BW Manga Scans (UPD: English Scans)

Thought you all might enjoy these :3  I myself like reading the occasional manga volume and these seem nicely illustrated and make Wargle look a lot more kick-ass.  There are some attacks that Tsutaja, Pokabu, and Wargle used which may not be indicative of moves they learn in-game, but nonetheless they’re worth pointing out since we have no other news on the agenda right now. [Scans again courtesy of ShellSpider]

  • Tsutaja learns Vine Whip (wish we could see that illustrated… where are those vines coming from?!) and Tackle
  • Pokabu learns Ember
  • Wargle learns Wing Attack, Peck, and Fury Attack

Not much, huh?  I think the real value to this post is just looking at the pictures :3  Just pretend you’re a child reading the newspaper and skip to the comics 😉

<3 pokejungle

ps- I hope to find some FULL scans of the entire thing soon.  Then I could translate it all for English readers.