UPD: Topic of the Wiik – Nintendo’s New Console


UPD: Could this be a leaked picture of the new console? Thanks for the heads up ‘iknoweverything’ 😀

During the site’s coverage of Black and White pre-launch, I loved to cover rumors and hypothesize with you all about what was true and what wasn’t.  Even though this isn’t Pokemon news, we’ll definitely see a new game come out for any new home console Nintendo makes at some point, so this recent coverage of the ‘Wii 2’ should be interesting for all of us.  Here are some of the rumors that Joystiq and Kotaku have posted:

  • Codename is ‘Project Cafe
  • Controller will include a touch screen (latest rumors today measured it at 6.2inches)
  • Hardware is similar to the Xbox360
  • Controller has a built-in front-facing camera
  • Features backwards Wii game compatibility
  • 8 buttons and 2 analog sticks

Sounds exciting, but also extremely expensive. I’m cool with Nintendo trying new things (DS’s touchscreen, Wii’s motion control, 3DS’s built in 3D) but the price-tag has to stay low for me to take the bait.  Personally I’m waiting to purchase the 3DS until it comes down into an affordable range and would like to wait for a redesign as I find the current hardware fairly ugly :<

<3 pokejungle

ps- Let’s dig in on these rumors!

  1. Hmm… I does sound a bit expensive, but hopefully nintendo will make it worth our while. We’ll just have to wait until E3

  2. Ha, I find it funny that they’re including a touch screen now when they opted out of it when the Wii was first released. LOL INDECISIVE NINTENDO LOL

  3. WOW never heard about does rumors

    i do know that it has a entree in the E3 next June.

    other rumors are that it will have a projector, a blue-ray player and controllers like the motions of the playstation…. like No controls at all XD

  4. A HQ touch screen that streams from the console…
    What will be interesting is to see if the controller can double as a portable.
    Pokémon is meant to be a portable series, so we may end up seeing Game Freak churning out some new stuff that they would have not been willing to before!
    Its time to be excited guys!

    1. It’s interesting that you’d bring that up. Project Cafe’s controller really reminds me of the Sega Dreamcast’s (which, IIRC, could also be used in a similar manner, although you had to remove the UMD and use that). I’m willing to bet that GF would do something like this, now that you mention it. What about those rumors of a new Wii game from a while back that would be like the Colosseum games? I didn’t really believe them then, except for the fact that a home console game is inevitable for Pokemon, but maybe it would be pushed to Project Cafe instead. That way, you can play it at home for the Stadium type stuff OR stream a normal Pokemon adventure to the controller.

      ….Not sure how likely it is that Gamefreak would do that, but it certainly has me more excited for the system now!

      1. GF only does the main-series on the handhelds. All spin-offs are developped by other second parties.

  5. Okay so.
    Hardware has basically been confirmed to be way more powerful than this gen’s console. However it sounds like it can still be the price range of the wii, because the hardware, even though its better than xbox 360 and ps3, is not the “newest, bestest” thing youd get.

    At one point, huge specs cant be justified -.-
    They certainly dont make 20000000000 first person shooters any more interesting

  6. i already knew about this and it will be pricey according to some rumors…$350-400 🙁 also i heard a lot of these top companies have had a dev kit to start making games that we want to see and we may see the wii2 (AKA Project cafe, Nintendo stream?) at E3 on June 7th. Any questions? Also i found a mock-up of the controller here: http://www.ubergizmo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/wii-hd-controller-ign-mock-up.jpg
    If you want to stay with the news follow this website: http://n4g.com/channel/wii
    HUGE UPDATE: POSSIBLE LEAKED PIC HERE: http://www.gamertagradio.com/new/?p=5123

    1. Whoa, asides from the screen, the controller appears to be a MAJOR step down from the Wiimote, and to me, it looks a bit more like a PSP mixed with a PS2 controller (yes, I’m saying it looks more like something Sony would make than something Nintendo would make)

      1. well its supposed to resemble the gamecube controller according to these rumors and remember its only a mock-up pic so we don’t know if this is the real thing but it’s somewhat likely

        1. Only time will tell if this is real or not, for all we know, this could just be a prototype design, then again, giving from what image board the image first popped up on, it may be a fake after all…..

  7. I’m assuming this community is a little bit of a Nintendo stronghold, so it’s good to see opinions that aren’t from a hardcore gaming angle. xD Especially TheFreak’s comment; what annoys me is when people think the Wii isn’t as ‘good’ as the PS/360, because the hardware is lesser, or the games aren’t as gritty. I’ve been playing Spyro 1 for years now, on and off, and not only is it pretty much ten years old now, I love it exactly because of its lighthearted surrealism. Almost the same as Pokemon, really; we all know the series hasn’t changed at its core. (Now, if only I had a Wii.. or even a PS2, to play Okami. *sniff*)

    And now for something completely different… since the Wii’s codename was Project Revolution, we can immediately assume Project Cafe is absolutely unrelated to the final moniker. I place my bets on ‘FunFunConsole’.

    1. Really, the Wii sucks compared to my computer. I speak only in terms of games. I bought the Wii for SMG(2) and LoZ:TP (and SS) but I really bought no other games. My computer has original indie games and hardcore RPG’s. I’m hoping DQX gets localised, otherwise I’m deeply dissapointed in what I got in return.

      1. That’s because you fall under a very difficult market! 🙂 Mario, Zelda etc. are the games primarily capitalising on franchise loyalty (I’d think so, at least). As consoles increase in price, it becomes harder to justify the cost with just the games you’re familiar with, and developers themselves can’t be entirely blamed either. It helps that those are pretty much single-player games, and it’s a lot easier to get mileage out of multiplayer.
        Besides, comparing anything to a PC is an entirely different story. 😛

  8. Well, there are also rumors going around that Nintendo is trying to be much more open to 3rd party devs and that the system will, in fact, be more powerful than the Xbox 360 (no real mention on how this compares to the PS3). Those two bits right there are very important at the moment. Because Nintendo has flooded the market with Wiis, nearly everyone who would buy one has one now. By putting out a more powerful system, while still providing a unique experience (touch screen on the controller, backwards compatibility with Wii hardware and software), they will probably reach out for a larger audience. Also, by revealing the system so early, I believe that it will be a sucker punch that will cause Sony and Microsoft to scramble to get their follow ups out a year or two sooner (right now they plan to have their systems last 3-5 more years). Once again, it could be a case of them trying to play catchup with Nintendo.

    Business stuff aside, I would buy the system regardless of system specs (although I’d be disgruntled if it was barely more powerful than a Wii). Call it brand loyalty, but when Nintendo consistently puts out games that are amazing, as well as providing my childhood, I’ve got to stick with them. Even now I discover franchises that I enjoy. Years ago, I probably wouldn’t have given Metroid a chance, now my favorite GBA game is Zero Mission and I loved almost every bit of Other M. Also, I do love that Nintendo provides us with unique toys. The touch screen is a major convenience in Pokemon, while it is used to perfection by Kirby Canvas Curse. The Wii Remote, while not perfect, is great when you just want to have a bit of fun with Wii Sports (although personally I tend to stick to games that use a traditional control scheme). The 3DS’s top screen is very interesting, and I can’t wait to see how new games make use of it. Not to mention that Face Raiders is way too much fun.

    And for an extra bit of fun, there was apparently a mock up of the controller found (but it was posted to 4chan, so it’s plausibility is debatable). If this is the controller, then it looks great. Basically just the bottom half of a 3DS, but with an extra stick thrown in and a larger screen. Also interesting to note that for games that use split-screen multiplayer- like Mario Kart -it will be streamed directly to the touch screen. But yeah, maybe I should stop typing now! That’s a bit of a mouthful there.

    1. Well, even for 4chan, it seems reliable. Why? Because the “leaked” console and the “leaked” controllers both have the same design of the console. Hmm-hmm..
      Btw, got pokemon white on the 19th, here’s my team:
      Snips- Serperior, Lv. 41
      GLaDOS- Boldore, Lv. 31
      Candice- Litwick, Lv. 27
      Atlas- Herdier, Lv. 27
      Hikari- Unfezant, Lv. 26 (0.o)
      Prowl- Liepard, Lv. 20

    2. Well, even for 4chan, it seems reliable. Why? Because the “leaked” console and the “leaked” controllers both have the same design of the console. Hmm-hmm..
      Btw, got pokemon white on the 19th, here’s my team:
      Snips- Serperior, Lv. 41
      GLaDOS- Boldore, Lv. 31
      Candice- Litwick, Lv. 27
      Atlas- Herdier, Lv. 27
      Hikari- Unfezant, Lv. 26 (0.o)
      Prowl- Liepard, Lv. 20

      1. Odd. You seem to think someone cares about your team on a completely unrelated news post. 😐

  9. Now, I really dislike being a hater, ESPECIALLY over anything Nintendo, but… I’m really not looking forward to this right now. It’s almost like they’re trying too hard to bring us innovation, and while I appreciate that (the 3DS was a step in the right direction), all I’m seeing now is dollar signs. Whatever this is, it’s going to be priced way too high, suck too much power, and possibly have too many flaws. I really hope I’m wrong, but this one seems like it will be in the $450+ price range. And what for?
    Nintendo, please prove me wrong, because you’ve got one of your most Nintendo-purist fans on the line.

    1. A $450 price range would be suicide for Nintendo. I see it hovering around $300-$350 personally, given that this is only slightly better than the tech used in the 360 and PS3. They’ll likely try to keep the price on the lower side though, because that’ll certainly generate more sales.

      1. Haha, I hope your right. I think it’s a dainty balance of churning profit while still keeping it affordable. Maybe I’m just a bit wary though because the 3DS was kind of outrageously priced.

    2. You are saying ‘doomed’ based on some rumors. Relax, it probably will be something good, with maybe some minor flaws.
      And about the price point: it seems that nintendo wants the hardcore audience back. These people want power, and for them 350-400 isn’t greatly overpriced. It’s not going to be like sony with its $599.

  10. That possible leak pic looks like its confused as to whether its directed at developers or consumers. How odd!
    I have my doubts about it.

    1. At this point the consumers aren’t even supposed to know what Nintendo’s up to. It’s likely directed towards the developers, due to it mentioning having the “most developer friendly SDK” and “portability from PC, Xbox 360.” I do have some doubts about the picture myself though, but right now there’s not enough info to debunk the picture.

      1. When I saw “easy portability from Xbox 360”, I knew something was wrong with this image, not to mention that it looks less like a gaming console and more like some guys router than anything else (unless the new system actually IS a router as well), and then there’s the “controller” http://www.gamertagradio.com/new/?p=5123 which looks like the fusion of a PSP and a PS2 controller, definetly a fake in my eyes…..

      2. Why would any company promote their dev-kits with flyer. It’s more like: here is your system and a complex manual and see for yourself.

    1. It IS fake. It is based on a ‘leaked’ image from 4chan. PJ please remove or state that it is a mock-up, I already read too much comments regarding this and the controller, who is probably prettier than the mockups.

    2. It does look fake, but you can never tell! Remember back in 2010? When someone had images of the final forms of Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy, and some people thought they where fake? This could be the same kind of thing!

      1. That was 2chan. It is entirely possible some japanese guy got pictures of it.
        However, first we get some drawn advertisement for a dev-kit (who the hell advertises dev-kits?) and then we get a rendered pic of it few hours later.
        I think even nintendo doesn’t know the final form of its controller, because rumors suggest devs have an early prototype, or even none at all.

        1. Actually, said 2Chan user who posted the pictures of the starter evolutions at the beginning of September was arrested for thrievery, not to mention claiming that he made the Pokemon himself, when everyone knows that Sugimori made those Pokemon. I’m not joking, that user who posted the images of the Pokemon actually got arrested…..

  11. Looks more like a USB to me. But sounds pretty cool! Maybe this is the system they are going to make the computer animated Unova game on! I say that because if you think about it, every past region/game has had a corisponding game to go with it! Examples: Red/Blue/Green=Pokemon Stadium, Silver/Gold/Crystal=Pokemon Stadium 2, Ruby/Saphire/Emerald=Pokemon Colloseum, and so on.

    1. Yes, because Stadium was set in Kanto, 2 in Johto, Colosseum in Hoenn and BR in Sinnoh.

    2. Well, I did hear rumors about a new game on the Wii that is like XD, but not much information is known about it, then again, it’s only a rumor…..

  12. Why the hell are they giving it 2 analog sticks? How will that play out for a motion controller? I’m liking the Wii 2 finally supporting HD and being more powerful than the 360 but seriously some of these rumors make the idea seem pretty bad. Also, if it has 8 buttons and 2 analog sticks how will the Touch Screen play in?

    1. The new controller won’t have motion controls. That’s why the wiimote stays.
      And dual analogs are necessary nowadays. It’s the only way to get some great shooters on the platform (and gamers on top of it)

    2. Maybe the console will be backward compatible with old controllers, so we use wiimote and nunchuks to play the motion-required games? That’s possible right? like wii’s compaibility with gamecube controllers…
      Now I’m really confused. I have Rp4million (about $400) and what should I buy? 3DS or this new thing?

  13. People seem to underestimate Nintendo’s ability to develope new things on the fly; without notice beforehand. Just because you didn’t hear about it “first” and just because nobody else is “talking” about it; does not mean that a concept is “fake”.
    It is in fact, time for a new console, as the Wii was released in 2005 and is severely outdated.
    DS hardware needs to come to an end. Since 2004 and all they are doing is just re-creating an old idea.
    And a new Pokemon game; more than likely Spin-Off related should be announced for release soon within the next 3-4 months. My guess is the 3 new Mystery Dungeon titles for the Wii; Blazing, Stormy, and Light Adventure Squads.
    You cannot always be right; you cannot always be wrong.

    1. Blazing, Stormy, and Light were Japanese-only WiiWare titles, not “unreleased games”, nor are they “new”. They’re almost two years old. :/

  14. If it is a Japanese product that will first come out in Japan then why are all of the words on the poster in English and not Japanese? This seems really fake.

  15. I think the pic is fake. It doesn’t look like something Nintendo would do, and the whole scheme of the ad seems off too.

  16. Looks interesting… but expensive much???? took me about a year to save up £220 for the 3ds, i saved up for my black wii, again about 1 year, if this comes out, might take me about 2-3 years!!!!! is it worth it (?), i’m happy with my wii + remote (+nunchucks) for now =P

  17. pokelova is right…

    look at the game cube and the wii. they are very different from the playstations and xbox. they have a own design.. and this thing doesn’t look like its from Nintendo

  18. Anyone using action replay or anything like it on pokemon black or white: you screwed yourselfs! Pokemon company wrote me saying that if you cheat, you have to reset your ENTIRE game to use game sync! 😀

    1. Lol at people hacking their save files. Not only do you risk screwing up your game if you do it wrong, but now apparently the game can tell you cheated and won’t let you use an important game feature.

      Not that I’m against cheating. Those people are just doing it wrong. You’re supposed to hack the Pokémon and then send them to your game one at a time with IR-GTS. Sure it’s slow and tedious, but it’s perfectly safe and undetectable if you do it right. Hell, as long as you’re not planning on going to a tournament, you don’t even HAVE to do it right. I have Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect and a bunch of hacked shinies and I can use Game Sync just fine.

      1. key word there would be “photo manipulation” if that’s true.
        they modified it to fit their purposes, in this case to convince people it’s real.

        i personally would have a harder time believing something that doesn’t have some kind of official marking on it, simply because it seems more.. official. and although i don’t know for sure, i’m pretty sure some others would be more cautious as well.
        if it is a manipulation, the person was smart enough to know that and use it to his/her advantage.

        i’m not saying it’s fake, but just because something has a label slapped on it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “official” or “real”

  19. The pic looks more like something Sony would make. Also: It is rumored that the console’s name will be the “Stream”.

  20. Reasons why it’s real:
    1. It says “NINTENDO” on the machine and on the corner of the slide.
    2. It looks like the Wii turned sideways.
    3. I personally think the Wii needs a new look because the old design is getting a little bit old.
    Reasons why it’s fake:
    1. Touch screen controller seems a little over the edge.
    2. The Wii 2 looks a little advanced from the Wii (look at the NES and the SNES)
    3. I don’t think I could hold a controller with a 6″ screen… bigger than my hand…

  21. Touch screen NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, two analog sticks and eight buttons YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS.
    I REALLY REALLY REALLY want them to go more in a Gamecube direction (classic buttons and controller gaming) rather than a Wii (WE’RE SO INNOVATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!) direction with the next console.

  22. mrah if this is a Japanese poster type of thing the English seems a little off
    but it might not be, so.

    i personally love the 3DS and am glad i spent the money on it, even though i didn’t get any of the games.
    my old DS was starting to have problems with the “A” button and the touch screen, so i was due for an upgrade.
    plus, the circle pad works fantastically well with Okamiden, before it was awkward to move with just the D-Pad for me.
    however that is my opinion, and although i think that it could be less.. fingerprint-able i still love how it looks.

    this new Wii i don’t know about though.
    i hardly play my Wii as it is except for a handful of games [i play DS/old games on my laptop more]
    so unless Namco Bandai decides to put more than one Tales game on this thing and have them localized [if it happens] i do not think i will be spending as much as it could be.
    maybe buying one used long after they hype is down, or borrowing it from a friend, but probably not buying one myself.

  23. Just out of curiosity, when you say “ugly,” are you referring to the colours?

    Because they won’t be changing how it’s two-toned. That was actually done because it improves the 3D effect. Light reflects much more off brighter colours, so when you’re in a lit environment the light reflects off the lighter plastic making it “glow” brighter than the screen itself. This actually weakens the 3D effect and makes it a lot harder for your eyes to find the sweet spot, as your eyes always adjust to the brighter image that you look at.

  24. Keep in mind that people won’t buy things if they’re too expensive…. But seeing as the new handheld costs as much as the old console, we might not be too far away from a $1k console… 😐

    (I’m not saying this one will be 1k, but a system costing that much probably isn’t too far in the future at this point.

  25. Theyll just keep it expensive enough for them to get overpayed, but just low enough to beat other consoles, get a good enough amount of people to buy it, and leaves us all fugly.

  26. Similar hardware to the 360 = expect hardware failure after a few months of use. I’m sure nintendo know better than that

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