PJM Newsroom – Awaiting Submissions & Poll!

Been a while since I talked about PJM! Still working on it slowly, but those nasty exams make free time scarce. Let’s get to our first bullet point already, time is money.

I still need your round two submission

Everyone who passed to round two should have received a new email from me as a reminder. I expect to receive your article in the next two weeks. Get writing already!

The interview went fine

I finished writing my interview and it’s almost ready to be put into the magazine. Our next interviewee will be our very own Moving! He should do a post in the coming week, or else I’ll poke him to annoyance with my banhammer (it’s rather ineffective on other staff).

Two new sections revealed: Retro Corner and Spotlight Games

The exact names may change but I can confirm we will have a retro section and a section where we explore past main games. The conditions for our retro section is that the games have to be at least ten years old, so for this issue be released in 2004 or earlier. Our retro section will mostly cover spin-offs seeing as the main games get their own section. All main games up to DPP are eligible and we will also reflect on their remakes if they feature them.

And you decide!

The best thing is that you can decide which games we will feature along two other small sections, who will be explained in the near future. You can vote for the poll in the link below.


Get answering the poll already! I’m back off studying, seeing as I’m busy busy busy. Hope you all have a nice day and that you may not experience much hindrance from the cold/snow. Happy commenting!