Full CoroCoro Scans (Special Ed) + Fakemon

I doubt other sites will end up covering this because these scans reveal *nothing* new, but I felt you all were probably curious to see them anyways :3  The last scan is a poster that comes with it and you can see there is a screenshot of the ‘Battle Subway’ area.  Wish the captions were legible :s  These images were scanned courtesy of ShellSpider Blog.

That blog’s latest update contains the images I posted yesterday; the fake anime news and the almost-certainly-fake squid/icicle pokemon.  In addition though there is a Koromori evolution and a sprite for tsutaja’s evolution, both which are equally fake.  I must say though… that koromori evo shure does look purty :3  The tsutaja evo is from this video.  UPD: Number has found the source for the Koromori evo!  I would love to see its evolution resemble the fanart ;_;

<3 pokejungle

ps- At least there has been some news to cover lately :3

pps- Changed title to more accurately convey that the last two images are NOT from CoroCoro.  As if my visitors couldn’t tell the difference between magazine scans and other images.

      1. Same here. It’s absolutely awesome. (The Koromori evo, yeah?) Tsutaja’s is just smugly and horrible.

        1. The tsutaja evo sprite is so fucking fake. Really? Reusing the evolution background from GenIV? That’d be hella lame. I’d love a more advanced evolution animation.

    1. There are a lot of good fakers out there 🙂 But yes, it does look quite good compared to official Sugimori art.

      1. Well now I expect gamefreak’s evo of Koromori to at least rival that thing of beauty.

        1. If that evo is from someone’s blog, is there any chance you could ask where the image originates from? )Did they draw it, did someone else, etc.)
          I just want to know whether it’s real or not! It looks so legit. D: If it is, Koromori will DEFINATELY be getting a place on my team! 😀

  1. now i dont understand, is the combination system for the oaths attacks or for all the attacks??

    1. Well, there might be other combination attacks, but we haven’t heard anything like that yet.

  2. Ok, so the Koromori “evolution” I like, although I’m stumped on what those white things with the pink are. What could they be it’s ears or feet or what?
    I know the black is it’s tail of course.

  3. My first thought.. the Koromori ‘evolution’ looks terrible, it would put me off Koromori if it actually did evolve into something like that

  4. Jeez fakes are becoming so good lately. Awesome koromori evolution!

    Also, are the corocoro scans confirmed for the Oct issue? Does that mean there isn’t anything new because that would just suck.

    1. This was just a special edition that only contained this information relating to pokemon.

        1. Well I mean the actual October issue will leak around Sept 12th probably. Still a good two weeks away xD I need to see Koromori’s evo(s) @@;

          1. I really wish that evo was real it looks so awesome. It reminds me of the Nukekubi of Japanese legend. I think thats what the artist was going for.

          2. Haha yea thats what i meant. I thought these scans were the october issue and theres NOTHING new, but good thing these are just special edition

  5. Hello there!

    Could you please specifically state a rumor could be false (very carefully) whenever new Pokemon pops up, or a bit of “information” pops up. I know you do say it for every rumor that pops up, but state it more aggressively.

    Some members on Serebii Forums are claiming PokeJungle to be unreliable. That bothers me, because you do say that it’s possibly fake. Just because you post rumors, doesn’t make you unreliable. You’re only unreliable if you claim it as true. :]

      1. Buttttt!

        You could like BOLD IT LIKE THIS ONE! 😀

        I just don’t want people thinking PokeJungle is an unreliable website. D:

        1. Aight I will make sure to bold the disclaimer next time :p And yeah, I’m not sure why I pick up hate. Unlike SPP or Beach I usually post things the second they hit the scene… saying of course that the authenticity is not confirmed. I’ve always been about speedy news, not just posting what is 100% confirmed and authenticated. I don’t think I’ve been anything but upfront about saying things are not confirmed or things may be fake though.

          I’ve gotten almost half a million page views in August alone so it kinda tells you there are people who do like what I’m posting :p

          1. do i even need to show my dedication for PJN? :3

            i’ve been going on this site for yearsssss 😀
            so ya i must like it. x3

  6. I really wish that evo was real it looks so awesome. It reminds me of the Nukekubi of Japanese legend. I think thats what the artist was going for. Aciidentelly replied to PJ meant this as a lone coment!

  7. Did anyone notice in the video for tsutaja/evo..
    -They clicked on treecko which appeared as tsutaja in the evolution scene. Plus the sound from tsutaja/evo was from another pokemon.

    Just curious! 8)

    Also I like the fake koromori evo, but I hope they stick to it’s evo being a bat!

  8. koromori evo was kinda dull, i think its fake.
    How can it has a tail that was placed in its face (somewhat under its teeth!) ?

  9. The Koromori evo is made by りんす here (and alternatively here).
    It says stuff like ‘evolution idea’ and ‘evolution prediction’.

    1. Yeah, I actually saw those videos a while back :/. And Before I wrote this I made a new comment about that but I didn’t see this comment and that’s why.

  10. The consensus on the many Japanese blogs is the same.
    “Nothing new, what a let down. Oh well more importantly the Eevee evos!’

      1. Dream world (´・ω・`)
        Everyone’s buzzing with excitement on Japanese boards and stuff, nothing else seems to matter atm. Then I come here and it’s like a different world, no body could care less! xD;;
        I have 3 shots to get an Umbreon~! COME ON UMBY! 😀

  11. I knew the Tsutaja evo was fake because the person on youtube who uploaded the video of tsutaja evolving, also did mijumaru, and If you watch closely, it says MIJUMARU evolved into PRINPLUP Meaning they just hacked the game

  12. Oh geez, thank gawd Koromori’s evo was fake: I was hoping for an evo that’s like Winged Kuriboh LV10 (a YGO card that looks like Koromori).

  13. I’m genuinely surprised at the negative reactions to the fake Koromori pic.
    It looks so damn awesome to me o__O

  14. No me gusta the Smugleaf evo. BTW people on other forums have been speculating that there might be an oath/vow for every type. O.o

  15. small, small, small piece of news thats not even worth putting up top.

    When two pokemon appear you still have to knock out one before catching the other, same as last gen!

    Thing is since wild double battles are a bigger part of the game now it’ll effect us trainers more than in the past D:

  16. I thought the fake Koromori evo was pretty all right.
    Apparently there’s some genuine inspiration behind the thing too.
    Whatever happened to those old rumors about Ghost/Water umbrellas and the like?
    Haha anyway less than three weeks to find out.
    Now I wanna talk about Gochiruzeru. I think “ru” is “ll” right so should it be “Gochillzell” or “Gochiruzell” ? I know the English name is probably going to be very different but I kinda like that “zell” ending.
    Oh another thing, since we’re like a community and whatnot, I decided to share a story.
    I ordered an R4DS card about 10 days ago, I can’t wait for it to arrive, every day I’m waiting for the mailman like I want to bite his ankles or something!
    How long does it take to get a package from Hong Kong to New York???

    1. I always forget what flash cart I got. *thinks* It was an Acekard 2i :p Took about 4 days, which was much faster than I thought.

      My new laptop just shipped from Shanghai China on the 30th and is estimated to be delivered on the 2nd of September 8D So if you have good shipping it shouldn’t be too long.

    2. about gochizeru, the “ru” is usually romanized as “lu” “ll” or just “ru” so it could go either way. :S

    1. Plus I think that deepsea Comb jellies, jellyfish, and some species of octopus and squid could make for awesome water/ghost type pokemon even the Barreleye fish that has it’s eyes inside it’s transparent head that can rotate to see above it, to it’s sides, in front of it and anywhere in between those areas (google it you wont be dissapointed, it’s creepy). The translucent ones to be exact.

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