Dream World Adjusted

The online “Dream World” component for Black and White works on a point system which allows you to access new things.  These points can be gained by doing activities in the Dream World and later redeemed for unlocking new areas.  Recently Nintendo has lowered the amount of Dream World points needed to unlock the various areas:

  • Berry Field (3 rows) -> Now 900 pts
  • Berry Field (4 rows) -> Now 2100 pts
  • Open Sky -> Now 2500 pts (down from 5000)
  • Shining Sea -> Now 5000 (down from 10000)

These pokemon also had additional pokemon and items available after you reached 15,000 pts and 20,000 points.  Those point levels are now 7,500 pts and 10,000 pts respectively.  I’d like to thank our partner ShellSpider for digging up the information.  Glad they’re tweaking the system now so that it will be better when it launches in English :]

<3 pokejungle