3DS Pokémon Game Coming?

A Japanese gaming site has posted that Creatures Inc. (Pokémon game development company) has posted a job listing for 3D CG Pokemon model and motion artist. This could mean that a 3DS game is in the planning stages. Of course, the game could be for the Wii or even Wii U as well.

Also: Famitsu thing was fake. Apparently some sites didn’t look into whether or not the info was real. NL had warned me from the outset, but I think I mentioned it in a “ps”.

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  1. This is just an idea of mine.

    I think they should remake Stadium, but with all Pokemon (with the exception of a few legendaries that you can unlock through battles and mystery gift) for rental. Organize it by region so you can select easy.

    Plus, at these days, you can make wi-fi capabilities and do what all “Stadium” games have done: Let you transfer your Pokemon from a previous game.

    Or a new Mystery Dungeon.

    1. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 3DS would be great.

      The wiiware trio were fun for what they were. But I would love another Pokémon Mystery Dungeon with a plot as advanced as the one in Sky.

      And if they make a Pokémon Ranger 3DS, my anger will be aroused.

      I say Sky instead of Time/Darkness, considering that Sky actually contains the entire (back)story.

      1. You’ll probably stop visiting my site now but I never could get into the Dungeon series. D;

      2. I don’t want to screw up my 3ds screen like i did with my ds. I really don’t mind ranger though.

  2. Fake?! So they didn’t hand out flyers about the next issue of Famitsu at the World Hobby Fair? This doesn’t mean we won’t get news about B2W2 in the next issue, we just don’t know when it comes out.

    1. Undoubtedly we will get information in Famitsu, it just may not be new information.

  3. What exactly do you mean by “the Famitsu thing?” The scan that Serebii assumed was legit which questioned whether B2W2 were truly new games or not?

    1. There was a rumor that the issue of Famitsu coming up was going to reveal a new Pokemon.

  4. Know whatd be fun?

    A PBR, but with more interesting stadiums, have like gym leaders and E4 members from varying generations as bosses (heck all of them D:<).

    It would be a noteworthy thing if its purpose was to be competitively oriented and aimed at the more hardcore players.

    Having an alternate way to level,
    be able to get rid of, and gain EVs in some interesting way,
    imply how good the IVs for all stats are,
    have tons of game changing move tutors,
    useful items (pinch-berries and whatnot)
    allow to mass-breed.
    That kind of stuff.

    Oh and faster paced battles,
    obviously properly thought through wifi battle options not just one stupid 3v3 mode thing for random..

  5. From what I can tell , I’m sensing some sort of 5th gen stadium like game or possibly a game like XD in the 5th gen for the Wii U. Though MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire for the 3DS would be super nice if they use 3D models,

  6. pokemon mystery dungeon will be nice.. wii style….with all pokemon!!!.. and it better have the damn friend areas….

  7. We need a ruby sapphire remake for 3ds :O i literally need it haha. but a 5th gen stadium would blow me away 😀

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