PJM 2014 – Art Contest

This post officially closes the Writing Contest. Winners will be announced Sunday 23rd.

And with this post also begins the Art Contest, yay! This one will be held in one round and will be open for everyone. I will put the rules in a Q&A fashion, as that it easier to read and comprehend. On we go.

What is the Art Contest?

The Art Contest is your chance to show of your drawing abilities and to get featured into the first PJM issue! The big winner will also receive a free copy sent to his home.

What do I have to do?

You have to submit a fairly large drawing intended to be fit alone on an A4 sheet of paper. It can be any style, anything you want, as long as it has to do with Pokémon. It should also have zero to little text, as it should be an artpiece and not a comic.

Where do I send it to?

You can email me at ‘magazine at pokejungle.net’ with an at-sign instead of at.

Technical details?

These are important. If you don’t submit it like it is said here, your entrance may be invalid. I’ll mail you back if that is the case however. The picture itself has to be around  2480 x 3508 and must closely maintain the aspect ratio of 1:1.41 (width:height). I’ll only accept uncompressed .png, no jpg, gif or Photoshop formats. Your image is best zipped to a zipfile and attached as an attachment to your mail, in order to avoid compression by mail services. Certainly don’t use an image host to sent it to me, their results are horribly compressed.

How much time do I have?

The contest’s closing date will be announced at a later date, but you have plenty of time.

Can I include my signature?

You not only can but you have to include your artist’s signature so we and everyone else know it is your work. Keep in mind you’ll still be the owner of the artpiece, but you have to give us a free license to allow your work being published in the magazine, in exchange for a copy of the magazine itself.

I’ve got some questions not mentioned here

You can always mail me at the email address given above. Note: I do not give free personal interviews. Contact my agent for that.


Of course it can (and should) be a digital drawing. Who still uses manual tools when we’ve got a whole range of electronics to aid us. Besides, a direct image is always in higher quality than a scan or picture :).


I’ll be sure to write a reminder the coming weeks. Now I have to tackle writing some additional for PJM, work never seems to be done, ugh. Luckily I have two free weekends coming up! 😀 Happy commenting!

P.S. I need sleep. I hate waking up at 6 am in the morning in the weekends.