3 New Videos [WOW] (UPD4)

Just… watch them.  Please.  Oh, and stay tuned to pokejungle.  Because I love you?  I wanna bring you the FASTEST news.  These apparently come from the Nintendo Channel on the Wii!  Seen these videos and BORED already?  Go check out my updated ‘BW Manga’ post!


  • 3 Plasma members ambush you in a city
  • Wargle uses Hyper Beam
  • New desert area has “sinkhole”-ish things
  • Dragon skeleton being revered by Team Plasma
  • New evolution animation shown
  • Amusement park shoots you out of a cannon
  • New surfing mechanic with rapids
  • New areas are shown with different settings in the seasons
  • Iris is in the game?!
  • Zekrom and Reshiram have new attacks with dynamic camera following it
  • Mamambou may learn ‘Wish’
  • New ‘King’ footage
  • ‘N’ has deep backstory.  Illustrated picture shows him as a kid living in the wild with pokemon


  • Over 100 new pokemon
  • Battling ‘N’ (with Cheren?)
  • New mission where you apparently turn into a pokemon and visit the other player via High Link
  • New area with bulldozers
  • Minezumi evolving (good animation :3)


  • Screen choosing male vs female
  • New daycare shown?  (New pokemon running around with Chillarmy?)
  • Normal surfing shown off
  • Nezumi knows bite
  • New ‘level up’ shown (with stat gains ‘n all that)
  • UPD4: New Attack: “Heat Stamp” (Pokabu knows it, has 10PP)
  • New party screen shown during battle, switching pokemon
  • Dento’s Gym shown off
  • New badge animation after defeating Gym Leader
  • Windmills
  • Denchura uses electric attack

UPD3: Screencap from video… silhouette of the first 4 badges.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Phew, done with descriptions.  Oh and I had it up 15 minutes before DFUB.  100+ new pkmn was confirmed aaaaaaages ago babydoll.