Dento is one of three!? *UPD* Possible Fakemon

Hey PokéJunglers!

A PokéJungle visitor by the name of ‘OK’ has very kindly pointed out the presence of two other trainers in Dento’s Gym. Could it be that our first gym leader is in fact a team of three!?

Waiters. A Fire-type user, a Water-type user and their head waiter, Dento,  A Grass-type user. Most likely each having only a single Pokémon.

In Ruby and Sapphire Tate and Liz were introduced as the first (and to date  last) double battle Gym Leaders. So having more than one leader at once won’t be a new thing.

What this means has yet to be revealed but could be that Dento greets you in the beginning then you proceed to battle each leader with Dento being last. Or it could even be a triple battle~?  Only time will tell!


P.S-Don’t forget to check out the vids in PJ’s last post. They’re awesome!

P.S.S-Ozy found some pics. He believes them to be fake.

I feel guilty admitting I actually like the Pokabu one…I think I  need more fresh air…
  1. Woah! Didn’t see that!

    I doubt a triple battle for the first gym is possible, and I’m pretty sure we saw a video with a one on one battle against Dento (only trainer sprites, no pokémon)

    I’ve had an idea that maybe you’ll face the trainer that has the type you didn’t got correctly during the quizzes, for example, if you didn’t answer correctly what was strong against fire, you fight the fire trainer.

    It’s nice to see that even the very first gym has some originality! 😀

    1. I myself lean towards one after the other. The video suggests this more i think.
      I’m merely presenting the possibilities though since I must consider all angles of the story! 😀

      1. I agree besides look at how the badge looks like its has the three colors Red, Blue and Green i think its not a Triple battle but the Gym has no Gym Trainers at all you just fight the three “Leaders” one at a time with Dento Being last

  2. There’s pictures on Blue sKY.

    They’re evolutions of the starters. Not confirmed to be fake or real.

    Check on SerebiiForums or Bmgf

  3. well i think it could be either way but i wanna lean more towards the 3 on 3 battle introduction but if i recall the battle sprite thing that showed up was 1 on 1 so you probably battle all of them individually.

    unless they’re just the usual 2 other trainers you can battle in the first gym. xD

  4. Something to keep in mind:

    Serebii, who has inside info he is legally prevented from revealing, said something along the lines of “I wouldn’t be jumping for hoy that Dento is a Grass gym leader just yet.” So take that to mean what you will.

    Also, PJ, in case you missedit:
    They’re alleged starter evos. I hope they are fake though… if they are real then Game Freak has done a good job of ruining Pokabu.
    Sabonea Masukippa seems to think they’re real.

      1. I think so too, but supposedly it came from the same place the Araragi/Team Plasma/triple battle info came from. So they might actually be real. O_O

        1. Blue skY gathers information from various bulletin boards. There will be some truth and some lie amongst it all. Much Like PokeJungle they merely collect it all and present it to be discussed. (less on the discussion side of things for blue skY though)

          1. Only problem, Serebii tested the IPs of the guy who posted these and the original rumors from march – both of them traced back to roughly the same place, lending these some, but not a lot, of possibility of being real.

        2. I really hope they are wrong this time, cuz the only one I slightly like is tsutarja last evo. I like mijumaru, but if it evolves into that ugly thing I’m definitely not choosing him

    1. He has inside information that he can’t talk about legally?

      I think this has been seen before with the English translations of names and stuff, and so he gets them first by having a friend in Nintendo USA or something, but I seriously doubt his influence spreads into the Japanese versions of the games too.

          1. Why would you be disturbed??

            I don’t think he knows a whole lot this year though, just tid bits. Either, only 16 days til we all know anyway :p

        1. Just the sheer awesomeness of that to me on a personal level is actually scary.

          1. Hahaha, pretty sure.


        2. げっ!そういうことになるよね!(;_:)
          よっしゃ!じゃぁ、改めて登録を頼ませていただきますが、Michael Kriffix Kacarでよろしくお願いいたしマスーっ!ww

      1. No, he really knows stuff, like, for example he made mention that he knew how many total 5th Gen Pokemon there were.

      2. Recently he accidentally leaked some info on Mamanbou and Kurumiru (I think it was those two) before it was officially revealed, so yeah.

        1. Oh that wasn’t because he got it from a source. Last month all the corocoro info on Pokemon got posted without images a day before we got images. I translated it in advance and he posted stuff accidentally before we’d got the scans corresponding to that info, which he pulled in case there was something fake in amongst the other real stuff, so he could wait for confirmation of everything. Simple error.

          1. Oh, alright. I remember him posting it when they showed silhouettes of them on PokéSunday so I figured he had inside info and thought they had revealed it or something like that.

    2. I hope they arent real. I don’t like Mijumaru’s final evo at all. If these are real im choosing pokabu.

  5. about the pictures of the suppossed starter evos:

    the tsutaaja and mijumaru second evo is confirmed real as most people know but i believe that once they hit the final evo they lose all similarities to the begining two evos. ESPECIALLY the mijumaru one, allthough i can see the tsutaaja one looking similar to that one. 😀
    and the poabu one just isn’t sugimori style and seems TO cartoony, allthough the final evo isn’t that bad.

    1. To me they all have a Mythical look to them I mean a Great snake, a Boar God General, and a Unicorn of the seas

      1. Sure, I don’t mind having a mythical look. But answer me this: how do you go about turning an otter into a water unicorn? I dunno, I know the first stage Tsuta and Miju evos are real, we’ve all seen the artwork for them, and I really like them! But their final designs just aren’t coherent, they don’t make any sense. You can argue that it’s a new gen, things might change, but from a design point of view, they just don’t make sense. I really don’t buy them, and I still think they are fake. If they are real, I will take back my words and learn to love them, but I’m just not convinced at this stage.

        Plus, another thing that bugs me – it seems almost too convenient that they would be leaked on this very day. This is the month that the games are coming out, and to have these “leaked” on this very day, and given the new videos and what not…I dunno, just seems a little convenient to me. I will hold out for the release of the games and take it from there. I’ve not been disappointed with any of the new Pokemon so far, and these ones are important. The fact that mostly everyone I know is disappointed with them suggests to me that they’re fake.

        I could be wrong, I’m not saying I’m right, and I’m simply stating my opinion. But I’m sticking with my guns until proven otherwise.

        1. I share your oppinion. *thumbs up* (:
          Luckily I didn’t couch my mind because my text wouldn’t be as perfect as yours is (:

          greetings from Germany :3

          1. Haha, greetings from Scotland 😛 Your English seems absolutely fine, I wouldn’t worry about it!

    1. Dude, are U sure? Where is that guy that stands next to those symbols and gives us some clues like “fighting is very effective in this gym”? Maybe it’s just a part of the theme park, because I can’t find a trainer anywhere.

  6. fake!!!!!
    The art does’nt match sugimori’s artwork!
    Beside that, miju n tsuta 3rd evo was very bad n dull!
    why tsuta 3rd evo lose is feets?, n miju 3rd evo was very different from the rest of its family!
    But for pokabu, hopefully, a fake too 😀

    1. Well it dosen’t match Sugimori style because it’s anime artwork (i think?)
      And tsutarja loses its feet because its a snake.

      But I still hope they turn out fake.

      1. but, starter evo line always have a feets, because starter was designed to be a normal pokemon (has every part of normal body)

        1. Well, true, up to date all starter pokemon have had the Bipedal or Quadrupedal body style, but if they are gonna call it a snake then it has to have no legs.

  7. I think the changes of all of them are too drastic to be real. Usually the final evo’s of starters share at least some resemblance to their “baby forms” and none of these do…

    Although this gen is certainly very different to any other so there is a chance they could be true…

    I’m thinking (hopefully) not…

  8. The Pokabu one is somewhat dissapointing, if true of course. However. I really like the look of Miju’s final stage, but its quitea jump in terms of looks and body shape.

  9. Dento might be the “leader” of the trio, where you have to battle all 3! D:

    Btw… omg.. if those evos are real, then Might choose Pokabu anyway XDD

    1. I dunno… I don’t really see the similarity between Miju final evo and Dialga, beyond that they are both quadrupeds. And any snake Pokemon could be said to look like Milotic, because it’s a basic serpentine shape.

      I definately see the Rhyperior resemblence though.

      1. Bear in mind that alot lof Sig’s art is pretty simialr though, such as Rhydo, Nidoking and other Pokemon with that shape.

      1. I didn’t say it confirms that.
        I personaly think that they use that pokemon shapes as a base and I personaly think that they are fake.

  10. Well. As for the first issue.
    I doubt we’ll be seeing the first gym being a triple battle.
    When Corocoro showcased Dento and Aloe. I think they would have taken the chance to showcase these other 2 mysterious ‘leaders’ too.
    The only thing that does sway my mind towards multiple leaders is the fact that these other 2 ‘leaders’ do appear to have custom sprites specifically just for their purpose. That, and the fact that the gym badge seems to represent all three of these fellows hair colours.
    Maybe they’re there to give advice? Maybe they’re just gym trainers?

    As for the rumored starter evolutions, I’m going to bet they’re fake.
    But just in case they are real, I’m going to give my opinions anyway.
    On first inspection, I don’t really hate or dislike any of their designs. The only one I have an issue with is Mijumaru’s second evolution, I’m not so fond of the colour scheme. A white body with blue armor would have been better (much like most of the fan art). I like Mijumaru’s final evolution, I think the conch shell with a horn on the head is very creative. As for the Boarbeque evo’s, I quite like them too, Although I do think that the final evo’s design is a bit busy, not really Sugimori style.
    As for the Tsutaaja evolutions, I think the second evolution looks a little awkward. But out of all of the starters evolutions, I think the one that looks the most appealing is Tsutaaja’s final evolution, It does look kinda cool. :3
    I’m on the borderline of being impressed, I think I’m expecting a little more. But if these do turn out to be real, I don’t think I’d mind too much.
    Long post is long.

    1. Upon further inspection. I deem these as fake.
      Looking back at the character sheet that revealed Mijumaru’s and Tsutaaja’s evolutions.
      Mijumaru’s and Tsutaaja’s evolutions are in exactly the same pose as the supposed Sugimori art.
      Whilst everything else on the character sheet seems to be in a different pose from the character sheet, most noticeably the first stage evolutions of the starters. (Excluding Kibago whose pose seems to match his artwork) =:|

      1. *Whilst everything else on the character sheet seems to be in a different pose from the revealed sugimori artwork

        Fixed. =/

  11. The pokabu “evolutions” look like something out of an old Miyazaki film, and and the others are just completely unbelievable. I mean, the ink still looks wet on miju’s evo! lol

  12. Oh god not Mijumaru! He was meant to be awesome! His 1st stage is cool and I really like it, but final stage is just terrible I hate it! In fact, I hate Tsutarja’s final stage as well! Pokabu’s is pretty cool, but art style seems fake-ish. I am really holding out on these being fake because this gen’s starters were becoming my new favourites easily, but if they turn into those “things” for final stage, I will be highly disappointed 🙁

  13. Oh man, other than the color scheme on a couple of these, I love them! I hope they’re real.
    I’m so naming Pokabu Ganon. Just LOOK at him! Awesome.

  14. The only reason I’m doubting the starter evolutions (besides the dubious source) is Mijumaru’s final evolution (and, really, the color schemes of that and its second evo in general). That evolution just doesn’t make any sense at all.

  15. the only evo im okay with is tsutaja’s line the others look a bit rediculous
    -buut if it turns out they are truely true ill loove them like i would any other pokemon
    still wanna see that psychic dolphin with orbiting head pearls like wicked wicked badly

  16. I’m scared, I don’t want them to be real. I thougt tsutaja’s final evo could be something like that (long body, no feet, a real snake!) but not that, pleeease (I think I was expecting a yellow-green electric cobra, and this snake looks psychic to me,).
    Pokabu second evo. looks OK but the other one is…too much 🙁 .
    I kinda like mijumaru’s evo though

  17. I’m really surprised with the direction they decided to go with the final evolutions.

    Tsutarja’s is probably the one that looks the most similar to its baby.
    I honestly almost facepalmed when I saw Pokabu’s evo, since it looks like they decided to go with the Fire/Fighting type again, but it isn’t too bad.
    Mijumaru’s final evolution is a huge stretch, but it’s not horrible.

    As much as I’d want these to be fake, I’d live if they were real.

    1. Adding to that, I’ll probably have to look at the final evos once the games come out in addition to the version exclusives just to see if these are real or not. My money is on them being fake, though.

  18. I’m not buying these starter evos at all….I hope these get confirmed as fake sooner rather than later.

    I love Mijumaru and I’m planning to choose him……however if this was the direction he takes, I just don’t like it and I’d probably end up choosing Tsutaja. (and that’s saying something because the other day I said Tsutaja had no chance of me picking it)

  19. Wow yeah those definitely gotta be fake, I mean, the first two look like possibilities, but the last one the evos don’t even look like they’d be related at all.

    And 1st gym 3 on 3 battle OMG cool.

  20. Honestly, the only final evo I don’t like is ironically my favorite starter’s.
    I like Mijumaru and Pokabu’s finals in this.
    Pokabu’s looks badass!

  21. i guess i’ll be trading away my starters or putting them in the pc.
    I really hope they aren’t real but have a bad feeling they are.
    I like the grass one a little because it resembles milotic
    Dont like pokabu evo and the water evo looks like a Jamaican seel.

  22. well a while back they said the Starters(Final Forms) is going to be Grass/Psychic,Fire/Dark n Water/Fighting type but that is yet to be seen well i think that they fake but idk i like the Grass one it look awesome but i guess we will wait n see then n the Game comes out in like 3 weeks right ??

    1. Pretty sure it was Grass/Fighting, Fire/Dark and Water/Psychic. It wouldn’t make sense to have the Grass starter vulnerable to both of the others, that wouldn’t be balanced if they were going to go for the type pairings.

      1. Um, if it wer Grass Psychic Then it just wouldn’t be good against pokabu’s evos but psychic is super effective against fighting :/ I’m just saying

  23. Ok, here’s me 2¢:

    Tsutarja’s evos:
    Ok, right. Second stage is cool, expected. I see the possibility of the Final Stage though they took the smugness out. Tsutarja is meant to be a snake so it works. Though the colour scheme, the white face if anything, is way off, it’s meant to be yellow. I like what they did here though, very creative. However, it does greatly resemble Milotic. Typing-wise, I’ll say Grass/Psychic. It looks elegant and graceful, royal as someone mentioned earlier. I don’t mind if it’s real, I was expecting it to be similar to the Treecko line where the Final Stage shares resemblance to the Baby Stage. This resemblance isn’t so hot.

    Pokabu’s evos:
    These are actually my favourite of the lot. They seem real and make sense. The Second Stage was unexpected but it looks cool and probable. They kept the Pokabu cuteness which is always good. Oh crap it looks /Fighting. The Final Stage is good as well, surprising. I’m thinking it’d be /Rock or /Steel so don’t fret those who thing it’s a /Fighting. It does resemble Rhyperior a whole lot which could mean it’s fake. Anyway, it’s my favourite and most likely out of the lot.

    Mijumaru’s evos:
    Ok who actually created this Pokemon? First they give it an ugly orange nose, next they mess up it’s highly anticipated Second Stage evo by dabbing it in blue paint, finally they force it to walk on all fours! No, no, no, no! They messed up big time! *in a Britney from BBUSA 12 voice* What?! The Second Stage even has a pink nose. The whole evolution doesn’t make sense. Ok Marhstomp went from bipedal to quadrupedal, but it was quadrupedal before. I just don’t get it, so I’ll stop there. The Final Stage would make sense if it actually looked like the rest on the family somehow. I see the whiskers and shell though.

    But here’s the thing people, these could well be real. We’re not Game Freak so all these Fan-Art we’ve gotten used to are not how the company thinks. This is why I scared to believe that these are absolutely real. I’m still going for Tsutarja, but Pokabu’s the only line that makes sense while looking good at the same time.

    I think that’s all… thanks for reading! 🙂

    1. Oh oh! I remember what I wanted to add.

      I’ve noticed how Second Stage starter forms get overlooked. So to avoid this, I’m thinking maybe GF are making the Second Stage typings different from the Final Stages. So we have more choice…

    2. yeah pokabu is the only one who makes sense…he was terrible in his first stage and is terribly ugly in his last..XD

      1. come can you say “They kept the Pokabu cuteness “..they are horrible..too too too fat.. final evo looks like a greek vase with rhyperior’s arms and magmortar’s flame on the shoulders..the last thing I can accept is that they are cute..they look badasses ok..but soooooo ugly! Mijumaru evolution is different from the other but it’s the best looking by far.

  24. Sorry, but all I see when I see Mijumaru’s supposed final evolution is “Derpderp evolved into Hurrdurr!” XD

    Honestly? Mijumaru’s second form shows high promise. I’m fully expecting to love its final evo. If this is the final form, I will FIND a way to hack into my game and delete the data for it. Mijumaru will only evolve once. Anyone who has the final form will revert back down to Mijumaru. It DOES NOT EXIST.

    1. I’m sorry, but it’s people overreacting in ways like this that give a lot of Pokemon fans a bad name. Even though the evos aren’t bad (at least in my opinion) and I want them to be fake, I could live with these evolutions.

      1. As seen below, it’s not just me who feels that way. Why should thinking a fake is bad give Pokemon fans a bad name? I mean, that last one has NOTHING to do with an otter in any way. If they’d set it up as a different Pokemon unaffiliated with any we know now, I’d be more accepting about it. As it is, it’s horrible.

        1. I was talking about how you were overreacting, not because you thought it was fake (which I do too).

  25. -N (n.a.) = Novus (plasma team leader)

    Four kings
    -Farrah (normal, 9.21)
    -Stone (かくとう, steel)
    -カゲハ (Ghost, Fido)
    -Micro (Dragon)

    -South (brother of N Mixed use Pokemon)

    1. My Japanese isn’t perfect, but shouldn’t ノウス be translated as ‘North’?
      Would go well with his brother’s name being South.

      1. Also ‘four kings’ is the E4.
        ‘9.21’ is flying.
        ‘かくとう’ is fighting.
        ‘カゲハ’ is Kageha.
        and ‘Fido’ is Dark.

      2. By the way, weren’t there two people resembling N watching when he was being crowned? Maybe they’re West and East.

  26. V-Faction already translated it all.

    Black White [Pokemon 』

    Released: Pokemon Co.
    Sales: Nintendo
    Produced by: Game Freak, Inc.
    Platform Compatibility: Nintendo DS
    Genre: RPG
    Release Date: September 18, 2010 (Saturday) schedule
    Retail price: 4,800 yen each (tax included)

    ◎ Official Site

    Official ◎ PV

    Strategy Summary ◎ wiki

    Sure ※ ※ This is Kotehan Kotehan forbidden to chat Sure
    Sure chat part204 iron BW

    Recommended NG: ◆

    Sure next>> 950is up. If that can not specify

    Sure ◎ ago
    Pokemon Black White Part1

    140:Asad decided for you!: 2010/09/01 (Wed) 08:35:01 ID:??? 0
    · N (NA) = Notus (chef de mission plasma)

    – Farah (Normal, Flying)
    – Shuten (Thank anyway, I have.)
    Kageha – (Ghost, scum)
    Murou – (Dragon)

    South – (N brother. Pokemon mixed use)

    Starter at pocket monster
    Tsutarja – Grass
    Sumihyoto – Grass/Dragontype
    Kasaruni – Grass/Dragontype

    Pokabu – Fire
    Toskisumo – Fire/Dark
    Sumoreihei – Fire/Dark

    Mijumaru – Water
    Uubotoski – Water/Fighting
    Ruzichi – Water/Fighting

      1. V-Faction from Bulbagarden. And I think it was put through Google Translate xD Maybe someone else can do a better job.

  27. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dento’s battle IS a triple one.
    He’s the leader of the trio, with stronger pokemon than the other two.
    And it does seem to be grass/water/fire.
    But here’s the kicker, the badge has 3 gems on it… in the same colours as grass/fire/water.
    I think it’s likely! :0

  28. omg. if those starter evos turn out to be real, i will rage. I like th tsu evo, but it doesnt even reallly resemble the 2nd evo, where are the leaf spines? Pokabu, please no, pokabu is my favorite starter, if it turns out to be bipedal, i will die. Miju, wtf? I t doesnt even resemble its prevos at all

  29. The starter evo’s are growing on me little by little, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were fake.

  30. From what I remember of the anime sheets that leaked, the one featuring Korimori, the second evolutions of Tsutarja and Mijumaru look pretty much like that.

  31. I LOVE tsutaja’s final evo! Pokabu eh. Mijumaru’s is terrible and looks nothing like the first two. If those were real it’d be tsutaja for me!

    1. I agree! I LOVE Tsutajas, Mijumaru’s does look nothing like its other evos but I actually like it a lot, and I think Pokabu’s is just, UGH!

      P.S. If anyone stereotypes new hampshire for being Freezing they are wrong! It’s like 100 degrees right now!

  32. I actually 100% believe the gym leader thing, because I thought that Dento had Fire, Water, AND Grass because of the three type buttons in the gym puzzle, and the gym badge has three gems on it: A green thing. a blue thing and a red thing. But I think “OK” had an extremely good point!

  33. D: It’s the plant owl all over again, tsutaja’s evo looks alright, but the others.. just no. What on earth happened to my miju?? :'(
    Please be fake, thank you 😀

  34. Please please please please PLEASE DEAR GOD LET THESE EVOLUTIONS BE FAKE…. ALL OF THEM are hateable… Polabu bipedal? Really?……………… Mijumaro with NO RESEMBLANCE whatsoever??? Might as well be a Dragonair evolution……………….. And tsutaja… No. Dear God, please, just no.

  35. As I said in my early post, 2 legged to 4 legged is gonna make the moveset wierd so I Believe it’s fake

  36. Maybe the other two are like Dento’s brothers or something and they’re a battling team like Tate and Liza or the Eevee Brothers or the Kimono Girls. Remember, in Gen 3 when double battles were introduced, we got the very first double gym battle. Since they’re implementing triple battles into these games, what’s to stop them from making a gym that has a trio of gym leaders? Also, I think that there will be trainers in the gym. Since you have to answer questions to continue through the gym, maybe you have to fight a gym trainer if you get the question wrong.

  37. 1st gym battle= triple battle, hope there is good grass and water types on the way to 1st gym as i am getting pokabu, also smugleaf’s fake evo, i would prefer xous’ fake evo over that

  38. Hey, anyone remember that rumor that said Yanappu has a grass, fire, and water form?

    … Dento uses a Yanappu….
    There are two other trainers, one with red hair, the other with blue…
    *might start believing said rumor*

  39. I hate the starter evos except for the Grass ones. I think they’re fake, it’s definitely not Sugimori’s style.

  40. it does seem like the 1st gym could be a triple battle… and just look at the actual badge, its red (fire) blue (water) and green (grass)!

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