BW Rumors IV

IV right?  I think that’s where we’re at.  Anyways these are JUST RUMORS… ok?  As in I don’t want people saying “omg pokejunglez is so unreliable because he postz stuffs that isn’t true?!!?!”.  I always say, and always will say, do not take these as fact unless we get some proof.

  • ‘N’s real name is “North” (Nousu) and he is leader of Team Plasma.  (Didn’t we already decide that wasn’t going to happen?)
  • Elite 4 Fara: Normal/Flying
  • Elite 4 Shuten: Fighting/Steel
  • Elite 4 Kageha: Ghost/Dark [Kage = shadow]
  • Elite 4 Murou: Dragon
  • Champion South (Sausu): Mixed types (Also he is apparently N’s brother)

There are apparently some rumored names of starters but I can’t find them on 2ch yet so until I have something that I know didn’t originate from the western world I’ll refrain from posting.

<3 pokejungle

ps- These rumors are from yesterday but I’m very iffy on them so I didn’t bother posting them right away.  But since my commentors are already discussing them I might as well put it up :p