PJM 2014 Contest – Round Two

Thanks everyone for your wonderful articles. By the time this post goes up, the admission period for round one closes. Everyone who passed should have received their email already. I’ll post all the names below, so everyone can see who makes a chance at getting featured! Now, let’s go on with the details for round two!

What you need to do

For round two, we need a full-fledged article, to be featured in the magazine. It should be about two pages in Word, font size 11 (which is about 900 words). The article should have a rather timeless aspect, that is, it should be readable within two years and still make the same impact. Make sure it is fit for a magazine, so don’t make use of tables or list, or too many sprites. Take care of your grammar and spelling. If you win, we’ll still go sit together and iron all the kinks out, but a cleanly written article makes a much better impression. You can resubmit your article from round one if you think it is substantial enough. Submissions must reach me before January 3rd. I’ll send reminders to everyone if I haven’t got your article before December 27th. Winners (:)) will be announced somewhere around January 12th.

What you can win

In a change of plans, two articles can get featured in the magazine. Both will receive a printed copy of the magazine. If you didn’t win, it’s possible we’ll feature your article on the site in a revisit to a feature we revealed a while ago.. We’ll contact you in the case we want to see it featured. Sadly, there’s no prize coupled to this other than fame.

List of  ‘PJM Community Writers’

Everyone that passes round one will be added to the list of community writers. For the next PJM Contests, they are automatically granted access to the second round. If you frequently enter the next contests with worthwhile articles, you can get promoted to Senior Community Writer, given you a say in the whole magazine. This is the list of all writers so far:

  • 12MONeil
  • Chicolombia
  • Dinalsha
  • Emii
  • GerudoPrince
  • James H.
  • Jandro
  • John H.
  • Jordin
  • Jotawonka
  • Loark
  • Lugia
  • miJ
  • Pokémon Warrior
  • Rocketclauncher
  • Roksyth
  • ShinyXatu
  • Wild Jr.
  • Yvetal’s Minion