Saboten Store’s “Syrup Art” in Seoul

Anime art and syrup have probably never even been used in the same sentence, but Saboten Store, a faux maid anime café, combines the two together to create some amazing and delicious artwork. I’ve read about this café through various Naver blogs and from there learned about their miraculous creations. With the purchase of any toast or cheesecake, you also get the chance to make an additional purchase for “시럽아트”, or “Syrup art”, in which the café staff draw whatever game or anime character you would like on your dish. My friend and I who went are both huge Pokémon fans, so we naturally decided on two of our favorite Pokémon; Mega Scizor (my friend) and Mega Ampharos (myself). And the outcome was…

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…pretty amazing, if you ask me. I do love the toast addition to Scizor and Ampharos! We’re going to do a Pokémon scene next time; possibly Mew and Mewtwo on separate plates fighting. If there was such thing as a delicious nerdgasm, then that would be it.

Not only that, but the café itself was quite cozy and eclectic; just how I like them. It’s full of imported Japanese anime stuffs for purchase. They didn’t have much game merchandise aside from numerous “Persona 4: The Movie” collectibles and a few games.

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The menu on the café was simple. It has all of the essentials; basic tea, a few coffee drinks, and a couple of desserts. The staff were super friendly and they all donned amazing maid outfits. One was gracious enough to let me take a picture with her!

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If you ever happen to be in Seoul, definitely make your way to this café. It’s has a unique atmosphere packed with all sorts of video game and anime fans alike. To get there, take the metro to Sadang station and go out of exit 11. Walk forward for a few blocks and Saboten Store will be on the second floor of a business building to your right. It’s difficult to miss! The menu is only in Korean and the staff don’t speak a whole lot of English, so make sure to look up some key words / phrases for Cafés before you go. Here’s a list of phrases that you might need if you ever do make it to Saboten:


(food/drink item here) 주세요.
______ ju-seh-yo.
(please give me _____)


What would you get on your plate? I can’t wait for my next visit! My buddy and I were also thinking of a “derp” theme featuring Dunsparce and Goomy. If we get a third friend with us, Stunfish would have to join in.

– Mr. Bojingles