Full CoroCoro Scans (Special Ed) + Fakemon

I doubt other sites will end up covering this because these scans reveal *nothing* new, but I felt you all were probably curious to see them anyways :3  The last scan is a poster that comes with it and you can see there is a screenshot of the ‘Battle Subway’ area.  Wish the captions were legible :s  These images were scanned courtesy of ShellSpider Blog.

That blog’s latest update contains the images I posted yesterday; the fake anime news and the almost-certainly-fake squid/icicle pokemon.  In addition though there is a Koromori evolution and a sprite for tsutaja’s evolution, both which are equally fake.  I must say though… that koromori evo shure does look purty :3  The tsutaja evo is from this video.  UPD: Number has found the source for the Koromori evo!  I would love to see its evolution resemble the fanart ;_;

<3 pokejungle

ps- At least there has been some news to cover lately :3

pps- Changed title to more accurately convey that the last two images are NOT from CoroCoro.  As if my visitors couldn’t tell the difference between magazine scans and other images.