PJM 2014 – Art Contest

This post officially closes the Writing Contest. Winners will be announced Sunday 23rd. And with this post also begins the Art Contest, yay! This one will be held in one round and will be open for everyone. I will put the rules in a Q&A fashion, as that it easier to read and comprehend. On we … Read more

PJM – Poll’s closed! Results are in

After three days I decided to close down the PJM poll. The winners were clearly decided so it wouldn’t have mattered if it were open longer. Let’s get to the results shall we? Retro section Pokémon Colosseum – 43% Pokémon Snap – 26% Pokémon Stadium – 23% Hey You! Pikachu – 6% Pokémon Dash – … Read more

PJM Newsroom – Awaiting Submissions & Poll!

Been a while since I talked about PJM! Still working on it slowly, but those nasty exams make free time scarce. Let’s get to our first bullet point already, time is money. I still need your round two submission Everyone who passed to round two should have received a new email from me as a … Read more

PJM Newsroom – End of the Year Edition

I apologise for the quietness. I have to study hard for my finals, and most of the remaining time is gobbled up by family needs. In the little that remains for me to go on the internet, I’m too exhausted to do anything. Due to that, work surrounding PJM has been on the back burner … Read more

PJM 2014 Contest – Round Two

Thanks everyone for your wonderful articles. By the time this post goes up, the admission period for round one closes. Everyone who passed should have received their email already. I’ll post all the names below, so everyone can see who makes a chance at getting featured! Now, let’s go on with the details for round … Read more

PJM Newsroom #2

Welcome to the second edition of PJM Newsroom! Let us immediately go to the first announcement of today! Submissions for contest still open Know you can still submit your bio and short story for the PJM contest! For details visit >>>HERE<<<. You still have plenty of time left but don’t wait too long because I neeeed … Read more