Obvious News is Obviously Obvious

There is another pokemon game being developed. Excuse me while I wet my pants. Didn’t see it coming.

<3 pokejungle

ps- we’ll get new info this month or next. 🙂 I’m guessing it’s a 3DS or Wii title.

  1. Oh geez, lol’d harder than I should’ve. |D I’ll guess it’s for the Wii, or maybe Wii2, they might be looking for a launch title.

    Ooh, no comments right now. Although there probably will be once I post this, so I won’t say the dreaded word.

  2. Do you prefer Captain or just Mr. Obvious? Hope it’s something good and not something lame like Spelling Bee Pokemon or Adventure Squad.

  3. You didn’t see it coming after I posted this just yesterday!?

    “We know for a fact there is a Pokémon Wii and 3DS game coming. Its overdue, possibly due to earthquakes. We also know for a fact that E3 means that a lot of announcements will be made. It always does.
    We also know that that Pokémon typing game’s release will mean that kids Poke-magazines will have nothing to report about until a next game is announced.
    My friends, I guarantee you the next announcement is just around the corner, and that I am almost 100% certain that it will be before or during E3. (just looking at past patterns shows this)’

    1. Pokemon never gets announced at E3. The most announcements come from corocoro, etc.

      1. I’m familiar with this, I’m a translator here.
        But I mean looking at past release dates, May/June of most years have had a lot of announcements.
        Admittedly expecting them to actually announce it at E3 itself for once was a bit of a long shot…

        1. You have a point, but we always know an announcement is coming. The announcement isn’t the surprise, the content of the game is.

          1. Would you personally prefer a Wii or 3DS release?

            I want the unavailable berries etc, I’m hoping for Wii.

          2. Unavailable berries -> PDW
            But to answer your question, I would like to see some 3DS game. It is as capable as the Wii for 3D graphics and I always game more on my portables. (only my PC sees more play, cheap steam games ftw :p)

    2. After Beckett got sued last year (boo you TPCi), there are no longer any Pokemon magazines in America anymore, most fans have to get their news from fansites anymore like Bulbagarden and Serebii, and Nintendo Power never reveals any news on new Pokemon games until a month before the games come out in the states, and that’s only if you are a subscriber, if you aren’t a subscriber, the issue with the Pokemon news comes out by the time the game actually comes out (March 2011’s issue had an article on Black and White, it came out in FFebruary to the subscribers, and it did not come out on newsstands until the week the games came out), though there still is the British magazine Pokemon World, but I’m not British (but Doctor Who is, and the new season premiere is tonight!)

      If E3 announces a Pokemon game, it’s likely to be the english translation of the game, and it’s almost always a spinoff game, because main series games alwasy come out in March/April, and E3 is never held until the summer months, they never even said ANYTHING about Black and White at last years E3, the only Pokemon games there were Ranger 3 and Pokepark Wii (though I could care less about Pokepark Wii), and both games had already been released in Japan at the time, so yeah…..

      1. Yes, I’m one of the translators on these fan sites that provide you with such info :p
        I know nothing of what goes on in American magazines though i’m afraid. Which is just as well since some of the English Pokémon names make me cringe anyway~

  4. I bet its for the Wii. I saw this news on Serebii and was about to tell you about it on the forum but lools like I wont need to. I think its gonna be similiar to Battle Revolution Or Galeof DarknessXD.

  5. I have been telling everybody that it wasnt to early for a new game to be unvieled.
    They didnt believe me; or some of them didnt.
    Dont mean to brag; but i was right.

    1. It could still be shit like Rumble 2 or Ranger/Mystery Dungeon 3DS. Or worse: a new Dash.

        1. Only it was more of a game I’d pay 15-20 dollars for in place of a full 40. I’m hoping for an e-Shop release.

      1. Actually, having another Ranger or Mystery Dungeon game would be nice, a second Dash, however, would not be a good thing (let me say this: Dash could have been a LOT better), I have not played Rumble, so I would not know if it would be any good or not

    1. I’m not sure. It may be a little early, but it could be third version on the 3DS. It would give a huge boost to the system, and because most of the development is done and BW were released late for the DS there should be no problem with saturation due to a new version, as they are on different systems.
      But I don’t think they will do it, so I hope for some new spin-off.

  6. If it’s a Wii game I’d like a kick-ass colloseum-like game, only with a proper story line.

    If it’s 3DS I’d Like Pokémon Snap 3DS, or Pokémon Rumble 3DS (Rumble I think would work so well with street pass etc).

    1. Now that I’ve read your comment, I can almost start to imagine a Pokemon Snap game using the two outer cameras, allowing you to photograph Pokemon that appear on the screen. What I have in mind is something like Face Raiders, where you can see face raiders flying around for you to shoot. Also, the touch screen could be used to throw things such as apples and Pester Balls in the same way you shoot Poké Balls at Pokémon in Poké Transfer. Hopefully, they’ll make the game something like this…

  7. If its a main game, I’m confident it won’t be Grey, yet.

    At the moment everyone points to how they release a new gen duo, then their third game, then remakes. But all that’s backing this up is, because thats how it was in generation IV. Guess what, one generation is not a pattern. Gen III had remakes before the third so that’s as plausible as the last one.
    However I don’t see any remakes coming our way.
    FRLG were justified to be done, HGSS was not needed at all, it was just that it was obvious they would sell really well regardless. With RSE remakes:
    -it’s not needed for ingame purposes
    -it would not sell even half as much as HGSS
    -RSE don’t look THAT dated, and are still easily enjoyable in their GBA format (replayed Emerald a few days ago, fun as ever)

    But since I’m claiming it cannot be remakes nor “Grey”, you might be wondering wtf.
    I’m hoping it will be a main game, but something new, something that no one expects, something they haven’t tried yet.

    For example it could be a semi-remake.
    That could be, no new pokes, you would travel around a known region or two, but in a later timeline, so lots of stuff would have changed. Not just a few changes like in GS Kanto which is 3 years older than RBY Kanto, but ~10 years so it’d be the same time as BW.

    The best candidate for this would be Hoenn, since it’s the longest time that we visited it. Hoenn plus an additional new region, on the are located just northeast of it (the land between Hoenn and Johto on Japans map), who knows what there would be.
    To not repeat the same Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza Team Aqua/Magma story, the emphasis could be on many of the legends that didn’t have much of a story in their original appearance, like finding out more about the Regis, and Regigigas comes to mind (it just stood there and nothing was ever explained about it), even more on the Latis would be cool. Also Jirachi never had an ingame location. The pokemon on the cover you ask? How bout final stages of Hoenn starters? Haven’t seen this since gen I, would be a nice change, and fitting for this kind of game (maybe even 3 versions at once?) And in the end they could even go give new formes to Heatran or whatever if needed.

    Long comment is long…

    1. Also they could focus on giving useful moves to many of the old pokes that currently suck in the gen V metagame.

      I really hope it’s not some retarded pokepark or dash…

    2. Charan, I looked at your “Myotodex” in your name link, and I noticed that MOST of the pokemon in it are similar to gen V pokemon! XD

        1. Some are very similar. For example the grass/steel legend looks awfully familiar to Verizion.
          And I think he (she?) was just being offtopic.

          1. Oh, well yes it’s a quadrupedal, more elegant, Grass poke, but besides this and the color green, I can make better comparisons between different official pokemon, like the infamous Rhydon/Nidoqueen/Kangaskhan bunch…
            But I still don’t get the point. I mean, is he/she trying to say I copied them, that they copied mine or simply what a nice coincidence it is?
            Half of my fakemons initial basic designs are older than RSE.

    3. Someone told me that there would not be any R/S/E remakes because B/W is about 10 years (blame Caitlin after she became one of the Elite Four) after D/P/Pt/HG/SS, and R/S/E takes place in the timeframe of Gen 1, so the next game will most likely be Gray and not an R/S/E remake…..

        1. Actually no, this was someone on DeviantART who told me this, but your comment is very similar. Basically, I see the situation as this:

          The Kanto region has made an appearance in every single generation to date except the current one (Gen 5), so going back to Kanto would be nice, but it would have to take place in the Gen 5 timeframe, so we can all see how much Kanto has changed in the 10 years since Gen 4. True, FR/LG needed to be made so that one could complete the Pokedex in R/S/E (and so were Colluseum and XD), though they could have had a slightly different story to make it less like a direct retelling of Gen 1, HG/SS were, like you said, unnessicary, mainly because most of the Pokemon could be obtained in D/P/Pt through Pal Park and the Dongle method, they were only created because the fandom wanted them, and as a result, development started on HG/SS, even though Game Freak wanted to focus on making B/W, which at the time HG/SS were being developed, were also developed as well simutaniosly, had HG/SS never been made, B/W would have probably been released earlier, but if B/W were released earlier, it would have been a LOT different from the games we have today, think about that for a minute, there were likely several rewrites of the games story after HG/SS were released, so imagine going to N’s castle right after Opelucid City instead of going through Victory Road and fighting the Elite Four, and THEN going to N’s Castle, like what we got, not to mention that many of the Pokemon in B/W like Snivy may have had different designs earlier, but were changed after HG/SS were released. The fact that HG/SS were not needed to be made whatsoever is also one of the reasons why HG/SS are not as well liked as G/S/C were (and let’s not get started on that).

          So I agree on going to Hoenn in a completely new game instead of remaking R/S/E, but I would also like to go to Kanto in a similar manner, with a completely new story and new characters, as well as old ones, so it is best that R/S/E are left the way they are, because changing anything that was liked in the games would make them lose their charm…..

          1. Here’s my theory for the release of games this generation.

            1. The original two games. Black and White, done already.
            2. Remakes of Ruby and Sapphire, but not Emerald. Someone pointed out that the games aren’t that old, and they don’t really warrant remakes just yet. But let’s face it, we’d pretty much all spend money on them, or, if not all of us, at least enough of us that Nintendo could generate a good profit out of it. And that’s reason enough to make the remakes.
            3.. The third version for the original two games. “Grey” is an awfully dreary title, but who knows? Maybe it’ll be something different. Or maybe we’ll grow to like the name “Grey/Gray.”
            4. This is maybe a stretch, but… a remake of Yellow Version might go here. Consider that Nintendo only released FireRed and LeafGreen, but no remake of Yellow. It’s not like they were obligated to make it back then, but consider now, where Pokemon following you outside their Pokeballs has been reintroduced (if only to be taken away later) and the idea of going back to Kanto after another time-skip… I’ll be honest, it’s really tempting. This isn’t likely, but I kind of want it to happen.

            And with all that said, this upcoming game can’t be any of these. It’s probably going to be a title for the 3DS, possibly the Wii. I’m thinking it’ll be something similar to Dash, a spin-off stand-alone title that tests the waters of a new gaming console like the 3DS. It might also be the rumored “Colosseum Update” that got brought up a while ago.

  8. Off topic;

    I’m wondering if they will bring pokemon to AR cards. Think that you’ve a Cherrim on your table battling.

    1. That would be pretty cool, assign 4 moves to each button, and have a tabletop clash! hp and such can be the bottom screen, with the top screen being the 3d arena and such =D

  9. NO! (Sarcasim) You meen that I was RIGHT?! ROFL! I told you guys! It is gonna be for that new console and it is gonna be a computer animation. I hope it is a mix of Pokemon Battle Revelution and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness.

    1. They are announcing a new game when the system hasn’t been shown and will release 1.5 years later?

      1. Oh. Did not think about that, but I know SOME pokemon game has to be used on that system! Or else it will have to be added to the very short list of consoles with no pokemon games!

        1. I believe you one will come. But I think we need to wait till next year for it to be announced.

  10. I’d be happy with either the 3DS or the Wii getting the game, I wonder what it will be. 😮 I’m kinda hoping it will be like the Pokémon Colosseum games. Lemme see the Pokémon in full 3D. 😀 Or if it’s just the 3rd series to the game, I really wanna see N and more to his story and what becomes of him. ;A;

  11. If it’s a good game, I hope it’s for the Wii.
    If it’s a sucky game, I hope it’s for 3DS.

    Just so I can convince myself I’m not missing anything if it’s for 3DS… Which I could technically afford, but won’t buy because of college and my other hobbies taking precedence 😐

    1. If it’s a good game I hope it’s for the Wii or 3DS.
      If it’s a sucky game I hope it will never get released.

  12. Most likely a spin-off (hopefully Mystery Dungeon or Colosseum, love those games.) but if it isn’t I hope it’s a RS remake.

  13. i hope they keep the 3rd version if they make it on the ds because i personally dont like the 3DS and i think keeping an entire generarion compatable with itself is better. maybe they could add some extra 3DS feature or something for the people who have it. since the 3DS is backwards compatable with the DS i think if they. put “Gray” on the DS it would get more sales for the people who a DS and the people who have a 3DS as opposed to the people who just have a 3DS. also i would like to see this new game announcment to be the Wii game and it should have an RPG mode and a “Battle Revolution” mode and a mode like Box R+S. also i really hope they do R+S remakes. Shining Ruby and Shimmering Sapphire anyone?

    1. Why? People who have a DS can buy black or white. People who have a 3DS can enjoy better graphics and some small extras. It’s not because that you don’t have a 3DS that the people who do should get nothing in return for buying.

      1. It still makes more sense to keep the whole generation on the DS. It’d be like releasing Emerald on the DS but not Ruby or Sapphire. It makes the whole generation feel disjointed, y’know? Plus, like you said, people with a 3DS can still play the games. They’re compatible!

        1. The generation is already disjointed with it releasing at the end of the DS’s life. There would be no reason to still support a dead system with major piracy problems.
          And for better graphics on the 3DS, you would need better intern components who are inside the 3DS gamecard, but I don’t think it would work with a normal DS.

  14. i know. i said that the people who got a 3DS could enjoy extra features from “Gray” but the people who dont have it wont miss out on the game. plus making it compatable with the ds would increase sales because it would be for 2 systems plus all of the variations of the ds.

    1. Keep in mind that releasing it on the 3DS would boost sales of the handheld, which in term nets a bigger profit due to people buying more games for their system. And I think a hybrid cartridge wouldn’t work, but that’s a bit too technical.

  15. for example in black and white they have the xtranceiver which only works with the DSi but the people who have the DS Lite or the original DS dont miss out on the games.

  16. Hoping its for the wii, cos i doubt many people will have the 3ds for a while, well i dont anyway >P But if its for the wii, it’ll be more cooler through graphics wise anyway.

    1. Euh….. the 3DS is almost as powerful as a Wii, so the graphics aren’t a problem. The 3DS has even more RAM.

      1. The 3DS also has a teeny tiny screen. If they make a big game, it’d definitely look better on the Wii/TV screen.

  17. Please be a Pokemon Stadium type of game with a Col/XD story mode and awesome new mini games.

  18. I am hoping that this is either Gray or Mystery Dungeon 3 (and no, Explorers of Sky is not Mystery Dungeon 3, it is more of a Mystery Dungeon 2.5 than anything)…..

  19. I really really want it to be the 3rd gen remake game ^_^ I would also be happy if it was the mystery dungeon 5th gen pokemon game 🙂

  20. I’m crossing fingers that it ‘s gonna be a PMD compatible with the DS, kinda like they made on Red/Blue version >:
    PMD are my faorite spin-offs and i would love to play them, with some better graphics, and (if we are lucky) a zorua ^_^


    “Discover KATAKANA in the mind-boggling third dimension!

  22. I suggest-
    1.3rd version of B/W,but at a later timeline than the current one,I want team rocket to be back,since in the anime they are back,but in the games team rocket will now rule or try to,but ghetsis(since he escaped after the main story),will reform again team plasma(or in a different name) and they would battle each other and the player would stop them. With Team Rocket want Zekrom,Plasma-Reshiram and then you will have Kyurem(that frozen chick will interfere like Giratina but with no other world) or will combine(as in the legend in-game,the trio are one dragon before) with the other two and u need to battle it.
    2.If its a spin-off,it would be PMD or Ranger in 3DS/DS or Colosseum style or PBR style one(sequel or not) on Wii or that new “Project Cafe/Wii 2” thing.
    3. A R/S/E remake would not be necessary but it will be if they needed a filler season in the anime or time to develop a new main series pkmn game.

    1. Likely the second choice, as Black and White have not been out for a year, but Team Rocket is pretty much done for in the games, in the Winter months, if you go to a house on the south end of Iccirus City, you will meet the Grunt that stole the machine part, and he said that he wanted to revive Team Rocket, but gave up after getting married (what’s strange is that he never mentions Team Plasma once). So Team Plasma will still be the villians, not to mention that we will learn N’s real name in the third game (or so I heard). I suggest that in Gen 6, Ghetsis will reform Team Plasma and try to revive the Gen 6 legends, and then near the end of the Gen 6 games, we will get to team up with N to stop Ghetsis and the new Team Plasma.

      Either way, it will be alittle longer before the third game, so it will most likely be a spinoff :(, if it is, I really hope it is Mystery Dungeon 3 or Ranger 4, and not something awful and cheap like Dash was…..

      On the subject of R/S/E remakes, however, I highly doubt it right now, but we don’t know for sure, there is a 30% chance it will be a R/S/E remake…..

      1. I think Ruby and Sapphire remakes are going for 2013,which is the 10th anniversary of the games,also,i think R/S/E are the only ones to be really remaked and not HGSS couz its does not have the ability to connect to other games besides FRLG…and team rocket sure is done yeah but on the anime..i dont know……

  23. I would like to see any 3DS games, especially a new generation, which I doubt will happen. However, I would enjoy Pokemon Snap 3DS or something along those lines. I wouldn’t get too excited for Ruby and Sapphire, unless they were placed under the 3DS category. 😀 Just my two cents

    1. As much as I’d love a Hoenn remake, I think it’s a bit too early to announce a brand new handheld installment.

      1. I think given that if it was announced now, it’d most likely come out in japan in a few months and then in england/america in the best part of a year from now, I wouldn’t say its too early, especially for a remake.

  24. Stadium 3 or another installment of the ‘Shadow Pokemon’ games, with a better storyline, please. They took a step in the right direction with B/W, I know they can make it interesting. One thing I must say about this though, if they make either of these things, don’t reuse old 3D models. PBR recycled the ones from XD, which is sad. With the “Wii 2” coming out sooner or later and the 3DS already on shelves they can EASILY make better 3D models. But, I would also be happy with them focusing on the actual gameplay–PBR was just pitiful.

  25. Ruby and sapphire. Remakes for 3ds to boost sales of the system. Releasing this fall. That’s what I think. Makes more sense than a spinoof to start off the 3ds series. But don’t forget that emerald came out while the ds was already out so we mights see the remakes on the ds console as sort of a farewell release.

  26. Well now that it’s official that nintendo gives us a replacement for the wii in 2012… this is probably the wii game they are working on.

    1. I think I read somewhere that you can change outfits/unlock outfits. I can’t really remember…

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