Mr.Bojingles’ 2014 Pokémon Wishlist

Happy New Year, PokéJungle fans! I hope everyone had a fantastic wrap up of 2013 and a great start to 2014. With a new year brings new challenges, new changes, and perhaps. . .new Pokémon games?!

We’ve run into the tradition of always having a third installment of the current generation with even a few remakes thrown into the mix. Nintendo keeps each generation’s third installment release normally between 1-2 years from when the initial game came out. If Nintendo continues to follow this pattern, we could possible see a new game as early as December of this year (although I think this is highly unlikely). Whether or not a new game is even released in the near future, I’m hoping that Nintendo brings about some changes to existing Pokémon and game mechanics. There are a few things that I think Nintendo/Game Freak have waited far too long to change. Below is my list of top three things that I hope Game Freak changes by the end of 2014:[spoiler]


The improvement of ice types

abomasnow aurorus glaceon

For real, Game Freak. Ice types are easily one of the worst types in the game. Its weaknesses, fire, rock, and steel, are all so common in the metagame that it’s difficult to properly use an ice type without a threatening 1HKO. Being strong against dragon, grass, ground, and flying types does have incredible perks as many Pokémon of these types are used consistently throughout the game. However, what the ice type really lacks are solid Pokémon to use in teams. There are a number of notable exceptions such as Cloyster, Weavile, Avalugg, Abomasnow, and Mamoswine, but they simply don’t cut it in the metagame to last very long in battle. I think that ice types need a Pokémon like Beartic, but with much higher speed (something around 80) in order to sweep. Also, ice types contain very few viable physical moves. Icicle Crash is a great move, but not learned by many Pokémon. Avalanche is only useful if you are the second to attack, which is extremely risky as ice types lack decent bulky physical attackers (with the exception of Regice). Ice Shard is a fantastic priority move that is thankfully learned by many Pokémon, which is important as ice types don’t have too many quick physical sweepers going for them. Ice Punch is another viable move that can be taught to loads of ice types and non-ice types alike, but is often replaced for something with more “oomph” and type coverage like Thunder Punch or Fire Punch.

Overall, ice types should be changed by adding better Pokémon suited for battle, better type coverage, or a more diverse move pool. Hopefully we can see some of these changes in the coming games!


Beginning bug types don’t suck

weedle caterpie

Let’s get serious. Every single introduction bug type was, and still is, horrible. They are normally completely outclassed after what, maybe the second gym? By then you have access to so many better teammates than the bugs you find in the beginning routes. Each and every bug type at the beginning of the game has an extremely low BST, terrible typing, and fairly limited movepools. It would be great to see a bug type that was actually useful past the beginning of the game. Sewaddle, if you can consider that an introduction bug type Pokémon (and it’s pushing it, as you don’t find one until a bit later in the game), is by far the best beginning bug type of them all. Vivillion has seemed to be getting a lot of attention because it is actually not half bad. . .in theory. It does receive access to Quiver Dance, Draining Kiss, Hurricane, and the interesting signature move Powder, but its mediocre speed and attack limit it from doing anything other than getting 1HKO by a rock move. In order for Vivillion to be useful in any form, you’ll need to set up with at least one Quiver Dance. If you can manage that without dying, you might get lucky and KO a few Pokemon, but it can easily be walled by a fire type or destroyed via a priority move.

If Game Freak is going to make a decent intro bug type, I would love for it to be only bug and have solid speed to back up a decent offense. Heck, even a bulky bug that resembles a horned beetle would be pretty interesting. Maybe in the near future we’ll see some improvements!


Overdue evolutions

farfetchd dunsparce

Can we just take a second to agree that Pokémon such as Farfetch’d, Dunsparce, Jynx, Lapras, and so many other Pokémon that haven’t changed much since their generation should get some form of evolution, whether it be mega or otherwise? I really enjoyed the mega evolutions of Pinsir and Heracross as it brings something new and interesting to previously unused Pokémon. I understand that there was only so much that Game Freak could do in one installment, but hopefully in the coming games these Pokémon will receive something to make them more viable in metagame use. They each have such great potential in battle, but unfortunately don’t make the cut as they have not adapted to the rapid changes in the Pokémon series. Dunsparce and Farfetch’d, well, just needs better overall stats. I can imagine Farfetch’d being a speedy physical sweeper (flying/fighting, anyone?) and Dunsparce being some sort of bulky wall with a mixed typing (Fairy would be a great addition to the Pokémon). Lapras and Jynx I imagine would have some sort of mega evolution. I can imagine Lapras being a special wall as it already has high HP and SpDef. Jynx is a fantastic candidate for a fast special sweeper. It’s interesting typing and access to the signature move Lovely Kiss give it great utility in battle. The only thing really hindering it is its absolutely crippling defense and HP stat, which make it very easy to 1HKO, even with a move with normal effectiveness.[/spoiler]

These are my personal wishes for the “upcoming” game that we may or may not hear about this year. What are your wishes for the new generation of Pokémon? Do you think that we’ll see any form of improvements that I mentioned? Different changes, perhaps? Leave your feedback and comments below! Happy New Year, everyone.

–          Mr.bojingles