PJM Newsroom – End of the Year Edition

I apologise for the quietness. I have to study hard for my finals, and most of the remaining time is gobbled up by family needs. In the little that remains for me to go on the internet, I’m too exhausted to do anything. Due to that, work surrounding PJM has been on the back burner for a while. With the exams only ending February 9th, that isn’t going to change soon.

Due to this I will prolong the deadline for PJM 2014 Contest – Round Two by about a month. The original deadline was January 3rd, but seeing as I still haven’t received many submission, I figured out some of you must been busy too (or forgot). Seeing as I didn’t send any reminders, I might as well give anyone more time. I will put the new deadline at February 3rd 12.00 am UTC.

What this also mean for the magazine is that it will be pushed back a bit. Don’t worry, it’s still coming, but writing content and putting it together still takes a lot of time and effort. I can’t put a date on it, but rest assured it comes in 2014.

Seeing as it will feature an interview of both me and Pokejungle, you can mail us possible questions through [email protected]. I’m now back off studying! Keep the comments civil and don’t fall for upvote scams!