New Gym Leaders in Black 2 / White 2?

This has surfaced on 2ch.  The article alleges that there may be new gym leaders in the sequels to Black and White.  Interesting… The article also teases us by asking if the region will still be Unova. The text around Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig questions whether there are any more new Pokémon to be revealed.

Serebii says scan is legit, chastised me for for speculating about it :'( Can’t wait to see what kind of a game BW2 is 😀

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  1. So that Black vs Skyla is simply just an image from the first Black/White?

    Phew, I was kinda worried the developers were getting lazy and were just reusing sprites.

    Hope it turns out to be true.

    1. Yeah, I think footage is still under NDA.
      They are using BW1 footage to spice up the article. And for the teasing, it could have hard facts behind it, or just personal speculation. We’re supposed to have more info this week, so we’ll see what comes out of it.

  2. I’ve been contemplating the following idea for quite a while. It’s what I’d do with direct sequels in gamefreaks situation, but its so radical that you cant take it serious unless we surprisingly find out its the case:

    I would make a mid-generation. By that I mean it would not be a proper generation of its own, but something like 50 pokes to complement Unova

    Most pokemon in the game would still be Unova ones, the bunch of new would be rare hidden special stuff (like gen2 but much less of the common ones), and of course some evos/pre-evos (Swoobat, Audino,Maractus,Druddigon), an alt evo perhaps, and a scizor-like evo (Heatmor)…

    Where would this take place?
    Have you ever looked at Unova and thought it was awkward how you travel the west half of it just to find postgame that the east is filled with random high lvl old pokes, long routes and great but boring places?
    Yes Im suggesting here that this is intended.
    The east side could be properly integrated in sequels and have some key locations (even Kyurem is found there). Of course there’d be plenty of changes for anything like this. And that raises the question of gyms changing, or the west 3 closing for 3 east ones.
    The important dragon one is still in the main path, just like the first few. Theres even 3 types that are not used by a gym or E4 in Unova in BW (Poison,Rock,Steel).

    The main issue thats confusing is the starting point. It wouldnt make sense for the hero to be the same, but that would mean hes already out there and owns a dragon (which reminds me of Red on Mt.Silver for some reason). What about the starters? They cant possibly give us new ones for sequels, as it was said these take the longest to make, to make sure they are as appealing and varied as possible (and Fire/Grass shouldnt be 50% made up of starters anyway).
    Which has a simple solution though. If we will meet the old hero, they’ll have a starter. It could easily be decided depending on which one you pick as a new hero.

    Of course there will likely be completely new places to travel to, (btw the subway needs some more serious use, as does the airport..), it would just be silly if a new character followed the same path through the same region, meeting the same people.. It has a “2” and being called sequel for a reason.
    While new pokemon seems farfetched, the 150 Unova were just about perfect to distribute for the path up to E4 in BW, and with drastic changes it doesn’t seem doable to use the same ones.. I mean the foresty pokes in the second quarter area of the dex need a forest at a fitting point, same for all the desert stuff or the stronger things towards the end etc…

    This is the most exciting non-new generation release ever.
    Imagine we’d just be hearing about a completely standard boring Grey instead with like no changes at all LOL.

    Theyve only told us “yep these gonna be actual sequels”, and the internet is speculating to death.

    1. Well, you start in [put region here] and fight your way through the [completely new] story. Then you meet [hero from bw1] who helps you to finish [trouble caused by someone].

      That’s my take on a sequel. I expect it’ll just be a continiuty of the story rather than that they stray away from the series classical flow.




  4. I doubt we will see any new Pokémon; although I wouldn’t rule out any new forms for Pokémon other than Kyurem.

    As for Gym Leaders, I do expect that to happen. For example, I imagine Drayden might have retired during the time between BW and B2W2, possibly leaving an older Iris in charge of the Gym in Black 2. Also, Driftveil City might have a new Gym Leader, as Clay is very much a businessman and he could have had to move to another region for business.

    Personally though, I think this is just the magazine’s speculation as opposed to something TPC asked them to write though.

    1. Actually Id say its pretty safe to assume nothing else will get formes.

      Kyurem has the same data indication in BW for getting a forme as Giratina Shaymin and Rotom had in DP (They, and ONLY they, all have number of formes set to 1, while every other pokemon has either a 0, or the number of formes, ie Deoxys 4, Rotom 6…). Nothing else does this time.

  5. I’m thinking that the rest of the Plasma sages will have a more prominent role. They really served no purpose in the first games other than to act as pseudo-leaders of Team Plasma. Other than Ghetsis, they never battled. I also have to agree with Charon about the new evolutions. Maybe Alomomola is an evolution of Luvdisc, but they were holding out on us. It’d be greatto see what other ones could evolve.

  6. This is pretty misleading. New Pokemon, gym leaders, region is no more likely or unlikely than it was a week ago. This magazine is just speculating. It’s as if one of us was to say “Maybe there will be new gym leaders?” They’re not CoroCoro; they don’t know anything.

    1. I believe thats the case.

      But theres gotta be changes. Not new pokemon, but there is no way you’ll be the same hero, picking a starter again, walking the same path, meet the same people..

  7. I wonder how they will go about with new gym leaders.. I can also see them trolling about the new pokemon to be released making us think were getting even more new pokemon, but it’s just the hidden Pokemon like Genesect they have yet to announce xD. Then again maybe they’ll add new evo’s and pre evos now that I think about it. o:

  8. My bet? The new games are going to touch on all of the things this article mentions.
    I suspect there will be at least one new Gym Leader. I could be wrong, but changing a Gym Leader doesn’t really change too much about the region, and it would add to making these games feel “new,” or at least “different.” If they do a time skip from Black and White, then obviously all of the Gym Leaders will at least look different.
    The region’s obviously not going to change, but there might be some expansion. Perhaps an island or a strait of land otherwise unreachable in Black and White? They’re not going to tack on another region from a previous version a la Gen 2, because if you remember, the Johto Region was specifically designed to be somewhat less-challenging than other regions to accommodate for there being two regions, and Unova is anything but less challenging.
    There won’t be any new Pokemon or new forms; that’s just impossible. Literally it’s impossible; there’s no data for new Pokemon or new forms in Black and White, not even place-holder data like for Kyurem. So on that front, I guess I’m unsure.
    My point is that this article is probably from someone who is, at least, slightly informed of these new games. And I suspect they have a reason to address each of the things they mentioned.

  9. Hmm…my idea would be that like gsc you start in a new region and travel through it and then after that regions league you board a train and end up in anville town (which will have changed dramatically and possibly have a gym….) which you would then head on a subway train to nimbassa city to find the desert blocked therefore castelia citty and onwards unreachable and the drawbridge stuck and needing repair sooooooo… you have to head east into black city or white forest (or both?) and then onto undella town ( i so want an underwater gym) which could possibly be run by cress (like in the anime when the brothers have began going their seperate ways) and then on and on until you reach opelucid city in which the gym is closed as iris is away and drayden is retired now being the city elder.. so you head onto icirrus and stuff which may have changed a bit due t nature…. you then get a call saying the drawbrideg is open and you can go to driftveil and then onto mistralton for another gym battle nd then skyla gives yoy a plane ride to castelia (using a water plane) so then you travel onwards again from there until reaching pinwheel forest which has been covered in ice……… kyurem is ona rapage…you meet iris blah blah blah, have to do the nacrene gym and then you find out where kyurem is you go catch it, do that last gym and then get to do the unova league with the bw hero as the champion (i think cilan will be elite 4 as well as clay???)……lol it is likely none of this will actually happen but i thought id chuck in my guess XD

  10. i think it should be in Hoenn because of N’s escape to a faraway region

    as well as hoenn needing remakes due to the advent of the dsi and 3ds not having a slot for pal park

    1. I think the hoenn region NEEDS a remake, but not yet. Next year, pokemon ruby & sapphire will make 10 years since they were released in japan, so a remake next year seems very likely.
      By the way, hope the ganondolphin rumors are legit. There’s still hope 😉

  11. Random thought of the day: we get ruby and sapphire remakes in black 2 and white 2 by allowing us to start out in hoenn and eventually find N there. Afterward you travel to unova and face the original main character. Its in someways similar to how they did Gen 2 and theydbe getting both games out in one. I think it could work and it fits the teases we saw in the 2ch leaked scan.

  12. Predicting Chili well finally open his new fire type gym (as said in the anime)

  13. Pokemon Black and White 2 is cool. There is new gym leaders,new rivals. But I want to know who is the Pokemon League Champion. I want to know if it still Alder, a former member of the Elite four, a former gym leader, Cheren or Bianca, your rival, or the main protagonist from Black and White which is Black.

  14. Bianca is supposed to be the new gym leader for the electric gym, and the new pokemon they mean pokemon from other regions

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