Possible New Pokemon

Hey Loyal PokéJunglers!

Wow, it’s been a record breaking day! 😀 Five posts in one day! The PokéCommunity on 2ch has really been buzzing with rumors and other little tidbits and with all of that talk this picture came up. There’s no name as of yet and no information on it at all really. So there’s a very VERY high possibility that it’s a fake. I personally think it is, it’s too messy to be a legitimate Pokémon. It kinda looks like a possible Mijumaru evolution but at the same time it looks like a Mijumaru sprite that was abused. xD Or there is the possibility that it’s just Mijumaru using an attack.

So, with that what do you guys think? Fake? Real? Put your opinions down below!

Here’s hoping we get some confirmed info very soon —ozymandis

P.S. just another friendly warning to everyone once again that with this new Generation of Pokémon there have been an out break of Fakemons so don’t take everything as the truth until it’s been confirmed. But you guys allready know that right? 😀