PJM Writing Contest Winners & Art Contest Clear Up

Sorry for the slight delay, as I got struck with a severe headache and a bad temper. But I persevered to bring you the ultimate winners of the PJM 2014 Writing Contest!

I received 10 round two submissions, all of them which were excellent! You all did a great job guys. Choosing two winners proved to be a daunting task. But the big winner was a clear-cut case for me, as I absolutely loved his history of Pokémon before Pokémon even existed. So I hereby declare the following Pokéjungler as the absolute first winner of the PJM Writing Contest:

James Hurst with Capsule Monsters: The Pre-evolution to Pokémon

The second winner was a though choice between four favorites, but I ultimately went with:

ShinyXatu with MissingNo.: The Acceptable Glitch

Both will get contacted for further details regarding fine tuning their articles within the course of next week. And of course, we can’t forget to mention their prize. Each will get a free printed copy of the magazine, including free shipping :). The others will get the chance of seeing their articles up on the site, starting as early as next week. I’ll contact them if that’ll be the case.

While I get back to work off-screen, I would like to address the confusion that arose around the Art Contest. This is most likely my own fault as I was extremely exhausted writing the introduction article and seemingly forgot to write a general description.

The purpose of the Art Contest is to receive high quality (in technical terms) digital art commonly found on sites such as Deviantart. The winner will see his article taking up one whole page, so it has to be something suitable to be blown up so much. It will be very much like a big ad in a magazine, but without the advertising. For technical details, click here. If you still have some questions about the contest, be sure to hit me up with an email (found in the article) or just shoot it at me in the comments.

I’m off for now, my head still pounds with the force of one million suns. Happy commenting, and don’t be afraid of being banned quickly, the Headmaster wasn’t trying to intimidate anyone :).


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