Nintendo Discontinuing WiFi Connection for DS & Wii

Nintendo has announced its plans to shut down WiFi services for its older Nintendo DS and Wii consoles. Games that utilize the service for online multiplayer will no longer be able to access those functions. The Internet browser for both platforms will be unaffected, as will the Wii Shop, DSi Shop, and Hulu Wii app. The service will be disconnected on May 20.

Pokémon Games affected:

  • Diamond, Pearl & Platinum
  • HeartGold & SoulSilver
  • White, Black, White 2 & Black 2
  • Mystery Dungeon games
  • Pokémon Battle Revolution

Other popular games such as Animal Crossing: Wild World and Mario Kart DS will all be affected so make sure to do everything you want to before the shutdown deadline!

Anyone mourning the loss of multiplayer on the DS or Wii?

<3 PJ