PokéJungle Recaps 2013

This year was certainly a memorable one in the Poké-verse. Almost a full year ago we were treated to a Pokémon direct that revealed Generation VI of the main series. Many had wondered what other colors or gems there were left to use for their names, but The Pokémon Company surprised us all by announcing Pokémon X & Pokémon Y. These two new games boasted features fans had only dreamed of, including 3D graphics, trainer customization, and a global release. Then came the 9 months of waiting for them to come out. We all persevered however and everyone was kept up to date on all the minute revalations right here at PJN 😉

Along with Generation VI, 2013 also saw a new Pokémon movie, Genesect and the Legend Awakened, as well as a new anime season featuring the cast of Pokémon X & Y. New TCG sets based on the game also debuted.

Top 5 Commenters of 2013

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Staff: Favorite Moments of 2013

PJ: My favorite Pokémon memory of 2013 was probably getting to go to the Pokémon Game Show. It was a first for the series and the event was super fun. I also got a chance to play Pokémon X & Y early which was a blast (but made me even more impatient)! Obviously another great moment was the release of X & Y. They’re great games and being able to start my own adventure was something I had waited to do since they were announced. Lastly, I’d just like to say that 2013 was a year of exciting growth for this site and it really has been a privilege to deliver news to all of you and read your comments on all our posts. I’ve also really enjoyed working alongside all of the staff here. Here’s to a great 2014!

moving: 2013 has been a pretty big year for me. My activity and work on the site increased hugely and it now feels like I’ve become a proper part of the site (hopefully the other staff and visitors agree!), and I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of PokéJungle.nets biggest and busiest year yet. It’s difficult to fit all of my highlights of the year into a couple of sentences, so I won’t even try… However one of my favourite moments was in the week before X & Y released, the staff were all up in arms about who would be doing what and who would get their copy of the game first. Then, two days early I received my game shortly after Sammydodger and properly kicked off our in-depth coverage. There’s absolutely loads I could pick, but that will do for now, perhaps more in the comments… 2014? Bring it on!

Visitors: Favorite Moments of 2013

Your turn! We here at PJN would like to hear about your favorite things from this past year. We’ve also prepared a small list of questions to inspire you 😉

  • What piece of news made you most excited for Pokémon X & Y?
  • What was your favorite Pokémon that was introduced this year?
  • Any non-Pokémon things that were memorable for you in 2013?

Looking Forward to 2014

A new year means new possibilities. We already know of one release we’ll get: Pokémon Bank. After it’s rocky launch and subsequent removal in Japan, only time will tell when it will be released worldwide. Hopefully soon though! The next year could also bring new surprises for fans. Spin-offs? Remakes? Who knows what will be announced. One thing’s for sure though… we’ll do our best here at PJN to report it first! So we hope you’ll stick with us and come along for the ride 😀

Want a New Year’s Resolution?

I’m going to shamelessly suggest that you make it your resolution to join our GREAT forum and post regularly 😀 It’s rather quiet right now, but we’ve got some great members and the commenters here would feel at home there. Hope to see you at Mt. Moon Community in 2014!

<3 PJ