Nintendo Discontinuing WiFi Connection for DS & Wii

Nintendo has announced its plans to shut down WiFi services for its older Nintendo DS and Wii consoles. Games that utilize the service for online multiplayer will no longer be able to access those functions. The Internet browser for both platforms will be unaffected, as will the Wii Shop, DSi Shop, and Hulu Wii app. … Read more

Pokémon Wii U Game Hinted at in promo! *Video*

Following on from our coverage of the Pokémon Game Show yesterday, a video has surfaced suggesting that the image we saw yesterday was indeed a new game. The trailer sets it up to be something after X and Y release, possibly a new Stadium/Battle revolution title! The graphics look to be Wii U and not … Read more

3DS Pokémon Game Coming?

A Japanese gaming site has posted that Creatures Inc. (Pokémon game development company) has posted a job listing for 3D CG Pokemon model and motion artist. This could mean that a 3DS game is in the planning stages. Of course, the game could be for the Wii or even Wii U as well. Also: Famitsu … Read more

Obvious News is Obviously Obvious

There is another pokemon game being developed. Excuse me while I wet my pants. Didn’t see it coming. <3 pokejungle ps- we’ll get new info this month or next. 🙂 I’m guessing it’s a 3DS or Wii title.

UPD: Topic of the Wiik – Nintendo’s New Console

  UPD: Could this be a leaked picture of the new console? Thanks for the heads up ‘iknoweverything’ 😀 During the site’s coverage of Black and White pre-launch, I loved to cover rumors and hypothesize with you all about what was true and what wasn’t.  Even though this isn’t Pokemon news, we’ll definitely see a … Read more

RUMOR: New ‘Colosseum’ style Wii Game

At CES a Nintendo accessory maker representative spilled the beans on a new Wii game that has yet to be announced by Nintendo.  Take what he said with a grain of salt though: Single player storyline ala ‘Gale of Darkness’ Colosseum battling like ‘Battle Revolution’ Possible Black/White connectivity Considering the Wii has NOT been home … Read more