Finally got Pokemon White…


Yes, I did play some of the Japanese version, but it’s been so long I’m having a blast.  This game feels so fresh.  I actually haven’t had such an original experience in an ENGLISH Pokemon game for awhile because I played the Japanese Diamond version so Pearl and Platinum were old hat, then HGSS were remakes so that wasn’t a “new” experience per se…  So the last time I’ve gone through a game and not known everything was really Ruby :3  I’m almost surprised how much I’m enjoying this.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Post how your adventure is going in the comments!  I’m only at Route 2 (lol).

  1. I’ve defeated N, and now I’m just filling my Dex and training to go to the League again.

  2. Ooooh congrats! I’m at the Desert Resort. Haven’t had much time to play because of school ;_; But yes this game is SO refreshing.

    You are going to have fuuuuun lmao (Don’t forget your Liberty Pass!).

  3. I got through the main story and currently leveling up my pokemon to 70s… and waiting for my Zweilous to evolve.. (my pokemon are still at level 60s)
    the team: Serperior, Zweilous, Seismitoad (soon to be replaced with Metagross), Eelektross, Krookodile, and Unfezant (should I change her with braviary? i like the super luck/scope lens combo though…)

    1. You should change it to Braviary. It took a long time, but I evolved my Zweilous! He’s SO COOL!

  4. Training for the 7th Gym! would have beaten the league by now if school didnt exist….

  5. I’m training a Vullaby and a Sigilyph I recently caught so I can beat the Elite Four. The hard part? Vullaby is at Lv. 34 and Sigilyph is at Lv. 20. Where should I train them?

  6. I have been training my Deino like HELL to evolve it!!
    (Update: I FINALLY got my Hydreigon :3, now here comes the elite four!! lol!!)

    1. I want a Hydreigon really badly, but I haven’t bothered to catch a Deino because I was busy doing after game stuff.

  7. I am up to the Celestial Tower, all of my Pokemon are mid to high 30’s, but I still need to come up with two more team members :3

    1. What’s your current team and which version? Vullaby makes a pretty good flier/dark-type, once she evolves to Mandibuzz. My Jewelia popped up with Overcoat as an ability and I’ve liked that quite a bit.

      This run through I decided to use a Stoutland with Thunder Fang/Ice Fang in lieu of an actual Electric/Ice type, and so far I’ve been satisfied with this decision. However, I was also lucky enough that Collette turned out Impish in nature, so her defense is INSANELY high right now and she’s turning out to be a lovely physical wall ^^

      Leavanny turned out to be a surprisingly kick ASS grass-type, especially once it learns Leaf Blade [lvl 36] and X-Scissor [lvl 39] (course, the latter can be taught via the TM found on route 7).

      Perhaps one of my favorite surprises in my Black run-though was Jellicent’s Cursed Body ability. That ability singlehandedly saved my butt in the final battles more times than I can count.

      Those are just my suggestions, though. Take ’em with a grain of salt ^^

  8. National PokéDex, around/over 80 Pokémon imported from DPtHGSS and recently found a wild Feebas for the first time in about 4-5 years (no, seriously. Not even in the PokéWalker).

    I have to say, Munna is frickin’ adorable!! the game’s just fabulous. PJ, you have a lot coming to you ;P

    1. Munna IS frick’n adorable *_* Took 20 minutes out of my day in order to go back and find one with Synchronize when I realized the one I was training had Forewarn. New one I caught is a male to boot <3 If I were a pokemon, I'd def be a munna.

      btw- interesting forum layout. Very… black and white xD

      1. i was looking for an audino after the 1st gym to train my tepig, snivy & oshawott and i found a musharna… it nearly killed my tepig but luckily i had a purrloin on me and the only attack mushara had was psybeam… i caught it =) (i dont use it since the 3rd gym)

  9. Everything post-league is surprisingly tough!

    My team: Samurott (Shellmurai), Braivary (Rapture), Lilligant (Marigold), Krookodile (Danger), Galvantula (Decoy), Beartic (Alaska); Reserves: Reuniclus (Haribo), Haxorus (Toothless), and Chandelure (Norooz).

  10. I did a speed run with Black and finished it in a week, sans post-game storyline (I’ll go back and finish it…… eventually). I’m now on White (a.k.a.: the version I really wanted in the first place) and in Icirrus City, ready to take on the gym after class :3

  11. I ended up beating black and white in about 3 day(2 for white,1 and a half for black),and no i did not trade ay level 100s after i got the last badge.i used the entralink(or however its spelld),did a few missions,and got the exp. bonus pass power.combined that with a lucky egg,and training pokemon is easy 🙂

    i also found my first shiny unova pokemon that i caught. it was a quirky joltik.i dont know if i should keep it or give it to one of you,for your adventure. ill think about.

    im also making a new team of unevolved pokemon. and they have nicknames.heres my team:

    a snivy named frosty
    a tepig named nosole
    a oshawott named skipper
    a emolga named skynative
    a scraggy named young flip
    and a pidove named diddy

    btw,oshawott is not named off of the peguines of madagasgar.

    also,caught a musharna(with telepathy) on friday,and it had a modest nature,and perfect ivs in sp.atk. probably going to train it cause musharna and munna freaken rule.

    got the tepig tin 2 days ago,so i have all 3

    also,black and white freaken rule.even though i played the japanese black for 756 hours,the english ones are still freaken awesone.

    glad to see your still alive pokejungle 🙂

    i like pidoves,i like all pokemon,but i love snivys.i know you all know that,but idk

    and finally,i get my 3DS in 6 days 🙂 ,im sooooooooo happy 🙂

    1. Do you happen to watch Jump City: Seattle by any chance? XD lmfao. Parkour is awesome.

      I have all the badges. The level difference between the E4 and the trainers beyond is incredible. Ghetsis has 52s. Postgame trainers have 65s. I’m getting raped by wild Pokémon. It’s ridiculous. Caught a 69 Lapras surfing at Village Bridge.

      1. I got the guide (I get one guide as an information hard copy per generation, hush) and under the team listing it said the recommended level your team should be before taking Ghetsis on is 56. I couldn’t figure out why they would recommend such a level overkill. I could understand the it if the whole team was 54, but all but one are 52; in that same vein, they recommend your team to be 55 taking on N, when HIS entire team (sans the dragon at 52) are level 50. Then I hit post-game. Holy. F***. Whatever happened to gradual transition?!

    2. How did you beat both games in 3 days??! You must’ve been playing them practically nonstop. I know pokemon is awesome, but that’s just unhealthy. You should go play outside and take a break from pokemon for a little bit. Pokemon shouldn’t control your life. I love pokemon very much, but they’re so many better things in this world to do. Play with friends, see a movie, throw a baseball, fly a kite, cook some food. Don’t let videogames and electronics control your life. I’m not trying to be preachy, I’m just telling you don’t waste your childhood on videogames. You’ll regret it.

      1. I don’t have friends, I don’t have money to go to the movies, I dislike sports and most other physical activities, kite-flying is boring, and I can’t cook.

        What now?

  12. I’ve been so happy lately :3
    1. We put up a new banner on the PKreel website (It is frickin awesome!)

    2. I reached Opelucid City about a day ago; looks SO much different than the Black Version’s Opelucid City. The White Version’s is more rustic and urban, whilst Black’s is futuristic. Got my Klang evolved and my Klinklang is incredible. I’m just training my team to 50 before I challenge the Elite Four and continue through N’s Castle.
    My team: Serperior, Unfezant (Male), Klinklang, Fraxure (8 more levels till Haxorus…ugh), Scrafty, and Jellicent (Female)
    On the side of my team I’m doing Simipour (Panpour SUCKS tho), Zoroark (Definately Lucario’s partner: Defenses suck), and Heatmor.
    3. My Black and White Collectors Guide should arrive from Barnes and Noble today 😀

    So how about you guys?

    1. I know what you mean. They have made the battles in these games more complex and difficult. As for rivals, I think I have lost to Cheren twice already. And around the second time; I believe the Unova Elite Four has the highest levels overall of any past Elite Four from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh… Mid to high 70’s.

  13. I have beat the E4 in white , the first time through and I am not working on Pokemon Black.

    My White Team – Serperior, Scrafty, Galvantula, Lampent, Rufflet, Carracosta

    My Black Team (so far) – Tepig, Gothita, Frillish, Leavanny, Archen, Deino

  14. my whole team is level 75 and I beated every person in the game, except some guys who’re above or beneath waterfalls. Also defeated Cynthia, E4 for the 2nd time, and Morimoto ;S

  15. my team 😉 ->
    Emobar lvl 85
    Samurott lvl 73
    Serperior lvl 72
    Haxsorus lvl 71
    Krookodile lvl 72
    Swoobat lvl 71
    Right now… training pokemon so I can re-beat the elite 4(with alder) ad take on Morimoto??? and cynthia… also tradin & trainin my second team:
    Braviary lvl 54
    Eelektross lvl 48
    Golurk lvl 50
    Mienfoo->Mienshao (need to get over GTS from lvl 1)
    Dieno-> Zweilous-> Hydreigon(need to get ogver GTS from lvl 1)
    Volcarona… gonna capture a shiny one when i look for the last sage =)

    1. Good teams… but where is Stunfisk?…
      (or Chandelure!!)

  16. I have done some random battles and that’s it. Now training some more Pokémon. The breeding/EVing sucks in BW so I’m playing SS mostly.
    I’m waiting till the Global Link opens. But yeah, I’m pretty bored. I get my 3DS friday but I have to wait around a week to receive my games.

  17. EV training is boring in BW? Im not having such a hard time. In fact, I’ve already EV trained a bunch, including the two starts of my team, Cofagrigus and Scrafty. I kill with these two in random battle, so much that all the idiots turn their DSs off so the loss doesnt count (morons). Althought HP EV training is a little annoying since you have to defeat 15 stunfisk or so every time, and theyre not so common ¬¬

    Anyway, finished the game, found the sages and now Im ev training and battling on wifi. I’ve also filled up the pokédex to the high 500s thanks to the palpark thingie. I still havent caught Kyurem, Volcarona or Landorus, so still have that to do. Im running through Black on my “other” game to be able to catch the other genie at some point (and going through the game again because its fun lol).

  18. Congrats Pokejungle. Although I prefer Black version woo Reshiram FTW!!! Lol anyways enjoy man I about to restart my game so I can enjoy this game again. Seriously gamefreak these games would’ve been perfected if you guys jut gave us multiple save files.

    1. nahh… al about the zekrom… its easier to capture with a krookodile because it can only use dragonbreath and slash… both of which are failry rubbish moves 😉

      1. As if they were difficult to capture. Just give them red hp and you can catch them both with just one ultra ball.

        1. I used thunder wave(Swoobat)… Zekrom killed me with Fusion Bolt, Sent out Krookodile… Earthquake, Ultra Ball and BAM!!! Insta-Capture (Not a critical capture btw) 😉

  19. This game has been such a blast to play. And has easily thrown it’s way in my top 3.(The ending was so good! ;A;) Lets see, I finished beating the Elite 4 the second time. Got my team in the Hall of Fame. ^^ Found the seven sages. My main team is:
    Swoobat f (Victorique) lvl 71
    Archeops m (Dominic) lvl 67
    Mienshao f (Celestria) lvl 70
    Samurott m (Lancelot) lvl 72
    Krookodile m (Ezio) lvl 66
    Haxorus m (Archer) lvl 69
    My side goal right now is to get all the prop goods, and beat the super single and double to work on getting the 5 star trainer card. Haha and when I finished the Elite 4 I ended up catching 151 Pokemon, I seemed to have managed in my own way a reference to the RBGY. I think soon I’m gonna start training a Scolipede. And lastly I’m impatiently waiting for the global link to get up to go into the dream world. Oh and Village Bridge has became my favorite place in the game. <3

  20. i got my white version the day it came out…. have not played becasue i am grounded…….

    1. i sneaked in so i got oshawott then i got caught again but i’m still sneakin for it XD

  21. I have been playing since it came out in the UK and I really LOVE the game.
    Today I even managed to get a SHINY Shuckle via the GTS!
    Just gonna keep training my team now and wait for more little jewels to pop up along the way.
    (By the way, looking for a shiny Heatmor, kthnx).

  22. I was a bit like this, apart from the first route and some of the second along with Striaton City/Nuvema Town I didn’t know very much of the game at all. Only bits and pieces. I can hand on heart say for certain that beyond the desert I had zero clue what to expect. It was really exciting. The last time I was like that was when I first played Sapphire.

  23. question: do you remember when you had to talk to some person in ruby, sapphire, diamond, pear, and platinum to change your trainer class when you battle via wifi? is that still there in this game? if so, what trainer classes are there?

    1. you change it on your trainer card now its right above your nature . just click on it with the stylus and change it to the class you want 🙂

  24. Completed the main game.

    Now going through the newer areas

    Krookodile Level 59
    Jellicent Level 50
    Reshiram Level 52
    Galvantula Level 51
    Serperior Level 52
    Swoobat Level 55.

    Good luck with the first gym PJ.

  25. I beat the game in 22 hours. 😀 My current team is:
    level 88 Kyurem
    level 86 Serperior
    level 84 Samurott
    level 78 Volcarona
    level 68 Hydreigon(still in training)
    I still need a sixth pokemon that is easy or somewhat easy to level up. Does anyone have any suggestions? (not Reshiram or Zekrom, I hate them >:D )

      1. Thanks. I have one and I’ll start training it now. I didn’t think they were that strong. :p

  26. I’ve beaten the storyline, and am currently breeding for shinies. My goal is to have a shiny of every starter from ever region, so far I’m at 1/15. This will take a while…

    1. Are you using the Masuda Method? It’s amazingly good now that they’ve increased the odds. 🙂

  27. About to take on Skyla. My team is all lvl 32 except for my Serperior at lvl 38 and Yamask at lvl 33 (so close!). Otherwise I have a Joltik, Unfezant, Klink and Palpitoad. This is on Black btw.

  28. And Saz, How about a Golurk? Or a Klinklang, Sawk orMienshao? This is just going by types you don’t have.

    1. Klinklang is definately worth it. A steel type that is fast and has pretty good special attack. Does great with Thunderbolt.

  29. i HATED the post elite four story in this game theres barely anything to do! the beast ones are hgss, and dpp. bw and rse sucked after the elite four. what gf needs to do is make the post elite four part of the game better

  30. right now, I’m just beat clay (the 5th gym) I barely got mine last tuesday cuz I had to wait for the money, but I FREAKIN LOVE IT. It is sexier than Pokemon Platinum, but not as sexy as the Nintendo 3DS (pure awesomeness).
    Right now, my main team members are Servine, Victini, Panpour, Blitzle, Swoobat, Ciccino (the evolution of Minccino).
    My secondary members are Roggenrola, Sandile, and Audino (who is Lv. 37, unlike my others, who are around 25-30 cuz I forgot about Audino in the Day Care *snicker*).
    I REALLY love this game because Pokemon Co. really made it feel like a fresh new experience. I would recommend this to any RPG fan.

    okay, I’m done.

  31. beat it in about 3 days (i played during class lol), found a shiny impish palpitoad and a shiny hasty slakoth
    training for elite four second round, beat cynthia and morimoto
    haxorus is a beast!! mine is 75 adamant
    zoroark was really good for the elite four.. 75 timid
    samurott was kinda useless.. but i still have it lv 70 jolly
    lemme just say that zekrom sucks. N killed mine in one hit.
    training scrafty, ferroseed, and eelektross

  32. DO NOT GO FAST!!! Once you finish the game it pretty much ends there… I finished it fast and i don’t use it anymore… But it was fun 🙂

  33. I’ve beaten the Elite Four but haven’t beaten N yet. I both love and hate the fact that you can leave before you head off to fight him.

  34. the running, so smooth ;A;
    it was laggy on they +coughcough+emulator+coughcough+ version of White [i own Black]

    party right now?
    Archeops – [No nickname because couldn’t think of one at the time]
    Haxorus – Facture
    Excadrill – Nom
    Samurott – Wotter
    Tynamo – Amp [to be Eelektross]
    Larvesta – Mothra [to be Volcarona]

    with a handful of others [Lxion, Dude, Dog..] that are all at the same level as the majority of my team.
    trying to decide if i want to get Mienshao for beating elite 4 first time and what to swap out if so.

  35. Working on levelling up my shifted pokemon. Majority of them were 50-60 and I find out after I’ve shifted that there was no battle at level 100 option anymore. Trainers in the stadiums that respawn every day has been a help, as well I’ve got a bunch of lucky eggs and the shifted pokes get bonus exp.

    Other than that I haven’t been playing White at all. Finished up my Emerald run that I was doing and just about to start a FireRed nuzlocke.

  36. I’m going to get the third badge tomorrow. I don’t have wifi so I might have to head to a bookstore or coffee shop.
    Does anyone know if I can get victini by going to a free wifi zone?

  37. i kinda cheated to beat caitlin
    my lilligant and rufflet were dead
    so i traded them with my brother to heal the and used his scrafty

  38. I’m in post game at the moment; one sage left to find, one legendary to catch and those ruins to dive into. Clocked 65 hours since picking up my preorder on the 10th. Seen 339 Pokemon and caught 210, no 4th gen game use yet. Favourite part of the game was definiately the climax, so epic and almost Final-Fantasy-like. Made a killing on the GTS using dozens of lv 60 Beheeyems and Mienshaos as bait for anything non legendary, and my party is as follows:
    Serperior (Vanessa) Lv 68
    Swoobat (Valkyrie) Lv 68
    Krookodile (Dune) Lv 68
    Carracosta (Wake) Lv 68
    Eelektross (Electra) LV 68
    Reshiram (Reshiram) Lv 68

  39. oh yaeh i have
    samurott lvl 61
    zekrom lvl 52
    galvantula lvl 59
    reuniclus lvl 59
    vanniluxe lvl 57
    rufflet lvl 59

  40. damn my team didnt show any way i have
    samurott lvl 61
    zekrom lvl 52
    rufflet lvl 49
    reuniclus lvl 49
    galvantula lvl 49
    vanilluxe lvl 47

  41. O…M…G. I… FRICKIN… HATE… THE… POKESHIFTER!!!! I can’t switch over my LVL 95 GIRITINA from Platinum to White because it knows Fly!!! I have to restart my Platinum just to get Giritina!!!!!!!!

      1. Yeah pj is right then just teach it fly again if you have transferred it

  42. I Just got one now and i wont be able to play it but its ok my first thing to do is to get the liberty pass;planning to get oshawott then snivy then tepig

  43. i got the game when it came out………………………….

    i have yet to actually play it…………….

    Tepig refuses to shine for me. currently at 2750 resets for him. but what im hearing from you guys, the wait is worth it

    1. i tried to get a shiny tepig… but i FRIKIN WANTED TO PLAY THE GOD DAMN GAME!!!!… so i gave up… might do it if i get black???

      1. understandable. i also want to play the damn game, but i’ve already done so many resets, i might as well wait it out until he (or she) shines for me. i do have other hunts going on, so it’s not like Tepig is my only target

        1. currently havent found a shiny yet but im on my wat to the sixth badge and
          my team-
          SamurottLv.40(i rarely used the other pokemon,too boring to train)

          1. Tepig finally shone yesterday, so im now going through the game. but right now, im looking for a shiny Lillipup, so hopefully i get him soon

  44. I just caught Kyurem (not sure how to pronounce that), and now I’m gonna go after Volcarona! 😀

    1. one website does say that its pronounced: ‘Ki-Or-Em’ but as long as you know what how to spell then its cool =)

      1. lol maybe, but what if I’m talking to someone? Then I spend about 15 minutes repeating its name in different ways before I tell them I caught it. XD

  45. Rebattling elite 4, ugh Caitlyn giving me a hard time because I’m a little under-leveled and one of her pokemon (NO SPOILERS) is evil!

  46. Well I’m done with the post nat dex part and now I’m breeding my perfect team in SS because I dont like the new pokemon 🙁

  47. Almost ready to challenge Drayden for final Badge, just grinding my Serperior to Lv. 40 (it’s hilariously underleveled, I left it like that once it evolved, lol). I swear, this just feels like good old Gen. 1-3…except I didn’t go on unintentional solo runs with my starter Pokemon 😛

  48. SR’ing for shiny kyurem… at about 4k resets and still nothing… this may take a while!
    Which is sad because I really wanna catch ’em all again and migrate my Leafgreen team.

      1. Wow, you can catch Kyurem at N’s castle in Black and White?!

        Please tell me more because all I’m getting is Zekrom and Reshiram!!! (sarcasm)

  49. I purchased both Black, and White versions. I gave Black as a gift to my little eight year old cousin.

    I’ve progressed to the Elite 4 and beath E4, I’m about to battle N and awaken and capture Zekrom.

  50. Finish the game, just traded Tornadus and activated Landorus event—-> caught it! 🙂 My pokedex so far is 585! How are you guy?

      1. 355,well i cant migrate my old ones cause i dont have a 2nd DS(damn ****)

  51. After you beat the game, I train at the sport domes, with lucky egg, you can expect to gain at least 2000 EXP pokemon defeat! I got a hydragon from GTS, and I gave it a lucky egg, when it defeat pokemon level 60 and up, it gain like 11,000 lol 🙂

  52. It was funny, we just had our State Championships last Saturday. My sister was in the hall and turned on her C-Gear. She encountered 49 people immediately. XD Wow!

    And I have to say, the Pass Powers are so good. If you’ve got someone else nearby who’s using the game, it helps a LOT. They can use a pass Power and you can leech it off them, and then you can use a Pass Power and they leech off you…. my sister and I did that with experience and it was stunning. EXP + and EXP ++ and Lucky egg and Audino make for multiple level ups off a single battle. Levelling up in this game is so easy that way. 🙂

  53. Idaho freaking sucks for two reasons:
    1. Barely anything happens here. No good concerts, or game championships and if they do; they are really dumbed down.
    2. Barely anyone plays Pokemon here. I’m 18, and yeah I still love it and always will; but seriously, wifi all the time is a bit annoying.

    1. You could turn off the C-Gear and if you do not want wi-fi just dont play or activate some kind of wi-fi stuff or something

  54. my team:

    serperior (lonely nature \o/ + attack / – defense)
    excadrill (+sp.defense / – sp.attack)
    archeops (naughty nature \o/ + attack / – sp.defense)
    darmanitan (+ defense / – sp.attack)
    haxorus (+ speed / – sp.defense)
    zekrom (+speed / – sp.attack)

    I’m a luck guy 😀

  55. Im now obsessed with the negotiation trade but now whenever i trade i feel like a criminal 🙁

  56. My team is samurott, emboar, hydreigon, braviary and watchog as a hm slave. Can yall help me find something good to use as a final pokemon?

      1. LV 30 Mienshao with Jump Kick and Drain Punch is enough to singlehandedly sweep Brycen’s gym.

    1. You might want a grass type thrown in…if not Serperior; try Amoongus, Leavanny, Liligant or Whimsicott. Just my opinion.

      1. Grass types aren’t all that useful as far as type advantages. Dark Types & Fighting Types wreck the game. 🙂

        (Tho Liligant is awesome if you use Sleep Powder + Quiver Dance)

        1. for the lilligant should i have sleep powder, quiver dance, and giga drain and i dont know if i should use leaf storm or petal dance.

          1. It depends on Ability. If you’ve got the Ability Own Tempo, then you should definitely run Petal Dance, because you won’t get confused. If you’ve got Chlorophyll, I’d run Giga Drain instead. For the last slot, if you have a good Hidden Power type (Like Ice or Dark) I’d use that. Otherwise, Dream Eater makes an interesting set.

            Set 1:
            Sleep Powder
            Quiver Dance
            Petal Dance
            Dream Eater

            or Set 2:
            Sleep Powder
            Quiver Dance
            Giga Drain
            Hidden Power.

            The last one can be switched to whatever’s better. 🙂

      2. I don’t know, Leavanny suffers from a lot of weaknesses. Sure there are a lot of Water, Ground, Dark, and Psychic pokemon in the game but for the most part, you will be relying on countering TWO 4x weaknesses and three 2x weaknesses. Leavanny has a lot of powerful attacks and great speed. My Leavanny in particular has a Speed nature and with my EV training, it was able to outrun a Hydreigon on Wi-Fi.

        One Grass-type pokemon I recommend using is Simisage. My Simisage has Adamant nature (+ Attack, + Special Attack) and a very high Speed IV. Simisage knows a lot of powerful attacks like Rock Slide and Crunch that can deal with several types at once. It’s very useful.

        There are a lot of good Grass-types this time, which is something very rarely executed in a Pokemon game.

    1. which games u gettin for the 3ds…? im hopefully going to get samurai warriors then wait a while for some good ones (in my opinion) come out… =)

  57. Im at Driftveil City. And i hav Servine, Zebstrika, Pignite, Panpour, Tranquill, Krokorok, and i also hav Victini.

    1. Everything but Panpour is decent. Panpour needs to evolve into a Simipour to actually be useful.

  58. Right now just cruising under Pokeshifter getting more pokemon, breeding for natures, and whatnot.

    Easy walkthrough from start to finish, and yet my game cartage feels incomplete. I have a compulsive need to breed for the perfect IVs for an Oshawott. Who’s with me?

  59. Got 3 teams:
    storyline….. samurott/zebstrika/excadrill/haxorus/chandelure
    post game (as of now)
    73 samurott……(po)seidon
    72 haxorus……..Axle
    72 hydreigon…psycho/hades/deathtoll
    72 braviary…….aelous/war/valiance
    72 eelectross…freakstorm
    72 volcorana…pyro (yeah that volcorona)

    1. Nice team. Right now I got:
      1. Lv. 41 Serperior
      2. Lv. 40 Litwick
      3. Lv. 41 Simipour
      4. Lv. 40 Galvantula
      5. Lv. 41 Krookodile
      6. Lv. 40 Unfezant

      Wannna battle?

  60. A few days ago I finished up my live dex! I’m proud to have one of every Pokémon stored safely on my Black cart.

    Since then I’ve bred a competitive Zoroark, and next I think I’ll tackle Hydreigon.

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