So, long story short, since I live in the town where the Nintendo’s US headquarters are located (and Microsoft for that matter…) and I have connections I got my hands on a 3DS. :3

I know it’s not a HUGE deal since it’s been out in Japan for a while BUT nonetheless I was still having nerdgasms since last night andddd I kinda want to brag a bit. >< I know the deal; "pictures or it didn't happen", so I'll post pictures when i get home with another review if you guys want it. :pPeace - ozymandis P.S. I actually already posted pictures on our twitter and facebook fanpage so if you wanna see 'em RIGHT NOW links are in the side bar ----->

  1. Wow that’s soo cool! I care so much because my whole life revolves around video games!!!

  2. lucky 😛 i have to wait until tomorrow to get my brand new , shiny aqua blue 3ds =D
    so… 2 hours 10 until midnight , then i have to wait for another… 18 ish hours 🙁

  3. I will be getting mine Sunday unless they do a midnight release like they did for DSi.

  4. I did not pre-order one but i’ll soon buy it enough if i can buy it,hope it isnt much expensive as i thought would be

  5. You live in Redmond?
    I thought you moved to singapore?
    That means you live like 15 minutes away from me :O

  6. I’m not gonna get it until April ;-; Spent it all on Black…

    Then again, I don’t like all the release games anyway…yet I LOVE how much Sony fanboys are whining about how the NGP will beat the 3DS…personally, I’ll think the 3DS will do better financially…I’m sorry if this offends anybody but here I goooooooo

    3DS was here, NGP is a loser~

  7. I am disappoint 🙁
    I have to wait until the 31st of this month cause of our Aussie release. I pre ordered mine a few weeks
    ago when i pre-ordered pkmn white. I can’t wait. Been counting down days since February. I have to wait until
    after school to get it though.

    So jealous of you guys who already got it… lol 🙂

  8. I’m happy for ya Ozy~ However, I’m still operating on my “NEVER get anything first gen” policy, so I’ll be abstaining from getting one for at least 6 months to a year. I’ll just wait here til they work out all the bugs *nod nod*

    Let it blow up on someone else’s dime -w-

      1. I currently have a DS Lite, and nothing else. If memory serves, Nintendo likes to pop out new DSes about every two years. So chances are, by the time I want to get one, a new, improved, sleeker, and all-over streamlined model will be announced.

        That, and I’m waiting for more color choices. Don’t get me wrong, I like the aqua blue, but I like to have options, gosh darnit…… D : <

        1. Gold and purple and red are supposed to come out. But nintendo says they probably wont release a 3ds lite or anything. Since the 3ds will be updated like the wii.

          1. True, true. But still, even stuff they don’t make into a new system has a first gen. For example, the Wii. VERY first gen Wii’s didn’t come with now standard equipment, like wrist straps, soft grips, or that disclaimer to put the wrist straps and soft grips on before every game. People tossed a few Wiimotes into their flatscreens, and thus the next wave came with those items.

            Plus, with new technology, you never know what kind of bug will pop up in the real world. Yes, lab tests are fine and dandy, but some things you just can’t foresee until you put them out in the real world and let them be subjected to long-term abuse. I can see that battery issue being one of the first things they fix in the waves to come *nod nod*

            Regardless, I’ll wait til a purple comes out, since that and gold are the colors of my college -w-

  9. Ha, if only I wasn’t broke. >.>

    Yeah, usually I get the Christmas/birthday after it comes out. Given my birthday was 26 days ago… yeah, I’m readily waiting for Christmas 2011. >.> But exciting for you. Hope you’re having fun with the launch titles — I don’t know about you, but some of my friends who have 3DSs have told me that the launch titles are horrendous. ^^;

  10. enjoy your 4 hour battery life (without much brightness, no volume, and any internet activity) and your 3.5 hour charge time. lol

    1. Enjoy your one hour battery life without sound, low brightness, no gps and no 3g 😛
      But yeah, it takes so long to charge because the battery is bigger than every other handheld from Nintendo and it still uses the DSi charger. Stupid parallax barrier.

      1. No, sorry, you’re wrong. It’s four hours FULL BRIGHTNESS, FULL 3D, and FULL VOLUME. Geez…

        1. Full brightness, full 3D, full sound and wireless on is around three hours. I’m speaking out of personal experience, the battery life sucks. That doesn’t make the 3DS a bad system, I really enjoy it.

          1. I’m gonna get a 3ds today, a nd do the smart thing, play while charging! ps Which launch title should I get? I’m probably going to get Pilotwings, because I SUCK at SSF4.

          2. Get ghost recon: shadow wars if you liked fire emblem and advance wars. Ridge racers is also pretty good. Pilotwings is a good example of 3D, but not a title you’ll be playing long.

    1. The battery is actually better than the one in the DS lite. But not only the CPU and GPU draw more power, the 3D screen draws the most.
      The parallax barrier used to create the 3D effect blocks more than half of the backlight. The screen is larger than other Nintendo handheld, so it requires maybe three times more power for getting enough backlight to achieve a nice 3D effect.

      The only ways to solve the battery life are:
      Bigger battery: expensive, takes longer to charge
      Better parallax barrier: requires technological advancements
      Smaller CPU and GPU scale: Same as above.

      So Nintendo needs to wait for better parts to come out before they can make a cheaper, smaller 3DS with better battery life.

        1. 1) It’s from nyko
          2) It’s bulky
          3) The 3DS’ back is too sexy to be covered with an ugly battery pack.

  11. i’ll be getting it in a few days <3
    because that's my biggest present [aside from the one from my boyfriend] for my birthday.
    apparently Nintendo isn't selling a ton of them apparently, the GameStop in my area told me we needed to preorder the system and any games as soon as we could before they ran out.
    they only had a few of the blue/teal 3DSs left when we preordered.
    i need to get TLoZ: OoT soon, because that's gonna be a "more wanted" one here :'>
    i never play my DSLite without it being plugged in, unless i’m on a trip in the car [and even then i CAN have it plugged in]

  12. Imma gettin it if I have an award at school today,but the award must be high enough and if we have not run out of 3DS at the store then I can buy one

  13. Wow either this site has nothing better to post or worse. Ozy. There really nothing to brag about a game where millions of other people get even if you got better price. To bad that. Ds won’t get you a gf or a better life. So please do us a favor and get over yourself :D. Sincerly,turtwig

  14. $250 for a handheld with $40 games?
    No thanks.
    Not to mention my best friend is incapable of seeing 3D since he only has one eye.

    1. Addendum:
      1998: Gameboy ($60) + Pokemon [red/blue] ($30) = $90 to play a pokemon game.
      2011: 3DS ($250) + Pokemon3DS ($40) = $290 to play a pokemon game.

      ($90 of 1998-money = $117.90 of 2009-money, adjust for inflation. from: )

      Alls I’m sayin’ is that, personally, I probably won’t be able to afford video games anymore unless I’m given them as gifts from now on. Well, it was an interesting waste of time while it lasted!

      1. But if you buy a system for one game, you must have lots of money.

        Keep in mind gaming is a relative inexpensive hobby compared to things such as sports.

        1. Yes. Because each additional $40 spent on another game makes everything cheaper. What?
          3DS + 2 games = $330. $330 > $290.
          And yes. I really don’t play video games outside of pokemon because I really don’t find any other games all that interesting. I’m not talking about crap-pokemon games either like Ranger or Dungeon, just the core titles. It’s really the only reason why I’ve been playing video games since ’98.
          I mean, sure I have/had other video games but I lost interest in them pretty quick. And when HGSS came out at $40/pop, I did what I never did before: traded in games for store credit so I could buy Heart Gold. I think I only paid for $20 of it in cash – and part of that trade-in was getting rid of Brawl.

          Sports? Football/Hockey probably. Frisbee Golf? A $15 frisbee followed by maybe $10 in plastic safety ribbon to tie around trees to act as targets. Done.

          Let’s not forget that the original gameboy had about 35 hours of battery life off of 4 AA batteries. I’m sure there’ll be a model of 3DS that’ll come out with a longer battery life. And, dependent on price, I’ll probably pick that one up.

          1. I’m not saying you should buy one immediately. You can better wait for it to become cheaper and then you can pickup games cheap on Amazon,
            What I was saying is when you buy a 250$ system en five $40 games, you pay 90$ on average to play more than 30 hours, sometimes even 200. And we all know frisbee isn’t something you devote your life to.

          2. Looks like there’s a limit as to how many replies there can be on any given post/topic.

            I hope video games isn’t something someone devotes their whole life to.. o_o

            Somehow I think we’re both agreeing, but coming at the issue of video-game pricing from different angles.

            And sadly, keeping on topic of Pokemon games, I put in about 60 hours or so on my copy of Black and I’m bored with it, now. I beat the game and there’s nothing to do anymore until the Dream World opens up and I can spend 1 hour a day on it (a sardonic “yay” for that). My previous games all have over 100 hours on them, easily.

          3. Well, I have some fun with random battles and once the Global Link opens ranked battles. But you need to have a fully bred and ev’d team. Even then you get punched in the face by some uberpowerful Japanese guy.
            But other than that there isn’t much to do, except shiny hunting.

      1. ….what are you talking about?
        The 3DS is a +$1,000 phone? That’s news to me. I figured some Virtual-download-games would be cheap, of course…

          1. Apples-to-Oranges. I’m not talking about an iPhone, only Nintendo products. I wouldn’t compare iPhone to 3DS any more than I would compare a Nook/Kindle to it.

  15. I really like my 3ds… i just dont understand why i have to wait for a new update to download ds apps and to go online…

    1. I know! I feel like the fact they limited the play coins to 10 really says they don’t want us to have much to do day 1.
      BTW, pay no mind to the reviews for Super Monkey Ball 3D, because it is a good game with a bunch of options and a menu set up but yes the main game is a tad short. Monkey Fight and Race require skill which is great. Because it’s hard to get 1st against those evil cpus.

      1. i checked the for the 3ds updates and it said there is another update scheduled in late may for the shop ds, internet etc… -__-

  16. Hello to any/all Pokejungle staff or helpful members that see this: I have a big question!

    I was on Serebii’s forums and people were talking about how Pokemon’s natures can now change with your trainer card nature. If you look on page 13 of their “B/W Glitches Discussion” thread, there are a few people talking about it, and they say it’s in the official guidebook, which I do not have access to for confirmation. I looked around the web, but the only place I see this mentioned is that one thread…

    I can’t find any accurate info about this! Nothing from game data, no scans of the guide to look at… Can you guys find out some info? I know that I don’t want to spend all of my time looking for the perfect nature, just to have it suddenly change on me. On the other hand, being able to change a bad nature would be really useful. I just want to know some solid facts on which Pokemon this effects, if it’s in any way optional, and so on.

    Thanks in advance for anything helpful!

    <3 R.A.

  17.’s put up a new Breakout-style minigame. You have to be signed into your Trainer Club account to play, because upon beating all 4 levels, you get a Dream World Eeveelution! Which one you get is based off of how you play. I got Espeon! YES!

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