3 New Videos [WOW] (UPD4)

Just… watch them.  Please.  Oh, and stay tuned to pokejungle.  Because I love you?  I wanna bring you the FASTEST news.  These apparently come from the Nintendo Channel on the Wii!  Seen these videos and BORED already?  Go check out my updated ‘BW Manga’ post!


  • 3 Plasma members ambush you in a city
  • Wargle uses Hyper Beam
  • New desert area has “sinkhole”-ish things
  • Dragon skeleton being revered by Team Plasma
  • New evolution animation shown
  • Amusement park shoots you out of a cannon
  • New surfing mechanic with rapids
  • New areas are shown with different settings in the seasons
  • Iris is in the game?!
  • Zekrom and Reshiram have new attacks with dynamic camera following it
  • Mamambou may learn ‘Wish’
  • New ‘King’ footage
  • ‘N’ has deep backstory.  Illustrated picture shows him as a kid living in the wild with pokemon


  • Over 100 new pokemon
  • Battling ‘N’ (with Cheren?)
  • New mission where you apparently turn into a pokemon and visit the other player via High Link
  • New area with bulldozers
  • Minezumi evolving (good animation :3)


  • Screen choosing male vs female
  • New daycare shown?  (New pokemon running around with Chillarmy?)
  • Normal surfing shown off
  • Nezumi knows bite
  • New ‘level up’ shown (with stat gains ‘n all that)
  • UPD4: New Attack: “Heat Stamp” (Pokabu knows it, has 10PP)
  • New party screen shown during battle, switching pokemon
  • Dento’s Gym shown off
  • New badge animation after defeating Gym Leader
  • Windmills
  • Denchura uses electric attack

UPD3: Screencap from video… silhouette of the first 4 badges.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Phew, done with descriptions.  Oh and I had it up 15 minutes before DFUB.  100+ new pkmn was confirmed aaaaaaages ago babydoll.

  1. When you see Denchura, I seen it using an Electric move on Ononokusu which means Denchura will be an Electric/Bug type. But still no front of either Desukan nor Denchura.

      1. but i think denchura will be electric/poison as he is a spider!
        drapion is a scorpion and poison/dark

        1. But some spiders don’t use poison, especially tarantulas.

          I’d think that it’d at least be part Bug.

  2. This may be just me, (it probably isn’t though ;D) but I just got so much more excited for Black and White. Whatever I thought it would be like before, was surpassed and emphasized. We haven’t seen even half of it and I am astounded. Kudos to you GameFreak, Pokemon Company, etc. – I am amazed.

  3. There looks to be a new grass type revealed in the last video playing in the pen with Chillarmy at about 1:10. Looks like an all green Oddish to me and doesn’t really look like any other green poke we’ve seen.

      1. Actually, never mind. After seeing the HD vid on filb, I’m not so sure. Maybe Kurumiru, maybe new. But not Yanappu.

  4. the third and fourth badge appear to be a butterfly wing like in the bug gym, and a lightning bolt. Well, that’s two gyms pretty much confirmed.

    1. Butterfly wing’s a little more open to interpretation. If it is, it’d be AWESOME to have a Bug type gym not in the first 2. XD Even if it is only the third.

      Dento’s badge is interesting. Red, blue, and green are all on his badge. I’m starting to actually give credence to the rumours that say he may have all three starting types.

  5. I don’t think Im visiting this site anymore… the webmaster seems like a troublemaker (DFOB? really? how immature of you)

    1. Apologies m’dear <3 I was less than pleased at some recent comments made by a certain webmaster. And if you've been visiting the site for awhile you'd know that I was blacklisted from his forums and he was banning those who even mentioned my site. That came AFTER I supported him through the whole "filming during a movie" debacle. So in the end I am a rather bitter person about the whole issue.

      That being said, the internet is never serious business and whatever I say is usually tongue in cheek :3 I take news seriously, but not drama.

      ps- It was DFUB, to my credit.

      pps- I did wonder if my little joke would get anyone mad and it took approximately 24 minutes before someone said something.

  6. These games are gonna be totally awesome, I feel like they look like they skipped a couple of more gens in terms of how awesome they’ve made the games. I’m so excited!

    Please, please, please GF Dragon (nature dragon) and Steel (Tech knight) eevee evolutions!

    1. PS what could that fossil pokemon be?? It looks like it has two pairs of arms, a pair of wings and of course it’s two legs and a weird huge head.

        1. Might be but this would be the first time they that a fossil pokemon becomes a legendary, that’d be cool too.

      1. When I first saw it I thought it was Dragonite but I think it’s just supposed to be a generic dragon representing both Reshiram and Zekrom. (Like the statue in Eterna)

  7. holy mamA ! New everything! *drooling like crazy*I need my hands on these games! New pokemon with Chillarmy!? New moves! I knew Moguuryu evolved into Diruuzzu! Cool evolution thingamajig!
    Tm Plasma wants all pokemon and N wants 2 save em thats why he trys 2 seperaye people and pokes!

  8. holy mamA ! New everything! *drooling like crazy*I need my hands on these games! New pokemon with Chillarmy!? New moves! I knew Moguuryu evolved into Diruuzzu! Cool evolution thingamajig!
    tem Plasma wants all pokemon and N wants 2 save em thats why he trys 2 seperaye people and pokes!

    1. In that first video there is a skeleton that a bunch of team plasma members are gathered around.

  9. Looks like pokabu learns assurance… I think? Obviously not confirmed (far from it) but he looks like a step closer to having fire/dark evolutions.

  10. What type has not had a Gym yet? Or what types have had the least gyms in all the previous gens?

    I hope they make a poison/rock type sea urchin pokemon 🙂

      1. However, of those, Dark, ground, poison, & bug have had Elite Four Members. Aaaand of course Dragon for Champions. 😛 The count is:

        Fire 2 (+1 E4)
        Water 3
        grass 2
        Electric 3
        Poison 1 (+2 E4)
        Bug 1 (+1 E4)
        Ground 1 (+1 E4)
        Rock 3
        Fighting 3 (+2 E4)
        Steel 2
        Ice 2 (+2 E4)
        Dark 0 (+2 E4)
        Psychic 2 (+2 E4)
        Ghost 2 (+1 E4)
        Normal 2
        Flying 2
        Dragon 1 (+3 E4)

        So looking at this, having a Grass gym was predictable, since it balances it back out.

        Wev’e had Fighting every Gen, so we’ll probably have it again. We’ve had Psychic every gen, so we’ll probably have it again. We’ve had Dragon every gen except this last one, so I’m betting they’ll have it again. Other than that… Who knows.

  11. Man this is awesome!
    IF ONLY they gave us at least one more new pokemon before release then I would be super happy.
    Oh well look what we got.
    4 silhouettes of the first 4 gyms’ badges, evolution in view (which looks AWESOME), new HM or overworld mechanics, confirmed encounter locales, Iris in the game!, wicked awesome new moves that affect the camera!, and confirmation of Moguryu not having a midevo.

    1. yes, but let speculate about the badges!
      – aloe’s badge was shaped in a thin rectangle —> hard to think about the aloe’s type!
      – the 3rd badge was shaped in a heart —> possibly psychic-type as psychic badges always based on heart-shaped, like mind badge and soul badge (formely, soul badge was designed to be saffron gym’s badge, but maybe due to error, then it was became the fuchsia gym’s badge )!
      – the 4th badge was shaped in a thunder —> 99 % possibly electric-type gym!

  12. the roller coaster and the honeycomb must be a gym!!
    seeing the dento’s badge, maybe he is a fire-grass-water type gym leader!

    i was curious about the king+crown scene and the little kid that was standing with some pokemon (maybe he is n, but his hair is white!!!)

    i wonder too that skeleton dinosaur was a pokemon?

    anyway, VERY ULTRA NICE video! i like the scene when reshiram vs zekrom 😀

    1. it’s most definetly N a lot of similarties in looks and he has the jupiter looking necklace on and it’s not uncommon for kidas hair to get darker as they grow older…i mean i used to be platinum blonde until i was 3 but now my hair is darkDARK brown. xD

  13. if pj is insulting other webmasters, call wpm a (pardon my english) wog tcg master (look at his pic) and serebii time distorting trekkie, but on topic, WTF, iris maybe another dragon master and another WTF, big fossil dragon, we need a very big fossil restoration machine or another legendary that is based off life & final WTF, wargle maybe another legendary with it being level 50

  14. IN THE FIRST VIDEO/ Does anyone noted the Shiny form of the Mole Pokemon (Doryuuzu) ? It’s supposed to be blue, but in the scene…it’s brown. 2:18

      1. Actually it was blue when we first saw it, but maybe they changed it? Moguryuu looks like usual though so maybe Doryuuzu has different colors as a gender/season thing or something. Or Moguryuu’s shiny might be one of those that look almost exactly the same but I doubt it.

  15. I think the person being crowned in the video looks an awful lot like N, or is it just me? Maybe he becomes the king or leader of Team Plasma.

    1. I was thinking similar, but along the lines of N being a descendant of the king? Both characters haven’t really been explained that well yet.
      Maybe the king represented the opposition to Team Plasma, and with him gone, Plasma have returned. N gradually finds out he is a descendant of the king, and decides to fight with you against Team Plasma, and with them defeated, he becomes the new king?
      Haha it all sounds ridiculous. tbh the whole ‘king’ thing is really bizarre…i’ll be interested to see how they explain it…

    1. She was talking to the male player character in that big, white castle looking building with the staircase.

  16. OMG! thats what i love about pokejungle! alot of posts! it is what really keeps me up on buying B/W!
    and ya, iris is in the game! and thedinousr skelton, it was team plasma reviving reshiram?!!!
    and minuzumi evolves at lvl.8?

  17. Nice new footage ♥
    I love you Pokejungle for all the news and because you post it all so quick!


  18. all what we want now is a good looooooong storyline, not just beet the elite 4 and poof!game is finished!

  19. O_O
    N BACK STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD
    *fan boy scream* :DDDD


  20. no i think it might be either zekrom or reshiram, and team plasma are reviving it, then they go and revive the other poke in another museum, maybe? and ya, hope this time we have a loooooooooooooooooooong storyline that continues after the elite 4!

  21. Wow. Wow. Wow.
    1. Loving the diagonal walking up the staircases.
    2. Quicksand? Cool.
    3. Surfing looks cooler ~
    4. Great, Miss Puffy Hair aka Iris is appearing. Who’s the guy next to her? Could it be the old man we saw in the beta artwork months ago with the Umbreon…?
    5. Heat Stamp…???
    6. Loving the Plasma battle intro thingy.
    7. LOL I think the same way about WPM, Paul xD

  22. Ok, Iris in the game, especially with a Plasma Admin, supports the fake rumor about someone in Team Plasma chasing her.

    If Iris is a gym leader, she’ll probably be Dragon and have a Kibago 😛

    1. I think she could even be Aloe’s daughter. Shes outside what seems to be a museum. (same city as Aloe)
      Later on Team plasma make a get-away with the skull of the fossil. Leaving the main character, Aloe and Cheren in the Museum.

      So it looks anyway.

    1. That would make a lot of sense!
      Three gym leaders, in other words three waiters, fire, water and grass.
      Maybe even a….dare i say it…triple battle?
      Possibly not as far as that…but still…

      1. I think you’re spot on there. :3 Whee I can’t wait now!

        ((Looks like people are really going to have to work at the beginning of the game now… you need THREE Gym-worthy Pokemon by the first Gym! Poor Nuzlockers. XD ))

    2. i was thinking that as well! :3
      it’s definetly possible and it’d be a great way to introduce the 3 on 3 battles 😀
      kinda like how tate and liza introduced the double battiling in RSE

  23. There are rumours that thirds legendary’s name is Agunomu. They say there is a quiz in Japanese Mcdonals

    and this is the question:

    カミナリくもに そのみを かくして イッシュちほうの そらを とぶと つたえられている ポケモンは?

    1) レシラム
    2) ゼクロム
    3) アグノム

  24. 1st the revelation that silver’s dad is giovanni, then n’s backstory, hope he turns into a pseudo SEPHIROTH OF FF 7, seems like we need another game with team rocket to hear giovanni’s back story, and if there is MORE team plasma after E4, they should say hello to my arceus, oh pj register yourself with bulbagarden and taunt wpm there, but watch out for serebii and archaic

  25. It just hit me: I bet the first gym leader fight will be a rotation battle! Why else would there be 3 people standing on that platform when you get the first badge? 🙂

  26. Hey pokejungle do you know who those two guys behind Dento are? I heard that they might be gym leaders as well, except that each of them uses fire (red guy), Water (blue guy), and Grass (Dento). Or are those two other guys just gym trainers? Thanks.

  27. One of my all time favorite updates, purely due to the amount of footage shown. It would seem that the skeleton is of Zekrom in this case, due to the small wings on the shoulders, or Dragonite due to the head shape.

  28. There’s some images going round of the supposed starter evolutions. They’re terrible. Simply terrible.

    1. Miju’s final evo is by far the most stupid thing ever. A samurai otter to a quadruped sealion with a shell on it’s head?
      Apparently there’s a very good chance they are real too. D: D: D:

    2. Ok, those look HIGHLY unlikely. Like how can one thing go from this to that? O_o I’m specifically referring to Mijumaru’s evos here. Like from bipedal to quadpedal? Really? Tsutarja’s one is alright, they took the smugness out though. And Pokabu’s one is the best and most likely to be real.

  29. badga sugestions 1. plant 2. normal( shes a cook but she dosent look like a fire trainer) 3. psychic or dark (the badge is heard sharped if its dark typ the heard badge is may black, like dark side) 4. electric is kinda obvious ..its a flash

  30. I spy with my little eye:
    ~Denchura using an Electric move
    ~Moguryuu evolving directly into Doryuuzo
    ~VERY nifty 3D effects ♥
    ~Wave jumping? .o.
    ~Is it just me, or did Minezumi evolve at Lv.8? :/
    ~Mamanbo using Brine
    ~An impressive trading animation
    ~Mijumaru using Shell Blade?
    ~Koromori as the standard egg event?




    (0:05) There are several bridges. DERP

    (0:10) Team Plasma WILL engage you in Triple Battles AND their seal looks SO COOL!

    (0:16) Wargle can learn Hyper Beam, and it goes through the victim instead of just over like it did in previous games.

    (0:17) There are sand traps you can get caught in.

    (0:19) There is a museum, which has a Dragonite Skeleton in it, which means Pokemon CAN die. Big Grin There appears to be two other people in the museum with you, and a it seems like it’s part of the plot. One of those people may be Aloe, seeing as how her gym resembles a museum and they are both black. Third might be Cheren. For some reason, once the smoke appears, the Dragonite’s skull is gone.


    (0:26) Moguryu’s evolution, Doryuuzu, can open up his claws, they aren’t just an attachment or a single digger thing.

    (0:33) Boats travel underneath the big blue and white bridge.

    (0:45) Another route demonstrating the changing of seasons.

    (0:47) SPIRAL TOWER! Like on the map near the airport.

    (0:50) TOWN IN THE DESERT! With roads. o.o

    (0:52) Currents in the ocean/rivers from Hoenn are BACK! Maybe it’s a return of the Diving areas, too?

    (0:53) Iris and that old guy are pictured, though his arms look funny. Possibly the place where you find a legendary, don’t know if its Zekrom or Reshiram. They might keep contrast or no contrast.

    (0:55) Spiral Staircase possibly in the spiral tower, its really white inside. Probably won’t have the legendary seeing as how there are other people. -shrugs-

    (1:03) Cool animation of Huin City and the legendaries. You can hear their roars soon, too.

    (1:13) Reshiram’s cool attack. It appears fire type. Love the camera angles.

    (1:15) Zekrom’s awesome attack. Appears Electric. Still loving the camera.

    (1:21) Denchura is using an electric attack, confirming it is at least part electric.

    (1:46) Outside market? Or maybe it’s indoors. Hrm…

    (1:47) Egg hatching looks cool. It actually bursts open. I’m liking it.

    (1:49) Looks like Mamanbou can learn Wish.

    (1:51) The windmill area, obviously a little wet as well. Big Grin

    (1:54) Romantic date with N on the Ferris Wheel.

    (2:04 – 2:10) Crowning ceremony. Looks like N is affiliated with Team Plasma after all. The old guy is holding the crown while it appears N is the prince that is getting crowned.

    (2:13) N’s childhood is full of Pokemon, probably grew up with them or something, became their family and wants to free them from the humans.

    (2:22) I still think this is a dark gym. Big Grin


    (0:37) A black bar appears on the top, I believe it’s telling you that you entered Route 1. Also, there are environment effects, like petals blowing in the wind.

    (0:55) A better look at their seal. Big Grin I like it. I’m also thinking that maybe they’ll be more associated with electric types other than dark/psychic/poison like previous teams have been.

    (1:23) Another look at the changing seasons, with the leaves flying by changing as well.

    (2:04) SHELL BLADE FTW!

    (2:12) Makomo gives you the C-Gear, I believe.

    (2:40) Appears that Meguroko can learn Assurance.

    (3:00) Going into the High Link. Also, notice how they aren’t right next to each other like with the infrared with the Pokewalker. The Infrared seems improved greatly. or they are doing it over wifi. :I

    (3:09) You can change into Pokemon to go to the other person’s game? o.o

    (3:13) Is that a bus in the background? Or a trailer?

    (4:25) A dig site with some kind of mine on a lower level.

    (4:33) Looks like two small dialogue boxes have appeared from the crowd.


    (1:13) Daycare! With a new Pokemon, I believe. Reminds me of Torchic. o.o

    (1:33) RESHIRAM’S CRY! OH YES! It’s tail glows in battle, along with its head frill thing.

    (2:00) Minezumi can learn Bite!

    (2:40) I’m guessing this is Heat Stamp? Mayhaps?

    (2:51) Is that Soak or Brine?

    (3:12) Is that Shock Wave?

    (3:27) Type-based puzzle. Whatever is on the curtain, I guess you have to step on the type that beats it. Gym looks VERY restaurant-like.

    (3:37) Only Dento is shown in the gym BUT!

    (3:42) Two other trainers are shown, with red and blue hair, complimenting Dento’s green hair. Triple battle gym? Or maybe you only change the one that your starter beats? OR DOESN’T BEAT! gasp.

    (3:47) Really cool animation of getting your case out. I’m glad they are making a bigger deal out of getting badges other than “PLAYER RECEIVED THE CASCADE BADGE!”

    (3:49) 5 badges are shown. Fourth looks like an electric gym. :C I wanted an electric Elite Four.

    (3:55) From here on it shows that maybe you don’t need a Pokemon Center to do trades and battles over your connection. I like it. Trades seem like they can be a lot faster.


    1. ok i take back what i said a longggg time ago, that was definetly the longest comment PJN has ever had. 😀
      congrats you broke the record. XP

  32. I LOVE the new evolution thing, it’s just really cool in my opinion! Did anyone else notice that the 4th badge looks kind of like a lightning bolt?! Electric Gym??? I hope so 🙂

  33. Oh, just saying on the supposed ‘new pokemon in the day care.’ I think that’s Kurumiru.

    Sorry if anyone else has said this already. I hardly ever read through every comment.

  34. I’m surprised the other moves Pokabu knows has gone unnoticed. While I couldn’t translate the Normal-type attack and Heat Stamp is brand new, the other two are Flamethrower (duh) and a surprising choice since no other Fire-type can learn it and it’s hopefully a clue to its further evolved forms, Assurance. Hopefully this means the rumors Pokabu’s going to be Fire/Dark are indeed true.

  35. At 3:49 on that third video, the thing with the gym badges is some sort of wallet, and it has 4 badges on one side, and you can only see one on the other side but it seems like it would be 4 on each side, meaning 8 gyms as usual

  36. It’s cool that you can see water dripping from caves now, and that guy who usually welcomes you into a gym looks a bit like Blaine now 😀
    And the guy with Iris in that clip says something about not knowing the method to wake up dragons? Why do you need to wake them up if they’re sleeping tbh?

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