Please Stand By. You Broke The eShop (And Bank)

Remember Pokémon Bank, the 3DS app that lets you transfer your old Pokémon to Pokémon X&Y? Well, it’s now released on the eShop! Wait, what’s that you say? The eShop is down? Pokémon Bank isn’t on the eShop? Ohh, I see now! Apparantly too many people bought a 3DS and Wii U as Christmas presents and the network went down from everyone wanting to download their system updates and digital games. Nintendo didn’t think the Wii U would actually sell, so I guess they took no preparations.

Luckily we’re all going to be paying $5 a year so we have reliable Bank servers, so Pokémon Bank should go live the moment the eShop goes back up, right? Nope. As the eShop servers went down, they took the online storage servers of Bank with them. Even if you had downloaded the game, it still wouldn’t work. So much for seperate, reliable servers. Just hope the $5 goes to development of RSE remakes instead of a new sportscar for each Gamefreak executive. Pokémon Bank has now got the tentative release date of To be determined which is not of much help. Still, I’d expect it in the next week or two, once the Christmas/New Year’s rush cools down.

Hope you all had a nice, exhausting Christmas, like I had! I also hope you don’t have to study like I do! I’m going to tackle Organic Chemistry for a while, see you soon. I also didn’t forget about PJM, an update will go live in the coming days.