UPD: Topic of the Wiik – Nintendo’s New Console


UPD: Could this be a leaked picture of the new console? Thanks for the heads up ‘iknoweverything’ 😀

During the site’s coverage of Black and White pre-launch, I loved to cover rumors and hypothesize with you all about what was true and what wasn’t.  Even though this isn’t Pokemon news, we’ll definitely see a new game come out for any new home console Nintendo makes at some point, so this recent coverage of the ‘Wii 2’ should be interesting for all of us.  Here are some of the rumors that Joystiq and Kotaku have posted:

  • Codename is ‘Project Cafe
  • Controller will include a touch screen (latest rumors today measured it at 6.2inches)
  • Hardware is similar to the Xbox360
  • Controller has a built-in front-facing camera
  • Features backwards Wii game compatibility
  • 8 buttons and 2 analog sticks

Sounds exciting, but also extremely expensive. I’m cool with Nintendo trying new things (DS’s touchscreen, Wii’s motion control, 3DS’s built in 3D) but the price-tag has to stay low for me to take the bait.  Personally I’m waiting to purchase the 3DS until it comes down into an affordable range and would like to wait for a redesign as I find the current hardware fairly ugly :<

<3 pokejungle

ps- Let’s dig in on these rumors!