Befriend an Eevee-lution!

As many of you remember, Japan has an online game to win one of the 7 eevee-lutions and be able to transfer it from the Dream World to your copy of Pokemon Black or White. is doing it as well, although the game is slightly different and you can choose which evolution you want =]  Please note that you will NOT be able to re-choose and is locked to your Pokemon Trainer Club / Global Link username.

You can read about it here.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Glad SOMETHING noteworthy popped up.  I need news to post ;__________;

  1. Yay, news.
    Which should I choose: hydration vaporeon or chlorofyl leafeon?

    PS: My 3DS games are almost here

  2. Technically you could choose before it’s just people didn’t realise that the type of the pokemon you were meant to pick from were actually going to coordinate with the types of the eeveelution.

    I assume they’re all male again?

  3. i ended up getting espeon for my new sun team. if its possible,ill try to get 6 more accounts,and get all the eeveelutions

    heres my lineup:

    venusaur or leafeon
    darmanitan or charizard
    and maybe garchomp or pikachu

    also,for those getting to 3ds,or were not planing to,i have one,and it freaken workes great,i love it. if you only get 1 3ds game,get super street fighter 4. just wanted to say.

    1. Multiple Trainer Club accounts is a no-no. Also, if you DID, you’d have to have seven different Blacks or Whites to link up with for the Dream World.

  4. Is this game horribly laggy for anyone else? I’ve been playing Breakout for years, but I can barely make it to Level 2 on this game. >.<

    1. It was really laggy for me, too. Quite annoying, really. I’ve never had a flash game do that for me, ever.

      1. Yeah, it was incredibly laggy for me too. I’ve lost more times to lag than actual errors. And I’ve lost a LOT.
        And the stupid thing is that it’s just a Breakout clone, which I remember playing on my terrible old mobile phone with no lag. It’s such a fail game.

        1. THIS. I’d be doing great and then the game would suddenly pause, and I lose. Wtf, man. I’m sure I can pass it, but it’s gonna take so many damn tries.

    2. I actually fixed my lagginess – apparently the game freaks out on a wireless connection. I tried it with a non-laptop computer, and I got Espeon first try! (Public libraries are a wonderful thing…)

  5. Wow this game sucks. I’ve had about 80k pts like 4 times now but then lost, and I only once got the option of picking Jolteon. :/
    It lags and I die too much from clicking the right mouse key accidentally lol…

  6. So you have to get a certain number of points for each eevolution?
    Could someone please post the any of the required scores that you know of, if that is the case..

    1. noh basically, to get a certain eevee-lution, sometimes when you break a certain colour block, a corresponding sphere thingie will drop : green will give you a leaf sphere, if you want a leafeon, collect more green leaf spheres than the other colour spheres… Hope trhis helps =)

  7. I played this game 4 times before getting to say yes or no to the Eeveelution I earned. I think you have to beat the four levels to get it?

    Anyway, I went for Espeon. I love the Pokemon and I love its DW ability the most out of the 7.

  8. I keep being offered a Jolteon……I don’t want a Jolteon! ._.

    Is there some kind of trick to this or is it random?

    1. Also it’s easily the most fiddly game I’ve ever played. The majority of times I lost the ball was because my cursor left the game screen and not because I didn’t have the skill to reach the ball.

      1. Gah I can’t even win now, stuff it!

        It’s not like you can’t get the eeveelutions anyway eventually through trading. :/

  9. You don’t actually need to play the game normally to get the ‘mon you want. Using a quick infinite lives cheat, getting the eevolution you want is quick and painless.

    0-Download Cheat Engine 6.0 (google it, you lazy bastard)
    1-Open the game in Firefox
    2-Open Cheat Engine
    3-Click the small computer icon, load the Cplugin something (it’s the only thing called plugin on the list)
    4-Enter 3 and click first scan
    5-Lose a life, enter 2 and click next scan
    6-Lose another life, enter one and click next scan
    7-See that sole address in there? Double click it.
    8-It’s now in that little box below right? Select it and hit enter.
    9-Add any value you want. It’ll change your number of lives :3
    To get a specific eevolution, just get more orbs of said eevolution.

    The game won’t actually detect that you cheated, so it’s pretty failproof.

  10. Not very smart wording in that news post. You don’t directly choose the Eeveelution you want, you have to make sure you catch the right orbs. At the end you only get to agree with the one you got or restart the game.

    And yes, this game is really crappy and frustrating because it’s so badly programmed apparently.

    1. Espeon’s Mirror Bounce. It reflects most status moves, which makes it a step above Synchronize!

      Umbreon is by far the worst, with Inner Focus instead of Synchronize.

  11. I chose Espeon personally
    I have never trained one and that Dream World ability magic bounce sounds legit
    i just wanna know does it only reflect stat changing moves or attacks that have possible stat changing effects as well?
    is this just a different flavored “synchronize”

    1. It only bounces “Other” type moves aimed at Espeon, excluding (I believe) Memento and Teeter Dance (which is actually aimed at multiple Pokemon)
      So, stuff like Thunder Wave and Stun Spore are reflected if they’re used that turn, but Body Slam and Thunderbolt can hit you and paralyze you.
      It’s like Magic Coat but always on.

    2. According to Serebii, Magic Bounce affects the following moves:
      Attract, Block, Captivate, Charm, Confuse Ray, Cotton Spore, Dark Void, Defog, Disable, Embargo, Encore, Fake Tears, Featherdance, Flash, Flatter, Foresight, Gastro Acid, Glare, Grasswhistle, Growl, Heal Block, Healing Beam, Hypnosis, Kinesis, Leech Seed, Leer, Lovely Kiss, Make Friends, Mean Look, Metal Sound, Miracle Eye, Odor Sleuth, Poison Gas, Poison Powder, Roar, Sand Attack, Scary Face, Screech, Simple Beam, Sing, Sleep Powder, Smokescreen, Spiderweb, Spikes, Spite, Spore, Stealth Rock, String Shot, Stun Spore, Submersion, Supersonic, Swagger, Sweet Kiss, Sweet Scent, Tail Whip, Taunt, Telekinesis, Thunder Wave, Tickle, Torment, Toxic, Toxic Spikes, Whirlwind, Will-O-Wisp, Worry Seed, and Yawn.

      tl;dr It’s Synchronize on steroids.

  12. After many tries I managed to get myself a Jolteon… I’m not complaining because Jolteon’s not bad and it’s not as if I was able to get a different one. This game was a pain!

  13. I’m aiming for vaporeon, although it won’t be able to learn wish (egg move)..
    So besides power-up orbs, I should only be getting the blue eevee orbs…
    Yeah, I might try that cheating thing- I figured someone would hack such a simple coding eventually

  14. I wonder if they actually intend for any children to play this, ie under 11s or something. I can’t see a little kid beating this.
    Personally I still haven’t beaten it, lol. I’m going to convince some friends to beat it for me I think.

    1. As long as you’ve got a fast enough connection, it’s not that hard. ^^; I don’t see why an 11 year old couldn’t beat it.

  15. I just used the infinite lives cheat that “Cain” offered. Not only did it get me an Espeon, but it also slowed the ball down AND eliminated all lag~

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