Possible New Pokemon

Hey Loyal PokéJunglers!

Wow, it’s been a record breaking day! 😀 Five posts in one day! The PokéCommunity on 2ch has really been buzzing with rumors and other little tidbits and with all of that talk this picture came up. There’s no name as of yet and no information on it at all really. So there’s a very VERY high possibility that it’s a fake. I personally think it is, it’s too messy to be a legitimate Pokémon. It kinda looks like a possible Mijumaru evolution but at the same time it looks like a Mijumaru sprite that was abused. xD Or there is the possibility that it’s just Mijumaru using an attack.

So, with that what do you guys think? Fake? Real? Put your opinions down below!

Here’s hoping we get some confirmed info very soon —ozymandis

P.S. just another friendly warning to everyone once again that with this new Generation of Pokémon there have been an out break of Fakemons so don’t take everything as the truth until it’s been confirmed. But you guys allready know that right? 😀

  1. Looks fishy (bad pun) :\
    Anyways, it looks decent hope its real. Lol can something get confirmed already.!?! *In need of new info badly*

    1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAahahahahahahehahahehhheheeeee…
      ahhh that was a funny pun. xD

      but it hasn’ been that long since we got new info!
      we got new confirmed news info about the Combination Attacks just this morning. 😛

      1. Ooooh yea I totally forgot about the combo attacks…I dont think Im gonna be used to combing attacks for a while… >.>

  2. thats a squid and very less like to be mijumaru evo!

    Hey, maybe thats a pokemon from pokemon musical demo, which is one of two unknown pokemon that in the video was a identify as a blue squid. Maybe this is that pokemon?

    1. nope, i don’t think so. DX
      i really wanna see a clear photo of that squid but this possible fakemon looks completley different form that blue squid. :/

        1. hmmmm…nah. :/
          i mean i could be wrong and it’s just an opinion but they just don’t have any similarities. :/

    1. Pretty sure it has one eye on either side of the big mouth hole thing. One’s just about the mouth, the other is on the far right near the sword’s base.

  3. it looks real to me, by the way, the best starter i liked from 1st gent to the 5th is mijumaru, i am choosing him 4 sure 🙂

  4. Don’t know what to think really… Assuming this is from the demo, most of the players would’ve reached a consensus on who was in the demo. This creature hasn’t been mentioned once to my knowledge. Also if it is a squid, I find it unlikely it would appear in the grass patches in the demo (but that would be fallible logic as we have land sharks and other bizarre pokemon) leaving the possibility of encountering it when battling your rivals (which we know don’t have this particular pokemon). Other than that, don’t really mind it going either way as we don’t really have a proper squid pokemon :/

  5. I agree with Penguin in that the demo has probably reached its limits in what is going to be revealed.

    What’s more, upon closer look this pic looks like an edited Mijumaru to me.

  6. Ok guys I think I got it! xD

    This pic could be a Mijumaru that was using shellblade (or shell-based attack) that happened to be caught right in the frame where it was being thrown/coming back to it!

    Your thoughts please? :3

    1. hmmm….maybe…that would be more plausible than a new pokemon 😀
      ’cause i don’t actually think we’ve seen shell blade in action have we? @@;

      1. We actually have in the first demo footage on pokemon sunday (used on bell’s pokabu OHKOing it). Pretty straightforward animation with a shell crossing the target with a slash animation.

        1. But we have yet to see the opponent making the attack, yes?

          In which case i’m becoming increasingly confident that this is just shell blade. T’was indeed misleading though! :p

          1. My mistake, I didn’t read your comment clearly : (
            Although I doubt the shell will come off exclusively for that attack, we have yet to see the opponent using it like you said. I hope so for the sake of awesomeness!

        2. gahh i thought we had some animation of i but i kept imagining the anime. ><
          well there's one possibility out the door. 😛

        3. Hmm, indeed we have yet to see specific animations but with that said Mijumaru’s going to sell like HELL, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went the extra mile.
          If this is the case then Pokemon like Cubone/Marowak may now have their bone’s disappear went they throw them too! 😀
          A minor change yet it adds a lot more depth the the visuals, I really wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being the case.

        4. I take it all back. It’s probably not shell blade afterall ;__;
          The shell shape is too different~

    2. But mijumaru’s shell doesn’t detach when it uses Shell Blade. Or rather, its idle animation doesn’t.

      Having said that, I can’t even really tell what this is supposed to be.

      1. It does in the anime.
        And we have yet to see it doing shell blade from the front in the game so its very possible that it does indeed detach then too.

        1. hm…well i’ll keep your opinion in the post until we get like crazy hard core evidence saying that there’s no wya possible it oculd be shell blade 😛

          1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zKuq3TyoH4
            For research I looked at the old vid of Mijumaru using shell blade from the player’s point of view and the shell looks nothing alike! Indeed that’s most likely my theory out of the window! xD;;

            So it’s probably as you suspect Ozy, just an edited Mijumaru.

        2. I know.
          I think it was used in Pokemon Sunday, and even if we haven’t seen it, Pokemon don’t seem to start doing specific animations for specific attacks, and we’ve seen it’s idle animation before. It’s shell doesn’t seem to detach.

          I don’t think it’s a real Pokemon, though.

  7. do u guys think that ononokusu and kibago are evos. look at the things on thier heads and the tusks sticking out of thier mouths

  8. It doesn’t exactly look like Mijumaru I don’t think…….maybe it’s a prevo of that octopus/Squid pokemon we saw in the pokemon contest?

    1. that’s what i was thinking at first, but there’s someting about it that doesn’t seem like it’s a legitimate mijumaru.. :/

    2. It clearly isn’t

      The only comparison I can see between them is that they have a similar colour palette. After that I think it’s a different pokemon (or fakemon if the case may be)

  9. Fake squid with mijumaru colors / Mijumaru doing something (pen blade?), that’s all
    wow, five posts <3!!

    17 days!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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    1. No wai! You said something actually on topic! LOL

      I tend to agree. I’m calling this fake.

  12. Lol anyone can tell its a complete fake I mean aside from the obvious “splicing” Mijumaru with God knows what they dont even bother to show its name or Tsutaaja’s either besides ive seen way better looking fake sprites like Wakoishi if you guys remember it lol good enough to fool us all xD this just fails and if by for some Epic unknown reason it turns out to be a true honest to goodness Pokemon I’ll show up to the mall in boxer shorts only….for like a minute then I’ll run lol

    1. You do know that the pokémon’s names don’t show when they attack? Right?

      I still think it is fake, but the name thing isn’t an argument.

  13. The way I see it, there are only two possibilities:

    1) It’s a real picture, but it’s just Mijumaru using a move or something.

    2) It’s a bad fake, made by using Miju as a base. Besides, if this… thing… were in the demo, we’d have heard about it with Darumakka, Basurao, and Tabunne.

    1. Hejiru. I have to say I’m with you on that bud.

      It’s so similar to a Mijumaru (just minus the shell which we know is detachable) and yet not even different enough to be an evo!

      Or it’s just a VERY lightly edited Mijumaru.

  14. i am going to quite pokemon if thats mijumarus evoluition because i really love the evolution in that anime art it was really cool and i dont want mijumaru to end up suckish like all the other water starters

  15. Oh wow, I’m on a completely other wave length than anyone else. This looks like a Desukhan pre-evo to me with a little tut mask bahaha. How legitimate it looks…not so sure on…

  16. if this is real i sure am going to quite pokemon beacause what the heak is that thiin if its mijumaru evolution i would slap these people because come on all the water starters really suck and i hope the mijumaru evolution i saw in this anime or beta art is real come on give me a break they could at least make a good water starter with really cool evolutions

    1. It’s not Mijumaru’s evo. The anime art was confirmed real, and this picture does not look anything like it. So don’t worry, you won’t have to “quite” Pokemon.

      (Besides, you’d really ragequit the entire series because of one Pokemon?)

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    1. it says “a wild munna appeared!” so uh….obviously fake. xD

      it even looks fake. <<;

  18. It looks like a blue and white minion from Despicable Me with an arrowhead on its head. I like it though :p

  19. looks like PJ are always looking for fakes by accident and by the way there is a site that makes fakes for a living

  20. imo it looks like mujumaru using swords dance maybe or another move.

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