Dae asks: Worst Pokémon

Time for something different on Dae asks. Instead of always asking positive things, it’s time for something negative. Actually, this was PJ’s idea, so it won’t be something that is going to happen a lot.

I always see people complain on the internet whenever a new generation comes out. Everyone has at least one Pokémon they totally dislike. Which is yours? And don’t go shouting “gen v is worst gen”, even Geodude is just a rock with two arms and a face. Try to be constructive, as I don’t like plain hatin’.

Go on, the comments are below for you to post in. I’m enjoying my Easter Break, and will be back with hopefully some news to discuss. Famitsu could leak anytime now, so keep your eyes on this site.


  1. Sigilyph. I’m not a gen V hater, there are some from each gen I love and hate, but Sigilyph just takes the prize for worst IMO.

    It looks awkward, complicated and un-pokémon-like

      1. It’s about Pokémon you don’t like, not the ones you do like. Please stay ontopic, or I have to kick you to the moon.

        Oh… wait….
        hey boss!

    1. Jynx is a flawless goddess and the holy mother of Arceus. How dare ye speak such profane words!

      1. This made me laugh. Which made me start coughing because I have a cold.

        *wheeze/hack* lol

      1. How was it racist of Game Freak to design such an ugly, crappy, pointless, near useless Pokemon? I don’t think you chose the right word.

        1. I think Dae was talking about the charges of racism that the design incited back when it was released. Originally it had a black face which was turned to purple because of the controversy.

        2. Well, you’re a racist because she was designed after a black woman and you clearly hate her.

    1. The gear pokemon family are bad based on:
      1. Their looks.
      2. The moves they learn coupled with…
      3. Their stat distribution

      Seriously it’s attack is higher than its special attack, and all it learns are SPECIAL ATTACKS. That really grinds my gears!

    2. each time i see them i smh in disappointment,gamefreak could of thing some way better than that

  2. Unfortunately, my least favorite Pokémon is Lickilicky. Getting fatter isn’t really evolving, now is it?

    I use the word unfortunately, because I generally appreciate all Pokémon for their quirkiness. But Lickilicky is just a lazy abomination.

    Gosh, even the much hated Garbodor is absolutely adorable in comparison.

  3. “Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled Trainers should try to win with the Pokémon they love best. I like your style. You understand what’s important. Go on—the Champion is waiting.”

    Honestly I TRY to like every Pokemon, but if I had to pick one that I hate or is the worst…….. I’ll get back to you….

  4. Plusle and Minun. Worst Pikachu clones, and their cute design is too generic. They don’t really have a basis for their design and are too similar to Pikachu (specially Plusle). At least, Pachirisu and Emolga look more different (being based on other animals). Plus, instead of just one, they made two of them in just one gen.

    1. I know this isn’t just about Pikachu clones but being the worst pikachu clones makes the worst pokémon for me. All other pokémon are at least OK for me.

  5. The worst pokemon has to be Vanilluxe. That whole line is just stupid. Its an ice cream pokemon. Yeah its different but not cool different like Exeggegutor its just fails all ovet for me. Hell the shiny isnt even chocolate which would have been some what redeeming.

    1. I would’ve giggled had they made it chocolate. That’d definitely have been somewhat redeeming.

      1. Wow. I seem to live in some alternate world. The Vanilluxe line was one of my favourties of Gen V. I’d be devastated if they were chocolate….

    2. Its not ice cream. Its a pokemon that resembles ice cream when covered in snow. Pokemon had this kind of mimicry since the beginning of the franchise. Now go hate on Koffing and co.

      Its not cool? lol..

  6. The worst Pokémon for me is the Vanillite line, and Vullaby (not it’s evolution, just Vullaby), and somehow I wasn’t surprised that the creator of these pokemon is the same person.

    The only other Pokémon that I dislike is Probopass. Nosepass was a great idea, I love the easter island thing, but then it’s evolution is Mr. Potato Head gone wrong. lol

      1. My best friend looks like Probopass. So i cant hate them entirely. But still a moai head with a mustache is just creepy. Almost a creepy as the fact that last i checked there are male gothitelles :/

  7. I think the worst Pokemon, design-wise, was Voltorb. It’s literally just a Pokeball with a face, which, by any standards, is just plain lazy.

    But my personal least favorite Pokemon are Sawk and Throh- followed closely by Hitmonchan. I like Hitmonlee and Hitmontop…but there’s something about human-like Pokemon (that goes for all of them) that I just don’t like…

    1. Mentioning Voltorb reminds me of Foongus…this generation’s voltorb pokeball ripoff pokemon. It just ruins the whole “Pokemon are wild creatures” thing for me when they have pokeballs on them.

      1. Well, who’s to say that Pokeballs weren’t actually based in design to look like Voltorb and Foongus? There’s an explanation for everything.

        My least favorite Pokemon? Jeez, I’d have to pick Magmortar, Lickilicky or Probopass. I liked the originals, and then they had to make them all ugly. Kinda disappointing, really.

        Magmar and Electabuzz were always a tough choice for me, as I loved both of them equally, and they both were powerful Pokemon. Electivire, while I didn’t like it at first, grew onto me. It still had the base design that Electabuzz had. Magmortar looks like someone shoved plastic implants into a set of lips onto a Magmar who just came out of depression. It’s sickening.

        Lickitung was one of my favorites, and I was so happy to read they had made an evolution (I hadn’t seen the artwork at the time), and when I saw its evo I nearly cried due to its hideous appearance. How could they do that to Lickitung?!

        I used to rock a Nosepass in my original Ruby version, thanks to electrical attacks like Shock Wave and Thunder Wave. Should use it again sometime.

    2. Nostalgia keeps people from hating on Gen 1 Pokemon in general. If Gen 5 and Gen 1 were switched, however, I’m sure people would be complaining about how Weezing, Voltorb, Magneton, Muk, Starmie, Ghastly, etc…are based on objects and just “aren’t pokemon-ish.”

      True story.

  8. For me? The Gothorita line. They made it look like an ugly, weirdly-clothed, human-type thing. I can’t even begin to describe how horrible it seems to me. Frankly the further Pokemon stay from looking like humans, the better. Though some of them like Mr. Mime for some reason seem to be Pokemon-ey enough for me.
    Honourable mention to Jynx.
    And I’m probably a bit hypocritical, yes.

  9. Tough pick between Dunsparce, Qwilfish, and Wynaut. I’d have to say Wynaut though because it’s kind of a useless baby Pokemon, it doesn’t look cool, and evolves into a Pokemon I personally never used unless I was going to catch Mewtwo in FR/LG. Plus, the only way to get it in R/S/E was Mirage Island which almost never showed up for me. Qwilfish at least looks cool and Dunsparce gets picked on enough.

  10. Huntail (and Gorebyss). Revolting and utterly forgettable.
    Luvdisc also freaks me out with that little beak.

  11. Magikarp, hands down. It is completely useless, hard to train, and simply has a terrible design (is it suppose to be a carp-goldfish hybrid?). The ironic part is that Magikarp evolves into one of the best designed and strongest water type Pokemon ever conceived: Gyarados. Irony:/

  12. By the way, have any of you noticed that Mr. Popo(Dragon Ball) and Oil Man(Mega Man) share a few similarities with Jynx? They were all black skinned with big lips, came from beloved Japanese franchises,caused controversy in America because of racial allegations, and had to be edited for North America. Just a thought…

  13. What on earth is the point of Mawile. It has absolutely nothing going for it. You can’t use it in battle and it looks awful.

  14. i have to say my least favorite pokemon would probably be ambipom. i absolutely loved aipom then i when i saw its evolution i was like wtf lol

  15. Easily, hands down for me is Nosepass and Probopass. UGH it’s just…hideous. Honestly I’ve never been so appalled before by a Pokemon until they came along.

    Then you get people complain about new Pokemon, how ugly they are, and all I wanna do is just guide them to Probopass. afl;jadslfgjklfgj. *insert rage face here*

  16. I would probably say Throh…It’s design just creeps me out, with its funky unibrow. Plus, it looks like Bert from Sesame Street…Like even Sawk looks slightly badass.

  17. Personally I like every pokemon but if I had to decide it would be Houndoom because it kind of gave me the creeps when I was little but now I like it く(^_・)ゝ

  18. I would like to say Probopass but at least it has a concept behind that gideous design so I’ll go with fugly ice cream line.

  19. i hate all of the flying Genie legendaries from BW they are overused and just plain disappointing pokemon that are too much effort to catch. Poor design and so ohhhh soo cheap in the meta game

    1. Wait, so are you saying they are too good (metagame wise) to look as “bad” as they do?

  20. Literally everything from Generation III. Every. Single. Thing.

    I know a lot of you little kids are all liek but, but, OMG Ruby Sapphire was teh leetest! No. You’re wrong and I’ll explain to you why you’re wrong.

    1. The fucking starters: All of them. The fire chicken. The stupid gecko bush. The whatever-the-shit Mudkip is. Come on. Blaziken is hands down the worst offender, he looks like those gaunt teenagers at Hot Topic with the wide legged pants.

    2. Silcoon/Cascoon: It’s a bag of spider webs with an eye, maybe.

    3. Ludicolo: “Picture this,” says Pokemon Ruby art assistant, “It’s a Mexican duck pineapple which is also a lily pad that dances and is kind of a frog.” That guy deserved a promotion.

    4. Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir: My major beef with this line, aside form being all, you know, stupid is that Gardevoir can be a dude. So can Kirlia but that’s not so bad. They backpedaled on this one in the next generation with Gallade but not entirely. If you want to make a male version of your clearly female design, do it and eliminate the fact that the original design can still be male, asshole.

    Sidenote; female Machamp should have tits.

    5. Breloom: Mushroomdinosaurkangarookungfusonofabitch.

    6. Whismur/Loudred/Exploud: Hai guise, we made subwoofer monsters. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

    7. Azurill & Wynaut: Seriously. Marill is one of my all-time favorite Pokemon. Wobuffet can suck a fat one, for all I care. But Azurill and Wynaut are the two most egregious Pokemon ever designed for many, many reasons. Not only are the absurdly useless, they look like complete shit. It flys in the face of the bygone designs from Gen. II that the only Pokemon of Gen. III related by evolution were so piss-poorly designed. It’s an insult, really.

    Why doesn’t Azurill have arms? Marill has arms. Azumarill has arms. Are baby mice born without arms? Is this real life?

    Wynaut. It’s cool, he’s got arms. They just happen to be growing of the sides of his God damned skull. Also, big blue dick from the forehead.

    I… I could go on and on for hours. I mean, Trapinch, Gorebyss, Spinda, Swalot, Glalie, Spoink, Electrike, Hairyama, Solrock, Lunatone, Plusle, Minun, etc. etc. etc. etc. If I don’t stop here, I’ll likely lock myself in the garage with my car running.

    Some of you will say, but there’s a garbage bag Pokemans now and a ice cream guy! Lawl, n00b! No, fuck you. Every single iteration of Pokemon has flaws and dumb or weird designs. Generation III was NOTHING BUT. An entire generation of a series that serves solely as a giant fuck up.

    If SUPERBLUESapphire and NEATOCRIMSONRuby get made, I will cry.

    1. umm, i respect your opinion, but your arguments on the pokemon you mentioned are just….umm….. nuff said

      or maybe your trolling, can’t tell

    2. The single fact that you compare pokemon by generations as if there was distinct differences in style, design or bases, made my bullshit detector beep like crazy so I couldnt manage to read beyond the first sentences.

      1. Well that’s a shame, since judgment based on a glaring lack of all possible facts sets off my assholeometer.

        “Every single iteration of Pokemon has flaws and dumb or weird designs”. Way past the first sentences, so I see why you missed that bit. I don’t hate by generation, but likewise it’s not my fault that generation three by nature contained the most awful designs.

    3. Firstly let me say that was probably the funniest thing ive ever read on this site haha. Secondly i agree and disagree but meh we wont get into that and 3 I TOTALLY agree about the starters 😛 😀

  21. Okay,
    “insert stupid bias here”

    No srsly
    Time to ask something negative? Might as well suggest to commit suicide since living is so yesterday, next time?

    You could bitch about every single pokemon or admire them. Whats the point of asking people to share their bitching about them?

    1. Are you bitching about bitching? 😛

      But well, you could ask: what’s the point of asking these things? The answer is that there’s no real point. Things won’t change because we like or hate that one Pokémon. But people like discussing things. They want to share their own opinion to others, expressing their own feelings. It’s something human, and I don’t mind doing this, as long as it doesn’t transform into a flamewar.

      1. Oh no, theres plenty of stuff to discuss and ask that does indeed enhance the experience of being a fan of this franchise. This is not one of them and the information shared is given to mostly consist of rushed opinion regarding any pokemon.
        It doesn’t encourage contemplating or taking a proper look at anything or godforbid thinking whether the details have a reason or background for existing.
        Its just meaningless hate. Look at the comments.
        Unless the point is to enable people to vent instead of discuss.

        If you thought there was no point you wouldn’t ask.
        Im saying asking questions like this really has none, but if it wasnt so random and empty, it could.

        1. You know, that’s something that is out of my reach. Why I’d rather have constructive comments (I even stated it in my post), not everyone takes the time to write a full reply. Even when asking positive things there are a reasonable amount ‘lightweight comments’.

          But this is not something I plan on doing a lot. Expect the next one to be a lot more positive.

  22. I pretty much love all Pokemon.

    If I had to choose, my least favorite would be Mr. Mime.

  23. I can’t believe nobody has said this…

    ZUBAT. OH DEAR GOD. worst. mon. ever.
    Funnily enough, I quite like crobat.
    I hate zubat the way everyone hates zubat. Take two steps through a mother f***ing cave, BAM, zubat -.-

    Closely following, as someone above me said, the third generation. Some of those pokemon are just… Wtf. Especially the starters >.< I do like the ralts line though 😀

  24. How come NO ONE mentioned those awful golem regi things. they are by far the weirdest non pokemn like things ever. They are useless. I hate them

    1. They’re at least more interesting than the legendary birds.
      Iz jus burds wif elemental powaz wutdefuk.
      there, I can make meaningless points too.

  25. If i had to go by being the worst due to uselessness, id have to say Phione takes the cake. Its only purpose is to be the only legendary obtained via breeding. Thats it. And the only reason you obtain it that way is because its parent is the only legendary obtained via egg. Total gimmick. I dont care for Manaphy or Phione but at least Manaphy is somewhat comepetively viable or at least thats what my friend has told me. Phiones dont deserve to exist.

  26. I am super surprised nobody is hating on:

    Poochyena/Mightyena (Zigzagoon and Linoone are exempt IMO)

    I actually thought nothing could ever be worse than Bidoof/Bibarrel but then they gave him a cool ability and came out with an ever stupider looking rodent. I almost see the point of Bibarrel now.

  27. Even though it’s been said a million time. My least favorite pokemon is Jynx and Probopass.

  28. Most of the ones being mentioned on here are some of my favourites ;P

    My least favourites would be these..

    Stunfisk – Such an amazing design idea, a desert ray, but its completely wasted on something which just looks awful.

    Ambipom – I wasn’t a huge fan of Aipom, but Ambipom is just something else..

    Probopass – I don’t think anyone really likes this one :s It’s the moustache…

    Samurott – I love Oshawott and Dewott is cool, but Samurott just lets them both down.

    Emboar – Same reason as Samurott.

    Plusle & Minun – ..urgh… Helping Hand makes me want to just curl up and die.

    Lickilicky – I looove Lickitung but Lickilicky is a disgrace.

    Timburr, Gurdurr & Conkeldurr – Horrible designs, horrible faces, horrible clown noses, just all round horrible pokemon.

    Phione – I don’t really see the point in it.. Why does it even exist?

    Thats all I can think of for now 😉

    1. Phione is the opposite special legendary pokemon.

      Like Mewtwo, it is a second version of a cute-event-legend.

      While Mewtwo is an artificially created stronger version of Mew,
      Phione is the natural (breeding) weaker version of Manaphy.

  29. I hate bidoof. I can not even begin to tell you how much I hate his stupid face. His evolution too. From the moment I saw it I hated it and wanted it to die like I have never wanted before. What makes me even more upset is that it has become a joke among my friends. I had one day came home to my room full of bidoof pictures, plushes toys and other stupid things. I was not a happy girl that day. I gave them all to my baby nephew and he still has them all this day. He calls them his babies. >.>
    Its also why I dont leave my game around the house anymore. One day I came home to a couple boxes of bidoofs named NOTBIDOOF or FOODIBTON.

    I just. I can’t.

    1. I agree with you on Bidoof. It is like the worst Pokemon in that generation. When I first got my game, I refused to catch one.

      1. Although I agree Bidoof doesn’t look good at all, I think it is getting a lot more hate than it deserves. It looks really silly, but there are far more uninspired Pokémon than him.

        1. It’s not even completely about looking silly, it’s name does it enough justice in the silly department. But in all concepts, it is just a Ratatta wanna-be. It knows basically the same move set. Except the one difference is that it is a beaver. Beavers to me seem like a water type, but it never learns any water moves. Until it evolves, then it goes from a plain old normal type into a normal and water type. What’s up with that. It was still a beaver when it was a Bidoof, so why did it have to change into a Bibarel just to be able to become a water type?

  30. My least-favorite Pokemon is Chingling. Because let’s face it, who cares about Chingling? Really and truly, it’s so completely unremarkable. Some Pokemon are weak, some Pokemon are stupid, some Pokemon are hideous, some Pokemon are any combination of the above. But Chingling is none of that. It’s not horribly weak, it’s not awfully annoying, and it’s not badly-designed. It’s just really, really boring, and that’s why I can’t stand it.

  31. I don’t like Shuckle one bit. Its face sceams of derp, as if it was trying to say “Play a game of whack-a-mole with me!” Then when you do, you hit it on its head and dies.

    Grimer. A puddle of sludge.

    Muk. A slightly larger puddle of sludge.

    Cryogonal. It’s just a sad snowflake. It’s probably sad because it knows it doesn’t deserve to be a pokemon.

    Rattata. Joey alone ruined this for me. Besides,

    Magneton. This just doesn’t make sense to me. It goes from one body, to three bodies, to one body. Unless I’m missing something here, it makes me confused. Besides, it’s ugly.

    Last but not least, Foongus and Amoonguss. I can not look at this pokemon without feeling a sudden urge to slam my head into a door. The single thing that makes me hate them the most is how they only have one nostril on their left side.

    1. Well, the concept of magneton can be easily explained. It first consist of seperate magnet entities that stick together by magnetic force. When exposed to a strong magnetic field (that one cave), they cling so hard together they become one.
      Although I have to say that it goes against the rules of physics in the real world, but at least it’s coming from somewhere.

      PS: Leave rattata alone. You’re just jealous that he’s in top 1%

  32. I can’t stand Tympole. I don’t know why, it just seems like a poorly matched up pixelated abomination. It is like they tried for another cute first evolution and failed miserably. Even it’s evolved forms aren’t very appealing. =/

  33. I have to say my least favourite pokemon is Foongus/Amoongus.
    I try accept all pokemon but really? A pokeball mushroom that get bigger and uglier when it evolves?

    1. and it was the only shiny ive encountered in the wild since gold version.

  34. I’ve got a soft spot for weak Pokemon and trying to make them perform their very best. Even so I cannot find a reason to ever use Unown. It’s gimmicky (and not even a fun gimmick), weak, boring, and pretty much useless. On top of that, it takes up 28 sprites that could have been used on other Pokemon and I’m sure even Gamefreak regrets creating Unown every time they make a new game. If they had some crazy but impractical ultimate move or at least some cool signature move it’d be one thing but all they get is Hidden Power, a move that just about everything can learn.

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