Happy Christmas!

It’s December 25th, and that means it’s Christmas Day. While we’re not expecting a huge amount of visitors today we’d like to wish every one of our readers a Happy Christmas. We hope you all enjoy your day (regardless if you celebrate Christmas or not!), whether you’re spending it with family and friends or alone. Seriously, have a great day!

It’s likely some of you have received gifts from loved ones and friends, whether it’s Pokémon X & Y, a PlayStation 4 or even a pair of socks, we’d love to hear what you’ve received and what you’re doing today — hopefully not spending too much time online! Today is a time for celebrating the past, present and future, and we’re extremely thankful and hopeful that we have been and will be part of those for some time to come.

We haven’t got a huge amount to talk about here really as we’ve already said what needs to be said, but keep an eye out over the next week or so for some special posts taking a look back at 2013 and hopefully an update on something we hope you’re all very, very excited for!

For one final time this post, Happy Christmas from entire PokéJungle.net Team!