and even if it was back to my home country, it was still very hard. And to be honest, it wasn’t anything else besides you guys that got me through it all. I visited this site through every break I had during school, and maybe that was the reason I didn’t have any friends back in Singapore or really feel the need to make any. Because I already had all that I needed right here. So, thanks PJN for a wonderful year. 🙂


So to stride away from that awkward-ness, what was your guy’s favorite Pokemon moment of 2010?

UPD: A while back we reported on a special Zoroark that knows Bark Out that would be distributed over Nintendo WiFi connection, and we just go the official dates from Pokemon Smash. This Zoroark will be given out for all Japanese Black and White games from February 15th until March 14th

Peace and love — ozymandis