RUMOR: New ‘Colosseum’ style Wii Game

At CES a Nintendo accessory maker representative spilled the beans on a new Wii game that has yet to be announced by Nintendo.  Take what he said with a grain of salt though:

  • Single player storyline ala ‘Gale of Darkness’
  • Colosseum battling like ‘Battle Revolution’
  • Possible Black/White connectivity

Considering the Wii has NOT been home to a single player storyline type of Pokemon game it should be interesting if this turns out to be true.  Thanks Liam for tipping us off!  Original story can be found over at Gaming Update.

<3 pokejungle

  1. This is so awesome!! yay! I cant wait to force my pokemon to battle to the death IN FULL 3D!!!!!!! WOOT

  2. Gale of Darkness was a step in the right direction in terms of a 3D story driven game. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to returning to Orre about 5-10 years later, where the land is now more lush and Pokemon have returned in a wild capacity, as was starting to happen in Gale of Darkness. It was always something I want to see happen, but unless Genius Sonority is involved, I don’t see a seperate team wanting to do that, instead making their own region to explore.

    Still….its just a rumor.

  3. I’m still waiting for a game exactly like the pokemon handhelds to hit the console’s, GoD was good but you were severely limited in the pokemon you could catch, I want to be able to run in a patch of grass in full 3-D and battle any pokemon, not a pre-set this is the only one here type of poke

    1. People always want main games on a home console. I don’t. They need to stay on their platform. Home consoles need to do something else with their power. The strength of pokemon is that you can take it wherever you go and can trade/battle whenever you want. There is no fun if you cannot play with friends and see/comment on what they are doing.
      I do hope for some good story driven freedom, but not like the main games.
      And besides, you only have wait two years approx. and than you can play full 3D battles in 3D on your 3DS.

      1. Nah man. Pokemon needs to start going to the wii platform. Maybee make the first two games on the ds and the third one on the wii. EX) Black and White on ds, “grey” on the wii.

          1. I agree. It’d be a terrible choice for Nintendo. Pokemon games are primarily seen as handheld games in the first place. Not seeing a third title released on the DS/3DS would be the oddest thing. They should keep spin-off games for the Wii, not main titles.

          2. Why would it ruin pokemon? Think of it this way. Im pretty sure that some of you have played Zelda, twilight princess right? Change link into a trainer, the world into a pokemon region, and the enemies that roam around the world into pokemon. Hide pokemon like aipom or starly into trees, others in tall grass, and water pokemon surfing around or under water. Make it 3d and you got a beast pokemon game. (Option to customize trainers too)

  4. Oh my Arceus, yes! I hope this is true. I hope this takes place in Orre. And more importantly, I hope Miror B. appears, with a Baffuron!

  5. OMG…!

    Please Let it be True :O :O
    I Will Die for a new single player game for the Wii


  6. Please have more exclusive moves for pokemon like in XD. And please have a badass shadow pokemon like Lugia. Mewtwo maybe?

  7. “Colloseum battling like ‘Battle Revolution'”… Please God, NO. Colloseum battling like POKEMON STADIUM would be awesome, but PBR failed so hard. They need to reinstate the rental system and create a better transfer system, because the battle pass crap we got in PBR was, well… crap. They need to get rid of all the stupid gimmicks PBR brought, like the roulette game, and go back to the Pokemon Stadium format.

    A new storyline game should be awesome, though.

  8. Awesome! As soon as I heard about Black and White, I started wondering if they would do a Wii game like this. I’m so excited now!

  9. This all would be cool. And if they do bring back the shadow Pokemon, it better not be some Darkrai gimmick cuz he’s shadow enough ha.

  10. Collesseum was Ho-Oh and XD was Lugia. I think Celebi should complete it. NO Suicine!!!!! People make him too popular!!!

    1. No, Raikou need game! (caveman voice) Entai get movie, Suicune get epic moves and game. Raikou get… a tv special?!

  11. That is amazing. XD and Colo were my favorite GCN games. Period. Bout time Genius Sorority realize that PBR was only good for WiFi. And to be honest, I never made is past the 3rd Colosseum. Never wanted to.

  12. YESSS I loved Colosseum/Gale of Darkness!! And with 4th and 5th gen pokemon, in 3d, that will be amazing. I can’t wait~

  13. they could improve so much on wii! who wouldnt want the game to be on big screens with better battles and effects! it would be 2 awesome! just like cod on psp would be terreble, nintendo should forget ds, make wii really awesome

    1. That’s a great idea. No more games for the DS and other handhelds! Bye 3DS, PSP2, iPhone, Android, Jungle, Pandora and Switchblade.

  14. AHHHH!!! OMG I so hope this is true! Collosseum and XD were the best games ever! Pyrite Town<3

    PBR can piss off :/

    1. ahh… pyrite town, the best pkmn town ever! Also, you need a female partner, not to tell you (shadow ??? appears) “Oh my god! It’s a shadow Pokemon!” but to have the knock-em-dead “is she your girlfriend?” jokes. Ahh… I still remember ???’s grandma in coliseum’s joke. I nearly died.

  15. Dear God, I hope this is true. I was sooo disappointed when I got Battle Revolution and there wasn’t a story to it (I was also disappointed when the Pokemon’s attacks didn’t effect the landscape like Nintendo Power screenshots showed but that wasn’t my primary concern.) but NOW MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED (HOPEFULLY). HAIL ARCEUS @[email protected]

  16. Wait what if the main pokemon is Genosect?! That could be how you get him. And don’t say it can’t be Genosect because it is an event pokemon because Lugia was one at the time of XD.

  17. Controls better not be over complicated. Hold Wiimote sideways, press d-pad to move, press 2 to preform an action (ex talk), hold 1 to run, and press + to open the menu! ‘Nuff said.

    1. It would probably take the vein of most RPGs on the wii– nunchuk analog to move, wiimote A and B for selections, and nunchuck analog/D-Pad/waving Wiimote to select things. Agreed with + to start. Maybe Z would end up being run?

  18. *prays that this is true*

    What I want for this game, for one thing, are cel-shaded graphics. Pokémon would look amazing with them. Heck, they DO look pretty sweet, if you’ve seen screens from Battrio.

    Also: Wild Pokémon encounters. Normal ones, I mean, not just PokéSpots.

    Lastly: CUSTOMIZABLE TRAINERS! PBR got at least that right…sort of.

      1. ..Um…okay… Other people mentioned the wild encounters and customization, too… o___O

  19. The Shadow Pokémon games have been my absolute favorites, and I’d love to see a series of BW shadow Pokémon, perhaps with most of the shadow ‘mons being from the Hoenn region– since that’s going to be the least accessible at this point.

    And honestly… I’m fine with no wild Pokémon encounters in the grass. That’s not what these games are meant to be!

  20. Personally, I don’t want to play in Orre again
    or capture Shadow Pokemon. I lost interest midway through XD after realizing it was simply Colosseum with different Pokemon; I felt like I was just playing the same game again. Let’s try doing something very different this time around.

    I can only assume triple battles and rotation battles will be used most frequently in the game. Other than that, I’d like to explore a new region, preferrably one with actual routes instead of biking across an empty desert. I would also like to see field moves like Surf used in the game. But most importantly, I want to walk around in tall grass and battle wild Pokemon. Perhaps there could be some unique Pokemon to capture at certain points in the game. For example, at one point a gang of three wild Pokemon could be blocking your way, and you’d have to battle and/or capture them to continue on your way.

    In fact, that’d be a great concept for the game’s story. In some far-off region, wild Pokemon are becoming more hostile and it’s up to the main character to tame them. These “Rogue Pokemon” could be causing trouble in cities, crawling around in buildings, or blocking the way in routes. They could even interrupt Pokemon battles! It wouldn’t be until much later that the hero discovers that an evil organization has produced a large machine built to control wild Pokemon and drive them insane, and that machine must be destroyed.

    Now THAT is a Pokemon game I would definitely play!

  21. I have been observing this site closely with others and have kept silent until now. This is all that I can confirm:

    >The working title for this game is Pokemon Stadium: Black and White Adventure!

    >The graphics are cel-shaded – for now.

    >The starters are the pokemon in the “monkey trio.”

    >The battles are triple battles.

    Please note that this is still under development and may be changed before release. If the game is not released, which is possible, do not asume that the game won’t be released at a later date.
    -Nintendo worker

    1. I’m a big shareholder of Sony. I can know confirm we have a new digimon in the making. It features HD realistic graphics, destroyable environment, real-time battles and a dynamic story. It received a budget of $100 million, and is as such, our biggest focus of 2011.

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